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YMMV / Five Nights at Freddy's World

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  • Catharsis Factor: After enduring the very intense and difficult boss fight against Chica's Magic Rainbow, a host of no less difficult Platform Hell mini-game, as well as every single taunt of its, seeing it whine and scream like a child after you humiliated it and destroyed it for good is rather rewarding.
  • Critical Dissonance: Probably the biggest example of this for the FNaF series at the time. The reception of the game regarding this trope was bad when it was new on Steam, although this is again because Scott released the game a bit too early. That being said, by the time Scott pulled it, the game's rating was (oddly enough) 87%. By this point, Update 2 changed the overall game, and reception was much better.
  • Game-Breaker: RXQ (Shadow Bonnie), Funtime Foxy, Nightmare, and Spring Bonnie. Funtime Foxy and Spring Bonnie can do massive damage with Cosmic Song while Funtime Foxy and RXQ can constantly revive their team using Gift Boxes. Nightmare has a debuffing move that can do damage, making Crying Child's buffing unneeded. Couple this with Auto:, Mimic, Auto: Shield, and all the Boss Drain bytes and you can virtually destroy any bosses in the game.
    • Crying Child can substitute either Nightmare because he has a reviving move and two buffs or RXQ because using said chips and bytes above makes RXQ's non-revival moves pointless and Crying Child can buff the team.
    • The Update 2 characters are much more powerful than the other characters, so playing launch content is much easier. Scott and Chipper are still hard to get because of the minigame you need to play to get them, though, and even with Update 2 characters, their boss versions are still hard to kill.
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap: Balloon Boy seemed to get a lot less ire from fans ever since Update 2 introduced Chica's Magic Rainbow, which manages to be even more annoying than him.
  • Sweet Dreams Fuel: In a stark contrast to the original series, this game is shaping up to be positively adorable thanks to the "adventure" redesigns of the cast. Even Springtrap and the Nightmares look huggable!
  • That One Boss: Scott himself is a truly brutal end opponent, so is Chipper's Revenge. But the worst offender has to be Chica's Magic Rainbow, the True Final Boss of Update 2. She has a ridiculously high amount of health surpassing that of Scott and Chipper's Revenge, sports brutal attacks that can wipe out your entire party if you're not properly equipped and never stops making fun of you. Not helped by the fact you must defeat her in a span of 3 minutes before she fired the unblock-able and insta-kill Rainbow Beam.
  • That One Sidequest:
    • Unlocking Coffee in FNAF 57 requires you to win without picking up any cupcake upgrades, severely limiting your attack power and range in a game filled with difficult to hit enemies and a boss with a number of ways to hit you, especially up close like you'll need to be.
    • Chica's Magic Rainbow is practically Scott's love letter to I Wanna Be the Guy, filled with clusters of flowers that shoot out razor petals with little room to evade them, butterflies that shoot lasers and spiky fences that cover half the screen and come out of nowhere. Not helping at all is the titular character, who will shoot a flurry of lasers at you at several points whilst being a condescending prick to you over the fact that you're more than likely to be terrible at it, and will cause a game over should your struggles piss her off too much. Your prizes for surviving all of this? Scott's avatar Animdude or Chipper. Worse still, to save Chipper, you have to get through in 3 minutes. At least Chipper warns you that it's hard.
  • Unexpected Character: JJ/Balloon Girl, Funtime Foxy (Toy Foxy or unmangled-Mangle), Spring-Bonnie, the paper plate animatronics, and least of all the crying child. The second update adds Purple Man, Coffee from The Desolate Hope, Chipper, and Scott himself.