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A Hadoken is good. A Shinku Hadoken is very good.

Need to give your characters some kind of ultra-powerful move? Struggling to come up with something original? Well, how about looking back at the moves they already have? Maybe this super move is actually just a stronger version of their pre-existing abilities.

This is how the Super Special Move comes about; a character's special move that's repurposed to get an even stronger ability. It could be the same attack but with fancier visual effects, or maybe a string of individual specials that form a combo.

Fighting games have often made super special moves as a way to conserve budget and work hours; that way work that could be used for creating new sprites and animations can instead be put towards polishing other aspects of the game. In-game, this can be seen with supers that use the same sprites/assets as normal specials.

In action stories like those found in the Shonen genre, super special moves can be a sign of a character perfecting or innovating on their abilities over time. The super special is then portrayed as the culmination of their progress, as they now have greater mastery of their abilities.

Thematically, super special moves can be used to tie in a character's other core abilities. If they have a Signature Move for example, then the super could be a flashier version of that attack. Evolving Attack can be at play if the super move is achieved when certain conditions are met (i.e. Super Mode).

Compare to EX Special Attack (an empowered special attack that generally uses fewer resources than a super, also being relatively less flashy as a result). Can overlap with Limit Break (most super specials are super moves) or King Mook (who can have stronger versions of standard mook attacks)

Gaming Examples:

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    Fighting Games 
  • Art of Fighting: Ryo and Robert can both perform "Haou Shoukou Ken" ('Supreme King Soaring Howl Fist"), a stronger version of the standard "Kou'ou Ken". The projectile used in the super version is bigger, faster, and sometimes is rendered a brighter color like orange rather than blue.
  • Dissidia Final Fantasy: Opera Omnia: Rem Tokimiya's LD Attack is Point-Blank Siphon Sphere, an augmented version of her normal Siphon Sphere used at close range; this is likely an Homage to the augmented abilities Type-0 characters get for their abilities in their home game, although a "Point Blank" version is an Opera Omnia exclusive (in Type-0, Rem gets a Time Up and a Range Up version of Siphon Sphere, but not a close-ranged version).
  • Dragon Ball Fighter Z: Several characters who perform the Kamehameha (Including Goku, Gohan, Roshi, Cell, Vegito, and Gogeta, and the various alterations of those characters) have an even stronger version as their level 3 super. Cell's, for example, will shatter the earth around him just as he's charging the attack up, indicating its power. Gohan will perform his Kamehameha with his kid brother, Goten, and their father Goku if he and Gohan are on the same team.
  • Fatal Fury:
    • Joe Higashi's "Screw Upper" takes his Hurricane Upper and turns it into a massive cyclone, striking well past the top of the screen.
    • Terry Bogard's "Power Geyser" uses a similar animation to his normal "Power Wave". The biggest difference being that instead of creating a Ground Wave projectile he creates a massive pillar of energy that strikes opponents in front of and above him.
  • Guilty Gear: Ky Kiske's "Sacred Edge" is a stronger version of his "Stun Edge" special, where he summons a blade-shaped electric projectile that shocks his opponent. Sacred Edge is bigger, stronger, and deals more hits than Stun Edge, while also having Ky perform a similar windup animation.
  • The King of Fighters: There are plenty of these, though they are rather easy to get interrupted.
    • Many of Benimaru's moves are riffs on his standard "Raijinken" ("Thunder Quiver Fist"), a burst of electricty from his hand. The Desperation Move, "Raikouken" ("Lightning Fist"), is a stronger variant with more hits and damage. And then there's 'Rai-Kou Ken", which instead fires a massive stream of lightning.
    • The King of Fighters 2003:
      • Replacing MAX Mode and its associated MAX2's from 2002, 2003 grants Leader Desperation Move to one of your fighters. This move is unique to each character, spends two Power Gauge stocks, and will do tons of damage on hit or produce a beneficial effect.
      • Ash Crimson's "Thermidor" resembles a larger and multi-hitting version of "Genie", which has Ash blow forward a ball of flame to blow up in his opponent's face. On the other hand, "Pluviose" is a string of three Anti-Air "Nivose" specials.
      • Shingo's Oboroguruma is a Hurricane Kick he's borrowed from the Kusanagi Style. In The King of Fighters '97 it was a normal move while in the 2003 videogame and in The King of Fighters XI, it's upgraded to a super special move.
    • In The King of Fighters XI, Leader Desperation Move can be upgraded into the Dream Cancel version, which can be easily chained into a combo (at the cost of often significantly reduced damage, however). Some LDMs also have different characteristics in their Dream Cancel version; Ralf's Galactica Phantom becomes blockable, unlike its normal version, Kasumi's Shingan Kazura Otoshi transforms from a counter move into a standard command grab, and so on.
    • The King of Fighters XIII: The EX Mode can upgrade a Super Move into EX Super Move by spending two Power Gauge stock, although functionally this is almost identical to the way MAX Super Move works in 2002 UM.
    • The King of Fighters XV: Krohnen has Infernal Prominence, a souped-up version of his Heat Shield special move.
  • Marvel vs. Capcom:
    • Most of Captain America's Hyper Moves are variations of his standard attacks. His Charging Star special, where he rushes forward with his shield, becomes "Hyper Charging Star", a powerful, multi-hitting rush-down tool. And "Stars & Stripes", his standard uppercut, becomes (you guessed it) Hyper Stars & Stripes, dealing multiple uppercuts and ending with a powerful multi-hit.
    • Doctor Doom's Photon Shot has a Hyper counterpart called "Photon Array". Not only does it have more range and damage, but also hits off the ground and can be mashed for more hits.
    • Wolverine's "Berserker Barrage X" is longer and more damaging, ending with a knockdown that makes for a good combo ender.
    • The Street Fighter characters have Hyper Combos, which are generally Super Moves they can already perform, albeit with a much more powerful look (e.g. Ryu's Shinku Hadouken is a single strong energy ball in his home series, but here, it's a continuous beam that covers the entire length of the screen not unlike a Wave-Motion Gun).
  • M.U.G.E.N: The default character that comes with the game is Kung Fu Man, who plays this straight with his two Hypers. Triple Kung Fu Palm has him perform Kung Fu Palm thrice in succession, while Smash Kung Fu Upper is a much stronger Kung Fu Upper that sends the enemy flying up so high to the point where they take damage when they hit the ground.
  • Street Fighter: Many supers from the hand-drawn era of Street Fighter live by this trope, especially Street Fighter II where supers were introduced to the series (specifically Super Street Fighter II Turbo).
    • Many of Ryu's super moves are simply versions of his standard attacks that he's achieved greater mastery of.
      • Shinku Hadoken for example is an empowered version of the standard Hadoken, dealing more hits and sometimes using purple coloring to differentiate itself. There's also "Denjin Hadoken" which empowers it with lightning.
      • And then there's one of Ryu's strongest attacks, the "Shin Shoryuken" ("True Rising Dragon Fist"). He begins with a basic Shoryuken that freezes an opponent in place and then unleashes an even stronger one that sends them flying.
    • Sakura, Ryu's fan and apprentice, learns both the Hadoken and its enhanced version, the Shinku Hadoken.
    • Ken, similar to Ryu, incorporates classic Shotoclone moves into his supers.
      • His classic super move, Shoryureppa, is a string of multi-hitting Shoryukens, sometimes ending in a powerful, fiery variation.
      • He also has Shinryuken ("God Dragon Fist"), an extra powerful Shoryuken that engulfs the area around Ken in violent flames.
      • 6 presents an inversion in the form of "Jinrai Kick", which is a weaker version of his iconic "Shippu Jinraikyaku", performing three kicks rather than the full No-Holds-Barred Beatdown. That said, Shippu Jinrai still appears as a super.
    • Chun-Li's signature "Hyakuretsukyaku" ("Hundred Rending Legs") amp up to become "Senretsukyaku" (the same name, but a thousand!). Several similar attacks exist, like "Hoyokusen", which utilize Hyakuretsukyaku's movements, often with other attacks interwoven for variety.
    • Guiles' Sonic Boom projectile is a key part of his kit in all of his appearances, and then his super, Sonic Hurricane, is that but more powerful. While it doesn't travel as far, it has a larger hitbox, does multiple hits, and can be canceled into a standard projectile, making it effective at finishing off low-health opponents.
    • Balrog's "Crazy Buffalo" is a rapid string of his signature "Dash Punches", usually ending with a big, final punch to sell the power of the move.
    • Street Fighter: Sagat has a couple of these.
      • Tiger Genocide is a combo stringing together his Knee and Uppercut specials. Later versions would add flourishes like a flaming uppercut as the finisher.
      • "Tiger Cannon" is an empowered Tiger Shot that deals multiple hits, and has a much bigger hitbox. V would downplay this though by reducing the move to a V-Trigger.
    • Street Fighter II:
      • Akuma's multi-hit, Hurricane Kick has an improved version, the Demon Armageddon Ultra, which does far more damage and has a nice black slash added to it for aesthetics.
      • M. Bison's "Ultimate Psycho Crusher", which has enough power to plant his opponent in a wall.
    • Street Fighter V: Luke's Thermobaric Thrasher is the boosted version of Rock Smasher, a Rapid-Fire Fisticuffs type of move that fires a series of Sand Blasters in rapid succession.
    • Street Fighter 6: Jamie's "Bakkai" special is a backspin repurposed as a Spin Attack. His level 1 super, "Breakin'", resembles multiple instances of Bakkai strung together.
  • Super Smash Bros.:
    • Mario's Final Smash, the "Mario Finale", has him fire two massive fireballs that spiral past the edge of the screen. This is an amped-up version of his standard fireball, which serves as his neutral special. Dr. Mario has the similarly named "Dr. Finale" that uses Megavitamins instead.
    • Link's Final Smash in Ultimate is the Ancient Bow & Arrow from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, a version of his standard arrow projectile using a powerful, technological equivalent.
    • Cloud Strife's Limit Break ability allows him to perform super-charged versions of his other special attacks.
    • Kazuya Mishima's "Final Blaster" is an even stronger version of his standard Devil Blaster, a laser beam fired from his eyes. Final Blaster has him transform into the Devil first, and several other beams across his wings fire in unison with the one from his eyes.
  • Under Night In-Birth: EX moves are mechanically more like this trope than what they're named after, having a brief but dramatic pause like any other Super Move Portrait Attack.

    Hack & Slash 
  • Dynasty Warriors and its many derivatives have created new, stronger variants on the series' traditional Musou attacks.
    • The most basic is the True Musou, which is activated by performing a Musou with your health being low. It generally adds extra damage and often sees the weapon temporarily set alight.
    • The next variant is the Double Musou, which is done by performing a Musou next to a significant ally(often a co-op player), which causes both characters to unleash their Musou at the same time, often with extra benefits, such as the attacks both being a True Musou regardless of health.
    • Another version is the Rage Musou, performed by activating a Musou when the character's rage meter is in use. This attack lasts much longer than an average Musou and will cause defeated enemies to drop experience point pick-ups.
    • Samurai Warriors has the Ultimate Musou, which is used when the character has their spirit gauge in use and activates a Musou, similar to the Rage Musou, though the Ultimate Musou is one big attack, rather than a long chain of attacks.
    • Warriors Orochi has the Musou Chain, where when one character is in the middle of a Musou, they can tag out with another character, who immediately activates their Musou, causing an automatic True Musou, with bonus attributes based on the character types in use by the team.


    Role-Playing Games 
  • Mega Man Battle Network 4: Red Sun and Blue Moon: The Big Noise program advance from Battle Network 5 is ShadeMan's Noise Crush with a big jump in damage and range.
  • Pokémon: Introduced in Generation VII, the Z-Moves are superpowered versions of status moves (they add a new effect and make the move an Unblockable Attack) that vary depending on the Pokémon's type. They can only be activated by using a Z-Crystal and a Z-Ring.

  • Valorant: Sentinel France's ultimate ability is essentially Bling of War "Headhunter", but bigger. That's why he can only fire eight of these per round.

    Strategy Games 
  • League of Legends:
    • Heimerdinger's ultimate ability, "UPGRADE!!!", makes his next ability free to cast and greatly enhances its effects:
      • H-28G Evolution Turret becomes H-28Q Apex Turret, deploying a much larger temporary turret that has bonus health and damage. Its rapid-fire machine gun attack also damages enemies around its main target and slows all targets hit, while its pass-through laser charges much more rapidly.
      • Hextech Micro Rockets becomes Hextech Rocket Swarm, sending out a devastating barrage of four waves of rockets that deal increased damage to the first enemy they hit.
      • CH-2 Electron Storm Grenade becomes CH-3X Lightning Grenade, lobbing a grenade that bounces three times, each bounce damaging and slowing nearby enemies, or stunning those in the center of the blast.
    • Karma's ultimate ability, "Mantra", empowers the next ability she uses:
      • "Inner Flame" becomes "Soulflare", increasing the damage dealt and leaving behind a field of energy on the ground that slows enemies inside and explodes for damage after a small delay.
      • "Focused Resolve" becomes "Renewal", increasing the duration of the immobilization effect and also healing Karma based on her missing health.
      • "Inspire" becomes "Defiance", increasing the strength of the shield and also granting a smaller shield and the movement speed bonus to other allied champions around the target.
    • Pantheon's "Mortal Will" gains a stack whenever he attacks or uses an ability, up to five. Upon reaching five stacks, his next basic ability gains an enhanced effect.
    • Using his basic abilities grants Rengar a stack of "Ferocity", up to four. Reaching four "Ferocity" stacks resets the cooldown of Rengar's basic abilities and makes his next basic ability consume all "Ferocity" stacks to gain an empowered effect and grant him a short burst of movement speed. However, all "Ferocity" stacks will be lost if Rengar stays out of combat for a few seconds.
    • Twister Fate's second ability, "Pick a Card", essentially acts as a booster for his next basic attack.

    Wide-Open Sandbox 
  • Elden Ring: Subverted with Malenia's Signature Move, the "Waterfowl Dance". Despite the fact it gets its own cinematic like all Super Special Moves do, the "Waterfowl Dance" is not an example. It's not of limited use nor does it require any set-up, just chaining three distinct combos together.

Non-Gaming Examples:

    Anime & Manga 
  • Bleach:
    • Ichigo's Zanpakuto technique, Getsuga Tensho, is enhanced when he enters his Bankai, turning black and jagged due to the influence of his Inner Hollow. As such, it is made even more powerful when he dons his Hollow Mask, with Ulquiorra commenting that it is akin to his own Cero Oscuras. Ichigo's "Final Getsuga Tensho" merges him with his Zanpakuto and allows him to use "Mugetsu" — a "Getsuga Tensho" powerful enough to badly damage Aizen's ultimate One-Winged Angel form. However, using this attack came at the cost of him purportedly permanently losing his Soul Reaper powers, rendering him a powerless human for several years, and he had to undergo intense training to reactivate them. After his Zanpakuto is reforged during the Thousand-Year Blood War arc, Ichigo is able to fire a Getsuga Tensho from both his swords and merge them into a cross-shaped blast called "Getsuga Jūjishō". In his Horn of Salvation form, Ichigo can merge a Gran Rey Cero with his Getsuga Tensho to create a blast powerful enough to injure the Soul King-augmented Yhwach.
    • Menos-class Hollows are capable of firing beams of crimson spiritual energy called Ceros. Arrancar are capable of firing super-charged Gran Rey Ceros by mixing their spiritual energy with their blood, while members of the Espada are capable of firing extremely powerful black Ceros called Cero Oscuras — though only Ulquiorra is shown doing so.
  • Dragon Ball:
    • Many ki attacks possess more powerful variants, with the Kamehameha, in particular, having dozens of variants — the MAX Power Kamehameha, Super Kamehameha, True Kamehameha, and God Kamehameha, to name just a few.
    • Dragon Ball GT: After attaining his Super Saiyan 4 transformation, Goku utilizes a new version of his classic Kamehameha attack, known as the "x10 Kamehameha".
  • Jujutsu Kaisen: On the incredibly rare case where a sorcerer or curse user can access the greatest potential of their cursed technique, they can utilize what is known as a Maximum Technique: the most supreme art beyond Domain Expansion and the ultimate expression of their cursed technique.
    • Suguro Geto can assimilate and manipulate cursed spirits. His Maximum Technique, Uzumaki, allows him to collect all of his cursed spirits and channel them into a massive blast of highly condensed cursed energy. When using semi-grade 1 or higher cursed spirits to charge Uzumaki, Geto can also extract their cursed techniques and use them himself.
    • Jogo's ability is to simply manipulate fire. His Maximum Technique, Meteor, summons a flaming meteor the size of a building before flinging it towards his target, causing massive destruction upon landing. It's strong enough that even Sukuna would've taken damage if it had hit him.
  • Naruto:
    • Naruto has multiple stronger variants of his Signature Move, the "Rasengan". Examples include "Big Ball Rasengan, which is literally just a bigger, stronger Rasengan. But more varied twists include techniques like "Rasenshuriken", a projectile variant that grants Naruto greater range and power, and has the added benefit of sharp edges that can cut through hard surfaces.
    • The Tailed Beast Ball is the signature Breath Weapon of the Tailed Beasts, but Naruto learns how to perform an augmented version called the Tailed Beast Ball Rasenshuriken.
  • Negima! Magister Negi Magi: "Sagitta Magica" is the first attack spell most mages learn to cast, launching one or more bolts of energy (always a prime number) composed of one of the caster's elements. Combat mages normally use it less and less as they become more skilled and learn more powerful magic. However, as Negi develops his unusual fighting style (with tricks like keeping a stock of delayed spells and discharging them through physical attacks) he finds Sagitta Magica useful for its granularity and quick casting time, so he keeps pushing it further; eventually, he can fire off 1001 arrows in a single casting, which compares favorably to war-grade attack magic.
  • One Piece:
    • Luffy can enter various "Gears"; Gears affect his overall physiology and the properties of his attacks, allowing him to perform stronger and more versatile versions of his many attacks. In Gear 3rd for example, where he can enlarge parts of his body, he can perform "Gum Gum Giant Pistol", a version of "Gum Gum Pistol" with a disproportionately massive fist.
    • A Devil Fruit user that undergoes "Awakening" is able to access more powerful applications of their ability that simply weren't possible before. This is best exemplified with Paramecia-type ability users, who can for instance turn the environment into whatever substance they can manipulate or increase the range of their abilities beyond their own bodies.
  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica:
    • Madoka's magical girl weapon is a bow that fires pink energy arrows. When dealing with particularly resilient witches, she has an unnamed, stronger version of it. She charges an arrow for a while and then shoots it at the sky where it appears a pattern made of circles and lines, also pink. Finally, several big energy arrows rain from the pattern. She's launched this attack successfully against the Final Boss witch Walpurgisnatch on several occasions. It doubles as an Evolving Attack because it gets considerably stronger with each new timeline.
    • Mami's weapons are ribbon-made muskets that she often summons in batches. Her finisher attack consists of merging a bunch of them to create a giant gun that fires an equally big beam of yellow energy. She calls it "Tiro Finale", which is the Italian for "final shot". It's also Mami's Signature Move.
  • Symphogear: There are plenty of ways the girls can access stronger versions of their pre-existing moves.
    • The Symphogear wielders can, of course, improve their own moves. Shirabe's Gamma Style Infinite Firewheels has her throw two spinning buzzsaws from her twin-tails gear. She can split the compartments in two to up the number to four and, thus, launch her Reverse Gamma Style: Reckless Swastika Finish move.
    • Some of the gears can be further fueled by mythology-related conditions. Tsubasa's Moonlit Wind Ring's Fiery Blades are already a more potent version of her Wind Ring's Fiery Blades, but when fueled by the moon, you can only pray to dodge it. This is signaled by how the spinning blades of the normal version go from burning in an orange fire to a much hotter blue fire.
    • Adding new modes to their Symphogears is the most common method. For instance, Hibiki's Spear Thrusting Strike goes from simply being an overpowered punch (normal gear) to a piercing beam able to shatter a Moon fragment (Burning X-Drive gear). Similarly, Maria's SERE†NADE (a slashing move from her elbow) gets boosted in her Ignite Module gear, so it can be effective against Autoscorers who have proven impervious to normal attacks.
    • Sometimes, the reason is a combination of reasons. Chris's MEGA DETH FUGA is a fairly standard attack that shoots a couple of missiles at the enemy. Her MEGA DETH PARTY is a barrage of missiles that, in turn, has MEGA DETH QUARTET as an upgrade. When in her normal gear, the missiles get bigger than Chris herself but need more time to charge. When in her Ignite Module gear, there's no loading period and it adds lots of supplementary fire.

    Fan Works 
  • Chiaroscuro (Naruto): The Shadow Splitting jutsu is, at its core, just an advanced version of the Shadow Manipulation various techniques. Like those, it requires channeling Yin chakra through one's shadow in order to command it. Unlike the others, it's necessary to, well, split it in two so one portion remains attached to the caster and the other portion can act independently. This way, the shadow is not restricted to the user's position and, once it makes contact, overrides the victim's self-will. It also means it doesn't need more chakra afterward. Unfortunately, it's quite dangerous to cast.
  • Fargo (Puella Magi Madoka Magica):
    • Erika's finisher, "Borrasque Denouement", has her clone herself to the point of filling a massive cavern to the brim and then perform her usual katana wind slash. This results in a gale so potent it could be considered a force of nature. Each Erika copy is made of wind and imbued with Erika's soul, so they have all of her expertise wielding a katana. With this, she's able to shred through the Arc Villain's defenses.
    • Sloan's finisher move requires the sun, courtesy of her machine gun firing literal light, and is for all intends and purposes, just her normal attack on steroids. A metric ton of steroids. Her turret's barrel supercharges with solar energy and then unleashes an unholy amount of light bullet rounds it looks like a blinding solar flare from afar. Looks like More Dakka is indeed effective at getting rid of Final Boss-level Wraiths. Other than the sun, Sloan is powered by two hundred cubes, i.e., three months' worth of magic.
  • More Than Enemies (Naruto): Yuna gifts Sakura a special explosive tag that reads "destroy" on the center. She warns her that it's for emergencies only — and lo and behold when Sakura finally has the chance to activate it, the explosion is enough to rip apart from the inside one of Orochimaru's gigantic snake summons. To survive, Sakura and the shinobi she's trying to rescue have to entirely coat themselves in chakra. And, even then, they are in need of medical aid. To put it in scale, normal explosive tags wouldn't have even scratched the summon and moderately strong ninjas can shrug them off.
  • My Hero SCP (My Hero Academia, SCP Foundation): After taking a level in badass, Twice can use his "Sad Man's Parade" while making copies of other people. Previously, he could only do so with copies of himself.

    Films — Animation 
  • Frozen (2013):
    • During her iconic "Let It Go", Elsa assembles a small snowman with her magic, unknowingly giving it life. Later, when she becomes aware that she can grant life to ice/snow constructs, she forms a giant, monstrous guardian that is made of ice and snow. The snowman is harmless, small, and goofy while the guardian has ice claws, can easily throw two adult people around, and reacts badly to perceived threats.
    • Played for Drama with Elsa's ice strikes when directed at a human being. When Elsa is eight years old, she accidentally hits her sister with one of these, sending that person straight into a magical coma. As it struck that person's head, the mountain trolls are able to reverse it and the only lasting effect is getting a streak of platinum-blonde on her hair. By the time Elsa is eighteen, she accidentally shoots another ice streak at the same person, though at her heart. This proves far more dangerous as it eventually freezes that person alive. Now, it's a subverted example because it's as much a result of Elsa's ice powers getting stronger as it is of the fact the person is hit twice and that the second time it affected her heart, a weaker point.
  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica The Movie: Rebellion: Mami's Tiro Finale is already an example of this trope, but this movie has proven that she can bring it even further by combining it with another magical girl's finisher attack. She does so with Madoka, weaving ribbons around the two of them and creating the "Tiro Duet". Albeit the actual energy beam is smaller, it's intertwined with Madoka's pink beams and causes the Nightmare to shrink back to its initial size and be incapacitated for a while. It has a nice visual effect of trapping the monster in a cage of ribbons to squish it.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Godzilla: Beginning with the Heisei series (1984-1995), Godzilla was given a supercharged version of his Atomic Breath/Heat Ray called the Spiral Ray, which each film in the series giving it a new name as it became increasingly powerful — the most iconic version being the red version Godzilla obtains from absorbing Rodan's energy in Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla II. The red Spiral Ray is referenced in Godzilla: Final Wars where Godzilla vaporizes Kaiser Ghidorah with the "Burning G Spark Heat Ray" after being supercharged by Kaiser energy; and in the Godzilla: Project Mechagodzilla prequel to Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters, where it's shown that Godzilla Earth can supercharge its particle beam into a red version capable of obliterating a moon-sized asteroid in one shot.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Nogizaka Skits: In the final skit of the "Captain Yuri" series, the titular Superheroine uses an improved version of her Super Yuri Crush, the Super Summer Yuri Crush. Why summer? Because of the Nogizaka46 song the characters perform afterward, "Hadashi de Summer".
  • Stargirl (2020): In the episode "Frenemies Chapter Two: The Suspects", Starman teaches the titular heroine his Super Special Move, the Shooting Star. By fueling with positive feelings the most basic ability of the Cosmic Staff, canceling gravity, the user can turn into a streak of cosmic energy and get launched very high into the sky.
  • Very common in Toku franchises such as Kamen Rider and the Ultra Series, especially if the heroes (and even the villains) have Multiform Balance or Next Tier Power-Up as their gimmick. Kamen Rider Kuuga, for example, can cause his enemies to explode using his basic forms' Finishing Moves. His Rising upgrades though are stronger and can cause bigger explosions (his Rising Mighty Kick created a nuclear-like explosion in his namesake form's debut!).

  • El Goonish Shive: Ellen has a transformation beam ability; while it became extremely versatile over the course of the comic, it started out as a simple version of the beam that created her, turning a target into a busty, female version of themself for a limited time. When she fought Vlad, she managed to use a powered-up version of it that blew Vlad across the room... and permanently turned him into Vladia.

    Web Video 

    Western Animation 
  • Winx Club: Bloom's Signature Move (even listed as her favorite spell) is summoning a dragon made of fire around her. It doubles as an Evolving Attack seeing that, with each new fairy transformation she earns, said spell gets stronger. It can be found at its most impressive in the second movie, Winx Club 3D: Magical Adventure. Usually, the flaming dragon, when coiled, is roughly the same size as Bloom. In that film's Final Battle, however, it gets significantly bigger and is strong enough to compete against the combined might of Icy (the strongest of the Trix) and her ancestor Belladona (basically a semi-goddess in terms of power). Both of them are being powered by the negative side of the Tree of Life. This display is followed by Bloom making Convergence with the other Winx to produce an even more potent version of this spell, which quite literally burns the Ancestral Witches and eliminates them for good. Bloom has also combined her Fire Dragon with other magical essences in order to boost its potency — e.g., with her Fairy Dust to contend against the Omega Dimension's giant serpent and with the Water Stars to nearly kill Valtor.