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At its most basic, a Special Attack is any weapon, move, or tactic that is normally not a basic punch, kick, or whatever other form of attack the user normally uses. In fiction, especially Video Games, a Special Attack is right between a normal attack and a Limit Break. It either hits harder (or more), or provides an additional vector of attack their normal attacks can't provide (Range or Elemental Powers, for example). These may require an expenditure of Ki, Life Energy, Mana (MP), and always demand to be called out whenever used. In video games, these are usually selected from a menu to be used or equipped, or use combinations of button and controller motions to pull off, depending on the game's interface.

A Special Attack, almost by definition, is Cool, but Inefficient, requiring a set-up beforehand, or has an expenditure of energy and/or effort that makes it unsuited for normal use. But when the prime moment to pull it off arrives, watch out!

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The Whole Punch

Hole Punch's special attack, where it launches into Mario, punches two holes into him severely reducing his max health, then shoots the pieces at him.

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