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     Pre-game guesses 
Someone from Scott's earlier games will make a cameo in some form.
Perhaps we'll have to fight Souldozer from The Pilgrim's Progress, or Chipper and Sons will give advice. It's unlikely, but you never know!
  • Perhaps somebody from The Desolate Hope? Probably Coffee, if anyone.
    • Confirmed! Chipper appears as one of the final bosses!
    • As of the teased second update, Chipper, Coffee as well as Scott himself using his There is no Pause Button avatar are going to be future unlockable characters
    • And guess what? Confirmed partially! Souldozer appears as a boss!

Fuckboy's cast will appear.
In a funny note and honorable inspiration, Freddy Fuckboy and his gang will appear as bosses. They basically look like the normal animatronics with sunglasses.
  • Jossed, thank God.

One of the secret characters will be Shadow Chica, who, in turn, is Scott Cawthon himself in disguise.
Because why not? They share initials, right? SC for Shadow Chica...and Scott Cawthon. Also would it would so like him to do something like that. (Shh! Don't let him know we're on to him)
  • Jossed, there is no Shadow Chica character. However, Scott Cawthon himself appears as the true final boss of the game.

Purple man will appear as an enemy in someway
If not the actual man an Expy of him.
  • Alternatively...
  • Sorta confirmed? Purple Guy does appear, but they're on the player's side.

Springtrap will be the big bad.
Let's face it, Purple Guy is the only person in this series who is unambiguously evil. note  Since this game will be Lighter and Softer than the others, it will probably be more clear on who's good and who's bad.
  • Jossed by the trailer, Springtrap is a playable character. This either disproves him as being the villain, or the game working on Black and White Morality.

Alternately, Purple Guy specifically will be the Big Bad, and Springtrap will be playable as Spring Bonnie.
Cause frankly, that will be unfair to the animatronic to be relegated to Big Bad status just because some jerk possessed him.
  • Looks to be jossed, as the most recent update has what looks to be Spring Bonnie behind Springtrap.
    • The trailer confirms that Springtrap and Spring Bonnie are two separate (and equally playable) characters.
      • In fact, Purple Man himself will be playable in the next update.

Alternatively Alternatively Defeating Purple man will allow you to recruit Springtrap
It would make a bit of sense if he is in the game.
  • Jossed, Springtrap is rather found by wandering around randomly.
    • In fact, most players find Springtrap first.

....but will be defeated by getting shoved into Spring Bonnie, whom will either not be playable or be a common enemy.
  • Jossed, at least about Spring Bonnie not being playable. Scott confirmed that everyone who appeared on the teaser is playable here.
    • Jossed entirely. Springtrap and Spring Bonnie are both playable, and neither look to have a human corpse inside of them.

The Puppet will be the only one not chibified
He will basically be the Big Good of the game. Or Nanny.
  • Jossed. Not only was he made into an Adventure animatronic, but Phantom Puppet has also been revealed..

This game will introduce a new character unrelated to anyone else in the series
Seemingly confirmed with Endoplush, though given his name, he might be the endoskeleton used in Plushtrap.

Golden Freddy will not be chibified.
Since we already have a small Fredbear...why else would Goldie still be there? Unless there will be a chibi Golden Freddy and a chibi Fredbear.
  • Jossed; it seems Golden Freddy has his own chibi form separate from Fredbear.

This takes place in an alternate timeline where the murders never happened.
Springtrap's still Spring Bonnie, and the Phantoms and Nightmares are 'alternate skins' for Halloween.
  • Likely Jossed, since the Crying Child is playable.
    • Actually, it looks like the dead child is an animatronic.
  • Springtrap and Spring Bonnie are counted as two different characters, as are the regulars and the Nightmares, so, Jossed.

This game will count Golden Freddy and Fredbear as two separate entities
Simply put, it makes no sense for a separate Chibi Golden Freddy to appear instead of replacing the old one. Golden Freddy would then, logically, be counted as a different character from Fredbear.
  • Considering Mangle and Toy Foxy will be two separate playable characters this is most likely the case
  • Confirmed as of this teaser. Chibi Golden Freddy and Chibi Fredbear are two separate characters.
    • What about FNAF 2 Golden Freddy though?
      • He just vanished as of the newest teaser.

In-universe, there's a game similar to FNAF World made by Fazbear Entertainment
This version would have less characters (none of the Nightmares, no Phantoms, no Purple Guy if he's in it, and probably no Springtrap/Fredbear), be more limited in scope and graphics, and would probably be a lot worse. After all, it's heavily implied by the huge New and Improved Freddy Fazbear's that it was quite popular before the murders ruined everything. Why wouldn't they cash in on that success with a video game, especially since it was open during the video game craze of the late 80's/early 90's?

This game will have a Defeat Means Playable mechanic.
In order to have the more villainous characters(Springtrap, the Nightmares and such) on your roster, you must battle them first.
  • Jossed. After showing off all of the animatronics, Scott announced on steam that he is now working on the enemies so the two must be different.
  • Actually, Confirmed. While there are regular enemies, the starting roster only contain 8 animatronics, and the rest are recruited by defeating them in special battles.

And in addition, this game will have gameplay similar to Five Nights at Fuckboy's.
But of course with the foul language removed, and with (hopefully) many other differences.
  • Confirmed. The game uses clean language, and the battle system are more ATB-based.

Springtrap and Spring Bonnie will be separate playable characters
Since the teasers seem to be including every variation of the Animatronics, IE Mangle and Toy Foxy (whom we never saw before hand) it wouldn't be too much of a stretch to say Spring Bonnie will be one of the future teased characters.
  • Confirmed by the trailer. You can clearly see both Springtrap and Spring Bonnie being used at the same time.

Shadow Bonnie will be the big bad instead
Since he was revealed along with Chibi Springtrap
  • Jossed

The mystery Freddy from 3 will be playable as well.
Unless Scott wants to pull a Riddle for the Ages, it'd make no sense why he wouldn't be playable.
  • Wait, which one? The one that randomly appeared in the corner of the room or the Purple Freddy that led the animatronics to Purple Man?
    • The one that appears randomly in the corner of the office.
    • Confirmed as of this teaser (Purple Freddy)

FNAF World is basically going to be a clean version of Five Nights at Fuckboy's.
  • I don't even recall Scott acknowledging Fuckboy's or not. Maybe he did actually see it and this is in response to that. If not that, then....

FNAF World will take a jab at Five Nights at Fuckboy's.
  • Because reasons?

Classic Freddy, Bonnie and Chica will be the last to change
Since their obviously the original three characters and slap bang in the middle, Scott must be planning to change them last.
  • Jossed due to the recent teaser changing Classic Bonnie. However, Classic Freddy will probably definitely be the last to change.
    • Entirely Jossed. The last to change are Nightmare Foxy and Nightmare Chica.

Springtrap and Plushtrap will be antagonistic but not the full big bad
Probably like a Bully duo who will constantly heckle and taunt the party until being recruited.
  • Jossed, characters don't seem to have much personality or dialogue.

FNAF World is a Stealth Sequel.
Are we really supposed to trust an established Lying Creator? FNAF 4 is hardly a game to end the series on, and then there's the idea of having 5 games...
  • Kinda confirmed? Update introduces us to a character that will appear in the next game (SL).

The cast will be entirely changed by Sunday 20th of September
Or Saturday at the earliest, The number of changes daily have been slowly increasing and there are only 9 Characters left unchanged and Phantom Freddy still has to appear.

  • As of Saturday 19th The only characters yet to change are Nightmare Foxy and Nightmare Chica while Phantom Freddy has yet to appear.
    • Wouldn't you know it that he would joss me by only changing Nightmare Foxy today?
      • Definitely jossed, as of this edit it's the 21st everywhere except parts of the Pacific Ocean.

FNAF World will reference Five Nights at Fuckboy's.
Even if Scott has never talked about it, he would have a hard time ignoring the definite fan FNAF RPG.

Purple guy will be a playable character
You've already got the Endoskeletons, Paper Plates and Crying child, Plus Scott didn't include his corpse in Springtrap for an implied reason other then to be in tone "Putting it in here just wouldn't work"
  • Confirmed in the update!

This game will properly reveal Toy Foxy's gender, but refer to Mangle as "it".
Possibly, when explaining Toy Foxy's moves and abilities, the game will refer to them as "his/hers". And the Internet will explode.
  • Jossed. The game refers to Phantom Mangle (AKA Funtime Foxy, AKA Toy Foxy) as both genders, leaving the gender a mystery. However, for the first day of its release, it just said male, and the meta-events leading up to the addition of the female pronouns have caused the Internet to explode, like you predicted.

The secret characters mentioned will be the plushies.
And you'll still be able to squeak Freddy's nose.

The Paper Plates will either be Joke Characters or Glass Cannons

If the variations of characters also affect their stats gameplay-wise and aren't just for appearances, then it would be unlikely that fighters made of paper plates would be... strong.

  • The trailer shows that all three of the Paper Pals are played as one character. While it's unlikely that each one individually would be pathetic, all three together might be able to work as a Squishy Wizard.

BB will probably be one of the best characters in the game
As a way for people to actually consider using him, this twist will make him one of the most useful characters in the game. Lets face it you wouldn't use him otherwise would you?
  • Possibly The Medic?
    • Since he couldn't actually do a jumpscare in FNaF 2, he probably won't have any offensive attacks. He will probably be a healer or do something like disable the enemies attacks since he could disable the flashlight.
    • He'll probably be able to blind the enemy, with the place being shown outdoors, rendering flashlights useless.

Spring Bonnie's gender is also 'Yes'.
Spring Bonnie has those eyelashes that tend to get associated with femininity (and I still think my WMG about how Bonnie was supposed to be a girl is true) but the other incarnations of Bonnie are said to be male. So, yeah, let's say yes.

This game will have the darkest story in the series
Just because. Feel free to throw in ideas to make it the darkest here.
  • It's really a Stealth Sequel told from the animatronics' point of view. The only reason things seem bright and cheery is because they're viewed Through the Eyes of Madness.
    • Does it mean that the naked endoskeletons are the enemies?
      • The teaser trailer shows endoskeletons that look an awful lot like Nightmare/Nightmare Fredbear being fought, though it also confirms that the FNAF 1, 2, and Plushtrap endoskeletons (referred to as "ENDO-1, ENDO-2, and Plush Endo) are playable.
  • It's all set in one of the missing children's heads (which can apparently see into the future or something, since most of the cast shouldn't exist in 83) and the game will end with the child getting slaughtered, blood galore! Oh, and the crying child is the "reward" for beating the game.
  • It's all set in the mind of the older brother, who is a slowly dying drug addict. He became one know, the whole Fredbear incident. He never forgave himself.

The FNAF 2 Golden Freddy ended up not chibified because he is Golden Freddy/Fredbear's special move, probably even a limit break.
Basically, Golden Freddy and his various versions have the ability to turn into a giant floating head.

The Cupcake or the Fan will appear as a Joke Character.
Because why not?
  • All versions of Chica have their own appropriate cupcake and fan can be unlocked and used during the fight, so... confirmed?

The Crying Child is the 11th-Hour Ranger.

The variant animatronics will be able to switch out, but not to be played at the same time.
That is, Spring-Bonnie/Springtrap, Fredbear/Golden Freddy, Toy Foxy/Mangle, and the four withered and classic animatronics will be treated as the same character, and will not be able to appear alongside their other versions on-screen. Since the Toys, Phantoms, and Nightmares are separate entities instead of different forms of the same animatronic, it will be possible to have Puppets or Balloon Boys battling alongside each other.
  • Jossed. The teaser trailer shows both Springtrap and Spring Bonnie being used at the same time.

Certain Characters in the party will allow for special attacks
Example Freddy + Bonnie + Chica or Spring Bonnie + Fredbear or Foxy + Mangle

The enemies will be animals and/or humans.
Like something out of EarthBound.

The game will still be creepy or dark for its genre.
Let's be honest, this is still FN@F we're talking about. The background lore itself makes the game pretty freaking creepy, and there's no way Scott's going to drop that aspect of the series so easily.
  • Given that the newest teaser shows Mangle being hanged and apparently killed, it can be assumed that FNAF World is far darker than we thought. Unless Scott's trolling us again...

The game will actually come out in December.
I mean, it's Scott.
  • Alternate idea: It will come out on January 1, 2016, exactly at midnight, probably in the timezone Scott lives in. (Given the recent 'hacking' shenanigans and then the teaser trailer, I'm thinking it's Central timezone.)
  • It's confirmed that, instead of sequels or paid DLC, there will be a series of free updates to the game. My guess is that even if the game is at a state where it can be considered "finished" before 2016, Scott will work on the additional areas and other updates as well as fine-tune what was out until the year comes. But I'm siding with the midnight January 1st theory.
  • Jossed. He's announced a release date of Feb. 19.
  • Additionally, true to the FN@F franchise tradition, the game came out even earlier in 21 of January.

The nose honk will return once again.
It will come back. It always does. Scott has a place for it.
  • Confirmed, You can honk Classic Freddy's nose on the title screen

Phone Guy will be playable

"Pre-Withered" animatronic variants will appear...
Showing the pristine original designs for the classic quartet before being torn apart prior to the second game.

During this game, The Box will be opened.
...and it does, there will be a horrific jump scare.

The game is a Subverted Kids' Show.
Probably similar to that of Eversion.

The withered animatronics appear when the regular animatronics are at low health.

This is all the animatroncs' attempt to fix the FNAF 4 protagonist.
Remember how they said they'll put him back together? This is it.

All (or maybe just some) of the update characters will be from Scott's other games
Leading to the game being renamed Scott World.

Withered Golden Freddy isn't there, because...
He is the Final Boss.

Jack-o-Bonnie, Jack-o-Chica, Nightmare BB, Nightmare Mangle and Nightmarionne will be playable.
Because let's be honest, it wouldn't be fair for them not to be, and Scott wouldn't have revealed EVERYTHING about his new game so quickly...
  • The character screen he showed did have eight empty slots, which is likely where the secret characters' portraits will be. Which leaves three empty spaces. Withered Golden Freddy also has yet to make an appearance in an Adventure form.
    • All except Nightmare Mangle are confirmed to be coming in the next update

Several famous fan songs will be remixed and included into the game's soundtrack
  • Mr. Cawthon has been known to keep his ear to the ground on a lot of fan related stuff regarding his work (apparently he commented on a Game Theory video before), and there has to be at least a handful of songs he personally likes. It's possible he's asked some of these artists to have their work in his new game and we haven't heard the good news because said artists are under a non-disclosure agreement.
    • I'm not sure if this is Jossed or not. Leon Riskin of Ionics Music is doing the OST for the game, though.

This game is a trap
Let's all be honest here. I believe that Scott will make this a horror game, but it will still keep the RPG elements. My theory is that FNAF World is an attempt by the company to bring back it's positive reputation, but the unfortunate beta tester is stuck in the game from the hours of 12 AM to 6 AM simply because of a faulty server break, and the company has already spent so much money paying programmers to make the game that they can't hire a mantience man. Where does the horror genre come in? The horror part comes from faulty breaks within the server, causing the animatronics to behave irratically, meaning that the animatronics that you picked in the party will most likely turn against you.
  • Jossed, the official trailer proves this is an AU.

This game is a regular game in the FNAF series
The only difference is that this time we're seeing things through the eyes of the anamatronics, a slightly twisted but utterly upbeat and colorful world of wonder. Yeah in reality it's a crappy restaurant probably with a dead child in the back but they don't know that!

There will be a Minigame based on the main series
Perhaps for a sidequest Freddy and friends will need to fend off enemies in an Affectionate Parody minigame that doubles as a Shout-Out to the main games.

Endo-01 and Endo-02 will be expies of Shinji Ikari and Asuka Langely Sohryu.
Scott would have to be crazy not to make this reference! Bonus points if he gets Spike Spencer and Tiffany Grant to voice them (at least their vocal effects).

You can create your own FNAF levels for others to play
Where you can controls the animatronic's movement and when they can go to your victims to jumpscare them.

There will be a Permadeath Mechanic
Going by the newest teaser and its caption "See what you have done", the huge cast for FNAF world could be there to not only have a massive diversity in characters but replacements should one of your characters fall in battle. What this trailer seems to imply is that, if one of your characters falls in battle, they're gone for good, much like Fire Emblem or Shining Force.

The Box from Fnaf 4 is the Toy Chest that kept all of the Fnaf World Adventure Animatronics
Exactly what it says on the metaphorical box. This was the secret that was kept in the box but Scott leaked it earlyand the resulting backlash from the genre shift made him rethink showing more of the game. The Adventure Animatronics could be toys that the now-comatose crying child is using to cope with his lack of a frontal lobe (a la Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon's Keep) or perhaps Fredbear rebuilt the child's spirit in one of the animatronics, and this world is now how he perceives the outside world.

The death of Funtime Foxy will kickstart the game's plot
One of the animatronics made a horrible mistake, which wound up killing Funtime Foxy and badly deforming the body. The game's plot (or at least the early bits of it) are Freddy and friends looking for a way to undo it and bring Funtime Foxy back. They succeed in their task, giving them unholy second life as Mangle, but by then they've found an even worse threat that keeps the plot going and lets you play with Mangle in tow.
  • Funtime Foxy was shown as playable in the game's trailer, so this is probably jossed.

There's going to be a Ghost Mangle
A bit of a joke WMG, but considering Scott confirmed there WILL be secret characters and the Mangle teaser just seems...out of nowhere, it may be possible. I mean, we didn't see FNAF 1 having Foxy, FNAF 2 being a prequel, Springtrap being the Murderer in FNAF 3, and Fredbear causing the bite/there being two bites in FNAF 4, so what if the pattern follows with suddenly creepy secret characters. It's like what Ryan of DAGames said, animatronics can't exactly die from being hung- what with the lack of lungs and all. However, I am open to it possibly representing the Permadeath mechanic WMG above. So yeah, Mangle's probably fine, but if not- then, oh well, one less jumpscare cause to worry about?

The different styles of animatronics will utilize different elemental powers.
  • The Toy Animatronics, being "Ultra Kid Friendly" and the only animatronics we know actually have a bond with children, will utilize light.
  • The Phantom Animatronics will either utilize poison (for the noxious fumes due to lack of oxygen) or fire (since they were burned)
  • The Nightmare Animatronics, being the most openly malevolent, will utilize darkness.
  • The original/whithered models... Well that remains to be seen.
  • Seems to be jossed, their abilities are all party, music, pizza or their-body-part-related.

The phrase "SEE WHAT YOU'VE ALL DONE?" means absolutely nothing.
  • The letters want to eat the Mangle, and it's hanging on to the paddle-ball for dear life. You unlock it by defeating the letters.

One of the enemies in the game stole Mangle's paddle-ball and glued it to the ceiling, and Mangle is just trying to get it back.
  • The fact that the message says "See what you've all done?" implies that it was a team effort. They built a huge cheerleader pyramid and the person on top glued it to the roof.

One of Mangle's attacks will involve a paddleball.

Markiplier will be a voice actor for the game.
He and Scott clearly respect each other a great deal, and Mark has some voice acting experience.

The "Look what you've all done" and "Madness takes many forms" images will act as game over screens.
They will most likely change depending on who your party leader is.

Multiple Party Sections are imminent
With such a large cast it would be a big waste for so many characters to not get any action, One of the newest Pictures show on the Party Screen Some of the characters marked with Either a Pink Cursor (with the number from 1 to 4) and a Blue Cursor, This might mean there will be a Multi-Party section at one point or the entire Game will hinge on this.

The next trailer will be a mutilated Puppet or Puppet-like enemy.
I'm noticing a bit of a pattern with the new trailers- both times it involves an animatronic from the Halloween Update of FNAF 4. So, if this pattern keeps going, the Puppet will be next. If not, then maybe Bonnie and Chica- Jack-O-Lantern versions of them DID appear in FNAF 4 Halloween Edition. Just a thought.

Some of the enemies are failed prototypes.
If the Halloween joke game is any indication, Purple Guy will likely have a role to play. Ball boy is an enemy in that game and this one and is a fudged up looking (well moreso) balloon boy. Another one I seem to remember being called either dangle or strangle (let that sink in and remember what rhymes with either word.) Maybe these dark colored screens on the website are actually spoilers of enemies. Enemies left as distractions by PG, if not a bigger bad. Enemies that are failed prototypes.

The game will be in a child's imagination.

The final boss is Scott himself.
And he's represented by his Steam and YouTube icon - the main character from There Is No Pause Button!.
  • Confirmed.

Scott will finally avert his Schedule Slip.
...Unless he ends up releasing the game on 2017.
  • Confirmed in part that the game's actually released in 2016, jossed in that it's still earlier than announced.

The Giant Endoskeleton will be in the intro for most bosses.
The intro for the bosses will start off with their Empty Shell. Then something will insert the giant endoskeleton into them, resulting in them coming to life and engaging in battle.

The Frankenstien Pig Animatronic's name will be Stitch
I.E Bubba and Stitch
  • Jossed. His name is Porkpatch.

It'll be out by the first week if February at the latest.
And more likely before the End of January. Come on, it's a FNAF title.
  • Confirmed. It was released today. (January 21st)

The Big Bad and Final Boss is one of these.
  • Withered Golden Freddy
  • Scott himself, represented by his icon
    • Confirmed!
  • Purple Man
  • Markiplier, or any other LPer famous for FNAF
  • Nightmarionne


FNAF World is one of the Arcade games seen in the Game Area in FNaF 2.

The game takes place in the mind of the Crying Child from FNAF 4
I will not spoil the game for those who have yet to play it (or watch others play it), but a number of hints imply that this may be the true nature of Fnaf World.
  • How exactly does he dream up animatroics made after his time, completely new stuff like Porkpatch and Bubba, and Scott himself?!

The game was deliberately released early and then pulled as part of an ARG.
Given the nature of Scott's other RPGs, FNAF World seems a bit... shallow. While it's certainly possible that he really did just release an incomplete game and changed his mind about it, there are some things that just don't add up in the version of the game we got, such as the load times when going back to the overworld, the ferris wheel and dancing sprite in the winter zone, the red chests that seem impossible to get to, and the flipside lank ending.

Plus there's an ending that says "The pieces are in place for you. All you have to do is find them."

Theories as to what this ARG could be leading up to include;

  • The real FNAF World.
  • An HD Remake of Iffermoon.
  • Five Nights at Freddy's 5.
  • An unrelated horror game.
    • Either that or it was supposed to be a life lesson on not always expecting something to be perfect.

Scott created this game as a Take That! to his Unpleasable Fanbase, because they don't want FNaF to end.
In his cameo as the Final Boss, Scott berates his fans for never being satisfied with what he creates, despite constantly demanding more games. He's unhappy that he's been ruthlessly typecast as a creator of horror games, and that all of his creations before Five Nights At Freddy's have been forgotten; to the point that Chippy from Chippy & Sons Lumber Co. appears as a vengeful Superboss.

Chippy from Chippy & Sons Lumber Co will return as a free DLC, or update.
And he'll be back even stronger and harder to beat.

Scott's next horror game will be...
A horror game based on Chipper & Sons Lumber Co., therefore confirming that Chipper's Revenge will make good on his words.

Everything in this game is meant to convey Scott's real feelings about FNAF
From him including a vengeful Chipper from Chipper and Sons Lumber Co. lamenting about being buried under the popularity of the FNAF franchise, to Scott himself being the finalboss, practically every ending says something about how he views FNAF, especially the lake ending, depending on how you interpret it.
  • Seemingly jossed by the fact he's rereleasing the game for free and fixing several problems people have with it.

The Flipside mentioned by Fredbear is the canon FNAF-verse.
And the "something bad" that happened on the Flipside that Fredbear mentions in the opening is either the children's souls moving on, or the death of The Killer in Five Nights at Freddy's 3.

Building on the above theory:
The characters the player starts with at the game's beginning aren't the same ones from the canon games, but the rest of them are - they're the souls of the children after finally passing on into the next life. Animatronica (the setting of the game) is the afterlife for the children: a safe haven where everything is more bright and cheery, and where the animatronics are nonviolent and kind. They've passed on, and this world is their final resting place.

It would also explain why the Killer is nowhere to be seen in this game; after everything he's done, would he really wind up in such a cheery and happy place?

This world is what goes on in the minds of all the children killed at or near any Freddy Fazbear's Pizza.
It's something akin to a collective dream, similar to both the theories directly above this one, but this is before the kids passed on. Any kid who dies as a result of the restaurant ends up here to wait for closure and because they're children the world they've created for themselves is bright and cheery despite the horrible things that can happen in it.

Old Man Consequences was once an adventurer like you.
But being trapped in the depths of the Glitch Dimension for so long has broken his spirit, rendering him an old and weary fisherman.

The Game takes place in the Wreck-It Ralph universe.
... Well, think about it! The game includes glitches, and one case of a character from another video game appearing in THIS game, with heavy implications that they intend to infiltrate it as revenge.

The lake glitch is a glimpse into the "real" world.
A parent sitting on the couch hugging his or her two children. Who do we know that has a relation to Freddy Fazbears and only has two children left? The parent of the crying child from FNAF 3. We know he has at least a brother who torments him and a sister who isn't specifically mentioned from the girly bedroom in his house. The child is still watching them.

Movelists for the dlc characters.

Jack-0-Bonnie/chica: like nightmare and nightmare fredbear, they are reskins of their respective nightmare selves. Change their pizza themed moves to jackolantern themed moves.

Chipper: based on Chippers revenge.Toxic bite, esc key, fourth wall.

Scott: speed song, gift boxes, fourth wall.

Nightmarrionne: tough call. Could be like the other two puppets, but as the effective true final boss to the main series he could have moves from the bosses of this game.Alarm, rainy day 2, gift boxes.

Nightmare bb: toxic balloon, megaballoon, sludge balloon.

Coffee: if he doesn't get moves referencing or outright summoning his pals from the desolate hope/room.Endo army/summon turrets: referencing alphas and his ability to summon things.Boiled eggs: a stronger cupcake reskinWaterhose 2: he IS a coffeemaker

Purple guy: springlocks, unscrew 2, rainy day 2

In a future update, we will see Spring Endo and Nightmare Endo.
Because Scott gave us Endoplush, whom we didn't know even existed. Since Endo-1 and Endo-2 belong to the main characters of the first 2 FNAF games, (the Originals and the Toys, respectively.) it only makes sense we'd see the ones belonging to the next two games' stars (the spring lock suits and the Nightmares.) And maybe Nightmare Mangle will appear in the same update.
  • Isn't Endo-2 the endo used in Fredbear though?
    • No, Endo 02 is the Endo from 2. Compare and contrast it to Mangle in the same game, it is definitely a Toy Endo. Fredbear's Endo is most likely a Spring Endo.
      • Endo-2 appears to be both in both the withered and toy animatronics, and Golden Freddy, who is all but confirmed to be Fredbear, clearly has Endo-2 inside him.

The "sad desk man" is Scott.
Sad Desk Man is supposed to represent Scott's internal struggle with deciding if he should make another FNAF game.

The "sad desk man" is Purple Guy.
He's sad because he feels guilt over killing the children and will possibly face jail time or even worse....

Phantom Mangle was always meant to be referred to as both genders
People either just didn't notice the she or there was some weird glitch preventing the she from showing up.
  • Most likely the case. Alternatively, since the game was missing a lot upon release, maybe that she screen was one of them.

The "Hanged Mangle" teaser was made by the in-game Scott
Think about it. The real Scott doesn't actually hold any grudge against the fandom. But the in-game one does. So it would be fitting of him to blame the fans about something, such as Mangle committing suicide because of the gender wars. Also, as pointed out on the Nightmare Fuel page, it actually seems Mangle didn't hang themselves: they just got too extreme with the paddling. When you defeat him, Scott blames you for killing him, even when he tried to kill you first, and you couldn't do anything else. So, it would also be fitting for him to blame the players for something they didn't do or cause.

There will be one more update.
  • It will add Nightmare Mangle and the animatronics in Sister Location, and it will finally give FNAF World a happy ending.
  • Okay, now that the game's out, I can take a stab at the new roster. There will be eight new characters: Nightmare Mangle, Baby, Bidybab, Ballora (with Minireenas alongside her much like Nightmare Freddy's Freddles), Funtime Freddy, Ennard, Withered Golden Freddy, and Vlad and Clara tag teaming). Before anyone asks, there's already a Funtime Foxy so it'd be redundant to add SL's Funtime Foxy.

Flipside existed in 1994
Phone Guy mentioned flipside in the third night phone call of FNAF. He referred to the end of a guard's shift as flipside. What Fredbear could mean something bad happened on the flip side could mean something happened at the end of a guard's shift.

Possible things for The Sister Location update
  • The Biddybabs and Minirina's will be minor mooks/parts of Baby and Balora's attacks respectivly
  • Ennard will be the final boss
  • The update will try to reveal more about the questions in Sister Location.
  • The Bare Freddy endo that can appear in night 3 will be a playable character.

The reason Baby kills the Man at the Desk at the end of Update 2?
For two reasons:
  • As their 'creator' (he says that he has created Baby) he was part of the forces actively stopping the Circus Baby gang from leaving - more so than anyone in the story as he had control over their world. He could have stopped them from forming Ennard.
  • The other reason is the same as why they scoop the technician at the end of Sister Location. They need a way to walk around the Fazworld without looking out of place; after all because he collapses onto his desk headfirst we never get to SEE what exactly Baby did to him, and that was an awful lot of blood for a simple stab wound or something. The Man at the Desk has been scooped. Ennard's coming to FNAF World and Baby was just preparing their way in advance.

Old Man Consequences is the "Montgomary" animatronic.
Simply because they both appear to be reptiles, and how they both have a similar mouth design.
  • Why would Monty, a seemingly ordinary and non-possessed robot have the ability to go inside the code?
    • Why not? Seriously, that's my answer and a question. We don't know if he isn't possessed yet. Also, did you just seriously just call a Fazbear Entertainment robot "ordinary"? There's nothing ordinary about any of them! By the way, you seem to be forgetting which page we're on.

FNAF World is heaven
Just like how William is trapped in the Fazbear themed hell that is UCN, FNAF World is a personalized heaven for all the dead children after they are able to move on. All they’ve known for decades was being in those suits, so they’re probably more used to anthro animal robots than they are to human bodies. This would also explain why OMC shows up in both games, as they’re both afterlives.
  • Probably jossed, although my headcanon is that UCN is a simulated personal hell, so FNAF World could be a simulated "heaven" type of place.