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The 'Silver Eyes' is a reference to Purple Man.
Perhaps him having white eyes in two of his sprites isn't just a stylistic choice. Perhaps he has silver eyes. Also, food for thought: in at least one of the hidden Springtrap pictures he has silver eyes. (The rest of the time it's honestly hard to tell cause the lighting in Fazbear's Fright is shit.) The only question then is why do the Phantoms have silver eyes too?
  • There's a theory that the Phantoms are actually extensions of the killer's ghost, explaining the eyes.
  • Jossed. It's due to Charlie seeing the metal endoskeleton's "silver eyes" as she was playing in the garage with her toys.
This book is an Alternate Universe.
If only for the fact that The Murderer's death is completely different than that of the games.
There was in fact a Pink Man.
And he got killed in a rather coincidentally similar way to the Purple Man.
Justifying the two separate Purple Man deaths
Between the novel and Five Nights at Freddy's 3, we see two different, seemingly contradictory versions of Purple Man's death. So how can this be rectified? It has been suggested before that the protagonist of 3 may not have just been a night watchmen, but possibly a Seer (for seeing the burning of Fazbear's Fright coming) and even an exorcist (having personally helped to free the children's spirits and earn the Golden Ending.) If these cases are true, it means that the entirety of the third game was told from his perspective. Accepting that, it is possible we only saw the events play out as the protagonist understood them. Considering Silver Eyes was originally called, The Untold Story, Charlie's story could very well have been unknown to the third game's protagonist, and the version of the death we see is only what he's guessing happened.
The games were a dream by the child but...
The novel occurs in reality.
Charlie's dad is the puppet.
While the choice being Sammyis the puppet as the first known victim of William Afton, there is a bit that would point to this theory. It is stated that Charlie's dad is the inventor of the animatronics, as well as the (co)-owner of the company. The book says he killed himself in depression with an invention of his own design. While the marionette/puppet is never mentioned in the book, from what we know about it, it is nigh omnipotent in the confines of the restaurant, and has intricate knowledge of the animatronics. He also would have very good reason to oppose the killer.
  • Just had an epiphany. The Marionette and Charlotte's dad actually have several parrallels that further support this. Charlie's dad killed himself due to depression. All a direct result of the actions of the murderer. And what is it that we see on the puppet. Lines underneath his eyes, possibly representing tears. Her dad created the animatronics. The puppet gave them life. Both are also indirectly the big goods of this story. While the animatronics actions throughout most of the story make me question it a bit, ultimately the puppet's role in their creation saved one of the teens. Foxy (who we know by now isn't fooled by a mask) carried one of the teens to pirate cove and watched over him, as opposed to, you know, stuffing him in a bear suit.. Charlotte's dad gave her the knowledge about the spring lock suits which ultimately saved hers and Carlton's lives. And ended the murderer's. Furthermore, her dad also would have a great deal many reasons to oppose the murderer.
    • The one Foxy saved was the ten-year-old child, but the point that Foxy was — in a roundabout way — helping still stands.
The animatronic Charlie's dad uses to commit suicide
Is the puppet In the book, Charlie mentions that its eyes seemed like they were weeping. The puppet's eyes have what appear to be tears streaming down its cheeks.
  • Alternate theory: Going off Mat Pat's Sister Location video about the "sad desk man" representing Henry. He may have made Baby at one point, using her to kill himself. Although the puppet is also a very likely candidate too as well.

Crazy thought...
What if Charlies' dad faked his suicide? this may be jossed, but hear me out. What if he never did die but rather changed his name and became 'Willam Afton?' Charlie being a possibly unreliable narrator and all, she wouldn't know if there really was a business partner to her father, or what he would look like if he had lived. heck, the corpse they found may not even be his. She wouldn't believe that Afton was her dad, so he would seem to be the farthest approximation of him. The kind and happy inventor to the scummy and murderous partner. the reader is made to hate Afton, but is given no reason to like him (not that I am saying that there is one or anyone should like him). Why? because he is the side of Charlies' father she would rather have as a separate, but related, entity to her idealized version of her dad. however there is a flaw in this logic because her little brother was one of the vicitims.

Who said all of the deaths in restaurant were accidents? maybe little bro got killed and possessed an animatronic? what if Afton killed four more children, so he could have 'playmates?'

Just a crazy thought, likely to be jossed.

The next book to released will be a prequel to The Silver Eyes
Scott has a 3 book deal, right? Maybe one of the books is a prequel to Silver Eyes explaining a more in-depth view about The Purple Guy and Henry. Also Five Nights at Freddy's 2 was a prequel, so it'd not be too farfetched.
  • Jossed. The next novel is a sequel set one year later after The Silver Eyes.

In the sequel, John and Charlie will end up together.
Because this troper just can't keep control of her inner shipper.
  • There's a lot of Ship Tease in The Twisted Ones with these two. Sadly, they do not end up officially together

The person who appears at the end of The Twisted Ones is the twin of Charlie.
Assuming the girl who "looks like Charlie" somehow survived.... It could very well be her showing up at the end of the book.

The final book will answer all unresolved plot points from both The Silver Eyes and The Twisted Ones.
Unlike the games, we will know the answers to mostly everything...maybe.

The four main characters are somehow associated with the Toy animatronics.
Some of the physical characteristics of Charlie, John, Jessica, and Carlton are (sort of) like those of the Toy crew. For instance, Jessica would be Mangle because her general color scheme is pink and white. Charlie (Toy Chica) is described by her aunt as having pink cheeks, a rounded face, and she always looks like she's going to smile. Carlton (Toy Bonnie) is described as "almost pretty, for a boy", and John might be Toy Freddy because of his brown hair and is usually connected with dirt, and dirt and T Freddy are both brown. I have no idea if this means anything, though.

Charlie's father didn't commit suicide, but was murdered.
In the brief moment that she glimpsed it, Charlie describes the animatronic that killed her father as holding a knife and having been messily torn open from behind. Later in the story, Afton kills officer Dunn with a knife while wearing the Springtrap suit, and the narrative strongly implies that he has done so before. On top of that, Afton bears the scars of a previous springlock failure and is described as having the body of someone who used to be fat, but is now withered. It's not much of a stretch to assume that Afton wore the animatronic and murdered Charlie's father, but the latter fought back, causing the spring locks to trip, which resulted in Afton's injuries and forced him to fight his way out of the suit and flee the scene. This is never explicitly stated though.