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Narrator: Final Dark Sunshine — Though the spell looks stylish, it's actually a recovery spell.
Nike: Oh yeah! That was lucky!
Kukuri: That was nice.
Raid: Oh, damn it! I was so concerned about how stylish the spell was that I didn't bother to ask about the effects.

So the big Fight Scene is kicking off, and Bob is going to use a seemingly powerful Special Attack. It often has an ominous name, and sometimes a Combat Commentator chimes in with an "Oh, Crap!".

When the attack is actually used... it's far less than impressive. The alleged Finger Poke of Doom really is just a poke. The "ultimate" transformation is just a bikini-clad girl. The BFG shoots Red Boxing Gloves or is an oversized water gun. The supposed Death Ray is just The Nudifier. Part or all of the attack is an illusion. All Bob's power is in his huge Battle Aura and he's bluffing. The lightshow is just a distraction from something else, like a Villain: "Exit, Stage Left!". The... no, I'm done. In any case, the attack has a humorous non-effect.

Contrast The Worf Barrage, which does do something big... which is then laughed off. Joke Item and Joke Character are the item/character versions. A Clipped-Wing Angel is a similarly subverted transformation, but is not always humorous. If all your fighting skill is like this, then What the Fu Are You Doing?. Heart Is an Awesome Power is when a power - that would become this if used to attack directly - is put to creative and effective use. Can be Subverted with You Are Already Dead, where the attack seems to do nothing, but its serious effects are about to be felt.

Because many of these attacks are played up as serious until The Reveal, expect minor spoilers.


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     Anime & Manga  

  • Usopp from One Piece abused the hell out of this trope early part in the story. Yelling out a rubber band attack that made opponents flinch was used as an escape tool. His 10 ton hammer is just a balloon with two frying pans attached at the ends. Post time skip, however, his arsenal has become a legitimate threat.
  • Naruto:
    • The Thousand Years of Death looks like you're about to use a powerful Jutsu but is really just Kancho.
    • Naruto's Sexy Jutsu is similar. In this case, it is an actual Jutsu... but all it does is transform the user into a Shameless Fanservice Girl.
    • Subverted when Naruto fights Kiba in the Chunin Exams. Naruto plans to use a powerful attack to defeat Kiba, but ends up farting in his face, which is made to look like the big "attack" Naruto was planning. The fart actually causes Kiba difficulty because of his heightened sense of smell... which then allows Naruto to use his true plan, the Uzumaki Barrage.
    • Subverted again with later abuse of the Thousand Years Of Death; Naruto uses the attack in an until-that-point deadly serious fight. Beat... and then it's revealed he used not his fingers, but an explosive-loaded knife. Ouch.
    • Subverted again with the Sexy Jutsu, of all things. It comes out of nowhere and manages to distract Kaguya Otsusuki, the Greater-Scope Villain of the series, long enough for the heroes to land a very decisive blow on them.
  • Most of Genma's Anything-Goes Techniques, as well many other Ranma moves.
    • The Bakusai Tenketsu (Breaking Point), a Finger Poke of Doom capable of shattering the target. It is only effective on rocks and dirt.
      • Subverted by the training required to achieve the technique granting an actual benefit: impressive durability.
    • The Saotome School Ultimate Attack/Finishing Move consists of distracting the opponent by pretending to use an ultimate technique, then running away to think of something better.
    • Crouch of the Wild Tiger, which is just bowing down and begging for mercy.
    • Howl of the Demon Dog, which is taunting your opponent from a safe distance.
    • Cradle of Hell, which is an embarrassing, loving embrace.
    • Both of the attacks used by Lin Lin and Lun Lun, which supposedly defeat powerful fighters offscreen, but are really just bad mechanical constructs.
    • In an anime filler, Happosai and Genma use up all their power growing to giant size, subverting what seemed like a show-down.
    • In another filler, Happosai fights another master, both of whom have invisibility techniques. Neither can attack while staying hidden. Stalemate ensues, subverting another would-be showdown.
    • The Happo Fire Burst zigzags this. For most of its introductory episode, it's played up as a horrifically powerful Ki Attack. Eventually, Happosai uses it. Genma and Soun panic. Ranma calls it out as mere fireworks. However, in later episodes it becomes Happosai's signature move and is rather effective (for the genre, anyway); the technique is implied to be conjuring these bombs from Ki energy, which would make it a legitimately powerful technique, since it can bring a bomb to a fistfight.
  • Tiger & Bunny: The eponymous duo have a special feature built into their Powered Armor called "Good Luck Mode". Not only does it look cool, but it does absolutely nothing else.
  • Bleach
    • Don Kanonji's "Kanonji-Style Final Super Attack: Kanonball" is a tiny ball of energy that creates a surprisingly powerful explosion on impact. However, it moves about as fast as a snail, making it almost impossible to hit enemies with, and Kanonji isn't strong enough to threaten anything after the first arc.
    • Charlotte Chuhlhourne shouts the name of several attacks beginning with the preface "Ultimate Attack, Beautiful Charlotte Chuhlhourne's" followed by around ten adjectives (such as Sexy, Glamorous, and Athletic) and the actual attack. These "ultimate attacks" are an overhead slash, horizontal slash, and a bog-standard cero. While the attacks are powerful due to Charlotte being an Arrancar, they are nowhere near deserving of a special name.
  • Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta's Bluff Kamehameha from Dragon Ball GT. Clones himself, charges up to full power,threatens to disintegrate every cell in Omega Shenron's body, and theeeeen... poof. Confetti. He could afford to have a little fun.
  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure has the Joestar Family Secret Technique...which is just running away.
  • Magical Circle Guru-Guru


  • "The Ex-Wife" bunker buster installed on the War Machine suit in Iron Man 2. After all the hype (and a brief launch sequence with massive backblast) it just bounces off. With a farting noise, no less!
    Iron Man: Hammer tech?
    War Machine: [dejectedly] Yeah.

     Live-Action TV  

     Video Games