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WMG / Five Nights at Freddy's: The Twisted Ones

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Someone's gonna turn this into a fighting game.
Come on. Animatronic vs. Animatronic? That's just asking for a fighting game. And if Scott won't do it a fan will.
The twisted animatroics correspond to types of traps or are related to hunting
  • Springtrap - Springtrap (obviously)
  • Foxy - Foxtrap
  • Freddy - Beartrap
  • Wolfie - Wolftrap

and just to add this to provide a few laughs...

  • The BB's - target practice.

The nightmare animatronics from 4 are the Twisted Ones.
If the nightmare animatronics that appeared in 4 were indeed real, then it might be possible that they could be the animatronics that we see in this book. They unleash a noise that alters their appearance based on the person’s perception of them. And considering that the kid from 4 was scared of the animatronics, their nightmarish looks could be justified. And their resemblance to Springtrap (specifically, his endoskeleton) could show that they are also spring suits. This is probably going to be shot down, but it’s just this troper’s guess.

Springtrap is not William Afton
Just to put this out there and leave no stone unturned. The man we know as William Afton may be lying about his identity. There are still too many characters unaccounted for to dismiss the notion.

The next book will be based on Sister Location...
And just like Eggs Benedict, Charlie will have been infected/taken over by something (either an animatronic or one of the ghosts) and Came Back Wrong, which is why John says "That's not Charlie." at the end.

The Nightmare Animatronics are prototypes for the mental signal gimmick.
They needed to test them somehow.. It's just unfortunately their guinea pig was terrified of them ultimately making them appear so.

Charlie is coming back next book
If they do get another sequel, then this will feature Charlie coming back in her own animatronic. The one she inhabited in the games. the Puppet
  • Although Charlie does return, she does not possess an animatronic. In fact, it turns out that she was an Artificial Human this whole time (the real, human Charlie having been dead since 1983), which also explains how she returned (it’s implied that Aunt Jen repaired her). The Puppet makes no appearance at all.