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As this is a WMG page, all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

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Phone Guy is not the Purple Man.
Why? Considering all the evidence or things supporting that he could be him, there's also a ton of theories of Purple Man being everyone else, including the Doll and other characters, such as Jeremy. So why isn't he? Well, in the minigame where a ghost child chases after Purple Man, so he gets stuck in Springtrap, he has dismantled the Animatronics, which is most likely after the first game. And Phone Guy died before the end of the first game.
  • Pretty much confirmed.

"Spring Trap" is not the new animatronic's real name.
It's a nickname from management (most likely Fazbear's Fright's) ala Mangle, after the fact that it's a death trap if used improperly. Its original name is forever lost to memory.
  • Phone Guy seems to call the costume "Spring Bonnie" in one of his messages, so this could be true. The costume could've originally been a Bonnie suit that decayed from disuse and lack of maintenance.

The Balloon Boy in the teaser is a new version created by the FF management.
It looks a lot more dirty and frightening than the Balloon Boy parts seen in the box, which are clean and look just like they did in the previous game. Since the new animatronic could be a fabrication for the attraction, then the BB in the teaser could have been created by them as well to make him scarier.
  • I had the same exact thought as you did about this as well! If it truly is a new Balloon Boy, what is its purpose in the story?
  • Pretty much jossed, it isn't the creation of anyone. Except that of your imagination's, or possibly the murderer's. Either way, it's a phantom, as is everyone except Springtrap.

Golden Bonnie is just a big fat case of Red Herring
"My name is Spring Trap". One of months of the Spring is April.
  • Jossed. He's pretty much the only actual threat in the game.

The Mangle will return and will be one of the main threats.
FNAF 3 is a horror attraction, and given what the Mangle is, it would really fit in. They would even save money by only repairing the Endoskeleton and the broken mask. And, if the Fan theories are correct, who better to portray the famed Bite of 87 than the culprit herself.
  • Mangle does appear, but not as a direct threat. A Phantom Mangle will appear, peeking out at you in the office window, accompanied by a louder version of the phone static noise that accompanied Mangle in the second game.
    • And they're probably one of the least dangerous animatronics.

Golden Bonnie is actually Shadow Bonnie from the second game and the suit that the murderer used.
Regular Bonnie has teeth only on his lower jaw, Toy Bonnie has a full set of teeth only on his lower jaw and two buck teeth on his upper jaw while both Shadow Bonnie and Golden Bonnie have full sets of teeth. Phone Guy said that someone used a yellow suit but he never specified which one.
  • Jossed. Scott confirmed that the Golden Freddy suit was the one the murderer used.
    • Where did he confirm that?
      • On Night 6 of FNAF 2.
      • Phone Guy only said that a yellow suit was used, he didn't say which one.
  • Half-jossed, half-confirmed. Golden/Spring Bonnie WAS used for the murders, but he's not Shadow Bonnie.

There will be a phone guy, but it won't be the Phone Guy.
The attraction will include someone giving you instructions in an eerily calm manner before dying, but it the calls will be fake and done by an in-universe actor, as part of the owner's attempts to give an authentic experience.
  • Confirmed, There is a new phone guy, but the actor part is jossed...
  • Which proceeds to get Hijacked by Ganon and end in a legitimate death, with him losing his composure mere moments before the call cuts off...and there's one more call to go.
  • Or maybe you hear the call cut off/violently interrupted on night two or three, and a different person calls you the next night to continue giving advice but he seems rather confused as to why the first guy didn't show up.
  • Mike could also leave written instructions for you, and giving you the blunt truth about the place.
  • Alternatively, it will be the same Phone Guy and, well, see below...
    • All mostly jossed. The new guy is replaced by the Phone Guy - or rather, his recordings that provide information on the usage of Springtrap. As far as we know, the new guy ("Phone Dude") is still alive.

Golden Bonnie/The animatronic is...
  • What's left of the Phone Guy. Its eyes look eerily human and there appears to be brain tissue peaking out from the tears in its head. Perhaps this was the suit he was stuffed in to, and it being possessed by the Phone Guy could explain Golden Bonnie's different behavior (not jumping at you and hissing instead of angrily screeching/roaring).
  • The Purple Guy/murderer. The trailer's "He will come back. He always does," seems to refer to Golden Bonnie despite having never appeared before. Also scottgames page images has updated with the "He always does." quote colored purple.
    • Addendum to that, the Phone Guy said that the murderer used a yellow suit, but he never said which yellow suit. And he never said that he ever left the suit.
    • Confirmed.
  • Of course, there is by default the theory that it's both the murderer and the Phone Guy...
    • Which is jossed.
  • All of the FNAF 1 animatronics put together. Only the head is Bonnie's. The rest of it belongs to the other animatronics..

Means of tracking the animatronic will include social media.
  • It's set 30 years later, so social media would be a thing. This animatronic somehow has access to its social media account(s). Sometimes, the cameras won't work, and you have to rely on the posts it makes.
    • Cue horrifying messages such as "I see you" and other things, or terrifying images.
    • This does sound disturbing, but also funny at the same time. I can just imagine posts like "Took a metallic shit, Cooked 30 year old pizza, oh and, I'm going to kill this new guy. Can't remember his name". I get there is stuff like Narm but this is not what I'm referring to, I mean. Is there any trope for something that's both legit creepy and legit funny?
    • Adding onto this, there would be tweets like "Just made myself a snack, then I realized that I can't eat! LOL", which would mean it's in the kitchen, or was there recently. Or, "Ugh, the new guy really smells. Does he EVER take a shower!?", meaning that he's right outside the office.
  • Jossed.
    • I know this got jossed, but any other tweets it would make, and mind if I make a gmod/sfm video of this?
    • I'll put money down that someone will make a fangame of this concept if it's not in the real game.

The references to the "He" who always comes back, isn't Golden Bonnie, or the murderer.

"He will come back. He always does," is in reference to the one person who comes back without fail, night after night after night: the security guard. It doesn't matter who's wearing the uniform. SOMETHING is compelling the guard to return each night despite the very real chance he can die. No matter how many times the franchise shuts down, no matter how many grand re-openings, there will always be a security guard ready to take the mantle and face the nightmares.

Whatever logical (or lack thereof), personal, or supernatural reason, the security guard always comes back.

  • You mean Mike Schmidt? Because the guards from the second game were Jeremy Fitzgerald and Fritz Smith.
    • Original poster here, and the statement was meant as "security guards in-general". Mike is the most likely candidate, obviously, but it's unclear if Jeremy was the bite victim, the scapegoat for the murders, or a traumatized witness to the actual victim of the Bite of '87. If it's one of the latter two, there's a chance he could come back. Personally, I believe it was probably the first option, but Scott's also thrown us a blind before, so it's safe to leave the possibility open. We also don't know anything about the day shift guard who was there before Jeremy, or if there was a guard from Fredbear's Family Diner who might know something. Or if Phone Guy, alive or dead, will make a return.
  • Jossed: It's the Murderer.

"He always comes back" refers to neither the murderer, the animatronic, nor the security guard.

Instead, it refers to the one being that always comes back. The player. Remember, an early teaser phrase was, "They are watching us"...

  • Jossed.

In the overall arc of the games, Freddy isn't the most dangerous animatronic, or even the most important one. It's Bonnie.

The trailer part of this is courtesy of this troper's younger brother. The rest is mine, because of Fridge Brilliance built on it.

Take a look at all three trailers. What's the one thing they all have in common? Bonnie. Specifically, Bonnie moving in some way, or doing something to indicate he knows someone's there.

  • Trailer One: Bonnie running down the hall, and removing his face directly into the camera.
  • Trailer Two: Bonnie coming to life and then appearing in the office with blinking eyes.
  • Trailer Three: Bonnie's eye turns to look at the camera. And the fact that something we can call a Golden Bonnie even exists.

From This Very Wiki, on the first game's WMG page, prior to the second game, Freddy, Foxy, and Chica all had evidence — somewhat backed by canon — of why they could be the culprit of the Bite of '87, minus one joke theory of it being Bonnie because he's the one everyone least suspects. Taking a look at the trailers, what if that's true? What if Bonnie knows something the others don't, and lets everyone assume Freddy's the most dangerous one? Even Rebornica has hinted to him knowing more than he lets on in their characterization of him, and it's no secret that Scott has a morbid fascination with Bonnie, considering he was the animatronic that gave him nightmares, and the one who gets the creepiest makeovers and Easter eggs.

Furthermore, what color is Bonnie? Purple. What color has marked the important human characters in these games? Purple. What color are the "He always does" words? Purple. Even if the phrases from the trailer refer to someone else entirely, Bonnie is involved somehow. It could even be argued that his state of disrepair is a hint to this, seeing as Bonnie is the one who's falling apart the most. And why not dismantle the most troublesome bot for parts first?

He either knows something or did something, and his involvement will be made clear in the next game.

This troper's friend shared another thought to add to this. In the trailer and game screencaps, we see evidence of most the animatronics in the box or around the new place...but who's one of the ones who hasn't been put in the box or converted into a lamp? Bonnie.

  • Edited to add Bonnie's head was seen as a lamp in one of the stills, so the last point is Jossed....maybe. The endoskeleton of Golden Bonnie could still be the original Bonnie's. But one other point this troper missed is Bonnie has always been notoriously aggressive, thus giving a little more credence to him being the most dangerous.
    • Not necessarily. In the first game's backstage area, there were multiple animatronic heads for Freddy, Bonnie and Chica.

Also to add, this Golden Bonnie may be regular Bonnie. How he still has an endoskeleton, well, he may have cannibalized Freddy, Foxy, and Chica's endoskeletons to keep himself working.

  • Golden Bonnie/Springtrap being regular Bonnie is Jossed: In the Night 5 minigame, the Springtrap costume can be seen seperately from Bonnie's dismantled self.

Another thought to add to this. In-Universe, Toy Bonnie went from purple to blue as part of a marketing redesign. But what if the change from purple to blue was an intentional move on Scott's part to keep the original Bonnie unique? Toy Chica and Toy Freddy kept their color schemes, but Toy Bonnie changed drastically compared to his counterpart. And I believe Scott's got it on record that he doesn't add any details without a reason.

  • Don't forget about Toy Foxy, aka Mangle. She's drastically different from her original self, even before she got constantly taken apart by little kids.
    • Mangle also got an In-Universe explanation for her appearance (an attempted Lighter and Softer Foxy). Toy Bonnie has no such explanation for why he suddenly went from purple to blue-and-white; therefore, it still holds that Scott could have changed Toy Bonnie's color scheme to keep the original Bonnie unique and the only purple animatronic.

The animatronic in the trailer won't try to kill you.

Rather, it will just try to scare you.

When the people who bought Freddie Fazbear's Pizza decided to turn it into a haunted house-style thing they wanted to use the old animatronics, but they aged terribly and were pretty much non-functional. The Management then decided to make a new animatronic that was designed to be scary. This new animatronic isn't haunted, nor does it have any weird programming quirks that make it want to kill people. It does what it was programmed to do, scare people, including the people who work there.

But there's a thing about the old animatronics, they're haunted, and ghosts don't follow the rules.

  • Jossed, and rather inverted: The trailer animatronic ("Springtrap") is the only one that can and will kill you. The "ghosts"/Phantom animatronics merely give you jumpscares and sabotage your systems.

The Puppet will return
He was the only "new" animatronic not shown in the box. Whatever that thing is, it may end up being the next biggest adversary.
  • And the puppet WILL KILL you while this Golden Bonnie / Golden thing will not as based on a WMG above.
  • Confirmed, sort of. He makes an appearance as a Phantom, and plays an important role in the very last minigame.

Golden Bonnie won't be the only danger you'll face.
It seems rather odd that Scott would show the one and only animatronic in the trailer, and so clearly! There's always been animatronics that didn't appear in the trailer that appeared in the game like Foxy and BB in the first and second games respectively. I'm guessing either The Marionette will appear (after all, it was shown it was still around during the events of the first game, and we didn't see it in the box of scraps), and Golden Freddy too, as he isn't a "normal" animatronic, so the other animatronics being scrapped won't do anything to him as he is some sort of ghost or phantom type entity. I'm also guessing that the scraps and bits of other, old animatronics will come after you, the Steam Greenlight description seems to be in the P.O.V. of the company, so Golden Bonnie IS the only animatronic... that they know of. I'm guessing the scrapped parts of the older animatronics will pull themselves together and come after you, similar to Mangle.
  • Jossed. Springtrap is the only animatronic that's physically present and actually lethal. That said, the other animatronics do hinder you and make it easier for Springtrap to reach you, so they're also dangers in themselves.

"Golden Bonnie" won't be the only animatronic.
As the week goes on, the owners of Fazbear's Fright will "miraculously" find more animatronics.
  • If you look at the back of the trailer, when you see Golden Bonnie (?), you can see another earless animatronic. When you add in how 3's staff were considering using 2's Toy models in this as well, we may have 12+ animatronics (if that earless animatronic is anything to go by).
  • Jossed. Springtrap is the only animatronic physically present, and the toy models never show up.

Alternatively, "Golden Bonnie" will be the only animatronic, but...
An empty Bonnie suit or a Freddy head put over a lamp doesn't really count as an animatronic, does it? Maybe the suits will still come alive even without their endoskeletons in place, proving that they were haunted by the children's souls all along.
  • Building onto this, we know that the endoskeletons are no longer inside the suits. But maybe they could never bear to remove the dead children, and just kept their remains hidden inside.
  • Confirmed with regards to "Golden Bonnie" being the only animatronic, and to some extent with the presence of other characters/suits that aren't technically animatronics. Jossed with regards to everything else, although the insides of the suit heads in "Bad Ending" are lit up, presumably to represent the still-trapped souls within.

"Golden Bonnie" will be a mish-mash of the other animatronics.
Considering one of the teaser pictures was called 'what we can use', plus with the bit of story that we've gotten, is it a stretch to think that Golden Bonnie has a little bit of many, if not all, of the past electronics in it? If that's the case... It's got the haunted spirit/poltergeist of a murderer, the vengeful spirits of the children, and the rage of the Toy bots who witnessed an adult destroy innocent lives. Maybe it's a good thing it's the only bot. It's just an entity of confused rage, and possibly pain if it's truly sentient like the others.
  • The monster could be based off of Frankenstein in some ways.
  • Jossed. It's one of the older suits that was designed to switch from a costume to an animatronic, which was discontinued because of how faulty the locks were.

The player isn't actually in any danger.
The place was built as a horror attraction, with the promise that the player isn't going to be in danger, and the creature just wants to scare you. However, when you get there, the Phone Guy essentially tells you that that was all a lie and the thing actually wants to kill you. Once you beat the game, it's revealed that the player was never actually in trouble and the creature isn't really possessed.
  • Jossed. No such article appears - on the contrary, the creature contained the corpse (and possibly soul) of the murderer all along, and the player was sitting inside a firetrap all along. No idea if you actually get killed by the creature when you get caught, but it's not hard to guess.

Straight from the Steam forums...
The new animatronic won't try and kill you, at least not immediately. However, every time it gets into your office, it will trigger a jumpscare. You black out, and when you come to, one of the toy animatronics is missing from the box in your office. The new animatronic will rebuild and reactivate it, and it will try and kill you. Once all of them are built, then the new animatronic will kill you the next time it enters your office. This mechanic is similar to Sinistar, as it is very similar to how he is built.
  • Jossed. The toy parts mostly sit there and do nothing, and Springtrap is always lethal if he catches you.

Mike Schmidt is behind Fazbear's Fright.
If you believe he kept coming back to Freddy's during the first game because he loved the thrill of it, then perhaps he decided to share his experience to the world by making a haunted house version of the old pizzaria where visitors can re-enact his job of holding back animatronics. Though of course, he didn't intend for there to be any real threat of death, but Golden Bonnie disagrees.
  • Fazbear's Fright, at least from what we can tell from the screenshot, seems to have a different system to protect the player. Maybe Mike's tried to make some improvements on the old system that recreates the experience without actually putting the player in danger. Emphasis on "tried."

Alternatively, the player is Mike Schmidt once again.
Perhaps he found out about the rebirth of Freddie's as a horror attraction 30 years after his old job there, and decided to pay a visit (or five...or six...or seven...) for old times' sake. At least he'll have experience on his side.
  • Either that, or he simply wants to try and put an end to it all so that no one else can succumb to these abominations.

  • That the security guard is having, or that Bonnie/Freddy is having. This is obviously a silly WMG, and not to taken as factual.

You are actually Freddy and Golden Bonnie only shows up after the building closes.
Even though the place is still named after Freddy, he is nowhere to be seen. Furthermore in the minigames in the second game Freddy was implied to try to stop the murders. You are going to be playing as Freddy who by day does entertain guests but at night has the keep Golden Bonnie at bay so it doesn't start wrecking havoc again. Furthermore this is also guessing that Golden Bonnie will not be an animatronic that appears during the day but actually appears during the night to cause havok around the building or is trying to escape.
  • Jossed.

You are playing as the child of Phone Guy, the Murderer, or one of the previous player characters.
Just a guess since it takes place 30 years in the future. And if there is a new phone guy, they might be the child of the Phone Guy from the first two games.

Golden Bonnie is a harmless fabrication created for Fazbear's Fright.
The new animatronic looks like an over-the-top mashup of Bonnie and Golden Freddy, with what looks to be organs. This could all be just to make it look creepier, and it might not pose much of a threat. However, there will be something else at the attraction that can hurt you...
  • It might even block the door so the Freddy abomination standing behind it can't get in while it jump scares you harmlessly, not actually murdering you but still giving you your Brown Pants.
  • Jossed and inverted. Springtrap is the only animatronic that can hurt you. Phantom Freddy simply jumpscares you harmlessly and disables systems.
  • Also, that "abomination" is just a harmless fixture.

This whole "Haunted Attraction" idea is a front for...something.
I don't buy for a second that the people behind this Fazbear's Fright attraction have no idea about the truly malicious and dark history surrounding Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria. I say they're using the haunted attraction angle as an excuse to use the animatronics again. Fazbear Entertainment itself might even be behind F.F for all we know. The only thing I'm not sure about is why they're doing it. There can be multiple reasons from "Wanting the animatronics to keep on living an AI life" to "Trying to please whatever's evil spirit's haunting the machines"....or "They're just trying sell Fazbear style pizza again".

The heads will come back to life as the week goes on.
As far as we know of, the heads of the FNAF 1 animatronics have been mounted and used as wall lamps. However, somebody brightened the image and found Freddy, earless and hatless, standing behind Golden Bonnie. Could this imply that the heads could join other parts to be reassembled? Or possessed by whatever supernatural force is haunting the pizzerias and find a new body?
  • Jossed.

FN@F3 is going to be a deconstruction and/or reconstruction of, well, Five Nights at Freddy's.
It's going to point out how nothing made sense in the first two games; why didn't they try to get the bots fixed? Why did the bots try to scare you instead of making a mad dash for your office (like Foxy did)? Why would someone work the night shift at such a low cost for such a high risk?

However, by putting it in a haunted house type of attraction, all of those questions can be reasonably answered. They aren't fixed because the owners want to scare you. Why are you here? Maybe because you too want to feel the genuine Freddy Fazbear experience. Which leads into...

  • Jossed.

You're not working there, you're PAYING to be there.
The first game payed 120 dollars, the second 100 dollars (and 50 cents). How can it get any lower? Easy: you're a customer for the new Fazbear's Fright attraction, possibly an adrenaline junkie seeking a good scare. Why do you keep on coming back night after night? Why, because it's just that good at scaring you. And instead of a paycheck at the end of the week, you get a bill for all the nights you stayed (Night 6 will be one more thing tacked on).
  • Night seven, the night traditionally used for players setting their own levels of challenge, could be explained as you choosing how intense you want the experience to be.
    • Adding onto this, maybe Nights 1-6 were just a test to ensure that you wouldn't, say, have a heart attack and die from fear, and Night 7 is the actual attraction.
  • Jossed.

The "remarkable discovery" is either sentient AI or how to force a haunting.
Depending on what theories you follow. The owners weren't able to find anything substantial related to the legends, so they decided to fake it. Either they discovered how to make fully aware, malicious artificial intelligence, or they discovered stuffing someone into a suit made them possess it, and made their own insane animatronic to let loose on people.
  • Another theory people are subscribing to is that the animatronic from the teaser isn't as old as its appearance suggests, only tries to scare people, and was designed to be scary looking. After all if people started disappearing at the newest iteration of this seemingly cursed brand, people would just flat out stop visiting, and why would they sacrifice future revenue in exchange for a few killings?
  • Jossed. The remarkable discovery is that of a pre-haunted animatronic, which is as deadly as it looks.

All three games have taken place in this newest establishment.
All three previous protagonists (I'm counting the second one from FNAF 2 as well) were merely customers, or more likely staff testing the establishment to make sure it is both scary, and safe.
  • If someone took the time and money to make one of Fazbear's Fright it's entirely possible they made more based on the other locations. There was four restaurants and the map is different from the previous two. So while not necessarily confirmed, its not jossed either. Though that doesn't explain the death scenes in the previous two games.
  • Jossed. The new developers had the sense not to try building on the site of the original restaurant, fortunately.

The horror attraction is meant to be a simulation of the night of the child murders.
As far we know, the deaths at the second Freddy's restaurant were covered up pretty well. The child murders at the original weren't (at the least, they were featured in newspapers), and therefore are much more likely to become legends. The customer takes the role of the kid, the animatronic (yellow, as Phone Guy describes it in the second game) is the killer, and the customer objective is to avoid the forgone conclusion. The animatronic walks in so calmly in the teaser because it doesn't want to kill you on sight; just drag you to one of the many exoskeletons setup around the place he can put you in.

You're being paid to test the attraction.
You're a jobless volunteer being paid to test the ride for five nights with a sixth overtime night and a seventh custom night where you get fired just like the last two games. Hopefully your safety is being taken into account while testing.

Bonnie is the main star and bigger bad of the game and not Freddy.
If you think about, you got more action/jump scares from Bonnie than Freddy and Chica. He's the most dangerous out the group and he's shown in all the trailer more so then Chica, Foxy, and even Freddy himself. Then if you look at the trailer and see the drawings, there's several pictures of Bonnie in them. Then you have the former Toy Bonnie in a box; he might not get up, but he'll cause some type of commotion. And then you have Golden Bonnie who may replace the Golden Freddy hallucination
  • While the Big Bad is heavily connected to Bonnie (specifically, a golden Bonnie), it's jossed besides that.

The nights aren't actual nights.
Rather, it being a simulation of the urban legends and myths surrounding the original place, the "nights" only last several minutes (probably only a bit longer than actual gameplay) and the person taking the challenge gets to have a short break between the levels. The owners reward you with "6th Night" (which can be taking place either right away or really another day) because nobody has ever beaten the basic 5 before and then the customizable 7th if you beat that too.
  • Jossed.

The honking nose Running Gag will be intact.
This time, you will have to press the nose on the Freddy in the doorway instead of one the posters on the wall.
  • Confirmed.
  • Half-jossed, it is back but still on a poster.

This "haunted attraction" will end up closing like the previous locations.
To continue Fazbear Entertainment tradition.
  • Confirmed! The place burns to the ground after Nightmare mode is completed.

This is all acting and Golden Bonnie along with other characters are in on it.
You're just the SOB they felt like playing this "prank" on.
  • Jossed.

The person running Fazbear's Fright is The Purple Guy/Murderer, but not for the reasons you think.
If the purple text on Scott's website alludes to the purple guy coming back, then what better capacity for him to come back in than as the guy running the joint. He knows the history better than anyone save for maybe Mike, Jeremy, and Phone Guy (and who's to say if those first two are even still alive/around any more.)

However, he isn't trying to get people killed by Golden Bonnie just for jollies, and he didn't even kill the KIDS for that reason. I like to think he was the original proprietor of Fazbear's Family Diner, but the restaurant was going nowhere, so he entered into a contract with some Eldritch Abomination to guarantee his restaurant would succeed. It did, and wildly, but the dark force he bargained with demanded he satiate it with blood to keep the deal going. That's when all the murders/hauntings/closings happened (all of which were extensions of the dark forces keeping the restaurant running), but because of the deal he made the restaurant would keep coming back in some form or another, and he would be involved in some way or another. This incarnation is just his way of seemingly getting out of his deal by having the robot kill people in the guise of it being a horror attraction so that he can finally keep the force happy and not have to worry about the PR problems any more.

  • I second that one. My pet theory was that Golden Freddy and the Shadows were that abomination manifesting in the world. Bet you the endgame moral is "deals with the devil are bad, m'mkay?'.
  • Jossed. Purple Guy isn't in much of a position to make deals with anyone. He's kinda dead.

The play mechanics

1- We know there's going to be one animatronic. If it is the only one, then Scott's probably going to take the opportunity to give it a more dynamic AI, able to react to stimulus from the player. Perhaps instead of just waiting for it to come to you as in previous games, this time around, things will be more confrontational. For example, you may have the ability to distract the animatronic, or lure it into different rooms and trap it temporarily. However, the animatronic will learn, and the same trick won't work after so many uses. This is the "resource" you will have to manage: instead of power, you have to keep track of what the AI has learned from you, since the same trick won't work twice.2- A screenshot on the Steam Greenlight page shows what looks like a HUD with controls for vents, camera's etc. The animatronic isn't going to just wander around looking for you, he's going to be ACTIVELY hindering your efforts to track him. This could include knocking out the camera's or possibly destroying some of the tools you would use for point #1. The HUD will let you reset these devices, but you can only do it so many times before the animatronic gets wise and just smashes them to bits. Or, alternatively, resetting the devices also opens any doors you may have closed to block the animatronic, allowing it a few moments to get a clear run at you. You must weigh your need for surveillance vs. the possibility this guy will "Foxy" you.

I present three pieces of evidence to back up my claims.

Item the first: The aforementioned screenshot of the HUD controls with the error messages. This implies that either you or the animatronic will be able to manipulate the cameras and vents in some way.Item the second: Another screenshot showing a camera feed lets us look at the layout of the attraction. It is, for all intents and purposes, a single linear path. Why would we even need to bother tracking the animatronic with the AI when he has only one option visible to us?Item the third: This one is more supposition until more is confirmed, but it's looking like there's only going to be one animatronic. Let's be real here, the only way Scott can keep this game from being stale with just the one animatronic is if both you AND Mr. Twitchy have some extra cards to play. With just the one character to keep track of and write code for, this gives Scott a chance to really flex his AI writing muscles, and give us a foe that, dare I say it, could be as intelligent and dangerous as The Nemesis.

ANOTHER classical song will be ruined thanks to Fazbear Inc.

As per tradition, a music box version of a classic, child friendly song will play before you die. In the first game it was the "Toreador March", in the second game it was "My Grandfather's Clock" (and to a smaller extent "Pop! Goes the Weasel"). Expect to see a flood of fans in the YouTube comments of said classical song calling it Nightmare Fuel once the game comes out. The song will probably be Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall as it is about reconstructing an animatronic.

  • Jossed. No classical songs appear this time.
  • SUBVERTED. A music box version of Swan Lake is used in one of the hidden minigames, but it has nothing to do with the player's demise.

The decorations made of the old animatronics will still be haunted. The game will also feature more outright paranormal elements.

If I were a murder victim, I'd be pretty mad if my demise was turned into a crappy haunted house, so something tells me that the dead kids are gonna be PISSED. Maybe they'll forego the 'haunting' thing and just do outright ghostly stuff. Imagine checking the Foxy lamp, only to see an apparition of the red menace himself running down the hall. Or you check the Bonnie lamp, only to see him, in his full body, staring at you through the camera.Heck, maybe the ghost of Phone Guy could give you warnings as a way to bring him back. There could be no explanation, or maybe it would just be Hand Waved as a different guy who just sounds like him unt

  • Unless you count the hallucinations, there's no indication of the old parts still being haunted. However, there is a greater degree of paranormal activity in this game compared to the rest. Not just the hallucinations (which could be residual haunting), but also in the Easter Egg minigames and the 5th Night minigame. The latter shows the Purple Man being chased by the ghosts of the murdered children, while the former features minigames where the animatronics try to reach the lost, dead children and help them to move on.

There was another generation of Freddy's after FNAF 1

Like FNAF 2 tried to make itself seem like a sequel, FNAF 3 makes us think that the closed Freddy's from 30 years ago mentioned in description on Greenlight page is FNAF 1's pizzeria. It's not. After FNAF 1, the management miraculously found sponsors (who knows how long after the pizzeria closed) and reopened with all-new robots. There are numerous differences between the FNAF 1 mascots and the new figurines/posters hanged all around the place, most noticeable is that Chica doesn't have a bib anymore. She also has completely different hands from the others (actually resembling wings in the figurine), and the number of toes on feet of the mascots don't match. Freddy and Bonnie also have buttons in the poster, and now all mascots lack eyebrows. Bonnie seems to have become blue again (it's hard to tell for sure due to lighting though). There's also no Foxy, maybe he got scrapped for good to avoid another backlash.

Now, what unfortunate events happened to make THIS one close...

  • Jossed. Surprisingly Realistic Outcome and now no one even wants to be associated with the old company.
    • Not exactly. The mascots' sprites in minigames between nights don't match the designs from the first game if that's supposedly the last incarnation before Fazbear's Fright (Freddy and Bonnie have buttons, Bonnie is blue etc.), BUT do seem to match the aforementioned merch, implying that the restaurant might have reopened after the first game at some point/was meant to be reopened but something went wrong. We just aren't explicitly told anything about that.

Golden Bonnie wants to die due to the pain that he looks in.
That's why he is always chasing after you, to hope you'd end its/his life.
  • Jossed: The guy is super determined to live.

The animatronics eventually became Scapegoats for everything that happened.

The initial murders were blamed on a killer luring in the children. However, despite Fazbear Entertainment's best efforts, eventually the way the animatronics killed their victims by stuffing them into the suits came to light. Working backward, this caused everyone to believe that perhaps the children snuck into the place at night on their own and ran afoul of the animatronics who, due to what is believed to be a glitch in their programming, stuffed the children into suits, killing them. Between that and the Bite of '87, the 'bots were deemed too dangerous to remain active and were dismantled. Come a few decades later, the stories have faded into urban legend and some entrepreneurs get the bright idea to scavenge the old Fazbear location(s) and make the discoveries that allow the whole sordid mess to continue.

  • Partially Jossed. No one seems to harbour any misgivings about the animatronics. However, the old place was scavenged by the new management, and the old suits did get disassembled... by the Purple Man.

"He always comes back" may be referring to the Marionette.

The second game hints that it was there in the first game. And the only hint related to it so far is its box; we have not seen the Marionette itself at all. The Marionette is also very thin and fast. Having it lurk and hide for a few decades really isn't a stretch. A little Fridge Brilliance in that it's a Jack-in-the-box. And what do they do? They hide in the dark until something triggers their release. It was also very involved with the murders in some way, and while this may be a stretch...the purple marks on its face could be significant.

  • Jossed. The Puppet's a she, and it's about the Killer.

Golden Freddy's still the big bad, as the teaser images made people expect.
Golden Bonnie's a decoy, and a lot less important than the teaser trailer made him seem.
  • Jossed. Springtrap is the main, and only lethal, threat of the game.
  • Golden Freddy never was the Big Bad in the first place.

The new security guard was friends with one or more of the murdered children.

With the timeline being the way it is, someone who was say, five or six in 1987 would be almost forty in 2017, when the sequel presumably takes place. She came to work here hoping to learn more about the murders and find some clue of what happened to her friend(s), and possibly get some closure. And she may be trying to get the place shut down to honor their memories.

Instead of yourself, you'll be defending the patrons from the animatronic

Since this time around Fazbear's Fright is a horror attraction, it may be open at night. However, the sole animatronic is still dangerous so rather than defending just yourself, you'll be using doors and other mechanisms via the camera to keep it from getting to and killing patrons. However, doing so leaves you vulnerable to its attention. As the nights go on it will realize this and start going for you more often as you stymie its attempts to reach its intended victims.

  • Jossed. Place never even got a chance to open.

Golden Bonnie is the suit Phone Guy was stuffed into

While the bit of brain and such visible in Golden Bonnie may be just for show, it could well be that it was the animatronic Freddy & co stuffed the Phone Guy into way back when. If the theories that Phone Guy was the murderer are at all accurate, this could also explain the "He always comes back" lines.

  • Bonus points if, after all the hype, Golden Bonnie!Phone Guy turns out to be Mr. Exposition of this game.
  • Jossed, unless there's room for more than one body inside. The murderer's occupying the suit posthumously.

"Golden Bonnie" is not the animatronic's true form.
Every horror we've seen thus far comes from the first night, as Bonnie is generally the first animatronic players encounter. On night two it will be able to turn into a Golden Chica, night three a Golden Foxy, night four a Golden Marionette and night five it will reveal its true form: Golden Freddy. Somehow, someway, it will be worse every time.
  • Let's make this even more horrifying: On night 6, the animatronic doesn't wear a suit, and we get to see what it looks like under it. It wasn't an animatronic at all. It was the killer the whole time.
    • The killer being underneath the suit is confirmed, in a way. He's pretty much a zombie though.
  • Jossed. Bonnie remains a zombified bunny.

The game is set in the original, "left to rot" location mentioned in Five Nights 2
The pizzeria has a different map from the original game, meaning it might not be the same Freddy's as the first. But, as we know from 2's ending, the original Freddy's was actually the third location. This game will be set in the very first.
  • Jossed.

There is indeed only one animatronic...
It'll just switch out the suit either during or between each day. It'll change its tactic depending on what mask/full suit it's wearing.
  • Combine this with the theory that it steals pieces from the toy box. You may get a hint to what the next night's "character" will be. Or it'll use the stolen piece as a Bait-and-Switch, and be something completely different; i.e., you notice Mangle's head is missing, and it's Chica the next night, only to be Mangle later (or not at all). And to add to this, maybe it further Frankensteins itself by combining different pieces and exploiting their moves (so, for example, if it had pieces of Freddy and Foxy, it will bum-rush you like Foxy does, but you don't know from where it'll attack thanks to Freddy's stealth).
  • Jossed. Springtrap's appearance is consistent and the toy box isn't touched.

The death minigames will return...
...and one of them will have letters that spell out I-T-S-M-E
  • Jossed. We have "life minigames" instead, and no weird voice spelling out words.

Adding on to the above
The troll game scott made Will be in fnaf3, but it will be pretty rare to get.
  • Jossed.

There is one more enemy
Going with the in universe chronological order. Five Night's 2 had eight advertised animatronics, but we learned there was eleven instead giving a difference of three. Five Night's 1 had three advertised animatronics but we learned there was five in total giving a difference of two. This game has one enemy advertised so going with the previous examples there is a high chance there is going to be another enemy. My money's on the original murderer.
  • Confirmed, sort of. Phantom versions of the old animatronics show up and scare you, but Springtrap is still the primary antagonist. The original murderer does show up as well... somewhat.

There are four more enemies
Going with the real world chronological order. As stated before Five Night's 1 had three advertised animatronics but had two more. As stated before Five Night's 2 had eight advertised animatronics but had three more. So its highly probably that there can be four more enemies, Golden Chica, Golden Foxy, Golden Marionette and Golden Freddy(who will remove the costume to be revealed to be the murderer)
  • Jossed. There are six Phantoms, and they aren't Golden Bots.

You are the murderer's kid and identical looking
And the final night will end with you seemingly being in the clear and heading out the door, then you get bummed rushed by the animatronics and killed.
  • Jossed.
    • The Murderer's Son part might not be tho.

FNAF 3 is a prequel to FNAF 2
This just seems so obvious after the ending of the second game. Given the implications that the restaurant in the first game is the fourth incarnation of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, and the restaurant in the second game is the third, plus the implication that the various child murders have taken place at all four of the restaurants, then we can conclude that the facility in which FNAF 3 is set takes place in the second incarnation of the restaurant, and that the murders to which the summary refers are the original murders that took place at the original family diner. This is further supported by the fact that we've never seen Golden Bonnie before, which implies that Golden Bonnie, and by extension perhaps Golden Freddy as well, are among the ORIGINAL animatronics from the first diner.
  • The Steam Greenlight page pretty much josses that theory immediately. This game is set 30 years after the first or second games, and Fazbear Entertainment is long gone. The location is a horror attraction designed to cash in on the horror stories and urban legends of the restaurants' child murders and unnerving animatronics. There's really no alternative interpretation with what Scott said.

The heads in the new location aren't originals.

As another troper pointed out above, the backstage area in the first game had spare heads for all the bots except Foxy (who may have at one point had spares before he was discontinued). Considering the company's financial state in the first game, it's not a stretch that the spare heads could have been sold to a collector in order to pay some bills—-and leave them available to be resold later. Might as well make the best of a retired character, right?

So that Bonnie lamp we see? May not be the original Bonnie's head, but a spare costume piece. This leaves the possibility that some of the original bots are still around. We only have a handful of camera stills so far, so there's a chance the original bots are still around. They may be stationary/built into the wall like normal haunted house animatronics that pop out and go "Boo!". They may be in display cases, since the new place has a mixed feel of a restaurant and a museum, considering all the trouble Fazbear Frights went to to locate anything from the original restaurant. They may have been repurposed and reprogrammed to walk around again for the new attraction, because this reads like a horror movie, and whoever owns the company is dismissing their danger potential as simply a horror story.

The first night or two will be completely 'safe'.

During the first or two night, the animatronics WON'T kill you, instead simply jump scaring you and leaving the room...because it's just part of the ride. However, come the second or third, they will begin to act just like the old ones or the old ones will reactivate. Why? Building this disturbed the kids' spirits, but it takes them a night or two to possess the new animatronics/get their old bodies moving again after laying dormant since the shut down of the Pizzeria. Or for the old animatronics to find a way back.

  • Amusingly, somewhat confirmed in that the first night is completely safe from anything except Phone Dude's 4 hour speech.

If the Purple Man returns as teased...

You'll need to trap him in a room with the animatronics to let them finally take their vengeance on their murderer so they can rest in peace.

  • Confirmed

The game will take place on the anniversary week of the murders.

Since we're already on a roll with horror tropes, what's one more? Nothing like an anniversary of death to bring back a few old vengeful ghosts.

  • Jossed, but the last part isn't.

There will be a reference to Markiplier in this game.

Scott seems to be a bit of a fanboy for Markiplier as seen in his comments in a few of his videos. And considering the fact that Mark constantly gives shoutouts to Scott (which no other LPer ever does), it almost seems impossible that Scott doesn't reference Mark in the game, no matter how small.

  • I'm willing to bet that Scott will have Mark voice the new phone guy (if there is one) in this game. Mark's done voice acting before and wanted to become a professional at it.

FNAF 3 will be more of a tower defense.
The map shows rooms in a path with passages in the form of vents, you need to check on GB while keeping the vents closed and somehow distracting it through til 6 am.
  • Confirmed.

the chronology is providing hints.
Chronologically the order of games are 213. if a fourth game took place after 1 or 3 in the chronology it would spell out a year, 2143 or 2134. perhaps this is the year a future game takes place in?
  • 2143 is almost exactly 22π^4. 22 confirmed characters as of FNAF 3 prerelease, π as in Pizza Pie and 4 original animatronics. (The X-Files theme plays)

Phone Guy will give hints that are all untrustworthy and you actually will need to do the opposite of what he says.
Going off the popular theory that Phone Guy was the killer and that the killer is the one inside that abominable suit, we may see Phone Guy return to try and kill the player, possibly by giving intentionally terrible advice and throwing players off.
  • Either that, or some hints will actually be a good idea (like the "playing dead" in the first game), while others will get you killed, just to keep you on your toes.
  • Jossed: He's not the Killer, and doesn't give any hints at all as he's dead.

This game (assuming it's the last one) won't tie up any loose ends or clear up the story.
I mean, this is Scott Cawthon we're talking about. If he does answer a few of the questions about the story, he's only going to bring up new ones.
  • Confirmed, the bite of 87 is still unsolved, no one knows the murderer's motive. Or what is up with the Pizzeria.

Golden Bonnie/Salvage is not made from parts of the other animatronics.
With the exception of using Golden Freddy's fur cover thing. He is, instead, made from the bare endoskeleton from FN@F2. He even has holes in the sides of his head where they moved his ears. It would save time and money for them to use that thing, instead of Frankensteining the old ones together. Of course, that doesn't explain what the old animatronics will be used for...
  • Confirmed in that Salvage (Springtrap) is a completely different suit from the others, nothing recycled in it.

Bonnie was the first bot to have a child stuffed inside of him.

Expanding a little on the above theory that Bonnie may have more to do with the murders than previously thought/know more than what he lets on, we know that Purple Is Powerful in this series. And it actually makes some sense that he'd be the first candidate for the process: he's more worn down than even Foxy in the second game, and his torso doesn't look like it's been put on properly—even like it's about to fall off. Bonnie also has a stouter frame than Chica or Foxy, and a bit more "room" to hide the cargo, so to speak. And considering his state of disrepair, it would make sense that he was picked over Freddy to hide a body in a pinch.

It could even tie into his aggression a little, seeing as Bonnie's the one the player sees the most often in both games and tends to be the most in your face about it. What if the child was not quite dead and unable to fight or cry out when it happened? That's more than enough motive to want to "fight back" in their stead.

Who we now know as Bonnie was the original Freddy.
Simply put, Fredbear was just the owner's name, and the original Freddy in Fredbear's Family Diner was a cute if somewhat tacky rabbit animatronic. But when they expanded the lineup, a mixup occurred and the bear animatronic was mistaken for 'Freddy Fazbear', and the owners just went with it, giving the original Freddy the bear's intended name, Bonnie. And he wants his proper name back.
  • Bonnie does look like Freddy with a smaller muzzle and longer ears placed differently on his head. And if the rips on the sides of Golden Bonnie's head are any indication, it could be a hint that the original Bonnie had his own endoskeleton ears adjusted/moved.
  • Jossed.

The music box tunes in both games are important, and there will be a third one in the third game.

Obviously, "Les Toreadors" and "My Grandfather's Clock" were chosen for thematic reasons as much as they were for atmosphere. But their significance may have more In-Universe reasons that we think. Both of them are marks of death in-game. Both of them are survivable if you're careful (and in some cases, get really lucky). However, they could serve another purpose.

Putting them in order, "My Grandfather's Clock" is a taunt that the animatronics are counting down until they take out the guard. After all, when the music "stops, short, never to go again," the guard dies. There is a little hope in that the titular grandfather was thought of fondly, becoming one with that clock his whole life—which is what you're doing too. By winding the music box, you're becoming one with it, and deciding your fate by keeping the "clock" ticking.

"Les Toreadors" expands that taunt. Freddy is essentially saying, "Yep. Here you are, facing your doom. Pray that Lady Luck is on your side." But we must remember that the last line in the chorus is, "that a dark eye is watching you, and that love is waiting for you." It's hope, albeit a small one, in the dark.

A crazy thought that builds even on that is the music itself makes the guards compelled to come. It's like it puts a spell on them to dare to defy the message: no, that clock won't stop ticking, and no, you won't defeat me.

The third game's music box theme may play into the "you can't" theme from the second game. It will be a tune about failure, but still a child's tune, maybe something like "Ring Around the Rosie" (which was about the Black Plague, but its death themes would fit) or "Alouette," which is about a bird that gets torn to pieces (fitting, considering "Franken Bonnie" is another fan nickname for the new animatronic, and the "what can we use?" tagline). Its purpose is to discourage the new guard instead of letting them think there's a fighting chance. That finally, everything is going to end, and there's no hope and no fighting fate.

  • Sad to say this theory was not only Jossed, but even Subverted with one of the minigames playing a theme from Swan Lake as background music.

... and he's very nearly Real. Remember what the Skin Horse said:

"You become. It takes a long time. That's why it doesn't happen often to people who break easily, or have sharp edges,
or who have to be carefully kept. Generally, by the time you are Real, most of your hair has been loved off, and your
eyes drop out and you get loose in the joints and very shabby. But these things don't matter at all, because once you
are Real you can't be ugly, except to people who don't understand."

The company will be closed down, just like the first to games due to protests and boycotts by people who see the attraction as bad taste.
As noted many times before, do you think that people would like it if they made a horror attraction of the Fazbear murders? Like the first two games, it will end with the building shut down. This time it will be because people rallied against the attraction considering it an insult to those who were murdered as well as their loved ones. We may even get a few Call Backs on this one, such as the leader of the Anti-Fazbear movement turning out to be none other thanMike, Jeremy, or Fritz.
  • Jossed.

The Marionette and Golden Freddy's true colors are revealed in the third game

Except, the Marionette will be portrayed as a very sympathetic guy, and is wrong with the belief that the night guards are the murderers.

The twist is, Golden Freddy might be portrayed as sympathetic too, it's just that his actions doesn't justify the killings. Perhaps, the animatronics will have a My God, What Have I Done? moment when they find out about the truth.

  • For the most part, Confirmed. The Marionette and Golden Freddy were both child victims, and their actions are sympathetic. However, the games don't show if they were horrified by their actions or not.

Golden Bonnie is dangerous but mostly a distraction
The real threats will be the largely disassembled remains of Freddy and Chica who will reassemble themselves throughout the week and come for you once mobile. The three have always worked together after all.
  • Nope, (Phantom) Freddy and Chica are the distractions for Bonnie. Jossed.

The Walking isn't from the player.
Someone put a POV cam on Golden Bonnie.

The game isn't really set thirty years after Freddy Fazbear's Pizza closed for good.
The shell heads of the toy animatronics in that box look way too new to be at least thirty years old. If they really were that old, they would look dirtier, maybe cracked in some places. Maybe "Fazbear's Fright" is just something Fazbear Entertainment does on Halloween, gives the restaurant and one of the animatronics a complete makeover, and advertises that Fazbear's Fright is set thirty years after Freddy Fazbear's Pizza closed its doors for good.
  • I'd think they'd have a separate spot for Fazbear's Fright, cause a month or two as a haunted house is also a month or two of lost birthday party revenue. Only the most morbid kids would want their party in a haunted house.
  • Jossed.

"Golden Bonnie" can break the fourth wall.
As evidenced by this update, it may have already gotten Scott, and is subtly giving us clues as to its real name and how to beat it.
  • Jossed.

"Spring Trap" isn't Golden Bonnie's name.

It's the Marionette's.

  • Building on that, It is both. Golden Bonnie is the Marionette covered in the remaining parts of the other animatronics. Look at the proportions. Both are very tall and lanky.
    • Golden Bonnie does seem to have pinprick eyes at the core...
    • The name also works well with where the Marionette came from in Five Nights at Freddy's 2 and how the Phone Guy referenced it as always thinking. That could make Spring Trap infinitely more dangerous in a one-on-one scenario than any other animatronic.
    • The fact that the box of toy animatronics are in is said to include a paper plate mask implies the Marionette is in there with them, though that could just be his face...
      • The box has "an old paper-plate doll" which seems to be a wall hanging made of a paper plate, not the Marionette (who is probably not made of paper).
  • This troper can say her own theory was Jossed. Springtrap is a separate character.

The game will deliver its lore via the Fazbear urban legends

Either through or in place of this game's version of the Phone Guy, the player will hear how the urban legends sprung up around the Fazbear franchise, including the theories and confirmed facts we the players have. Namely you'll hear the facts, that murders occurred at Fazbear buildings multiple times over the past decades, and that the animatronics were homicidal due to a programming glitch. You'll also hear the theories that the animatronics are possessed by the ghosts of the dead children, and perhaps theories as to which animatronic Spring Trap's endoskeleton originally belonged to. Due to the nature of urban legends, there will be some misinformation hidden in them that will need to be sorted out by hints in-game.

  • Jossed

The Marionette's real name.

Straight from the Steam forums, it's...

Wait for it...

...Sir Prize!

  • Notably, forum members seemed to think that "Spring Trap" was more likely to be the Marionette's name. Apparently the pun wasn't so popular now that people are trying to avoid being fooled by Scott (as the name is set up like it's Golden Bonnie's), and as such, the proposed name wasn't received so well.

The Phone Guy will be back.

The Phone Guy will be back, fulfilling the same role as he did in the previous two games, with no explanation as to how he's still alive, and why he still sounds the same after thirty years. first. Late in the game it will be revealed that it's actually Golden Bonnie calling you, speaking with Phone Guy's voice. Golden Bonnie may-or-may-not contain the remnants of Phone Guy's corpse between its suit and its endoskeleton.

  • Confirmed in that his voice is back, but there's a perfectly mundane explanation: It's a recording.

There really is going to be only one animatronic.

Note that there is no proof that the animatronics from the first and second games will appear at all. Also note that they only found one working animatronic. So in other words, that Golden Bonnie will be the only threat in the game.

  • Alternatively, there will be other "animatronics" but they wont be animatronics.
  • Confirmed, though phantom versions of the previous animatronics make appearances.

Spring Trap is the one singing trololo in scott's troll game

Golden Freddy will be a randomized variable in the game.
If I was Golden Freddy, I'd be really mad if I was replaced with another golden animatronic. The real Golden Freddy might be too, and set out to do one of a few things.

1: Try to kill you, since that's what Golden Freddy does.

2: Try to kill Golden Bonnie out of jealousy, since he's The Only One Allowed to Defeat You.

(2.5: Maybe he won't try to kill you after killing Golden Bonnie.)

3: Serve as a Jump Scare as a joke.

4: Crash your game again.

  • Jossed. A slumped over, empty Freddy suit randomly appears in the office, but it doesn't seem to do anything.
    • The suit isn't even Golde Freddy.

Spring Trap was in the first game.

Take a look at the West Hall. Notice anything familiar?

Adding to it, I can tell you that not only was Spring Trap was there all along, but where he was hiding during the day.

Look towards the bottom of the West Hall, and the drawings in the office. Both of them show Bonnie (or what we presume to be Bonnie) popping out of a present box. But you also have to remember that Bonnie's part of Freddy Fazbear's band, and likely a key component in the show. So why is "Bonnie" popping out of the box? Because it's not Bonnie. It's Spring Trap.

But how can that be? The bunny in the drawing is purple!

Dyes fade, especially if they aren't taken care of. It could also be a matter of a cheap party trick: an employee gets the kids' attention while "stage" Bonnie leaves the room, so "present" Bonnie can "magically" come out of it with the birthday child's present. It's a common trick on Disneyland rides; why not employ a similar trick here?

But back on track, this makes even more sense when you think about the thing's name. "Spring Trap." Which is something it would do in that box, wouldn't it? It would "spring" from it. Since the Marionette is missing from the drawings on the wall in the first game, the best conclusion is that while the Marionette may still be around (provided the cutscenes aren't a memory from Fredbear's Family Diner that could have had a similar layout/been the original building before it was converted to the second game, then back), Spring Trap's the new prize giver, and the Marionette is in storage somewhere.

Provided they aren't one in the same.

  • Mostly Jossed, but partially Confirmed, as Springtrap was in the old location, but was hidden behind a wall near the bathrooms. Also, he's a separate character.

The new teaser image isn't Balloon Boy.

Remember that "Balloon Boy" with a slightly different color scheme that at times hides under the desk? That's what the new image is, since we've already seen Balloon Boy's head in the box with the other Toy models' heads.

  • That's still Balloon Boy, just a hallucination. Jossed.

The trademark hallucinations in this game will be the old animatronics.
That's why Balloon Boy, Foxy, and Chica appear in the teasers. They've been disassembled and deactivated, but they'll still torment you in hallucinations. More evidence? The Foxy and Chica image's tagline is "It's all in your mind." As a worker for a place based on urban legends, the hallucinations will be the results of the worker's runaway imagination, which is why they're so much more horrifying than the physical robots themselves ever were. You're blowing it out of proportion, because you're working at a horror attraction that most likely exaggerates the robots' scariness for better effect. The hallucinations will be the old bots as seen in the teaser images. Also, the censored word in Scott's post about beta testing featured the same amount of asterisks as "hallucinations". Oh, Crap!.

  • Confirmed. Their offical names are Phantom Freddy, Phantom Chica, and Phantom Foxy.

Spring Trap is a failed and abandoned attempt at creating Freddy.
Most people think Spring Trap is connected to Bonnie. However, The only thing that's really connected between the two is the bunny ears. Other than that, Spring Trap looks very much like Freddy. Especially the Jaw. The creators tried to make a second/third Freddy, but they messed up the ears, durability and coloring, and just gave up on it.
  • Jossed. It's an older suit designed to transform to and from an animatronic.

Spring Trap was boarded up for a very good reason
With what we know about Fazbear Entertainment's management, it doesn't seem like them to lock up one murder-bot behind a boarded-up door. You'd expect them to let it wander around anyway, or tear it apart for scrap, or at the very least just turn it off. But they don't trust it for that. They don't trust Spring Trap to stay deactivated. They don't trust it as a pile of disassembled limbs. And something happened, long ago, that made them seriously regret letting it out during business hours.

The only choice was to lock it away. Far away from anyone it could hurt. Far from any power source, or repair system. Their only choice was to leave it to rot. And now it's been let loose in a crude mockery of the old pizzeria. Oh, Crap! indeed.

  • Half-confirmed. Fazbear Entertainment did seal Spring Bonnie up for a good reason, but he wasn't a killer-bot back then: Just a dangerous suit. And when William fell victim a few years later, they boarded the room up again, but mostly to cover-up a death as their reputation was already in the ruins.

Spring Trap is either a protector or murderer of children
Whichever of those is correct, the fact remains that Balloon Boy is the sound you use to draw Spring Trap away from you. The laughter of children is what draws him, and he kills you if he finds you. Does he think you murdered the kids? Or does he think you are a kid?
  • The after-level minigames give us the answer. He's the murderer, who tried to take refuse in Spring Trap's suit but fell victim to its poorly made spring locks.

The LCD games take place after the events of the first game, and the Purple Man was around during that time period.
This WMG was made before a full playthrough of the game was available. This troper only watched through to the end of Night 2.

It's the layout of the first game, but it appears to be raining, there's rats everywhere, and the place is very dirty. Plus, the area where the Purple Man attacks you is the restrooms, and the boarded up room appears to be the women's restroom, which obviously was not boarded up in the first game. Meaning the Purple Man attacked and dismantled the animatronics after Mike Schmidt was fired.

This brings up five possibilities:

  • The Purple Man escaped from prison, and decided to revisit Freddy Fazbear's for unknown reasons, most likely for shits and giggles.
    • ...Maybe?
  • Mike Schmidt is the Purple Man.
    • Jossed.
  • There were multiple killers. There's a common theory that 11 children were murdered, but only five of the murders resulted in an arrest. It's possible that the Purple Man who was arrested was not the only killer, and the one in the LCD was one of the others.
    • Jossed.
  • The Purple Man was never caught. The man who was arrested for the murders was innocent, and the killer got off scot-free. (this may overlap with the theory above.
  • The Animatronics can't tell the difference between adult men, and this Purple Man is not the murderer, but is someone else.
    • It's revealed that Golden Bonnie was used for the child murders, and the Purple Guy got in the suit, but something inside crushed him to death...and he is in the suit.

Neither Freddy, Bonnie, nor Chica will appear in this game.
Anybody remember the death minigames from FNAF 2? Well, it looks like they're back. And this time, they have you playing as the original cast of animatronics, which follow a purple Freddy sprite to a corner of the restaurant, and get ambushed by the purple guy, who disassembles them. These take place after the first nights of the game, and so far, none of them have come after the player, implying that they've been killed off for real. For similar reasons, Foxy might not be making an appearance, either.
  • Sorta Jossed. Freddy, Foxy, and Chica all come back, but only as hallucinations. There's also no sign of Bonnie anywhere.

     Post-Release - Part 1 

We watched the Purple Guy die in the trailer.
As demonstrated here, the animation of Purple Guy's death strongly resembles the twitching Springtrap makes in the teaser trailer.

All of Scott's CG games take place in the FNAF universe.
Up until this point, we have not seen humans in the Five Nights franchise. Upon seeing the corpse of the murderer inside Springtrap, it's not in a realistic form: it's styled in much the same way as Scott has done everything else.
  • While probable, one also has to keep in mind that this corpse has probably been there for decades. Long enough to lose the smell of a rotting corpse, at any rate. There might be an entirely different reason for his corpse to look the way it does. Time.

The Easter Egg minigames are arcade games from the original restaurants.
Most Chuck E. Cheese's style places have arcade games to play, and it's possible that Freddy's could have had games made that star their animatronics. (By easter egg minigames, I mean the ones you find from clicking on certain objects around the building, not the ones you get for beating each night.)

This is the final game in the series.
In the good ending, Fazbear's Frights burns to the ground. That's it! The nightmare is finally over!
  • I have just the worst feeling that Scott wouldn't have included items being auctioned off if this ordeal was finally over...
    • The "true ending" unlocked by beating all the mini games seems to confirm that the children's spirits are finally at rest and Freddy, Bonnie, Foxy and Chica are gone for good. Considering that auction however, Springtrap might still be around...
    • There's a theory that there were two sets of murdered children. If that's true then only one set was put to rest.
    • There's also this: the FNAF2 animatronics were trying to kill you before the five children were murdered.
      • No, because the previous night shift guy, who was moved to the day shift, likely committed the murders in the empty restaurant during his shifts, so their souls have only recently occupied the classic animatronics. Also, it is hinted that they Toy 'bots have been acting strangely around adults and being over-protective of children, meaning the murderer re-programmed them so that they cannot read adults' faces anymore. Which is why, as the new night guard, both sets are gunning for you: they can't tell you apart from the Purple Guy.
  • Jossed.
    • Partially Jossed...while there is a Part 4, that game takes place around possibly the Bite of '87 meaning that chronology, this is indeed the end, as far as the 4 games go. As of this writing, it's unknown where the upcoming new game, Sister Location, will fit in the continuity.
    • Completely Jossed now, as Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator takes place after this game and is the new Grand Finale too.
      • More jossed, more games keep coming out!

The souls of the children moved on.
As the game tells us the kids' souls finally caught the killer and finished him off inside the Spring Trap animatronic. As a result, their spirits are not inhibiting the lamps or anything of the sort. Scott already told us it's all in our heads. Meaning those poor kids are finally free.
  • Confirmed. If you rescue all of the children in the minigames, then go back to the Puppet's minigame, you get to watch the children's spirits move on.

The child haunting the Marionette also haunted Golden Freddy.
Originally, we were lead to believe that the murderer was the one who haunted the Golden Freddy suit, which explains its otherworldly powers and terrifying role. However, with the reveal that the Purple Man lived past FNAF1, this means that he couldn't have haunted anything. The minigames also show the destruction of the original animatronics via the Purple Guy, which releases the kids inside. There's only one kid that we know of that might not have been shoved inside a suit: the kid haunting the Marionette, who is presumably the one we play as in the last minigame. Maybe since the kid wasn't shoved in a suit, said kid wasn't linked to any specific suit and could choose a host at will. This explains Golden Freddy's appearance in the first game, his appearance of looking at Freddy between nights in the second game (just like the Marionette did in that very same game), and his (presumed, as he's kinda hard to see) appearance along with the other FNAF1 heads in The Stinger of the third game instead of the puppet. This could also help explain Golden Freddy's otherworldly powers; because the kid haunting Golden Freddy isn't 'linked' to the suit like the others, he/she doesn't have to play by the suit's rules.
  • Jossed. In the good ending where you get to see the children's spirits move on, Golden Freddy and the Marionette are shown to be two different children.

Springtrap survived the fire.
Why else mention that parts are being auctioned off?

Purple Man DID use the Golden Freddy suit in the second game
Phone Guy's message on night 2 clearly states there are two suit/animatronic hybrids. Considering Jeremy dealt with Golden Freddy on night 6 back in 2, Golden Freddy could have been the other hybrid costume. So Purple Man didn't originally use the Spring Trap suit, he just tried to hide in it when his demons came a-knockin'.

The Purple Man in Part 3's Minigames was not the Murderer
It was Mike Schmidt who, for some unfathomable reason, was actually upset about being fired by Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. Alternatively, he decided he was going to do something about the deadly animatronics once and for all. Either way, he came into the restaurant after it had closed with the intent of destroying the animatronics, the idea that they would've been scrapped by Management (rightly) never entering his mind. He does so, finds the sealed off room, and uses it to ambush the animatronics when they go into their Free-Roaming Mode. What Mike never expects is this causes the spirits of the children to be freed from their imprisonment inside the suits, and they attack what they believe to be the person who killed them. Mike desperately flees from them, and ultimately takes refuge in the Spring Trap suit, possibly believing it would make them think he was one of them or otherwise protect him. Then the springs release, killing him. Perhaps the true irony of this scenario is that, in killing him, the souls of the children believe their vengeance complete and move on, while poor Mike is now the only one haunting a suit.
  • That might�ve been another employee in a purple suit tasked with dismantling the animatronics. The children obviously can�t tell the difference, so they haunt him regardless. The real murderer might still be out there, and that�s why non-Bad Ending (notice it�s not a �good ending�) lacks the Golden Freddy suit.
  • Which, as the above troper alluded to, is why it's the Bad Ending; the children's ghosts aren't getting justice and stopping a murderer, they've condemned another human (a previous player character, no less — so in a meta sense, you got your own player character killed and thus lost the game the same way as if you'd let an animatronic get into your office) to suffer the same fate they have. The reason why Mike starts laughing when he puts the suit on is that he's gone Laughing Mad at the random realization that they've finally got him in a suit and Phone Guy was wrong — the suit isn't cutting him up at all! Then, within seconds, suddenly the suit's mechanics DO activate and kill him. Now try watching that minigame again and take any pleasure in the Purple Man's fate with this WMG in mind.
  • This theory is pretty cool and all, and it's honestly kinda disturbing. I really don't wanna be an asshole, but Mike has no proper reason at all to go back to the pizzeria. Destroy the animatronics to make sure no one suffers the same way he did? Pizzeria's closed, they're not gonna do anything for a long time. And Mike was never given a proper representation in the games, so why would anyone at all assume that he was The Purple Guy in that scenario? Logically speaking, Mike would never associate himself again with Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, but cool theory nonetheless. It just kinda feels like a Violation of Common Sense.
    • What if Mike came back because he has some sort of survivors guilt and wanted to avenge the phone guy, who may or may not have survived. What if he found out about the hidden room, and his tampering with the animatronics made him discover that the room is not in the animatronics path finding system. He must be driven somehow it could be the constant nightmares, the guilt of knowing people have died, or he's not in control of his actions and he's brainwashed. Maybe he just wants to end it all, after all we don't even know why Mike keeps coming back to his hazardous job. Granted he didn't expect the ghosts of the children to come after him. Which also gives us another set of irony, after struggling to survive his entire week, he ends up dying in the very same fate he tried to avert. Either way if this theory is right, then poor, poor Mike. So close...
  • Jossed: It's the Killer.

The Phone Guy's recordings were made for the very first Freddy Fazbear's Pizza
If what evidence suggests is accurate, there have been four Fazbear related restaurants: Fazbear's Family Diner (mentioned by Phone Guy in Night 5 of part 2), the first Freddy Fazbear's Pizza (described as the old location "left to rot" in the second game's first phone call), the second game's Freddy Fazbear's Pizza (hailed as a "Grand Re-Opening" in the second game's want ad), and the original game's Freddy Fazbear's Pizza (confirmed in this game to be the final one).

The Phone Guy's messages in this game talk about how a human could use one of the animatronic suits to walk around instead of an endoskeleton. In the first game, there was no indication that humans ever used the suits in this way. We also know the second Fazbear's Pizza was open for less than a week. From this, it can be inferred that the Phone Guy's tapes were made to train employees of the original Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, the one between Fazbear's Family Diner and the second game's Fazbear's Pizza. Especially with mentions of things like hand cranks and springs, which would be more associated with 70s or 80s technology. Working from that...

  • Confirmed.

The minigames took place at the Original Freddy Fazbear's Pizza
The location definitely looks like it was "left to rot." The main point against it is that the layout is very close to the first game's pizzeria. However, it is not quite identical. For instance, there is no storage room in the hall to the left of the security room. This could mean that this isn't the location from the first game but is, in fact, the original Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. This could also be why these minigames keep the original Atari look the games in the part 2, taking place in the late 80s, did.
  • Jossed: It's the original game's location.

Game 4 will take place in a museum.
Basically, someone bought those pieces in an auction and either placed them in a toy museum or made one wholesale as an exhibit on the 'Freddy Fazbear murders'. Much like the first few games, you will play a security guard working the night shift to make sure no one breaks into/defaces the exhibit. Except you didn't know the exhibit will try to kill you.
  • You'll be in the office in the museum, a proper office, with decent power but bad lighting, surfing the net...and then you hear the sound of glass breaking and a horrifying hiss.
    • Jossed. That's not where F Na F 4 takes place- it's in a house.
Purple Guy had Alzheimer's at the time of his death.
It had been at least thirty years since the murders and Purple Guy's sprite doesn't seem to dissuade that he was around 30 or 40 at the time. He had led a rather normal life since the murders until he began to relive that night. Eventually, he went back to the restaurant and dismantled the animatronics that came his way. On the fifth night, he had hallucinations of the children and he found a stored animatronic to try to kill his demons. That sealed his fate.
  • Jossed: It's been around ten years, he had a crazy life after the murders, and the ghosts are real.

"Phantom Mangle" is not a phantom at all.
Just an idea, since it's not in the animatronics menu and does not have ventilation errors accompanied with it. However, the Phantom Puppet is similar, but a confirmed hallucination, and the foxes have a history of being the Butt-Monkey in the games.
  • Mangle's head is in the Toy Box though. I feel comfortable saying "Jossed".
  • "Then again it could be another crappy cosplay" implying some of these objects might not be legit and real.

The Hallucinations are the murdered children's ghosts.

And they truly mean you no harm. In fact, they're trying to save you. Since they have had their vengeance on their killer, they now know or remember specifically who killed them. Now they see you trapped in this building with their killer, who is going to try to do the same to you, they're trying to scare you away so you leave your job and are then safe from Springtrap. As to why they don't attack Springtrap directly, they're aware of the faulty wiring and the impending fire, and know that the Springtrap problem is gonna take care of itself anyway, they just want you to GTFO to safety before it happens.

Spring Trap's name refers to the eventual fate of its wearer

As shown at the beginning of the second part of Markiplier's playthrough, Spring Trap clearly has a human skeleton stuck in him. Given that Phone Guy's tutorial for the 3rd night explicitly references what would happen if the springs in the wearable suits snapped back: namely, that it'd kill the wearer in much the same way they'd die in the original FNAF, and even sites a mechanical reason for how this could occur accidentally, and it seems almost obvious. To whoever was wearing the suit at the time, the name certainly fits.

There's a gas leak in the office.

That's why you're hallucinating the previous animatronics coming after you. The malfunctions that coincide with their appearance are just coincidence; the place has a really sucky computer system. (Springtrap is real, though.) It's also why the place burns so easily; gas leak plus faulty wiring equals impressive fire.

Purple Guy is Springtrap.
In the pictures of Springtrap we can see what appears to be a human skeleton. This skeleton is of Purple Guy. That's why it's called Springtrap, Purple Guy wanted to die. This allows him to haunt the restaurant and murder kids forever. All credit for this theory goes to this troper's friend.
  • Confirmed, except for the part where he wanted to die. His death was completely accidental.

A twofer WMG:
1. The original animatronics from the first game were hybrids of suit and animatronic, much like Springtrap.
  • The basis for this is the suits often excreted blood, mucus, and were said to smell bad. Plus, there's the issue of the handprint on Freddy's face. Which leads to the second part of this WMG:
    • Jossed.

2. The Murderer killed the children using said suits.

  • This could be easily done by putting them into the animatronic-suit hybrid, then purposefully releasing the spring clamps, eliminating all evidence, and creating the cover story that some kids got a little nosy, and were mucking around in the spare room. After all, "kids these days just can't keep their hands to themselves..."
    • Seems to be Jossed. We don't know how he kills them, but the Puppet shoves the already dead children into suits in the second game.

One of the animatronics represents God, Jesus or some other entity trying to free the children
Considering Scott is religious, it wouldn't surprise me. Specifically I consider Shadow Bonnie to be the one representing the above.
  • Didn't Scott say he doesn't want to put his beliefs in his games?

Scott's next game will be....
  • A Fnaf spin off from the perspective of a guy trying to rob Freddy's; the game would answer some unanswered questions.
  • A non-fnaf related game, probably a sequel to one of scott's other games, but will contain at least one fnaf easter egg.
  • A sequel that takes place in the auction house where whatever was salvaged from the fire is being sold at.
  • A sequel/midquel at the "sister location", which it turns out has animatronics who are insane from bad programming alone.
  • A sequel, where The Freddy Fazbear License is absorbed by a not so different amusement park of some kind. The twist is that the only reason they kill you was because they are [[DemonicPossession possessed, and truly mean no harm. It would make a challenge to your muscle memory to say the least. Springtrap, on the other hand... see the "A New Freddy Fazbear's Pizza will open after the events of the game..." entry below for similar concept...]]
  • Jossed. It takes place in the nightmares of a young child who's birthday is coming up in a few days.
    • More jossed: It's his older brother's nightmare after getting flashbacks of his greatest mistake: Fratricide.

Your hallucinations are the result of Phone Bro's drug habit.
  • You would HAVE to be on some sort of intoxicant in order to come up with the idea of transforming such a horrible place into a haunted house that people would expect to want to go into, and when your ventilation system fails, you suffer the effects of his second-hand smoke.

  • Jossed. While Phone Dude may indeed have a drug habit, any second-hand smoke would've settled before you arrived. And unless he's camping in the vents blowing smoke in your face for six hours, whatever he's smoking wouldn't cause hallucinations.

Phone Guy and Purple Guy have a connection.
Not that they're the same person (the fact that Purple Guy was able to trash the animatronics while Phone Guy is heavily implied to have been killed by them), but Purple Guy might have some grudge against Phone Guy and part of his spree against Fazbear entertainment is him purposefully attempting to desecrate something Phone Guy held dear. He dressed up as the Phone Guy to screw with the machines, and he gleefully set up the corpses of his victims in Foxy's room to screw with Phone Guy's favorite.

The Purple Guy did use the Golden Freddy suit to lure the children back and murder them, but he also used the suit to hide the corpse of the last child.
The reason Golden Freddy acts differently is because the last child's spirit is extra traumatized from watching all their friends being killed and then being forced to possess the suit that the murderer himself was wearing. This child is the same one you play in the last minigame who scares the Purple Man into the Springtrap suit.

The Purple Guy survived the suit.
  • Notice that when the the suit crushes him, he never actually stops twitching. And now he's coming at you, and he's stronger thanks to the metal parts in the suit, but slower because of the agonizing pain.
    • No living being could survive that torture for 30 years without sustenance or water. Plus it's stated that even if you don't die instantly, you're guaranteed to bleed out.
      • He lives in a pizzeria. He might not be living on a very good diet, but he has sustenance, water, and a lavatory. As for bleeding out, maybe the animatronic parts stopped the blood from pouring out.
      • No he wouldn't. The electricity and water would've been cut off from an abandoned building, and closed restaurants don't leave food lying around. No toilet, no food to cook, and no way to prepare it anyway. And his blood? Oh, you mean all the blood that burst out of him in the final minigame? Not to mention the Phone Guy recordings explicitly mentioned someone who was trapped in the suits would bleed out? Yeah, you don't lose that much blood and live, especially without medical attention. Also, the animatronic eyes are sticking out through his eye sockets, which means they would've pushed through his brain. Go on, explain how he survived, perfectly conscious, after his brain was squashed into mush. We'll wait.
      • But we see what he looks like under his suit. Flesh rotted away, reduced to a blackened skeleton, arteries poking out, some organs here and there...
      • Gangrene and congealed blood. His condition might've worsened because he decided to finally make his move once the horror attraction was built, for some reason.
    • Perhaps the children wanted to make him suffer the fate he forced on them, trapped for years in a rotting body within the animatronic, mindlessly acting out an empty revenge.
      • This is the only possible way he could still be "alive" in any fashion, is if it's supernatural. He sure as heck wouldn't have lived after that kind of maiming on his own.
    • Is it possible that he went into a coma?
    • Look closely at the interior of Springtrap. The only part of his chest visible is rotting blobs of meat, and there's no evidence of a neck. There's no concievable way Purple Guy is alive in any form.

The Golden Freddy Suit is one of the classic models, and the one involved in the incident at the sister location.
  • Aside from the same coloration and apparent design (especially with GF in 2), it would explain why the Golden Freddy suit acts so weird compared to the others, as well as being summoned rather than actively gunning for the protagonist in the first game. After the incident where it crushed an employee (and was subsequently haunted by their spirit, since this is how these things work in these games,) it was sent to the location from 2 to get it out of their hair. Once that happened, it was used by the Murderer to lure the five children, where it then got double haunted by one of the children's spirits. It's weird behavior in 1 can be chalked up to both spirits having different agendas, and the reason its eyes are vacant is because the head of the suit got retracted when they were (presumably) cleaning it out at the sister location This also explains why, in the Bad Ending, it has both eyes illuminated rather than the one that the other four heads have; it's harboring two souls, so both eyes get lit up.
  • Pretty much half-confirmed.

Golden Freddy didn't have a risk of catastrophic suit malfunction.
Only Golden Bonnie had that problem. That's why Purple Guy was able to use it without killing himself. However, when cornered, he didn't have access to Golden Freddy, so he had to use Golden Bonnie... with horrific yet satisfying results.
  • All suits had the risk.
    • Maybe because of the two springlock endoskeletons were constructed differently?

Night 6 is called Nightmare because it was exactly that: a nightmare
After five nights warding off Springtrap and having to deal with Phantom hallucinations, the Fazbear's Fright guard took some time off. Maybe a public holiday, or something along those lines, but whatever the reason, the guard had a nightmare where the truth was revealed to him. Who Springtrap was, the Bite of '87, every single detail was revealed to him. As he woke up, he got the urge to erase the Freddy Fazbear legend from history by any means necessary. Hence, the fire.

The purple guy saw the children's ghosts as the animatronics when they trapped him.
This is why he jumped into the Springtrap suit: he was trying to disguise himself as an animatronic so they wouldn't hurt him, like in FNAF 2 with the Freddy mask.

The Springtrap suit wasn't made by the Purple Guy - it was done either by the ghosts, or somebody else who wanted to stop him
Basically, the reason he jumped into the suit was because he thought it was his trusty Golden Freddy costume, and he only learned too-little too-late that it was a deliberately rigged booby-trap suit that would "malfunction" when he put it on - a "Springtrap", if you will. It may have been created by the children's ghosts after the other animatronics were dismantled, or it could've been made by another employee (like Mike Schmidt, for instance), who realized the only way to stop the hauntings was to bring justice to the murderer. And since the management refused to turn the murderer over to the police...
  • Jossed.

The ending isn't a Sequel Hook, it's a subtle ironic punishment.
Springtrap is hidden in the background of the auction ad. So, Here We Go Again!, right? Isn't it exactly want the murderer would want? Well, he'd probably think that at first. But he's not the shadowy figure told of in the cries of the dead any more. It's his turn to lose control of his own identity, and have his legend controlled and altered by other people. And until someone takes pity on him and gives his soul closure - something he may not even accept - it just won't end. He's lost all control, and he's forced here to take that ro-ole...

The Glitched Bonnie is NOT the Murderer - "Springtrap" was.
Each hidden minigame features one of FNaF2's animatronics- Toy Freddy (the yellow/gold may count for brown), Toy Chica, Mangle, BB, and the Marionette. The odd one out is Purple/Shadow Bonnie. Problem is, if Glitch!Bonnie is the murderer, it makes no sense for him to help the children. Then it hit me: we know that the Murderer used a "spare suit in the back"... and Fazbear Entertainment made dual-mode suits for animatronics and humans. What if the suit the Murderer used was Golden Bonnie/Springtrap?
  • In the Toy Freddy minigame, we see a golden/yellow/brown Bonnie. The original Bonnie was purple, the Toy counterpart blue. There is no reason for him to be there... unless we hypothesize that the Murderer took Bonnie's place. Thus, it would make sense that, if the Murderer took a Bonnie suit and became yellow (disguising himself from the children), the true Toy Bonnie would've become corrupted and purple beause he's now constantly mistaken for the Murderer, even though he's still a good guy and is helping the kids.
  • Addictionally, this explains why the Murderer got into Springtrap to try and escape the ghost children- it was the very same disguise he used on them. Too bad that the suit's usury and his panicked carelessness in wearing it caused his death.
  • Jossed.
    • Heck do you mean by Jossed? I'd say the part about him using the Spring Bonnie suit was Confirmed, rather.

The Purple Man wants your body.
  • He's been stuck in that suit for so long with a decaying body he's gone mad. He wants to get back into the world but he's had no opportunity. But now he has a fresh new body, he doesn't know how he's gonna get inside it, but he wants it. That body, is yours.
  • Jossed: He accepted his identity.

The Phone Guy is innocent
A minor one, but we see the Purple Guy get into the suit, and almost immediately get pulverized. Who warns us throughout the entire game about the dangers of the spring lock suits? Phone Guy. If the Phone Guy was the murderer, he would have been much more careful in using the suit as a hiding place, or not even wanted to consider it. After all, he knows what happened to the last guy who got stuck in one.
  • Confirmed. Phone guy seemingly dies on night 4 of FNAF1, but the murderer came back after the restaurant was left to fall apart.

Phone Guy is the Purple Man.
His last message at the end of FNAF 1 asks you to go check on the suits, insinuating that he died. Now that we know that some of the suits are genuinely wearable and that he knows how to do so, it's quite possible that he faked his own death and was attempting to lead you into a trap. Also, his first reaction upon seeing the ghosts of his victims is to get into Springtrap: something an outsider would not consider; but the aging suit failed, which he would not have expected, and that killed him.
  • The Phone Guy was one of the few people who actually was aware of how incredibly unsafe the Springtrap was, so it's actually unlikely that he would even consider wearing it, much less start doing sudden movements while inside it like the murderer did as that was one of the very things the Phone Guy warned about in his recordings.
    • The Purple Man didn't seem to want to jump into the Springtrap suit, however. It was clearly an act of desperation. It's certainly possible he took the risk because he felt he was choosing between guaranteed death by the ghosts or only a chance at death with the suit. He may have laughed either in so much relief that he forgot the danger, because he thought the danger of the suit had passed after successfully getting it on without incident, or maybe just in hysteria at being faced with death and such a lose-lose situation.
  • It didn't need to be a trap for you. It could easily just be that, with all of the animatronics bearing down on him, and knowing he couldn't get far, he fled to the one place he knew they couldn't follow: the secret room ( we have no proof Phone Guy actually died after that call). Still in the building, he may have been essentially trapped, waiting for Mike to come get him, but he never did. So, instead, he uses the inaccessibility of the room to ambush the animatronics to clear a way out. Unfortunately for him, when he finally gets the last animatronic, the ghosts corner him and he accidentally gets himself killed with Springtrap as a final gamble at escape.
  • Jossed.

Phone Guy's soul is trapped in a suit
Not that the game explicitly mentions how the souls of the children and Purple Guy were trapped within the suits in the first place, but given that it mostly seems to involve having the body stuffed inside an animatronic, and since Phone Guy was likely killed that way back in FNAF 1, it's not unreasonable to imagine that his soul might be hanging around, similar to that of the murderer. Granted, perhaps the latter was denied closure for some reason, and perhaps the kids chose to hang around because of their grief/desire for revenge, but Phone Guy having similarly been murdered without any good reason, he might also have a grievance to settle.

     Post-Release - Part 2 

The entire series is a long, drawn-out adventure in Ironic Hell.

The Purple Man did kill a bunch of children in a pizzeria, but the restaurants of the Fredbear/Fazbear Entertainment franchise that we see in the game aren't real. They're all the same location, just with the time and space warped to accommodate the damned souls involved. The children are trapped until they get to have the happy experience they were promised (or, in the case of the Crying Child, the birthday party he always wanted) when the killer got them, and the killer is being forced to act out different scenarios (each of the three games) to realize what happened, having gotten away with his crimes in real life and being punished until he understands the horror he caused.

This means all the security guards are actually the Purple Man, shifting through identities when he escapes his punishment at the end of each week. That's why he takes common, generic names and is constantly being attacked by the animatronics despite just being some new guy that they supposedly have no reason to hate. This is also why the robots have facial recognition and a crime database link despite taking place in 1987; he died in 2014, but he committed his kidnappings and murders in the late 80's and early 90's.

This also means that the "phantom" animatronics aren't really phantoms at all. They're angels, coming to aid the spirits of the children by bringing them cake and helping them move on to Heaven once they're ready.

  • Jossed.

Purple Guy is Waluigi.
  • Jossed for obvious reasons.

Fnaf takes place in the same universe as Idiocracy
Corrupt Corporate Executive's making dumb decisions and robots to advertise their stuff,People deciding to get stuff from a HAUNTED pizzeria oh and dont even get me STARTED on phone bro, If fnaf4 happens, tell me the new phone guy will say "Welcome to costco, I love you".

Springtrap kills the Fright Guard in an even more horrible way than the established M.O. for animatronics
Hence why there is no death screen when the Fright Guard gets cornered; Springtrap murders him in such an unbelievably gory, gruesome, violent fashion that Scott didn't feel comfortable showing it and he couldn't rely on dialogue to convey it (since no one else in the game had been killed that way before, so no one could warn the player of it), so he left it for us to interpret, figuring we'd realize how bad it must've been once we realized what Springtrap really was. The reason why Springtrap does this is because the Murderer is working off extreme negative emotion (like a lot of rage) over his painful death and prolonged imprisonment at the hands of his own victims (which probably pisses him off even more, knowing that he'd been killed by children he'd already killed), without getting to kill anyone for decades, and the poor guard just so happens to be the first person in range when he activates. Additionally, there were no animatronics other than himself to stuff the Guard into, forcing him to get a little more creative than usual.note 

What the Shadow hallucinations mean
The Shadow animatronics are meant to represent Golden Freddy and Springtrap, or rather, their original iterations. As shown in one of the minigames, Golden Freddy and Springtrap were potentially the two original animatronics at the first location. Now, the post-day minigame cutscenes require you to follow what appears to be Shadow Freddy through an abandoned version of the pizzeria from the first game. Occasionally, you can see Shadow Bonnie walled up in one of the west halls. Who else was walled up in the pizzeria? Springtrap. Which two animatronic suits were presumably used by the murderer? Golden Freddy for the killings, Springtrap for the attempted escape. In short, Shadow Bonnie is a silhouette of what Springtrap looked like before decaying, while Shadow Freddy is a darkened version of Golden Freddy's original, pristine appearance. The Shadows are remnants of what the restaurants could have been if tragedy had not struck.

You were never playing as a security guard in the series, all along you were playing as a gamer playing possessed computer games
The story is you were playing computer games late one night when suddenly your computer crashes and reboots with the start screen of a game called "Five Nights at Freddy's". You were hesitant at first, but you decide to play it. The game was about fending off haunted animatronics as a night guard. But unfortunately you failed the first night, and after the Game Over screen the computer shuts off and reboots normally as if nothing happened. When you went to bed that night, you had nightmares about the animatronics from the game you played. Every night since, you were forced to play FNAF when the clock struck at midnight, and after playing a session you went to bed with nightmares of the animatronics. Occasionally in your nightmares, you see the words "IT'S ME" as well as a certain golden bear. By night 5 you are so tired that you start to see hallucinations in the game. These hallucinations were the same images you saw in your nightmares, including Golden Freddy and the words "IT'S ME". The only way for this madness to end was to beat all 5 nights and get all 3 stars. You eventually beat FNAF 1, and that night you had a dream where you were inside Freddy Fazbear. The next night, FNAF 2 boots up on your computer. After failing the first night, your computer spazzes out and boots up an Atari-like minigame. After the minigame ends, the computer shuts off and you go to bed with the same dream of being inside Freddy Fazbear. In one of these dreams, you saw the puppet in front of your face. After going through this loop every night, you start to piece together the clues and learn about the incident with the five children and their killer. You eventually realized that all along the spirit of the puppet has been controlling your computer and is trying to tell you this story through computer games, but why?

After beating FNAF 2, you get a phone call from a friend you hadn't met in a long time. He says he has this idea for a horror attraction inside this old 90s restaurant called "Freddy Fazbear's Pizza". You shockingly learn that Freddy Fazbear's Pizza was in fact a real restaurant, and this whole time the puppet was begging for your help to free their mechanical spirits. You decide to accept your friend's invitation to be the security guard and went to Fazbear's Fright with the mission of freeing these children. When you arrive, the events of FNAF 3 begins. With your mechanical genius you figure out how to contact the puppet's spirit through the arcade machine at the restaurant. The same Atari minigames from before are now playing there, and you learn that the animatronics had been dismantled by the purple guy. Everything was going smoothly in the first night, but unexpectedly an animatronic named Springtrap was freed the next night. Now you had to use what you learned from the computer games in order to survive Springtrap's wrath. At the end of each night, you're able to contact the puppet's spirit through the arcade machine and receive hints on how to free the children's spirits. By night 5 after a lot of struggle to survive, you unlock and played through all the minigames and have successfully freed the children. After doing so, you purposely burn down the restaurant and have Springtrap burn in its own hell.

  • Jossed.

If there is a fourth game in the Five Nights At Freddy's series...
... it won't be a proper sequel, but will instead be a short game, taking place between the second and first game, possibly in the style of the arcade-esq minigames from 2 and 3, and possibly with the Phone Guy or one of the animatronics as the protagonist, which will serve as an epilogue of sorts. This game will not be called Five Nights At Freddy's 4, as again, it's not a proper game, and it will merely serve as a way to tie up any loose ends... or, given Scott's track record, it might end up leaving us with even more questions and be a bit of a Mind Screw. Plus, the Hat image that Scott released after the third game will be on the menu screen, with Freddy's Leitmotif from the first game, Les Toreadors, playing over the top. The game will also end on a Jump Scare, with Freddy himself lunging at the screen and using the old SKREEEEEE noise from FNAF 1. The screen will then fade to black, and the words "IT'S ME" will flash momentarily on the screen, in a case of Book Ends, before the game returns to the menu.
  • Jossed.

The murderer wasn't inside Springtrap.
There's been a widely popular theory going around since the first two games that the animatronics can't tell adults apart. So far there has been nothing to disprove this, and quite a bit of evidence that may point toward it being true. Who's to say the Purple Guy who got into Springtrap was the murderer, and not just some random schmuck, or anyone besides the murderer? These guys have been known to try and murder innocent people before. Like the main characters from the first two games.

Also remember, the children's souls aren't freed from getting "revenge" on the Purple Guy, but from the animatronics themselves cheering them up with a party. But maybe they would have been freed if they had killed the right person.

  • Even if it were the murderer, it's not like revenge makes everything better.
  • So who WAS the victim? Think about it. Who would have known something was terribly wrong? Who would have been unable to leave things be and broken into the abandoned restaraunt in an attempt to free the children's souls, thinking that destroying the animatronics would magically make everything better?

    Poor Mike.

    Poor, stupid Mike.
  • Jossed.

Purple Man was an employee during the time when the spring suits were being used, and witnessed the "multiple and simultaneous spring lock failures".
He knows how to operate "specially designed" suits that require certain actions to just be able to get into pretty well. This is because he had Phone Guy's tapes. On the day of the failures (he either got lucky and had nothing happen, or was not in a suit for one reason or another), he discovered he was a Nightmare Fetishist and pulled off the subsequent Cruel and Unusual Murders to recreate the experience. This is also how he's aware safe rooms exist when no one but employees is supposed to know about them. As for why he'd get into Spring Bonnie if he was aware of how dangerous the suits were, he'd already used them multiple times and had become too competent in his own ability to use them successfully.

Mangle is still alive.

In Mangle's Quest, we play as Mangle as she collects her parts and finds the exit. She may have escaped Freddy Fazbera's Pizza. That would explain why she is not considered a hallucination by the game- because she is actually there, returning to the place of her fallen brothers.

  • Jossed: Mangle is long dead.

The children's ghosts
The very first one was killed by the Murderer outside the pizzeria and the Murderer hid her (possibly cut-up) corpse in the present box the Marionette rises up from before later disposing of it to cover his tracks, thus tying this child's soul to the Marionette. (Which may have been his intention all along, given the decoded Black Speech from the first game.) The Murderer later participated in training to wear the animatronic-suit hybrids and found inspiration in them; wearing Spring Bonnie, he lured the second child to the safe room and killed her, either beforehand or by stuffing her into the Golden Freddy suit, tying her to that suit. However, growing increasingly careless (and possibly losing whatever interest he had in giving life to the machines, in favor of the joy he found in killing), he didn't clean up after himself that time, killed a whole slew of children, and left their bodies around the pizzeria. He may also have done this because he knew that the Marionette and Golden Freddy were possessed by his victims's ghosts and he was trying to provoke a response from them, possibly trying to get them to give the other dead children the same "life" he gave them, which might make him the one telling the Marionette, "Give gifts, give life" and saying, "Save them," in an attempt to spread his whacked-out ideology to his victims. The Marionette did by putting the four children dead at the Murderer's hands in Pirate Cove, into the Classic animatronics, tying their souls to the Classic animatronics to help Golden Freddy seek revenge for all of them. Golden Freddy had been scrapped before this point because the child's remains were discovered inside and Management wanted to destroy the grisly evidence, causing the child's ghost to manifest without a physical body and with all her ghostly powers (like causing hallucinations and influencing animatronics not already possessed, i.e. the Toy animatronics) but still retaining the shape of the animatronic she'd been stuffed in. She appeared and used these powers at will in the second game but not as much in the first because she had either expended too much energy in the past and drained herself, she was falling into despair over never getting their revenge or moving on, or she never completely got over her horror at causing the Bite of '87. Ditto for the Marionette, which is why he doesn't appear in the first game despite still existing somewhere in the pizzeria (perhaps the kitchen, with Chica and Freddy going there to either berate or console him?), as well as feelings of guilt for trapping the other children's souls on Earth this way, having observed their unhappiness for years.

The Golden Freddy ghost (the one who is effectively in control of BB, Mangle, Toy Chica, and, obviously, Golden Freddy, with the sprites appearing as they do to represent her) takes charge of trying to make the other children's ghosts happy throughout the years, comforting them all and remembering to celebrate every other child's birthday each year, snapping them out of their depression, hence the cake presented to them in the minigames and the children's looks of surprise. After the Murderer arrives, the Golden Freddy ghost recognizes him and uses him to set her friends free like she is by telling Freddy, Chica, Bonnie, and Foxy who it is and leading them to him so he can destroy the animatronics they're trapped in. They don't include the Marionette, whom they either haven't forgiven or don't think is up to facing the Murderer. They then attack and terrify the Murderer together — remember those hallucinations experienced in the first two games? That was one ghost. Try five. With them driving him out of his mind with terror, ultimately turning him Laughing Mad, they pressure him to jump into the Spring Bonnie he killed them in, then use their powers to activate its spring-locks and kill him. They leave the dead Murderer and call the Marionette into what used to be the Dining Area when the pizzeria was still active; the Marionette arrives to find that the children's combined powers have created an hallucination of a room full of children at a party. The dead children appear to reunite with the Marionette and enjoy one last moment before they destroy the Marionette's body to free the first child and all of them cross over. For bonus points, it was on the second child's birthday that this happened, which is why the Golden Freddy ghost takes the seat at the table in the hallucination and why the Marionette presents her cake in the minigame; they're celebrating her birthday the way she's celebrated theirs for years.

  • The Puppet stuffed them in the suits, not around the Cove, the Murderer killed five kids in one go, Golden has nothing to do with the Toys, it was Shadow Freddy in the minigames, not Golden and William jumped in because he wanted to, wasn't driven by insanity. Overall it's just making Golden Freddy much nicer, stronger and heroic than he is

A New Freddy Fazbear's Pizza will open after the events of the game...
But it will be fine. The animatronics will be perfectly safe as they aren't possessed by the ghosts of the children, there will be no more child murders as the Purple Man is dead, and the owners will actually take responsibility when they need to and will really put kids first.
  • Half-confirmed. There was a new Freddy's, and the only possessed robots were stuck in the basement's vents and no kids died, but it was all a trap to end this once and for all. It failed, and now we have a mall.

Springtrap was the Original Bonnie
Need I say more?
  • This seems supported by the Golden Freddy minigame, where you see only Golden Freddy and Springtrap with the children. The small size would suggest either Fredbear's Family Diner or the original Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, where Phone Guy said they had to use alternate costumes for a while.
  • Confirmed.

"Golden Freddy" was Phantom Fredbear
In the Golden Freddy minigame, it's him and Springtrap alone on stage. It seems reasonable to assume this is Fredbear's Family Diner, making Golden Freddy the titular Fredbear. On top of that, Golden Freddy's behavior in the first two games is clearly supernatural. Ergo, Phantom Fredbear. It's anyone's guess as to how he kills you. Maybe the Night Guard has a heart attack.

Purple Man/The Murderer never left Freddy's
He was there the whole time during Five Nights at Freddy's 2. You know Shadow Freddy? He returns in the Third Game, and when he leads you to a room you can not enter, Purple Man comes and destroys the Animatronic that followed. So the Murderer was in Freddy's the whole time... Inside Shadow Freddy...

Shadow Freddy would also be the "Golden" Suit the Murderer used. Not because it's actually Gold (It's purple), but because it's clearly a Golden Freddy Costume (It is a palate swap of Golden Freddy).

  • Jossed: Shadow Freddy is his own thing and the Murderer is the day-shift guard.

Shadow Freddy and Shadow Toy Bonnie were additional animatronic suits that got scrapped
They were spare animatronic-suit hybrids — Purple Freddy and Purple Bonnie. They might've gotten scrapped because fatal accidents happened in them, but the ghosts of the dead staff members may continue to haunt them in the form of the suits, similar to the theory that Golden Freddy is different from the others because the suit has been scrapped but the ghost remains. Also possible and maybe more likely in keeping with the games's events, Purple Freddy and Purple Bonnie were left lying around and the Murderer stuffed more dead children into them before they got scrapped, causing the children's ghosts to haunt the restaurant in the form of the suits. Going off of the theory that there was a Purple Freddy and Purple Bonnie...

Freddy and Bonnie are, In-Universe, the core two characters of the Freddy franchise
Which is why there was a Spring Freddy and Spring Bonnie, and possibly also a Purple Freddy and Purple Bonnie, but no evidence of either of those two for Chica, Foxy, etc. Freddy and Bonnie must be the two characters the franchise started out with, and the others were added (and in some cases, like the Marionette, removed) as it continually tried to expand and reinvent itself.

The Marionette WAS scrapped with the Toys
The soul inside it was therefore in spirit form in the first game, like the Golden Freddy ghost and possible the Purple Freddy and Purple Bonnie ghosts. The latter two either somehow had their tie to the restaurant broken (they might have moved on on their own, or else something happened between the closing down of FNaF2 location and opening of the FNaF1 location) or else they, like the Marionette ghost, just couldn't or wouldn't appear in the first game for whatever reason.

The Murderer killed either eleven or sixteen children in total
The Happiest Day mini-game showed the six dead children whose balloons went up at the end, but there are five children shown leading up to that at the "party." As the six children at the end clearly represent the Marionette, Golden Freddy, Chica, Bonnie, Freddy, and Foxy, the other five children might represent the ghosts who had controlled the Toy animatronics in the second gamenote ; these spirits could have already been set free after the events of the second game with the destruction of the their corresponding animatronics, making their presence in the mini-game symbolic.

Alternately, since the prevailing theory is that the balloons symbolized the children's souls being stuck on Earth and then ascending at the end, the sixteen total balloons seen in the mini-game could represent that there were sixteen total child victims of the Murderer whose spirits were finally able to rest in the end; the others's ascension just wasn't shown because there wasn't enough room on the screen for it. Possibly, the five ghosts who confront the Murderer were these additional five dead children, who witnessed him destroy the animatronics and thus send the souls inside on. (Which is why the first five children in the mini-game aren't wearing masks connecting them to known animatronics — they weren't bound to a particular animatronic like the others. They remained behind long enough to kill the Murderer while the other six moved on together after their suits were destroyed.)

Alternately-alternately, the sixteen balloons symbolized the total number of victims's ghosts haunting the restaurant — not just the Missing Children, but the guards they killed, making the number of security guards the Missing Children's ghosts killed between six and eleven. Hopefully, the guards were able to move on, too, especially if the children's ghosts were keeping them there.

  • Confirmed: He has eleven victims.

The Phantom hallucinations
If Springtrap causes them, they symbolize "special" victims of the Murderer — the ones who had special significance to him, maybe the ones he enjoyed killing most or the ones who confronted and killed him at the end. If the latter is true, he might even be accidentally (in a way) making them appear, with his own lingering memories/fears being projected to you. He is consciously inflicting these hallucinations on you to terrorize and unbalance you as well as make it easier for him to kill you. The reason he can make these hallucinations appear so much more than they did in the first two games is that the shoddy ventilation situation negatively affecting the Fazbear's Fright Guard so much makes it far easier for him to reach out and plant them in the Guard's mind.

If they are ghosts, there are a few options: they are the ghosts of the Missing Children and/or the ones who killed the Murderer, they are the ghosts of additional child victims of the Murderer's, or they are the ghosts of the guards killed by the children/animatronics in attempt to get revenge. Either they've returned to Earth because of what's going on (the Fazbear's Fright attraction and Springtrap being activated), or not all of them moved on in the first place. So why are they attacking you? They're furious about having something so horrible that happened to them get turned into a horror attraction with everyone so into what happened at Freddy's and paying no respect to the victims (i.e. them), and they're taking it out on you, like, "Okay, we'll show you something really scary." It wouldn't be the first time the ghosts targeted the person not responsible for their anger. It's possible that, in the case of the children, they still can't differentiate between you and the Murderer, so they are attacking the guard again but are too weak now to kill him. After all, they've been killing night guards for ages without realizing it's not the same guy who killed them, so they might not realize that they actually got the right guy, hence why they think "He'll always come back."

  • Jossed: They're hallucinations caused by vent errors.
    • Jossing Jossed. As I read from the character page for the game: "When the Phone Dude mentions not having the ventilation on will make you see "crazy stuff", the player would naturally think it means the phantoms. They actually act entirely independent of the ventilation, and the crazy stuff in question is multiple Springtraps on the cameras."

The Murderer is trapped forever in what is left of Springtrap, utterly powerless at the end of the game
The Murderer's spirit needed the pain and torment of his past victims' spirits to be able to move his body/prison. Now that they've been able to move on to the afterlife, he's trapped in a hell of his own making. Even destroying Springtrap won't free him, he'd just be bound to the remains.
  • Semi-confirmed: He was Springtrap even after the game, but he's currently free from the body as it was kind of burned down for a second time and he's a virus inside a girl's head.

The Puppet/Marionette and Balloon Boy have a unique relationship...
They're brothers (or brother and sister, as the Puppet has an ambiguous gender), and in their human forms, they were the Purple Man's first victims.

Let's start with Balloon Boy. He looks like a small child—young and chubby—and he's exceptionally cheerful. Contrast this with the tall, skinny Puppet. This, coupled with the fact that they both showed up in Five Nights at Freddy's 2, suggests that they have a special link.

Now we move from their present forms to their past lives. When they were human, Balloon Boy loved Fazbear's Diner and dreamed of having a birthday party there; his brother, who was a bit too old for such things, didn't like the idea, but begrudgingly went along with it when his parents insisted. The Puppet took his brother for a walk on his birthday, which was to end at Fazbear's for a surprise party. As they walked to the restaurant where their parents and all of Balloon Boy's friends were waiting for the surprise, the Purple Man, who worked at the diner and knew the plan, pulled up in an official Fazbear car and told the brothers that "Freddy had sent him" to take Balloon Boy to a special party just for him! The Puppet figured this was part of the act (remember, this happened in the 1980's, long before cell phones were in common use), and Balloon Boy eagerly accepted. The Purple Man, smiling broadly, killed him on the spot. This explains why the voice of Balloon Boy is used to lure Springtrap—the Purple Man's spirit remembers this kill as his "first."

The Puppet, meanwhile, completely freaked out and ran to Fazbear's Diner to get his parents. But when he got there and saw his family and younger brother's friends eagerly awaiting the surprise party, he realized the magnitude of what had just happened and broke down, sobbing hysterically. The Purple Guy pulled up in his car and took the Puppet as his second victim; however, just before he died, the Puppet begged some higher power for a way to somehow give his little brother the party he so desperately wanted. The wish worked, but not entirely as planned—the spirits of the brothers were magically sealed inside Balloon Boy and the Puppet, binding them to Fazbear's until the party could be held. Balloon Boy, being too young to fully grasp what had happened, was happy with the arrangement, while his older brother took on a "guardian" role, watching over BB and trying to protect him from danger.

The Purple Man eventually struck again, killing five children who were also planning to celebrate their birthdays at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza (as a security guard, he had access to the restaurant's records and could arrange "visits" for the five). The Puppet's wish, fueled by desperate magic, activated again, locking the souls of the five new victims in the five suits from Five Nights At Freddys until they, too, could have the party they wanted. But by this point, the Puppet had had enough time to grow angry with the Purple Man for what he had done, and that anger transformed into a murderous rage against all security guards. He shared this rage which he shared with the ghosts imprisoned within Foxy, Chica, Bonnie, Freddy, and Golden Freddy. But the Balloon Boy didn't have that anger within him—he genuinely thought security guards were his friends. That's why he's so playful in the second game: he's not trying to kill you, but play with you, because he's too young to understand things like hatred or revenge. As the leader of the group of killer animatronics, the Puppet had told his friends to immediately rush to Balloon Boy's side if they heard him.

So what does this have to do with Fazbear's Fright? Well, the first secret minigame you play has you controlling Balloon Boy; it's necessary to complete this one in order to have the tools (balloons that are used as platforms) to finish the others properly. When you do this, the Puppet realizes that unlike other security guards, you want to help his little brother and the other ghosts; this is why he simply stares at you when he enters your office. The Hallucinations are the children's spirits, still bound to their animatronic forms, rushing to see you and make sure you really are nice. With each minigame, you give one of these souls the opportunity to attend a party and thus escape their imprisonment. In the final minigame, the Puppet is finally able to give Balloon Boy his birthday party, which soothes the older child's guilt and anger over not saving BB; now at peace, he and all of the other trapped spirits are free to move on, breaking the curse of Fazbear Inc. And to tie the theory up, what form do the freed souls of the children take in that final minigame? That's right—balloons.

  • Jossed: They have nothing to do with eachother.

Purple Man died before the first game, not after.
Stay with me here. It's generally assumed that the Purple Man broke into the first game's resteraunt after Mike was fired, and destroyed the animatronics. However, Phone Guy states in his message that They were sealing off the safe rooms for unexplained reasons, and that they were leaving everything inside. That would give a meta-implication that Springtrap was inside the first game's resteraunt's safe room the entire time, but it becomes a moot point when it turns out that the Purple Man unsealed the safe room and then later died in it. Also, the Surfer Guy said that Springtrap was found inside of a boarded-up room in the old resteraunt, which means that the room was boarded up after this had occured.

There's multiple theories on this page that explains why that is. Namely, the Purple Man broke into the resteraunt at some point after Mike's firing with the intent to lure the animatronics and destroy them, in order to hide the evidence of his crime. He unsealed the safe room to use it as a hiding place from the animatronics, and the ghosts of the children forced him into Springtrap's suit, then boarded the room up.

Those theories make sense, but let me propose an alternate theory. It was stated that there were multiple Freddy Fazbear locations, including one that apparently was known as Fredbear's Family Diner at one time that was owned by someone else. My theory is that Fredbear's was the location of the first game. Freddy Fazbear's purchased the building and converted it into their own resteraunt. Then they opened up the sister-location. They later closed both resteraunts and opened the new and improved Freddy Fazbear's that was the setting of the second game. At some point in this timeline, the Purple Man murdered the children and disposed of their bodies inside the old animatronic suits. At a later time, he used the safe-room to bait the animatronics and disabled them, in order to clean the corpses out of the suits (remember that customers had complained of blood, mucus, and a stench coming from the robots) so that he can get away with his crime before anyone connected the dots (it's possible that someone did, and the place was under investigation, forcing him to hide the evidence.) Eventually, the spirits cornered him, and he climbed inside of Springtrap, resulting in his death.

After this happened, the management discovered Purple Man's death and decided to cover it up (since their spring-locked hybrid suits have killed other employees, and didn't want to deal with the headache. The management is very amoral, but we all knew that.) However, it was morning, and they couldn't dispose of the corpse because the build will soon open and they didn't want any witnesses, so they ordered that the safe-rooms be boarded off (they were already planning on doing so, but the Purple Man's death sped it up), leaving the corpse inside.

Anywho, eventually the New and Improved Freddy Fazbear's closed down after the events of F Na F 2 thanks to the investigation into the murdered children and the arrest of either Jeremy Fitzgerald or his predecessor, whom didn't actually commit the crime. Strapped for cash, the management eventually managed to reopen, but they had to return to their very first building, the one they had originally purchased from Fredbear's. The one that still has the Purple Man's corpse inside. Eventually Mike Schmidt was hired, and the events of the first game occurred. He was eventually fired, and the place closed down for good due to bad business (also, the deaths of Phone Guy and an unknown number of other night guards whom the management had covered up. Hey, disposing of bodies is costly and tends to cause negative rumors.)

Fast forward thirty years, and the efforts of the night guard hired for Fazbear Fright finally put the spirits of the dead children to rest. I know this theory is full of holes ( like why are the animatronics violent towards Mike and Jeremy if they already got vengeance on the Purple Man?), but I like to believe for the creep factor that Springtrap and the dead Purple Man were inside the building with you in F Na F 1 in the sealed-up safe room, and this is the only theory I can come up with to make that believable.

  • There may be an explanation for why the animatronics are still violent in this theory. Remember, Purple Man pulls up outside the original diner in a car. He's still around when it becomes a pizzeria. And every single Freddy Fazbear's has a "safe room" that's a child predator's dream come true, allegedly used for "equipment storage". How can this work unless Purple Man is the man behind Freddy Fazbear's? Also, remember that Spring Bonnie was not supposed to be in that safe room — Phone Guy specifically says "Management has been informed that Spring Bonnie has been noticeably moved". What if the animatronics are hunting the person who killed their "father"?

  • Jossed. He was killed after the location closed down.
Phone Dude was killed by Springtrap.

Phone Dude has a bit of an Oh, Crap! upon realizing that Springtrap wasn't where he left him and is never heard from again after putting on Old Phone Guy's messages. Yes, those old messages play the next few nights...but remember that the first game established pre-recording and playing messages at a set time is possible, as the original Phone Guy did it, and his last message played after his death, so it's possible Phone Dude set these already pre-recorded messages up to play in case he forgot or simply to save himself trouble later (which given his personality, isn't a stretch), but then was killed by Springtrap at some point in the night as his first victim. Given Springtrap spends an entire week trying to kill you and what he really is, why would he leave Phone Dude alone? As for why no one discovered he was missing, remember that Springtrap had a habit of hiding his victim's bodies when he was still alive.

  • This could even be the reason Springtrap is hunting the player character at all. He's trying to dispose of a possible witness!
  • This could also explain why Phone Dude just stops talking to the player mid-week and Phone Guy's instructional recordings take over: Phone Dude might not have had the chance to record anything more before he died. He does say "Talk to you later" in his last recording, which suggests that his silence was not planned. Alternately, rather than Phone Dude setting up a queue, Fazbear Fright management might have decided to keep sending the player old instructional recordings themselves, possibly to cover up Phone Dude's disappearance. After all, covering up the deaths of employees is a proud Fazbear tradition.

Where Is Phantom Bonnie?

It seems strange that Bonnie would be missing in the finale, considering his presence in previous games. He's not among the Phantoms, and Springtrap is assumed to already be haunted by the Purple Man.

Except the animatronics were implied to be sentient and alive in previous games. Meaning that, depending on how far into Mechanical Lifeform we're going in this series, those Phantoms could be the animatronics' ghosts. The reason they're still around is that the hardware containing their AI (and acting as phylacteries for their Phantoms) are intact and present in Fazbear's Fright. The chips for Freddy, Chica, Foxy, and Mangle are in the scrap box in the Office, along with the remains that aren't being used as lampshades. BB's voice box is being controlled from the Office using hardware salvaged from BB and the Puppet.

Bonnie's AI chips, however, were used to replace Springtrap's own hardware, which had become inoperable due to age, neglect, damage from the amount of force with which they were shoved into a human body, damage from exposure to blood and gore from said human body, etc. Phantom Bonnie is now Springtrap's AI, and is once again possessed, this time by the Purple Man's ghost.

  • Jossed.
Purple Guy is in the Shadow Bonnie mini-game...
But not as Shadow Bonnie. He's in Golden Freddy. Look closely, there is something inside the Golden Freddy suit, like the strange white eye he's got. We're looking at Purple Guy staking out the old place for his first murder.

Purple Guy is a Well-Intentioned Extremist.
He's seen the kind of criminal incompetence that went down at Fredbear's and its successor chains. He wants the place to go down. However, he's criminally insane, so he thinks that murdering children is the way to go.
  • Jossed.

Shadow Freddy is the suit Purple Guy used to lure the animatronics into position so he could destroy them.
  • Jossed.

Enjoying the murder wasn't the only reason Purple man was always smiling.
What's the phrase repeated in each and every of Phone Guy's training cassettes? Other than his trademark "hello"s, that is. "As always, remember to smile. You are the face of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza." As a representative of the company (an employee, if you will), he was just doing what he was constantly told to: smiling. Even when killing children.

Bonnie was supposed to be female.
If Freddy was named after the original owner of the diner, Bonnie was probably named for the owner's wife.

  • Jossed: Freddy isn't the owners name.

Of course there's going to be a fourth game.
Have you forgotten that Scott's been listed as a Trolling Creator? Would it be out of character for him to hint that the series was ending only to put out a trailer for a fourth game in a few months? I think not.

Purple Guy and Phone Guy are one and the same, but not in the way you may think
Originally, they were two parts of the same being with Purple Guy being the evil half and Phone Guy being the good half. Both had a love for the Fazbears animatronics. Purple Guy however was pissed at the children for constantly ruining the bots. One day the two somehow split into two separate beings. Purple Guy went on his murdering spree while Phone Guy got a job as a security guard. And the rest is history.
  • ...No. So much no.

The Purple Guy is I. M. Meen.
  • He has a deep, spiteful hatred for children.
  • He knows some magic that could have been responsible for binding the victims' souls to the animatronics. Since he's not the supremely powerful wizard he claims to be, this magic could also have granted the Puppet's ghost their magical abilities as a side effect.
  • This magic could also keep him alive as an undead zombie within Springtrap while he thought up ways to get back to his original form. Maybe it could even dull his pain a little.
  • IM Meen wears a blue and red ensemble. Purple is what happens when blue and red mix.
  • He can put on one Meen grin.

The Purple Man tried to destroy evidence of his crimes with fire.
After Freddy Fazbear's Pizza (the one from the first game) shut down, the Purple Man decided to destroy the animatronics (as seen in the final minigame). However, he realized that simply breaking the machines down wasn't enough to remove any possible clues, so he decided to burn them, too—the place was filled with grease for the pizzas and wooden boxes, and he'd successfully pulled off arson in destroying the Puppet and Balloon Boy. But when things went horribly wrong with his plan, the Purple Man ended up burning down the entire restaurant. This is why the Hallucinations are all charred and destroyed: the last time they were intact, they were on fire.

Shadow Bonnie and Shadow Freddy aren't animatronics at all
.Remember that the original Fazbear location was Freddy's Diner; we don't know when it was established, but it was definitely sometime before the 1980s. Well, originally, the three characters (Foxy didn't exist yet) were just suits—the company didn't have the technology to make them animatronics just yet, so they used Disney-esque costumes instead. This is why they only hover around and don't actually attack the security guards—they don't have the machinery that powers the others. To combine this with an above WMG, this is why the Purple Man was able to use the Shadow Freddy suit to lure the animatronics to him when he destroyed them. Meanwhile, the company used Shadow Bonnie as a prototype for their new machine-based suits, but it backfired; that's why the character is so glitched and out of control in his minigame.

Of course, this all leads to one rather important question...what happened to the original Chica suit?

  • Jossed.
OLD Bonnie's Face looked closer to Springtrap's
Since Springtrap is supposedly the original Bonnie and looks hardly like the Bonnie we are all familiar with. It crossed my mind that Bonnie's FNAF 2 incarnation's face could have looked similar to Springtrap's. E.G. FNAF 2 Freddy looking like Golden Freddy, When the second pizzeria closed they used a spare Freddy head for Bonnie.
  • Either that, or it's possible that he looked like Freddy in 2, just purple and with the rabbit ears, since their faces are almost identical in the first game. Springtrap's got part of his face missing (the rabbit-like mouth was torn off, revealing the teeth), and the costume-like build might contribute to the other differences.

The next game in the series will be a prequel to the entire series so far.
And will explain exactly what happened at Fazbear's Family Restaurant to warrant them moving locations at least twice, become a pizzaria, and why the animatronics went haywire before the murders that occurred in the second game. Eventually it will be revealed that you were the Purple Man the whole time and the animatronics were after you because you were killing the children before your shift began.
  • Semi-confirmed. Half of it was the ultimate prequel, set in the original diner shortly after the murders in 1983, and you aren't the Murderer. You are his child.

If there's a fourth game, it will be The Desolate Hope with the Fazbear animatronics.
Just 'cause.

The "Naked Endoskeleton" is inside Springtrap now
.Just finished posing a question in Headscratchers: How is the Springtrap suit mobile when the last thing known to be in it was a human corpse and there's no sign that Fazbear's Fright had a complete endoskeleton (since Springtrap is considered their biggest find to date). As the headscratcher was completed, a thought occurred: In Five Nights 2, there was a naked endoskeleton that could appear in the Prize Room and one of the vents. It's notable for being the sole animatronic not out to murder you. That's changed since then. Fazbear's Fright did have an endoskeleton. This one, and it was used for Springtrap. Only now that the murderer's soul is possessing the animatronic, it's affected the endoskeleton too, prompting it to kill you when it might have left you alone otherwise. Fortunately, this works both ways, as any murder attempts by Springtrap are hampered by obeying the endoskeleton's programming to follow the noise looking for children to entertain.
  • Surely if the Fazbear Fright employees were to do that they would discover the purple mans body, unless most of these employees are from the original Freddy's and are Too Dumb to Live so theory kind of has a hole or two.
    • On the other hand, they do have the training tapes that explain just how the "Spring-Bonnie" suit works and its dangers. If they discovered Purple Man inside, they could easily assume it was a tragic accident based on the tapes (which, among other things, actively encourage going to the safe room to die if the suit gives out while you're in it).
  • Well.. now that you mention it considering the creators of Fazbear Fright doing what they are doing already, It wouldnt be suprising that they have No respect for the dead. Even if the victim in springtrap is a batshit psychopath with a possible dislike to children
    • Not that any one would have a way to know that last part. To a casual observer (and Phone Dude is nothing if not casual) it would look like just another hapless victim of Fazbear Entertainment's business policies.

  • So Pretty much yeah. No respect for the dead
    • On the other robotic manipulator, people don't really know what bodies look like under certain conditions. A formaldehyde-preserved body was part of a haunted house for years before someone knocked the arm off and found out it was real...

Shadow Bonnie isn't the murderer.
Rather, it's the soul of an employee who died in an unfortunate accident with the Springtrap suit - hence why it appears as a shadowy Bonnie. With the suits far away from the establishment in 2, it's likely that the shadow form was the best it could do to manifest. It's also non-malevolent, which is why it doesn't jumpscare you before crashing your game in 2 like the similarly illusory Golden Freddy. Its appearances in 2 aren't an attack, but a warning that something is going to go horribly wrong, which as we all know it did. Years later, when the murderer met his end in the suit, the employee's soul within was forced out but still tied to it, hence the glitchy freakouts it has in 3's minigame. The purple appearance is due to the murderer's influence in the Springtrap suit they're both tied to, but the murderer being dominant with his body physically within it.

Long story short, Shadow Bonnie is a long-forgotten employee who met his fate in a dangerous suit, and spent years of unending torture waiting to be able to do something, which finally happened in the form of helping one of the murdered children move on.

  • Semi-confirmed. He's not the Murderer, or humana at all as far as we know.

The whole game is an ironic recreation of "Clint Eastwood" by Gorillaz
Finally someone let me out of my cage/Now, time for me is nothing cause I'm counting no age. After years of abandonment, Springtrap has been freed and can now torment a new location.

Now you shouldn't be scared/I'm good with repairs, Ironic statement, as you SHOULD be scared because he's "repaired" enough to still work.

Panoramic view/Look I'll make it all manageable. One tracks him with video cameras, and because there is only one you'd THINK you can easily manage him.

Pick and choose/Sit and lose/All you different crews/Chicks and dudes references sitting in the office looking over cameras, sometimes seeing "chicks" (Chica) or dudes (Balloon Boy).Who you think is really kicking tunes? as we know, Bonnie is most associated with music, and Springtrap used to be a Bonnie costume.You think it's fictional?/Mystical? Maybe. The animatronics might be all in the viewers imagination.

Lifeless/To those the definition of what life is/Priceless/To you because I put you on the high shit. The security guard does not know how valuable his life is, nor how quickly Springtrap could take it like he did the children. If he did, he wouldn't keep the job.

I ain't happy, I'm feeling glad/I got sunshine in a bag/I'm useless, but not for long/The future is coming on. Springtrap has been set free from his imprisonment, but not only that, but thanks to the possibility of drugs Phone Dude is suspected to have hid, he can easily take on a security guard by himself and eventually resume his murder spree. The future is coming on indeed.

Every sprouting tree/Every child of peace/Every cloud and sea/You see with your eyes/I see destruction and demise/Corruption in disguise/From this fuckin' enterprise. Now we see from the watchmen's perspective, who can already sees the evils of Springtrap and this proposed new restaurant, which is why-

I brought all this/So you can survive when law is lawless. He takes matters into his own hands and destroys the restaurant at the end in the foul play the newspaper suggests... Oh, and don't worry about Springtrap hiding in the shadows there.

No squeeling, remember that it's all in your head.

The shadow animatronics were the original "owners" of the golden suits
Shadow Bonnie and Shadow Freddy were once the employees that wore the Springtrap and Golden Freddy suit, respectively. After the faulty springlock mechanisms failed, their souls stayed behind, probably to take revenge on Fazbear Entertainment, among other things. Since they are unable to do much in their current forms, they wander around, sometimes even warping through time and space for entertaining themselves (see Shadow Bonnie's minigame).

In the between-level minigames, Shadow Freddy isn't luring the animatronics into Purple Guy's hands. He is, instead, chasing Purple Guy. Since he was the last person to wear the Golden Freddy suit (properly, at least), the ghost haunts him, wanting to get his "body" back.

  • Jossed, possibly.

Shadow Bonnie is Springtrap's artificial intelligence, not the murderer.
If you look closely, you can see that both Springtrap and Shadow Bonnie possess a full set of teeth while Bonnie and Toy Bonnie don't.

Springtrap (or, as it was called before the murderer was killed inside it, Spring Bonnie) was an animatronic as well as a suit. That means it must have had an AI. As Phone Guy said in the second game, the animatronics get along with children just fine. Assuming the murderer used this suit and not Golden Freddy, could Spring Bonnie have been aware while Purple Guy was wearing it and murdering kids?

If so, perhaps wracked with guilt over being used to lure kids to their demises and forced to watch its body killing children and not being able to do a thing about it, the AI took on the form of Shadow Bonnie to help punish (or at least frighten) whoever the animatronics perceived the murderer to be. (Question: In the second game, on what night does Shadow Bonnie first appear?)

In one of the third game's minigames, Shadow Bonnie helps to give a child a cake. If it was the murderer, why would it do that? Also, Shadow Bonnie's minigame and itself are rather glitchy, which would kinda make sense if it were an AI...

When the murderer came back, its fellow AI, Shadow Freddy, (from Golden Freddy) lured the original animatronics to him, hoping they would dispose of him. When they were instead dismantled, while unfortunate for the A.I.s of those animatronics, his actions freed the children's ghosts. Thus, when they frightened Purple Guy, he hid inside the rabbit suit. Because it had spent years developing the ability to affect the outside world, Spring Bonnie was able to do what it couldn't have done the first time around; activate its own body's mechanisms and kill Purple Guy.

  • The very last part would depend on just where the animatronics' A.I. resides: The suit or the endoskeleton. My own assumption has always been the endoskeleton since it seems built to house more machinery than the costumes. There's also Mangle, who's more endoskeleton than costume.
    • Since Spring Bonnie is both suit and animatronic — the animatronic parts retract to allow a human to fit inside — it's at least a passable theory.
  • Jossed.

The Murderer is an alt. universe version of the the Miami Mutilator/Manny Pardo
I don't know about you, but I think the real star of Fazbear's Fright is the Murderer. Though it would've been better if they made a movie about him and not that chicken-masked freak.

All three games were just some weird game show.
There were no murderers, there were no dead children, there wasn't even a pizzeria. 'Five Nights At Freddy's' was a game show where a contestant had to survive five rounds fending off 'killer' animatronics (likely either people in mascot suits or Funny Animals if that's your thing), and if they make it all five nights, get a big prize of some sort. Night 6? Double or nothing. Custom Night at 4/20, 10/20, or Aggressive Nightmare Mode? Triple or nothing. Mike, Jeremy, and whoever FNAF 3 PC is are the only ones who made it through all seven nights cause most people choke in the middle of the week, decline to try nights 6 or 7, or fail there. All this talk of 'murderers' and such? Just part of the 'lore'. And before you ask 'who would watch that?', well, what do you think we do when we watch Lets Plays? Honestly I just want one universe where Freddy and co. are just normal people who shoot the breeze, bitch about their boss, make plans after work, and are besties with Mike or something.
  • Jossed.

Every Freddy's location is haunted. But not (just) by the children.
It's a common theory that the restaurants are haunted by the spirits of the children. But what if the haunting goes beyond? What if every location, from Fredbear's on, has been haunted? The dead children are certainly fuelling the hatred that runs in the place, but they're not the only supernatural force influencing things.

This can partially explain such things as why eleven animatronics (plus innumerable hallucinations) are after you in the second game, (Instead of there being a LOT of killed children) as well as why spirits would be fooled by programmed safe rooms, worn masks, and scheduled open/close/free-roam times. The haunting presence can influence the actions of the robots, but is limited to adjusting their programming. Blood and mucus oozing out of the suits? Inexplicable bodily fluids oozing out of walls is a classic haunted house trope. Perhaps the children were stuffed into suits at one point, but the smells and fluids weren't the actual bodies of the children, just the haunting presence manifesting itself.

Even better, this is why there is still hauntings going on during the third game. Before, the children were influencing the haunting entity. Now, it's Springtrap's/Purple Man's hatred that makes the phantom animatronics leap at you.

What exactly is causing the haunting is unknown, especially as it seems to move with the restaurant instead of being limited to the ground it was built on. Many other theories could be made, but one possibility is the first murdered child (Assuming the Give Cake minigame in the second game took place at Fredbear's Family Diner) resulted in so much negative emotion to create the haunting presence, independent of the spirit of the child.

The world F Na F takes place in is WORSE than most imagine...

Imagine the fan base of this game series as patrons, police, etc, and Scott as the Purple Man. Yes the story is over, however, everyone's only focusing on Fazbear's history, and almost nothing else. Who's to say that there aren't copy-cat killers going to town on every children's establishment? Such as Flumpty's Playhouse. The Krusty Krab, Thomas' Train Ride, or other establishments that pander to kids under the age of 16. However no one's focusing on them, because of Fazbear's.

Mike is Phone Dude
Phone Guy was previous employee. Mike was employee in first game. Why not? That could explain why he sounds younger than Phone Guy and why he goes away in Night 2 and leaves you with recorded tapes- he is more aware of robot's "quirks" than Phone Guy ( probably ).
  • Jossed.

Purple Man was supernatural BEFORE he was Springtrap
Purple Man was never, at least in the time we saw him, a normal human being. Something about him kept bringing him back to Freddy Fazbear/Fredbear's restaurant for what might have been decades, pulled years of Karma Houdini and somehow dismantled four murderous animatronics. On top of that, the other human characters we see are all flesh-colored, while Purple Man appears to have purple skin. Maybe he's some kind of demon in disguise, maybe he made a Deal with the Devil or maybe he just is, but I'm not convinced Purple Man was just a man anymore. And as if that wasn't frightening enough, if his powers extend to Complete Immortality, he's been alive inside the Springtrap suit the whole time.
  • So he's basically a (possibly) less paedophilic Freddy Kreuger? That makes David Near's voice for Springtrap even more creepy/fucked up.
  • Jossed. He's a normal human, even if intelligent and evil.

The significance of the Shadow Bonnie minigame.
I had a bout of Fridge Brilliance over the Shadow Bonnie minigames. The dead children are grey, with the exception of the Puppet!child, who is dark grey/black. The dead child found in the Shadow Bonnie minigame? Black. Not only that, but, as the first victim, he(?)'s the angriest against Purple Guy, hence why the minigame "room" is purple - he's obsessed with revenge against him.
  • Not only that, but, if we accept my theory that "The Murdered used the Golden Bonnie suit for the murders", then the punishment of Shadow Bonnie (being completely isolated) would be completely justified... except that Shadow Bonnie is helping the children, like the other animatronics in the minigames. So there's the chance that the one trapped is Bonnie the character, who the dead child mixed up with the Murderer. Only after "Bonnie" helps the kid does he understand that he's lashing out against innocents.

Golden Freddy is the original Fredbear. He and Springtrap were the original mascots.
Back in the day, they had no money for super advanced AI that could interact with boys and girls, so they hired people to be actors inside suits that could, when not in use, idle around with simple autonomy that could fool children while actors changed or recuperated. When Fredbear's suit acted up and injured the user, he and Springtrap became discontinued models. A while later, Freddy Fazbear Entertainment buys it all up, finds out about the faulty equipment, and blows a fortune on super advanced AI so that dangerous suits weren't necessary. This is why Golden Freddy has no eyes and is slumped on the floor most of the time.

No, the kids got the right guy, and on top of that, they are the hallucinations.
One thing that I believe odd is that no one remembers that it was the MASCOTS with poor facial recognition, which were all destroyed by the purple man (even then, the Toys were the ones with facial recognition in the first place). The ghosts escaped, saw their murderer, and decided to finish their business with him then and there. They are now sitting around at Fazbear's Fright, thinking of a way to prevent Springtrap from killing you as he did them.

Shadow Bonnie and Purple Freddy were the stand in suits
On night 5 Phone guy mentions that Supply suits were given to the company when the spring loaded suits were put into storage, There is also a childs drawing of Bonnie giving cake to a child, but the Animatronic looks pretty crinkled as if its clothing, Plus if going by the theory Purple Man wore the Purple Freddy costume, then the theory could be pretty likely. However this theory does suffer a few holes as in Shadow Bonnie only having four fingers and Purple Freddy showing wires and animatronic parts (but these could be because their reused models of Toy Bonnie and Golden Freddy).

Springtrap doesn't actually kill you
There is no death screen after Springtrap catches you, unlike in the previous games. Springtrap also has the least aggressive mannerisms out of all of the animatronic antagonists. We don't know why the murderer did what he did, but he really has no reason to go after security guards, unlike the kids, and we have no reason to expect that to change. Maybe he's even coming to you in a desperate attempt to get help (not realizing it's too late for that).

So why do you get a game over? Maybe having a creepy, broken down animatronic with human body parts leaking out creeping into your office actually causes this security guard to run and never come back for once.

  • Jossed.

The FNAF Series takes place in the same universe as Welcome to Night Vale

It just seems to make sense. Night Vale citizens have a very calm attitude to crazy levels of danger, which is why the guard keeps coming back. Authorities in Night Vale are either evil, incompetent or Literally A Five Headed Dragon, which is why the restaurant and the insanely lethal animatronics exist in the first place. The facial recognition and other anachronistic technology is a vestige of Night Vale's Forbidden Technologies.

  • Going along with this, Springtrap and the other Fazbear's Fright items were part of the auction held in episode 37. There's even a chance he was purchased by the same person who bought Lot 37 (one community radio news host)

The Purple Guy is innocent.

The one time we think we see him kill a child, we only see a lot of crying. Moreover, given the several different versions of Purple Guy over the course of the series, it's likely he's a "placeholder" rather than a specific individual.

  • Jossed.

The ending of "My Happiest Day" isn't when the children are released.

Note that what's left when the children disappear are masks — the same masks used in the second game's "Give Gifts, Give Life" minigame. We've just seen what happened to the five missing children!

The Phantom Animtronics are hallucinations intentionally caused by Fazbears Fright

Since they were having trouble finding authentic animatronics for the attraction, Fazbear Fright's management decided to try and make the experience more authentic by pumping a hallucinogenic gas through the ventilation system. Unfortunately for the player, this makes it harder to avoid falling victim to Springtrap.

Springtrap caused the Fazbear Fright Fire

While there is Little evidence to support this, it kind of occured to me that perhaps Springtrap himself is the culrpit for the Blaze that took down Fazbear Fright. After many failures of trying to kill the night guard, Springtrap took the most extreme action it could ever achieve after all else failed, If we can beleive some theories that Springtrap is the one causing the hallucinations then it might imply that he would go as far as setting the place alight to kill you It also worked two ways as he also got out of the establishment by being part of its salvage

  • Or perhaps he did it to escape. People would notice if he wasn't there the next day, and he'd probably get bored of walking down a hallway and being drawn to the sound of a hello with no one to kill.

The Cupcake is behind it all.

Look at him! That little motherfucker's up to something.

The Pink Guy is Phone Guy.

The only time we see him is in the Foxy minigame (Phone Guy says Foxy was always his favorite), and we know he isn't the Purple Guy because Purple Guy died before Phone Guy was killed. Pink Guy is a separate person from Purple Guy.

  • But wouldn't that mean that he may have killed a child at Fredbear's?
    • Possibly. If Pink Guy and Purple Guy are different people, it's very likely that they know each other, since they're both killers who use the pizzeria as a hunting ground. It's also notable that the police did catch somebody on camera and made an arrest, but Purple Guy apparently went unchecked the whole time. Pink Guy may have been his accomplice, and Purple Guy let him take the fall for it.
    • Alternatively he likes to watch foxy's show when he can find time which is why he's there but this was also the day the five children thing happened and he fallowed along with foxy to the party room only to discover five corpses. He rushed off to tell management and they came back but the puppet had already done his thing and now the corpses were gone. Phone guy was the most likely suspect so he was arrested. This explains why he's there and why he sounded so freaked out over the phone in FNAF 2. He just saw five child corpses and then they had disappeared leaving nothing but blood and a misplaced yellow suit with him as the only suspect.
  • Jossed.

Purple Guy has directly been responsible for everything
Something struck me when watching the latest episode of Game Theory. Mat Pat suggested Purple Guy did something in the "SAVE THEM" mini game that disabled Freddy and screwed with his identification technology. Where have we seen this power before? Custom Night. Purple Guy has the controller from Custom Night and uses it to make the animatronics docile when around him and murderous when he feels like it. Considering his whole identity is about murdering children, a security guard would be problematic for him trying to slip in and out of the restaurants. So he utilizes the safe rooms, invisible to cameras and animatronics, and sends them all into a frenzy as new security guards come in, hoping the gradual increase in aggressive AI throws the guards off the idea someone is manipulating the animatronics. On the occasions he encounters a real badass who makes it six nights, Purple Guy leaves the control somewhere the guard will find it to ensure they will be fired and thrown off his tracks.For bonus Fridge Horror, this suggests the Purple Guy was hiding in the safe room in both of the first two games. He was there, sending the animatronics after you, the whole time.
  • I love this theory. One thing, though: he has to catch them off-guard to dismantle them in the FNAF 3 minigames, so hiding in the safe room and then rushing out when they get close makes sense. If he's doing that during the other games to make them aggressive, why don't they just attack him right then and there?
  • The animatronics are still haunted, so it's not entirely up to the controller. Foxy can still rush you when he's set to zero, Golden Freddy can still appear and nothing can control The Puppet. Seeing the animatronics try and find him even when they're set to zero may have been what convinced Purple Guy to destroy them. And, even if they're persuing him on their own terms, they are still far more passive when set to zero, which would make it easy for Purple Guy to dismantle them.
    • That works for setting them to 0, but if the premise of the theory is that Purple Guy is making them more aggressive as the week goes on, that means he'd be right in front of the animatronics when they're the biggest threat to him. What stops them from attacking him then?

The first kid's death was an accident, the others weren't.

There's been popular-ish theory that the Purple Man's first victim wasn't murdered intentionally, it was a hit-and-run outside the diner. Since that kid's death never seems to appear in any of the news articles, he (or she) was probably homeless, and Fredbear was the only witness but his limited AI couldn't process the scene any better than what we see in the minigame. The guy who got out of the car wasn't hurting the kid himself, the kid was dying slowly of injuries sustained by being hit by a car while the driver watched. It was an accident... but it gave the driver a taste for seeing children die.

Purple Guy is NOT Phone Guy.

The only way for this theory to make sense is if the Purple Guy escaped the bots when they attacked him in the security office, ran into the safe room, took the bots apart, and died in the Springtrap suit when he ran away from the ghost children. This has problems.

  • The building is the same one that FNAF 1 takes place in, but it's been abandoned for years. There's no reason to hire a night security guard to protect an empty building, and there's no reason for Purple Guy to loiter around the building when there aren't any (living) children to prey on and he knows the bots are trying to kill him.
  • A wall was installed to cover up the safe room. If the Purple Guy had broken it down to expose a doorway, it would still have been broken down when the pizzeria re-opened and Springtrap would have been found immediately. If the Purple Guy didn't break it down, there'd be no way for him to get in.
  • Phone Guy's last week on the job has him mention the Bite of '87, meaning the recordings had to have been made after the events of FNAF 2. If he died in the derelict FNAF 1 location, he would have died before the Bite and thus couldn't know about it.
  • One of the Phone Guy's messages in FNAF 2 references the day guard who is there from open to close, and the night guard works from midnight to six in the morning. Phone Guy isn't leaving these messages for himself, so he wasn't working security in the FNAF 2 location when the summer murders happened.
  • Confirmed!

Phone Guy isn't a security guard. He was a technician.

He never actually says what his job title is. He mentions he'll take a security shift temporarily, but he doesn't claim to be a security guard. Given his love for the bots, it would make sense if he were just really into machines.

  • About the mascots:
    "I used to love those old characters..."
  • About the 'bots:
    "They were just so ugly, y'know?"
  • Nothing is wrong with your theory, but I'm not so sure if he likes the robots, especially these guys.
    • I meant all of them, I should have specified, but that's a good point. That may be why he doesn't seem to take a guard shift during FNAF 2, he mentions there's a day guard and Jeremy is the night guard, so he may have avoided the Toy versions so he wouldn't have to deal with them directly more often than necessary.

Phone Guy is Purple Guy's accomplice, and he was the one who got arrested.

Full details on this one are here, but here's the tl;dr version.

Pink Guy is Phone Guy. He got caught on camera because he was watching Foxy do his show in the Go! Go! Go! minigame instead of hiding with Purple Guy (there actually IS a camera pointing at those curtains), and he was arrested as a suspect, but he was acquitted. The newspaper says there was a suspect arrested, but not convicted.

Phone Guy made his last tapes the week before the safe room was going to be sealed. He and Purple Guy went there together to do something about the haunted animatronics, Phone Guy was killed in the security office but Purple Guy hid in the safe room. When the animatronics came to get him, he took them apart, released the ghosts by accident, got killed in the Springtrap suit, and the next morning the work crews came to seal up the safe room until the Fazbear Fright people came looking for authentic paraphernalia.

  • Jossed.

The Fourth Game's protagonist will be a criminal detective, not a security guard.

  • It's the final game in the series and the mascots in the teasers seem to be deliberately terrifying and dangerous, with sharp claws and fangs (and that Freddy that seems to be made entirely of Freddy heads...). Putting the player in the role of a detective would make a handy avenue to both set them onto solving the mystery, and since Springtrap survived the fire and may have been sold at auction there's a chance that whoever bought him and built the creepy mascots has actually put together an obsessive death trap, not unlike the Saw movies.
  • Jossed.

Springtrap is a failed attempt at Purgatory.
God thought that by Purple Guy suffering the same fate as his victims, it'd make him realize the error of his ways. Didn't work as planned.

Purple Guy destroying the animatronics was alturistic in nature.
Knowing Fazbear entertainment, it would've been unlikely that he'd have to worry about them discovering his actions. Maybe Purple Guy was being overly careful, or maybe he realized what happened to his victims post-mortem. Feeling mercy for once, he decided his victims had suffered enough and thought he could break them out of the animatronics. Or felt responsible for the hauntings of Freddy Fazbear, and tried to save them another haunting. Of course, his ghost victims didn't realize that, causing him to panic and get Springtrapped. The laughing? Relief/panicking at doing something like this for once. Note that this doesn't mean he became a better person, he just didn't thinks his victims should suffer THAT much. His fate in Springtrap is a chance to atone for his sins, given for his moment of kindness instead of just being sent to Hell.

  • Jossed.

Phone Guy is NOT dead.
One thing that got my attention while listening to Phone Guy's last tape was the odd mixture of sounds the animatronics make when they are ready to attack the player.

  • 'Toreador March' is playing, which means Freddy is on the attack.
  • Banging against a door signals that Foxy is outside the door.
  • Groans and moans, Bonnie and Chica are the ones who make these sounds.

All the animatronics attacking Phone Guy at the same time seems pretty odd, as to my knowledge, it's not something that happens in the games themselves ie. attacking all together. To me, it all seems pretty staged, as in, Phone Guy faked his death by making sure the player thinks he met his demise in a particularly painful fashion.

Why he would do that is pretty disputable, depending on if you think Phone Guy is innocent or Phone Guy is actually Purple Guy. If he is innocent, it could be a set-up to escape the nightmare that is Fazbear Entertainment. If he is Purple Guy, well... he might see it as a closure. Like, he's moving his murder spree to another location.

  • Toreador March plays only if the lights go out or if Freddy is in the kitchen. Since the doors are closed, due to Foxy banging on them, we know he's in the kitchen. The groans are Chica and Bonnie, but the death sound effect is Golden Fredde. It's up for debate on which bot actually did the deed, but there's almost no way Phone Guy faked them, barring whatever revelations we get in the final chapter.
    • We don't know if all of the doors work like the ones in the security guard's room. He might have had an actual door between him and the animatronics. Which means it probably gave way under their assault. The security doors that stay open if the power goes out are very sturdy, so it could be they didn't try to force it open like they did with Phone Guy. Maybe.
    • We spend the entire game in the exact security office where Phone Guy died. If the security room had regular, non-electric, ordinary doors, don't you think they'd be there? What kind of blithering idiot would sit behind a desk, maniacally opening and shutting mechanical doors in a building with limited power, if there was a safe alternative that doesn't consume power?

  • Jossed. Scott confirms Phone Guy is dead. He died while the FNAF 1 pizzeria is active and not shut down. His death, unusually, defies game logic by having Foxy banging on the door and not stopping. It also has Chica inside the room, causing the moaning you hear. However, Golden Freddy's killscream is played despite normal animatronics having priority for killing over Golden Freddy.

The Purple Man is The Joker.
Solely a crack theory, but this would actually explain a lot.

The Purple Man is always smiling. Both are shown exclusively in purple. The Joker has had hideouts that invoke fun and wonder, like toy shops (or places built to look like toy shops) and amusement parks, so Freddy Fazbear's Pizza is a good target for him (especially if the pizzeria did something to piss him off, even unintentionally). Even the motive makes sense. It would be completely in-character for the Joker to murder children solely for a laugh or as part of one of his plots, or because he ate there once and they gave him the wrong pizza topping.

And coming back to dismantle the bots? It's The Joker. His reason for doing so can literally range from "needed for a scheme" to "For The Evu Lz" (as terrible as it is, it'd be in-character to break the bots solely to get pictures of the insides to send to the grieving parents and Batman). And if Springtrap's somehow still alive after all these years? It's not like the Joker hasn't somehow walked off worse.

  • To add onto this crack theory - since the release of Pizzeria Simulator, one could even interpret Cassette Man as Batman himself - he has a baritone, and actually does pull a Batman Gambit on Springtrap - and considering that Joker is technically already dead in Springtrap and has been for years now, Bats, being the Technical Pacifist he is, would have no reluctance in wiping out his undead form, as it does not really break his Thou Shalt Not Kill code if he destroys something that's already dead. Besides, he's already done that before.

The Fazbear's Fright guard is a fan of the Fazbear mythos and knew what was going on the whole time. The between-night and mid-night mini-games were the children warning him.
He took the job because of being a parapsychology buff who had followed the Fredbear/Fazbear stories, and wanted to be a part of them, however remotely. This made him uniquely receptive to the children warning him in his dreams, showing him the mini-game between nights 1 and 2. He brushed it off as the excitement getting to him until getting to work. While settling in, he dozed off for a bit before his shift and experienced the Night 2 mini-games, which woke him up just in time for his shift to start. Seeing Springtrap and hearing Phone Dude's reaction on the phones (as has been presumed in other WMGs, that Phone Dude actually lost track of him and possibly killed by him before he could flee convinced the guard that it was all real.

Knowing that the animatronics are per-programmed to lock in place during normal hours of operation, the guard made a choice akin to but not exactly like a Heroic Sacrifice by choosing to stay in the building and keep Springtrap distracted with the help of Phone Guy's prerecorded training tapes. Learning that it was a suit rather than a simple animatronic made him realize he couldn't just let Springtrap wander around free for six hours: think of the body count!

So as the week went on, the guard made plans and preparations to dispose of Fazbear's Fright. He purchased several cans of kerosene and began dousing the establishment in it. While this made him more susceptible to ventilation errors and caused more frequent shorts in the wiring, it was necessary for his final objective. On the day after Night 5, however, he made an almost fatal mistake after learning who was really inside the Spring Bonnie suit and taunted Springtrap with its impending demise. Knowing that it was doomed, it turned everything up and went all out—hence his increased aggressive behavior in Nightmare mode. Ultimately it failed, and so the guard declared his final victory and torched the building.

Toy Bonnie from the second game is actually an older animatronic.

For starters, remember the last ( "Purple Guy dies") minigame? Bonnie there was cyan, not lavender. Also, in order to access the Night 5 (the one with the Glitchy Shadow Bonnie) you have to click on a Shadow Bonnie figurine on the right side of your desk... which is a dark Toy Bonnie figurine. Without his guitar.

  • Jossed.

The spring-lock suits were implemented to prevent murders from happening.
With the suits acting as animatronics, they'd be able to perform during the day and entertain children. With the people inside of them, they'd walk around and keep an eye out for anything suspicious. They'd be able to walk inside and out of the safe rooms, at least if we go by the fact that the Purple Guy was able to operate Springtrap, and his thrashing around evidenced that he was able to move in the safe room, even if not actually mobile. They would be able to defend the children and hold back the murderer, or at least alert the authorities. Of course, due do an unspecified accident involving the spring suits, the were put out of commission.

Springtrap is going after a guard so he can do a soul transfer.
30 years stuck in an animatronic suit, and given the fact that his soul is trapped in said suit, unable to pass on... Purple Man wants the Fazbear's Fright guard's body so he can start his cycle of chaos once again.

Yes, it sounds like The Witches House, but it makes sense, doesn't it?

Mike Schmidt is the security guard.
Assuming he has Suicidal Overconfidence, it would make sense as to why he stays at his job rather than bailing. He dealt with four animatronics before, one's a piece of cake.

Phone Guy is still the murderer (a theory for the entire series)
Now, this is only here because this is the game that contains the single most definitive bit of proof that the two are not related in any way, beyond working at the same place: the Murderer seemingly died long after Phone Guy.

Think about it, though. Phone Guy's entire job back in the days of the springlock suits was to teach people how to use the suits; with even a minor amount of luck, as pointed out in other pages, Phone Guy would quite possibly have survived getting stuffed. And, of course, in response to the "fact" that Phone Guy wouldn't have died via Springtrap, well, the Murderer was panicking. It's a given. Panic interferes with your judgment, most of the time, doesn't it?

Now, people have used Jeremy being present for Night 6 in the second game as proof that he's the murderer; he wants to cover his tracks. After all, the corpses are there. But, come Night 7, the bodies are still there. It's more likely Jeremy missed the memo, as Phone Guy thought. But... why is Fritz there? The place is closed down and likely scheduled to be investigated by the police within the next couple days. But, that's exactly why he's there. For convenience, we'll assume that Fritz is Phone Guy - he knows how the animatronics work, and is most likely the only employee to take the night shift at the '87 instance of FFP that knows exactly how they function - which explains how he got the shift to begin with, and why he can pull the standard Custom Night shenanigans. But, again, why is he there? The Custom Night is actually Fritz messing with the animatronics' code so that they wouldn't recognize him, or would see the guards as him, not just a simple case of "Oh, what the hell? It'll be thrilling!"-brand stupidity. He's covering up his tracks, both with the animatronics and the police. He's making sure that they won't try to get back at him - after all, Freddy actively tried to stop him, it's not exactly like he wouldn't know about them - or at least that they'd kill as many people for him as they could before taking him out, and he's also making sure that the police can't trace it back to him.

After all, no bodies were found, yet there were seemingly multiple corpses in the restaurant when it closed down. Where did they go? Guess. Guess.

"But wait," you might say; "he had a minor breakdown when someone used one of the suits, didn't he?"

Psychopaths can very, very easily mimic emotions, with enough time to learn. Phone Guy, just going by Scott's actual age and the fact that he's already an adult by the time the springlock suits were being used - that's, what, ten years before the first game? - he was probably in his late thirties, early forties by the time the murders happened. That's more than enough time to learn.

Fritz was fired for fucking with the animatronics, of course. But... if he's Phone Guy, why was he hired back? Well, for starters, a guy as "nice" as Phone Guy would likely have made a few friends in the company, and it's not unlikely that nobody else wanted the job. I mean, five children went missing at the place, the animatronics nearly (or, in fact, did) killed someone the day the place closed down for the first time, and the ad for the job, itself, explicitly states (by way of a disclaimer) that you could get killed on the job. Phone Guy, of course, knows how to avoid that; that's probably the only reason - Undying Loyalty aside, and even then, you'd expect him to be a bit brighter than that - that he'd take the job. He knows he has a chance.

And he survived, of course. Went completely unharmed, got off scot-free for his actions, became a Karma Houdini of magnificent, horrific proportions. That all changed, of course... when he came back. Again... panic tends to interfere with your judgment.

There's two details that we're forgetting, here; the Chase minigame's little guest appearance from the Purple Man, and his sole cameo in 4. Well, for starters, the former could have a double meaning. The tool in his hand could be meant to be the hand-crank used to disassemble the animatronics, or it could be a phone, or it could be meant to depict both, or whichever we want it to be, not anything specific. After all, Scott's a Trolling Creator. Why wouldn't he make it deliberately vague?

As for the latter... well, what's he doing? We'll assume, for the sake of this theory, that he's helping a fellow employee into his costume. Now, that can't be Phone Guy he's helping, as Phone Guy knows how to do it himself, and one would imagine he'd be the man training them to do it themselves.

...wait. If he's supposed to be training them... perhaps the Purple Man's showing a new entertainer the ropes - and, quite possibly, committing a murder at the same time? After all, nobody ever said that the springlock failure shtick was common knowledge. The entertainers didn't need to know that. I mean, this is Fazbear Entertainment, and more importantly this is the Purple Man we're talking about. It's not a stretch to imagine he'd leave that little fact out, to see what happened.

But... regardless, it seems the Purple Man's doing Phone Guy's job. Of course, that could be explained easily; there was never a difference between the two. Perhaps Fazbear Entertainment decided it would be safer, or easier, to record the tapes, or maybe he just decided to quietly retire from actually helping people into the suits after one of them screwed up, and settled for recording the tapes. Either way, he wasn't doing it by the time the springlock suits were replaced, that's for damn sure.

And, of course, a man that's supposed to be training new employees for the place... well, Phone Guy knows about the saferoom. The management likely told him about it to help with the training, not for him to do... what he did. Fazbear Entertainment told him exactly how to pull it all off.

It all makes sense now, doesn't it? It was right under our noses this whole time.

Phone Guy is the murderer. He always was.

  • Jossed.

The Fazbear's Fright guard knew everything that had and was going to happen.
We've theorized for a while that the nightguard had some kind of seeing ability and knew Fazbear's Fright would burn. But what if he knew much more than that? What if he knew about the between-night cutscenes just like we do? He came to Fazbear's Fright to use some kind of power to free the children's torented spirits, as we see in the minigames. He continues to come back, in spite of Springtrap, to continue saving their souls and put an end to things once and for all. The cries and pain of the children impartig these visions has haunted his dreams, hece why the final night ad the destruction of the building gets its name: The nightmares are finally over.

The Purple Guy killed himself on purpose

When the Purple Guy is first cornered by the ghosts of the missing children, he at first gets very scared, thinking that they will kill or torture him for what he did to them. However, after being chased around the room for a bit, he angrily dashes for the Springtrap suit. This isn't because he wants to hide from them. He knows it probably wouldn't work. No, he suddenly figured out that if these kids ended up haunting the suits from being stuffed inside them, then he can haunt a suit too! So, he puts it on, and deliberately sets them off with a final, evil laugh. The children are shaken by the thought that their murderer might come back from the dead, so they seal off the room and watch over the place to make sure that the Purple Man's body is never found. Meanwhile, since the sealed room is not supposed to exist according to the map software in the animatronic A.I., the Springtrap suit remains in an infinite loop of errors for 30 years as the Purple Guy, now a ghost himself, tries time and again to get the thing to work. Luckily for him, the Fazbear's Fright management lets him out of the room, and he is suddenly free.

The ghosts of the children temporarily possess the animatronic parts that the F.F. management takes back with them to the new location, and find that the Purple Guy has gone completely insane through the decades. He now sees himself as Springtrap, and since he can't exactly die, he no longer has qualms with attacking adults. The night guard is genre savvy enough to immediately start taking advantage of Springtrap's programming on turning and walking towards sounds. The children try to scare him away, but he waves them off as visions. The guard doesn't leave until the night is over, when he locks up the building from the outside. And, much to the children's surprise, he keeps returning. On the fourth night, the Puppet hatches a plan to burn down the establishment, but the night guard's behavior makes him suspicious. After studying him up close a couple of times, the Puppet decides to finish the work and burn down the establishment and Springtrap before the Purple Man can escape the premises. The Purple man's body is consumed by the flames, and his soul is effectively exorcized. Finding his mission complete, the Puppet helps the children find peace and they move on to the afterlife.

Springtrap perished in the flames.

  • Considering that FNAF 4 is a midquel to 2, and that there will not be a FNAF 5, it's safe to say that Springtrap is probably gone. His head in the newspaper is intact, yes, but it's probably destroyed either way. As for the Purple Man, his soul was freed, but moved on to Hell.

Springtrap was the one who burned down the building
  • He did it in a last ditch effort to kill you. Whether he succeeded or failed is up to speculation.

The Puppet was in the Springtrap suit
  • When taking a look at the screen when The Murderer met his fate, there are 5 of the 6 dead children present. Where was The Puppet? He was in the Springtrap suit, to ensure The Murderer's fate.
  • Jossed.

Springtrap is after the Fazbear Fright guard because he's Mike Schmidt, the victim that got away from the Purple Man.

This troper gets that it sounds a little insane, but just follow along for a moment. We know that the Purple Man had been killing kids for years, and has possibly killed more than just five children (given how the Toy animatronics act in the second game). Mike Schmidt may have been one of the children that the Purple Guy lured to the backroom with the intention to kill. However, what the Purple Man didn't expect is for Mike to be a Determinator at such a young age, and put up a longer and harder struggle than any of the previous children. As a result, Mike managed to escape certain death and told his parents what happened. The Pink Guy may have been involved with the Purple Guy and ended up going to jail because Mike was able to identify him and not the Purple Guy. As a result of a near-death experience, the young Mike suffers psychological trauma that he would never be able to escape. Unfortunately, the Purple Man would continue on with his killings and eventually meet his demise at the hands of the spirits of the dead children.

Now, let's jump forward in time. Mike ends up becoming a night guard at Fazbear's Pizza at the suggestion of his psychiatrist, explaining that by him working at the pizzeria that it may end up helping him get over the trauma by facing it directly. What he doesn't expect is four animatronics trying to kill him, but he hangs in there because he wants to be free of the trauma. After a week, he ends up being fired. Jump to 30 years later. Mike's approached to become the guard at Fazbear's Fright, him probably being the youngest and probably the last living security guard of the pizzeria prior to its closing (this makes sense that the owners of the attraction would have the security guard be a part of the attraction. What better authentic Freddy Fazbear content you could have next to an actual animatronic than a 100% legit Fazbear's Pizza security guard, one who actually worked there?). Mike decides to take up the job as a means of insure that no one else gets hurt, or maybe due to his psychological condition getting worse, he figured that the job wouldn't be as horrifying as it was working at the pizzeria. So, when the first night comes (after the Phone Dude tells Mike "welcome back"), it goes by without any problems and Mike is relieved to know that everything is going to be okay.

And then Springtrap is brought in. After that, Mike begins hallucinating the Phantom animatronics and sees Springtrap. Eventually, Springtrap sees him and recognizes him. And thus leads to the above WMG: Springtrap begins to go after the security guard because it's Mike Schmidt, the unfinished business that the Purple Guy probably always wanted to finish, using the Phantom animatronic hallucinations to torment him before finally coming around to finally finish him off.

  • But WAIT, there's more! The Marionette is in the attraction and resurrects Springtrap. Why? The Marionette recognizes Mike as a victim of the Purple Man. It's spent its entire existence trying to save the souls of his victims with the hope that one day they'd all be set free by getting revenge against him, only for those it managed to save to finally end up being disassembled to where they can't go after the Purple Man. And the only way they'd be able to finally get set free is with the destruction of the Purple Man's body. Mike, the only one who had the strength to escape the Purple Man, may have been the only one of them that had the determination to be able to destroy the Purple Man and the last of the victims who is able bodied enough to be able to end it once and for all. On the final night, Mike sets fire to the attraction in hopes of finally putting an end to the nightmare and finally giving him some sort of peace from years of carrying the trauma (be it in death by the fire or by ending up in jail). However, Mike's attempt to the end of the horror only results in most of the animatronics to be destroyed and the souls set free, leaving the Marionette and Springtrap to escape and continue on, at least until Henry's plan is put into motion, having one of his animatronics capture the Marionette, and having set up a bigger trap to capture any remaining animatronics, including Springtrap, to finally finish off the long-running horror.

Purple Guy returns to Fazbear's because of DNA evidence in the Springtrap suit.

Phone Guy mentions in one of his calls that, because the safe rooms are being boarded up, anything left in there will be boarded up with it. Naturally, this includes the Spring Bonnie suit that eventually kills the Purple Guy. However, considering these tapes are very old and likely span from the Fredbear buyout (late 70s-early 80s) to roughly around 1987, DNA forensics probably wouldn't be that advanced, if even a practical possibility at the time. Thus, Purple Guy wasn't worried. However, cut to the 1990s. Suddenly, DNA evidence is becoming the hot new topic in investigative circles, and Purple Guy becomes paranoid when Fazbear's closes. Someone may eventually want to demolish the property, and they're going to find that safe room. Maybe the local authorities will want to go snooping around, just to take a shot at solving the tragedies that have been plaguing the town. What if his DNA was found in the suit? What if traces of the children's blood is on the suit? Regardless of how DNA forensics actually works in this universe (realistic to CSI plot convenience) Purple Guy THINKS that it can do the kind of miracles that can get his reputation called into question. So, he rushes back and breaks into Fazbear's for one last job.. .and ends up contributing his DNA by bleeding out inside the suit.

The ghost child on the fifth night is the fifth child
The fifth child is neither the Marionette nor Golden Freddy. Those two went to the original crying child and the FNAF 4 protagonist. The fifth kid never got a suit. Golden Freddy got snatched up by the kid most associated with it. He was just a spirit that wondered around the restaurants, following the others until the night when he decided to do his part and aid the others in getting the Purple Man. There was no blood on his hands, so he was satisfied with the Purple Man's initial death and moved on to the afterlife before the others.

BB set Fawzbear fright on fire
Isn't Helium, a common BALLOON inflation gas, flammable?

Spark + Helium = fire.

  • Jossed. Helium isn't able to catch fire (if you light a balloon of helium on fire, the helium gas doesn't catch fire, but the rubber of the balloon does). Hydrogen is highly flammable (see the Hindenburg disaster as an example).

The Phantoms don't display fire damage. They display water damage
Their dark green appearance is a combination of grime and mildew that grows on things that sit in water. If you believe that they're the ghosts of the children, it could indicate how they loitered inside a leaky abandoned restaurant for thirty years.

The body inside Springtrap isn't really the Purple Man.
If you listen to the sound Springtrap makes when he moves — "Help me..." — it's very slow and drawn out. Speeding it up until the pitch artifacts drop away produces a child's voice...
  • Confirmed. It is Another purple man, not the one you'd expected.
    • Jossed, Pizza Simulator reveals that it's the William Afton Purple Guy, not Michael. There was a case of Mistaken Identity.

The head of Springtrap contains the least amount of deadly springlocks.
If you look at the picture uncovering the corpse, there's almost nothing in the chest cavity to determine what's organic matter and what's the rubber/plastic spring mechanics in the suit. The legs have the same problem. The head however is mostly intact asides from the metal jutting into it. Whoever designed the suit had the majority of the springlocks situated in the main body, so when Purple Guy put the suit on it reduced his lower body into jelly and decayed much quicker than his head.

The children were not freed by having their animatronic shells dismantled.
The Bad Ending shows the lights still on and it's commonly thought to mean that the spirits are still trapped, while the Good Ending specifically shows them moving on and the lights in the heads off.

Even after getting their revenge, something they thought would free them (hey, they're still children after all) they found that the remaining pieces of animatronic still held them to this plane of existence and so they took up watching over Springtrap - hoping to find some purpose in making sure the murderer never ever got to leave again. Then the Fazbear Fright guys turned up and collected not only them, but Springtrap too and suddenly that job just got much harder.Again, as children they thought that scaring you away would be the best course of action - not realising that it made it easier for who they thought was the killer (because as we now know, Michael was the son of that killer) to reach you. After all, the Phantoms don't start doing anything until Phone Dude tells you "You're not gonna believe this, we found one - a real one!"

It's only when Fazbear's Fright burned down and the last pieces of the animatronics were completely destroyed that the children were suddenly free to leave and they took the chance to go as they had never wanted to play guardians over the spirit of the dead 'murderer'.

Of course, this also 'freed' Michael in a sense. No more child ghosts to keep him in place? Time to find dear old dad...

The protagonist of this game is Cassette Man.
Just a random theory that came into my mind while watching a livestream of the sixth game. Cassette Man was trying to free the dead children and kill William Afton once and for all in this game, but failed, so he created the estabilishment of the sixth game instead...

Springtrap(and "Spring Freddy") were safe to use. Key word being "safe".
Compared to the other ones, at least. There's a strong implication that it has been used often in the past. It used to be gold, which along with Golden Freddy/Fredbear/Yellow Bear is pretty important. Golden Freddy/Fredbear and Golden Bonnie/Bonnie are suggested to be the franchise's main characters. Because of this, extra care was made with the springlock model so one of their most important animatronics was safe to use. That's why the suit was still manageable after neglect in a wet, long closed down pizzeria. That's why Purple Guy was so confident it would save him-the suit's perfectly safe under normal conditions. But the years of neglect and weeks minimum of water damage from the rain made this a moot point, only letting him wear it for ten seconds before the endoskeleton snapped back and crushed him to death.

The only reason it was in the storage wasn't because it was inherently unsafe, but the Spring Foxy/Chica/other models were such a violation of the No OSHA Compliance the relatively safe Spring Bonnie/Spring Freddy models were retired rather than give bad publicity. Which only made them actually unsafe because they weren't in proper storage, just thrown there and forgotten about as whatever safety they had rusted away from neglect.

The Fazbear's Fright horror attraction is Cassette Man's first attempt at destroying all the animatronics and the legacy of Fazbear Entertainment.
  • His plan was to bring everything Fazbear related, to Fazbear's Fright, and used the lure of killing more children to lure the animatronics. He also opened the safe rooms in each restaurants,so he could make sure that he hadn't missed any of the animatronics. Then when he though he had all the animatronics he was going to burn it down, so he could end the legacy of Fazbear Entertainment. However he build Fazbear's Fright with a ridiculous amount of fire hazards to make sure it burned, when he planed to burned it down, but it accidently went up earlier than he planed and because it wasn't inescapable Springtrap was able to escape. So the next time he did it he decide to make it inescapable so none of the animatronics could escape the second time.

Compared to the other ghostly animatronics, the murder has taken his sweet time re-animating the suit as it's been thirty years since his death. He should at least be able to break out of the safe room. The reason for his inactivity is because the Springtrap animatronic, enraged at all the horrible things the killer did, kept him locked away and the two have been battling for supremacy. Maybe there was another ghost haunting it, maybe the suit became self-aware, but it kept him prisoner until finally exhausting itself after a thirty year battle. The weird purple Bonnie in the minigames is the suit/previous ghost helping out while it keeps the killer in check.

The Phantoms are the missing children in some kind of purgatory.
Except for the Marionette, who is still around in the Pizzeria Simulator. While the kids got their happy ending, they were still not good enough for Heaven so they had to return in order to atone for their actions. That's why the Phantoms show up and scare you-they're the kids trying to scare you off from the attraction so as to not be killed by Purple Guy/Springtrap. Of course they're still undead children so they're not that good at it, but points for trying.

Spring Bonnie was in an already poor state by the time William died in him.
A common interpretation of Williams death scene done in various manners depicts Spring Bonnie being in a rather pristine condition by the time the spring locks go off, however, assuming the Spring Suits ceased use at 1983 and Spring Bonnie was at least used around 87 for the murders, then time would probably have had its way with the suit by the time the FNAF 1 Location closes, which is somewhere in the 90's, years of neglect and possible rodent and moth infestations would have eaten away at the suits fabrics, whilst the possible rain and moist as hinted in the FNAF 3 cutscenes could suggest that the suit has potentially been worn down and rusted away, another detail to note is that the spring bonnie sprite in the night 5 cutscene has one ear shorter then the other, like Springtrap usually does, implying it is in some sort of disrepair already.

Phone Dude is Phone Guy's relative, most likely son or grandson
He got a job in Fazbear's Fright after hearing about Phone Guy getting killed by animatronics at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza several decades prior, to end the nightmare once and for all and avenge him. He also deliberately took old audio tapes of Phone Guy and played it to the night guard since he had very important things to tell about pizzeria's past.