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"With someone like you around the whole situation changes. You can do anything. All I got to offer is a good left hook."
Hollis Mason to Dr. Manhattan, Watchmen

In a setting or team with stock superpowers, everyone in the cast has some power which is inevitably useful at least some of the time. Much like the real world, some get luckier than others when it comes time to get a power. On one end, you get people with What Kind of Lame Power Is Heart, Anyway?, move into Heart Is an Awesome Power, then into standard stuff and, finally, there are those who won the Superpower Lottery.

Beyond Hard Work Hardly Works, past the inevitable Sidekick Glass Ceiling, someone who won the Superpower Lottery has an unambiguously overwhelming ability compared to everyone else in their reality. There is no actual Competitive Balance. Therefore, a common Fan Nickname for such a power is "Hax", implying it's the kind of power someone who's rewriting "the game" would give themselves. Such characters will invariably end up on the higher levels of Super Weight.

This often leads to weaker cast members becoming as irrelevant as mere bystanders, but can outright threaten to remove all conflict to the character, necessitating either Forgot About His Powers, Idiot Ball, Deus Exit Machina, Poor Communication Kills or other creative ways to keep the story going. And when a villain wins the lottery, it can be an intimidating challenge but can also lead to Only the Author Can Save Them Now and strain Willing Suspension of Disbelief.

Especially careless balancing on the part of the author can send a winner of the lottery straight into God-Mode Sue and Story-Breaker Power territory.

Ways for this include, but may not be limited to:

These heroes and villains are prone to:

If some of the "superpowers" involved are downright harmful, it's Superpower Russian Roulette. See Self Made Super Powers when one takes matters into their own hands.



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    Fan Works 
  • Sosuke Aizen from Bleach. In fanfics, he often gets Reality Warper powers in Bankai, which given his powers that we've already seen makes perfect sense; making his illusions very real.
  • Taylor in A Certain Mythic Archmage triggers as an Archmage at max level, which gives her such a wide array of powers that she is a self described 'Eidolon Package'.
  • Autobot Academy: There are a wide variety of talents available for Cybertronians. The best, however, are Ultima talents. They are the strongest version of a talent available, and those who possess them are incredibly effective at what they do. This includes Shockwave and Overload.
  • Child of the Storm:
    • Harry (eventually) wins, big time - demigod son of Thor (who lived and died as James Potter), cousin of Jean Grey through his mother with Psychic Powers second only to her (and her twin, Maddie), and his pre-existing magic, which is super-charged by the whole demigod thing. And then there's the Phoenix's protection on him - though that one is a double-edged sword. However, he's initially a Squishy Wizard, then an Unskilled, but Strong Glass Cannon, as his powers tend to blow up in his face or he can't use them to full effect. After Forever Red, though, he's a full-fledged Person of Mass Destruction capable of demolishing almost anyone short of a Physical God. And all of this, it turns out, is actually justified, since it's revealed in Book 2 Doctor Stephen Strange set it up so that Harry could become a weapon against Thanos.
      • The story also deconstructs the effects of suddenly winning the Superpower Lottery: Harry's canon problems and stresses are compounded by attempts by people, not-people, and organisations to kill him, control him, or steal his powers, as well as his initial (justified) fears of what Power Incontinence might do. Like every teenager ever, he has more than enough to deal with without worrying about accidentally subjecting someone to Mind Rape or Fingore, or being a telepath in a boarding school of horny teenagers. And as he learns the hard way, the lopsided development of his powers means that he might by a Person of Mass Destruction, but he's not even Made of Iron until the end of the first book.
    • Wanda is an immensely powerful witch and probability manipulator who can perform a Colony Drop with deadly precision, and an outright Reality Warper with her Chaos Magic, freely stating that at her power level, the only limits on the latter are her concentration, imagination, and willingness to chance the consequences.
    • Thor - Physical God, Flying Brick, fairly powerful wizard, with 1500 years of using his vast weather manipulation abilities to all kinds of ends.
    • Omega Class beings as a whole qualify, especially since they tend to transcend normal categories of superpowers, especially if they're energy manipulators.
    • On a lesser scale, witches and wizards also qualify, as there's a spell for everything. More or less.
  • Every Host in the quest Communication positively hit the jackpot thanks to their connection Consensus. Thanks to them, each of them gain the potential to wield every single power and ability known in their respective world, and then some.
  • Consequences of Unoriginality: Twilight Sparkle wins at magic. Her maximum magic output, when compared to Emeris's, was as though a hurricane overwhelming a tiny raft. Emeris is described as having raw power in spades.
  • In The Day After You Saved the Multiverse, Clark Kent is the only superhuman in a lifelike universe populated by normal people. And he has the powerset of his namesake, the planet-tosser, faster-than-light Pre-Crisis Superboy.
  • All over the place in The Emiya Clan. Some of the kids got their parents' skills equally, some got very watered-down versions, some hit the jackpot.
  • The Final Sword: While canon swords' powers lie in their physical feats and, for the tsurugi class, very limited magical feats that come with huge drawbacks, OC sword Rebora has Super-Strength, can cut portals in the space-time continuum to teleport, shrink her sword form into a brooch, selectively delete memories, wipe out all enemies in a wide area without even confronting, let alone fighting, any, and play music without learning or practicing.
  • A Force of Four: Power Girl is the setting's more powerful parahuman by virtue of being the only Kryptonian alive.
  • The Future Flash: Bart Allen is a half-Kryptonian with access to the Speed Force.
  • Discussed in The Games We Play. Jaune notes that the Kingdoms could awaken the Aura of far more people than they normally do, but they don't want to risk the possibility that someone might gain a Story-Breaker Power and decide to use it to upend the existing system.
  • Played straight and Averted in the Naruto/Star Wars story The Good Left Undone. Naruto teaches his jedi companions shinobi skills but it's later revealed that force ability and the ability to wield chakra are completely independent of each other. Palpatine and Vader are completely incapable of wielding chakra and Naruto can only (barely) use the force in Sage Mode.
  • Louise and Tabitha from A Green Sun Illuminates the Void won the jackpot. Louise got a Infernal Exaltation, while Slyphid/Irukuwu is vastly more powerful and intelligent than any other familiar.
  • In Hellsister Trilogy, Superman and Supergirl are the most powerful heroes by far: they can move planets, fly faster than light, tank exploding stars, time-travel... unfortunately their vast powers guarantee they can't lead normal lives since everyone turns to them every time something big comes up.
  • Intrepid: All three of the protagonists have this to an extent, but Taylor's power basically gives her wide-range Combat Clairvoyance, seeing everything around her within a certain range and then giving her the mental power to act on it. The downside is that it only works when she's in combat, otherwise her body remains largely immobile. It also comes with a side of Omniglot, meaning she's one of the most powerful Thinkers in the setting.
  • Izuku of Myriad gives Izuku Midoriya the powers and Past-Life Memories of Peter Parker, Ranma Saotome, Shirou Emiya, and Jesse Faden. That's Super-Intelligence that makes Izuku a Genius Bruiser and a Gadgeteer Genius, Super-Strength on top of what One for All can provide, Wall Crawling, Spider-Sense, Supernatural Martial Arts, Ki Manipulation, Spontaneous Weapon Creation with the ability to be an Instant Expert with said weapons, Telekinesis, and the Service Weapon. Oh, and on top of all that, gaining these powers made Izuku's body not just become strong enough to use said powers, but also strong enough to easily use One for All.
  • Last Child of Krypton:
    • Shinji has the full Kryptonian package: super-strength, super-speed, invulnerability, super-senses, flight... in a world where super-humans are scarce.
    • Asuka has the Wonder Woman pack and is a high-powered Flying Brick. In the second story's version, she has the full Kryptonian combo.
  • The Last Daughter and the rewrite The Girl of Tomorrow turn Taylor Hebert into a Kryptonian and give her the powers that come with. The only thing that managed to challenge her were the Endbringers and Zion.
  • Lighting Candles: Tadashi, after becoming a spirit specifically a kitsune, is possibly one of the most powerful Guardians due to the sheer amount of abilities he has.
  • In Luminosity, some people have absolutely no notable powers at all — or are like Esme, who (maybe) has compassion. Then there are people like Edward, who can read anyone's mind for a radius measured in miles. Then there are people like Bella, who can block out mental attacks and also almost anything else, with warning. The Volturi tends to (intentionally) have a concentration of these people, like Addy, who can copy any power.
  • In The Masks We Wear Zuko gains the ability to wield blue fire after he rejects his uncle's influence, and later on Azula teaches him how to successfully generate lightning and how to fully utilize the properties of blue fire. He later secretly teaches her and their father lightning redirection.
    • While Zuko still lags behind Azula when it comes to lightning generation, he outclasses her in redirection; to make up for this and to simultaneously take advantage of this difference in ability between them, they perfect a tactic that resembles a game of catch - wherein Azula generates lightning at Zuko, he redirects it back to her, she redirects it back to him, and so on, allowing them to catch any foes between them in a literal crossfire of lightning. They intend to reserve its use for when they settle the score with the Avatar, but Ozai is still pleased nonetheless by the very nature of the tactic.
    • Zuko later learns how to use fire beams, aka the Combustion Man's laser-like firebending.
  • Being the One, Max Caulfield, now going by Noir (short for "NoirAngel", though she dislikes that as much as she does "Maxine") in The Matrix Rewinds, has all of the Physical God abilities unique to her along with the Time Rewind Mechanic her canon counterpart had, an ability no other iterations of the One ever had.
  • Neither a Bird nor a Plane, it's Deku! makes Izuku a teenage Kryptonian. He is strong enough to easily flatten robots by accident while actively holding back, tough enough that a mecha T. rex can only cause him minor discomfort, and fast enough to move faster than the eye can see. But All Might is still far above him in power and speed as the Number One Hero, as are other venerated heroes like Wonder Woman. Firestorm is also said to have gone undefeated over the course of his career due to his potent combination of Playing with Fire, EMP, Flight, and Transmutation abilities.
  • Pokémon Reset Bloodlines plays it to varied degrees with the four different categories of bloodliner powers:
    • Heart Bloodliners seem like the winners by default, since they can learn any move of their type, have the general abilities of said type, and are able to understand any Pokémon that is at least part the same type as them. They can also exert Mind Control over them, even if they're caught by other trainers.
    • Species Bloodliners are able to learn any move their species is able to use, and also have a natural affinity with Pokémon of their same species/evolutionary line. This also includes their inherent abilities, such as the use of Aura in the case of the Lucario line.
    • Technique Bloodliners are only able to use one single Pokémon move. However, it is possible to learn how to use that move in many creative and versatile ways, such as a Flamethrower user being able to fly with madeshift jet boots and breathing fire capable of freezing.
    • Dominion Bloodliners are the most rare, and their abilities seem to vary from one user to another. Most of their powers reside in the eyes, but some are more useful than others depending on what they're used for.
  • In Raindancer, Izuku's Quirk, "Liquid Body", is acknowledged as absurdly versatile and powerful as a unique mutation of his parent's Quirks. He's got Nigh-Invulnerability to physical damage thanks to his ability to disperse into water whenever he's struck, can easily lift entire lakes and send them crashing down on his foes, pressurize the water he shoots from his mouth to instantly slice through robots, flash freeze his opponents by creating ice, shield others from attacks with barriers made from water, and so much more. He doesn't suffer from Elemental Baggage and all of the water he creates is drinkable. Should he somehow receive an injury in his flesh and blood form, he can heal it off instantly by turning into water and reforming. His only real weaknesses are his risk of Quirk exhaustion from extended overuse and how loopy and unstable he gets while basked in moonlight.
  • The Secret Return of Alex Mack: GC-161 exposure has a variety of possible results — telekinesis, pyrokinesis, electrokinesis, and turning into a quicksilver puddle are among the more common ones. With a touch of Superpower Russian Roulette because those powers sometimes come with Power Incontinence or altered emotional states. Alex took a pretty good prize; she has less raw power than some other recipients, but she has versatility, excellent fine control, and no apparent emotional instability, making her a serious asset to the SRI and eventually the world's leading superhero.
  • In Superman of 2499: The Great Confrontation, Alan Kent and Katherine De Ka'an won the lottery due to being descendants of the Kryptonian heroes of the 21st century, living in an age where most of villains have no powers.
  • Asuka in Superwomen of Eva 2: Lone Heir of Krypton has the Kryptonian full pack: she's a massively high-powered Flying Brick with super-senses, Eye Beams and two kinds of Breath Weapon. There're some few other super-humans in the setting, but no one of them has so many powers.
  • In The Vampire of Steel, the main characters are a squad of baseline humans, a witch, a supernaturally enhanced vampire-hunter... and a Kryptonian.
  • In Waiting is worth it, Izuku's quirk "Telekinesis" is a source quirk (a super powerful quirk mostly seen when quirks first manifested that all other similar quirks are just watered down variations of) capable of causing mass devastation if mishandled. Because of this, proper authorities have gone out of their way to keep it a secret for fear of villains who would kidnap him and use his powers for evil.
  • Averted in With Strings Attached; the C'hovite gods (actually Jeft) deliberately make sure the four have a good mix of powers with minimal overlap and maximum utility so that none of them are left in the dust by the others. Although no one had anything to do with Ringo's magic, the others were deliberately maneuvered into specific artifacts, or (in Paul's case) built up, to make sure they could all do different things and be useful in different situations.
  • In My Hero Playthrough Izuku Midoriya gains the power of The Gamer. This includes the ability to see himself as an RPG character and control his stat growth, heal almost anything with a good night's sleep, resist most mental attacks, store a limited number of items in an extra dimensional space, and invite people into his party, giving them a limited version of the first power and the ability to make sure other party members are in good shape. And that is before he starts getting quests to improve those powers or unlock new gamer like abilities (like one resembling Item World from the Disgaea series), or using the first power gain Telekinesis and Ki powers. The main thing keeping him from being overpowered is that he was so far behind his universe's power curve to begin with.
  • Izuku in The Emerald Phoenix is a psychic who initially has only telekinesis and healing flames but by the entrance exam has also gained telepathy and teleportation, giving him power at least on par with Todoroki and similar versatility to Momo.
  • A Prize for Three Empires: Lampshaded by Carol Danvers, whose powers at the very least include super-strength, invulnerability, flight, the capability to survive in space and the ability to shoot energy blasts.
    Carol: I won the super-power lottery twice, maybe three times. Now I almost wish I hadn't.
  • In Kara of Rokyn it's revealed that the reason Pre-Crisis Lex Luthor got fixated on Superboy to begin with was Superboy defying the laws of physics in a daily basis. In a world where superhumans had been previously unknown to the general public, a teenager that could relocate the Moon stuck out like a sore thumb.
    Nasthalthia Luthor: When Superboy first showed up, in 1955, Lex was fascinated by him. He was like a phenomena that all his science couldn't explain. Strength that could move a planet, speed that made light move like a turtle, eyes that could see across the universe, and a body that couldn't be hurt by anything except Kryptonite or magic.
  • The Taste of Peaches makes Taylor Hebert easily one of the most powerful people on Earth Bet. And her powers don't even come from a Shard. Summed up by Bagrat on Parahumans Online.
    Bagrat: I have to wonder about the open identity bit as well, but what's done is done and honestly? Who in their right mind wants to pick a fight with *that*. Aerokinesis, Hydrokinesis, Electrokinesis, super strength, super durable, can fly, and has more than the normal human limit for limbs. All of which are superhuman. Oh, and her powers are evolving over time. Which means maybe you plan for all of that, only to discover she's learned to manipulate rocks or steel or who the fuck knows what or maybe that you planned for a million volts and she's actually capable of twenty times that. Oh, and you can't even count on Tinkertech to work because that shit breaks down around her.​

    You want to fight her? Good luck. Or better yet, pick a fight with someone less bullshit. Like Alexandria.​
  • In The Unfantastic Adventures of Bizarro No. 1, Bizarro is a Flying Brick with energy projection skills, which makes him the most powerful being in the setting. Unfortunately he's also the biggest moron... and that's saying something.
  • If Wishes Were Ponies: While Harry Potter in canon was already a talented wizard, ending up in Equestria not only turned him into a unicorn, but gave him Twilight Sparkle as a magic teacher (and later adopted mother). With her training, by the time he's ten he's capable of doing things that even some adult wizards can't do (such as turn into a unicorn at will).
  • In Worm/The DCU crossover Echoes of Yesterday, Taylor Hebert very innocently asks Kara what are her powers, and gawks when the Kryptonian powerset is described to her.
    Taylor: I said… what're your classifications?
    Kara: That's a hard one. I haven't thought much about it, but… well, its an extensive list.
    Taylor: How extensive?
    Kara: Hmm. Well, lets see: Super-strength, super-speed, enhanced senses including microscoping, telescopic, electromagnetic, x-ray, infrared, and heat vision. I can fly, am invulnerable to most forms of damage, can process things far faster than any human thanks to my super-speed, can regulate my internal body temperature and raise it in excess of 2700 degrees fahrenheit, use super breath to create hurricane force winds or ice, and these all grow stronger the longer I am in sunlight. I draw my strength from the sun you see. Oh, and I can modulate the pitch and frequency of my voice to sound like anyone or speak at frequencies the human ear can't hear.
  • Izuku's new Shock and Awe powers in Jade Lightning are bestowed upon him by what is essentially random chance and after a few months of training, he quickly proves to be the most powerful - if not the most powerful - student in UA. He can absorb a seemingly limitless amount of electricity from any source by touch, can fire it as lightning or concussive blasts, create explosive balls, can self-destruct and reassemble himself, fly, create blade-like constructs and create impressive shockwaves with enough explosive force to completely destroy the likes of a Zero-Pointer Robot something he discovers can take less power when crossing wires with another person's electricity, as is the case with Kaminari.
  • Here There Be Monsters: Power-wise, the Marvel Family are their world's mightiest heroes by far. No hero from Earth-S has so many high-level powers, and the Marvels can only be matched by some parallel Earths' heroes.
    Mary Marvel: "I can do something that only two other people can do. I can, I can, you know what I can do, and when I do it, it's like nothing you could ever imagine, if you haven't ever done it before. I can fly through space fast enough to reach the Sun and back inside a day, easy. I can lift just about anything, maybe including the Earth. I can punch through solid steel and laugh off bullets."

    Film — Animated 
  • Bolt is about a dog who thinks he's a superhero when in fact he's simply an actor surrounded by special effects designed to trick him. One of his powers in his show is a super powerful bark that can destroy... like 100 mooks, helicopters and cars all at once. To be fair, they seem to work largely in city settings, meaning that the Super Bark isn't an applicable ability unless they want to cause massive scale destruction... Though the laser vision, superstrength, and intelligence are more than enough.
  • The Incredibles:
    • Jack-Jack in The Incredibles. Considering the family similarities to the Fantastic Four, it's not surprising that he has Voluntary Shapeshifting abilities that mimic not just forms but spontaneously generates superpowers. In the DVD Commentary the writers said that Jack-Jack's superpower lottery represents the fact that being a baby he can potentially develop in many different ways and, in their minds, his powers will probably stabilize and become more defined as he grows. In Incredibles 2 Edna Mode classifies him as a polymorph who can alter his own body on the molecular level. His different abilities are all manifestations of this power.
    • In the DVD special features of The Incredibles, this is parodied with Meta-Man, who had basically every superpower imaginable and yet died by getting his neck snapped when his cape snagged in an elevator shaft. His profile also describes him as "indecisive"; presumably having so many powers causes him to frequently hesitate about which one to use.

    Film — Live-Action 
  • The power levels of the superheroes who inhabit the Marvel Cinematic Universe range from Badass Normals (Hawkeye, Star-Lord, or Black Widow), those with access to technology to surpass their otherwise human limits (Iron Man, War Machine, and half of Spider-Man and Black Panther’s abilities), augmented humans with artificial abilities (Captain America, Hulk, Scarlet Witch, and the other half of Black Panther and Spider-Man), or legitimate metahumans/aliens/etc. with bonafide powers (Asgardians). Doctor Strange is a human with acquired magical knowledge that could potentially edge them all, but he actually has trouble going up against even some Elite Mooks. However above all of those is human Carol Danvers from Captain Marvel (2019), who gets her powers from an explosion of alien energy. She can fly through the vacuum of space and destroy entire armadas without even mussing her hair. She is so powerful that she has to sit out most of Avengers: Endgame because she would be a One-Woman Army otherwise. The only people in The 'Verse who can rival her at any level is Thor wielding the Stormbreaker (provided he’s not out of shape), Wanda Maximoff after her full awakening as Scarlet Witch and Doctor Strange (who's taken several levels in badass with each movie). As of Phase Four, the strongest winners of the Superpower Lottery who are still in action are Carol Danvers, Doctor Strange, Scarlet Witch(?)note  and Thor.
  • Our Man Flint is a parody of James Bond with way too much Power Creep, Power Seep. Marty Stu doesn't even begin to describe it. Flint doesn't just seduce a beautiful woman or two. He starts the film with a harem that would make Hugh Hefner jealous. Flint is able to go through a battalion of Green Berets with karate chops. He waltzes through the plot with so much ease there isn't even any tension. And he knows — not just something, but a lot — about everything. Flint glances at a soldier in passing and recognizes that the man wears a ribbon for the Battle of the Bulge — but there is no ribbon for that battle, so the guy's an impostor. He has everything James Bond has, but he has it at superhuman levels. In gamer terms, he's a 20th level character taking on 2nd level challenges.
  • In Queen of the Damned, Queen Akasha is by far the most powerful of the vampires, explained by being the progenitor of the race, absorbing her husband's powers (who was the second vampire) and their power increasing with age. In the movie she demonstrates Super-Strength, Super-Speed, Offscreen Teleportation, Flight, telekinesis, pyrokinesis, telepathy throught blood contact, the ability to know the location of every vampire on Earth due to being their creator and being able to walk in the sunlight unharmed by drinking enough people to death (and passing this on to other vampires by drinking her blood). She wipes out whole groups of vampires without even touching them, so it's little wonder that they call her a living god. It takes a Zerg Rush by most of the other Ancient vampires still alive to even hurt her.
  • Sky High (2005) superheroes get an ability at birth. This ranges from powerful abilities that get the student sent to the Hero class (ability to turn into a Rock Monster, spit acid, super strength, etc) and to weak/situational powers (ability to glow in the dark, ability to turn into a hamster) abilities that relegate the student to the Sidekick track.
  • X-Men Film Series:
    • Professor Charles Xavier is one of the most powerful fictional psychic characters, and while he's not telekinetic, his ability to rewrite mindsnote  and hijack any person he wants make telekinesis seem like child's play.
    • Dark Phoenix aka Jean Grey is easily the most powerful mutant in the film series. When she goes darkside in X-Men: The Last Stand, she kills Charles Xavier and is clearly the subsequent Dragon-in-Chief to Magneto (himself capable of destroying entire cities), who she nearly depowers on a whim. In the final battle, she's kept away from doing any fighting for the most part, but when she does, she wipes out the entire human army in seconds. Only Wolverine, due to his extreme Healing Factor, is able to withstand her telekinetic and psychic attacks long enough to get close enough to kill her.
    • X-Men: First Class: With the exception of Phoenix, Shaw himself is by far the most powerful mutant ever encountered by the X-Men. His base ability of Energy Absorption is set so high and is so versatile that not even Erik can hold him once he's absorbed the power of a nuclear reactor. He cannot be punched or shot as he nullifies kinetic energy, and he's smart enough to have crafted a helmet that completely blocks Charles' telepathy.
    • X-Men: Apocalypse: Apocalypse is even more powerful than Shaw was, again ranking second only to "Phoenix" (who is a Cosmic Entity). Because he can transfer his consciousness to new host bodies and acquires the powers of every new host, he's amassed so many superpowers over thousands of years that many (including himself) believe him to be a god. His powers include Super-Strength, Mind over Matter at the molecular level, invincible forcefields, intercontinental teleportation, Healing Factor, and amplifying the powers of other mutants or giving them new ones. His goal in the film is to acquire Charles Xavier's Psychic Powers by using him as a new host and Mind Control the entire planet at once. He's only defeated by Jean Grey deciding to embrace the Phoenix within her instead of treating it like a Superpowered Evil Side, thus cashing in her own winning Superpower Lottery ticket. Just before Jean/Phoenix vaporizes Apocalypse, he concludes that she is actually the god he always believed himself to be.
    • X-Men: Days of Future Past, Apocalypse and Dark Phoenix also show Quicksilver as a case of this. His Super-Speed is so ridiculously fast that physically he's practically untouchable. He can't just outrun bullets and explosions, he can move so fast they're almost stationary to him. In DoFP he promptly left the group after helping them free Magneto from his prison, because he was just too powerful to maintain any drama in the story if he stayed. And in Apocalypse he arrives at the Xavier Mansion after it's already exploding, yet is able to run in and rescue all of the dozens of students, one and two at at time, before the blast can reach them. Even Apocalypse himself was initially unable to fight back when Quicksilver attacked him; he has to dip deep into his collection of stolen powers to find one that even allows him to perceive something moving that quickly and then predict his steps so as to catch his foot in a sand trap.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Lyta Alexander of Babylon 5 describes herself as the telepathic equivalent of a doomsday weapon. She's pretty much right. It doesn't, however, stop Sheridan from pulling a No-Sell on her when she gets in her A God Am I mood and psychically takes over everyone else in the room, as both were Touched by Vorlons.
  • In The Boys (2019), similar to the comic, Homelander outpaces the Seven with super strength, laser eyes and super hearing. Apart from Homelander, though, a few miscellaneous characters have crazy "vault over the rest" powers:
    • There's Cindy, a patient at a Compound V experimental home, who can crush things (and people) with her mind.
    • There's Victoria Neumann, who can make peoples' heads explode (including superheroes).
    • There's Stormfront who has electricity based powers, as well as flight, super strength, and super toughness, although not quite to the same degree as Homelander, and on top of all that got a drastically extended lifespan, still looking young despite being old enough to have watched her own daughter die of old age.
  • Charmed: This is Zig-zagged. The Charmed Ones are destined to possess Telekinesis (Prue), Freezing (Piper) and Premonition (Phoebe), respectively (After Prue died, Paige received a mix between Telekinesis and Orbing — as well as the vanilla version of Orbing), yet they also develop the powers of Astral Projection (Prue), Combustion (Piper), Levitation (Phoebe) and Empathy (Prue, via Curse, Phoebe naturally). Other witches and warlocks seem to receive powers at random:
    • Patty (the girls' mother) could freeze things like Piper.
    • Penny (Grams) had telekinesis.
    • Wyatt has telekinesis, orbing, forcefield generation, and the ability to will things into existence. Oh and he is the rightful heir to Excalibur, for whatever reason.
    • The witch from the pilot, by contrast, could generate tiny flames from her finger tips, akin to using a lighter (however it is reasonable to assume she can make bigger fires, she just had it under control).
    • There are also many sub-species of demons with various powers (although most seem to possess teleportation and the ability to throw energy balls by default).
  • Doctor Who: In "The End of Time", the Master, of all people, wins the Superpower Lottery, due to coming back wrong and Lucy throwing a Spanner in the Works. He can fly, shoot lightning, has Super-Strength, and oh yeah, gains energy by eating people. This is alleviated by the fact that he Casts From Hit Points, and must constantly feed to just stay alive, and is driven even further to insanity by his insatiable hunger. He loses these powers by his next appearance.
  • The Flash (2014):
    • This seems to be the case with speedsters. Besides simple speed, Barry keeps learning new ways to use his power to simulate other powers. He can augment his punches with speed to simulate Super-Strength, he can run on vertical surfaces as well as water, he can heal fast, he can create twisters by making quick circular movements with his arms (which he can also use to simulate flying), he can phase through solid objects, travel through time, jump into parallel worlds, create virtual duplicates, throw lightning bolts, and "twin" himself by creating "time remnants". Zoom has been able to do even more by somehow being able to sense interdimensional rifts and another meta-human scrying him. Savitar appears to be the fastest speedster in all the Multiverse. He can pretty much teleport around the city with his speed and can only be seen by speedsters and his disciples.
    • The Thinker becomes this. At first, he only has super-intelligence, but after absorbing the powers of other metahumans he now has technology manipulation, luck manipulation, effigy manipulation, size manipulation, soundwave generation, teleportation, dimensional travel, power absorption, power transferral, telepathy, mind reading, memory manipulation, drug creation, elasticity, shapeshifting, pain invulnerability and weight manipulation. The last meta that he wants to get the power of is a character nicknamed Fallout, who has the power to control radiation.
  • Heroes:
    • Sylar and Peter Petrelli, and Eden to a lesser extent. Sylar and Peter both have power absorbing powers, while Eden can control anyone's mind. The former two had power loss and Laser-Guided Amnesia, respectively, for most of Season 2 as a Deus Exit Machina, while Eden was killed early on (by the Lottery winner Sylar, of course).
    • Also, Hiro Nakamura. With time travel, teleportation, and the ability to slow or stop time, it would be up for grabs whether he or Peter displayed more stupidity were it not for the fact, of course, that Peter now also has these abilities (and almost everyone else's). Somewhat balanced by the fact Hiro's powers are abnormally difficult to master, which would explain why Peter doesn't take full advantage of them outside of his Future Badass version, but when that balance was removed and Hiro gained at least near-complete control over his power, it's shown to be just as powerful as it should be. Even to the point that he could take down Sylar and Elle within seconds, with no visible effort.
    • All the four characters mentioned above have had at some point in the series their powers neutralized and blocked by the Haitian. The Haitian is able to directly manipulate the neurons of the brain to remove specific memories, and can block the powers of most supers (though possibly not passive powers like regeneration) just by standing near them. The Haitian might not have won the Superpower Lottery, but he's the guy with the hand on the lottery machine.
    • And Matt Parkman. He started off with the power to read minds, but then he could control someone's mind simply by planting thoughts into their head, an even more powerful form of Eden's power that doesn't require voice activation, and can trap people in a nightmare world that he controls, with them being unable to escape unless they posses the same power. And, if that's not enough, he may gain more abilities, as another character has told him that, "Anything the brain controls, you control."
    • Subverted in the online graphic novels with another character who can gain other people's powers, Linda. The other two characters with that ability, Peter and Sylar, are essentially the two most important and powerful main characters in the series — but Linda is viewed as Blessed with Suck because anything she touches dies (leading to her parents locking her in her room and pushing food through the bottom of the door), she only ever gets one ability, and it's pretty lame (she can "see" "ghosts"), and when she tries to take Linderman's power, he kills her rather anticlimactically. (Oh, and her story is told Back to Front for some reason, so you know that even though she's potentially at least as much as a threat as Sylar, she's already taken out).
    • Hiro and Peter were later adjusted, Peter is only capable of absorbing powers by touching someone and only has one power at a time, and Hiro lost his power thanks to Arthur Petrelli's power theft, but regained the power to stop time thanks to Baby Touch and Go Parkman, but still couldn't teleport.
  • Kamen Rider:
    • Kamen Rider Ryuki features 13 different Riders, whose powers depend entirely on what cards were in their decks when they got them. By far the biggest winner is the wielder of the Odin deck, who has so much raw power that he could defeat 2 Survive Mode Riders at the same time, using abilities like Teleport Spam or explosive feather attacks without the need of using cards, revive itself by replacing it with other puppet should it be killed, as well as the ability to reset time to the beginning of the Rider War whenever he wants. His only weakness is that as a mindless puppet of the Big Bad, he can be talked to death.
    • Dr. Shinkuro Isaka from Kamen Rider Double wasn't content with just the base powers granted by his Gaia he did a few "upgrades". The Weather Memory gives Isaka effectively every Elemental Power; at times he's demonstrated intense sunlight, rain, lightning, tornadoes, and Snow. And that's still not enough, as he keeps giving people overclocked Gaia Memories that eventually kill him and allows him to add that Memory's powers to his own. This also results in his Karmic Death when all the powers he's collected overwhelm his body, causing him to dissolve into dust.
    • Kamen Rider Build has the Big Bad, Evolt, an alien whose favorite pastime is eating planets. When he starts the series in a nearly-dead state, he's able to casually reshape matter, has superhuman jumping ability, can reshape people's faces or manipulate their memories, and can conjure energy blasts, all without transforming. At the height of his power, he has what amounts to complete immortality, Super-Speed, can conjure planet-eating black holes, and has the ability to instantly warp anywhere in the universe that he wants. In the end, the heroes can't defeat him in the traditional sense, and instead use his limitless power as the fuel to merge their Earth with a more peaceful one — and Evolt still manages to come back in the post-series movies.
    • Oma Zi-O of Kamen Rider Zi-O possesses the powers of every single Kamen Rider, heroic, villainous, or otherwisenote , giving him power over time, space, magic, technology, nature, practically every element, and much more.
    • Kamen Rider Thouser of Kamen Rider Zero-One has the Power Copying variety, which he uses to amass the combined abilities of all of the other Riders for himself in addition to having greater physical strength, speed, and toughness going for him. The downside of the trope becomes apparent once he starts actually fighting, though: he's already Unskilled, but Strong, and having so many superpowers to choose from that he's never trained with or used in serious combat before only seems to make it worse.
  • Legion (2017): David Haller has telepathy, telekinesis, teleportation, as well as some Reality Warper powers and the ability to Astral Project.
  • On The Magicians (2016), as a Traveler Penny has the powers of teleportation, telepathy, Astral Projection, and can talk to people in their dreams. Unlike most magicians, he can do this without using spells. He also maintains these powers when The Magic Goes Away for everyone else.
  • In Misfits most powers are fairly unhelpful or useless, but some are just pathetic, while others are incredibly powerful. One girl had the power to turn people bald, and one man could caffeinate drinks. Other characters could travel through time, control the future by drawing it or move objects with their minds.
    • After Nathan foolishly sells his Game-Breaker power of immortality for a pithy sum, he decides to buy a new power and wins yet again, becoming a Reality Warper. Unfortunately, much like before he apparently fails to realise the true extent of the ability he's been given, so when he's arrested for cheating in a Vegas casino, (rolling a seven on a six-sided die will do that), he's carted off to jail, apparently unaware that his ability could allow him to easily escape at any time.
  • Gabriel Ashlocke in Mutant X, being a Super Prototype New Mutant, has multiple powers from all four New Mutant categories (but not every conceivable power). Most New Mutants are limited to one-two powers, usually from the same category. Unfortunately for him, his body can't handle it, and he's desperate in trying to find a cure before he goes into a full Super-Power Meltdown mode.
  • Delvin a.k.a. Excelsor, the world's most famous superhero in the British live-action series No Heroics (started September 18th, 2008). His card lists his powers as "Basically Everything". Excelsor's the bane of the B-list protagonists' lives (especially of Alex, a.k.a. The Hotness, a shy 30-year-old office worker with heat-based powers, who desperately but unsuccessfully tries to become famous). Excelsor is also an arrogant Jerkass. Go figure.
  • While this does not apply to the main cast of Sanctuary, it works for the Five, who all took the same Super Serum made from vampire blood. Of all of them, Nikola Tesla is the only one who became an actual vampire. Plus, he also got electrical powers. John Druitt gained the power of space-time teleportation. James Watson became a super-genius. Nigel Griffin gained the power of invisibility. Helen Magnus got... longevity, something Tesla got as part of the whole package. These powers, though, are inherited by their children. Notably, Griffin's granddaughter had his power. Also, Ashley Magnus, being the daughter of Helen and Druitt, did not originally manifest any powers. Those had to be activated by the Cabal and were, basically, a combination of Tesla's vampirism and Druitt's teleportation.
  • In The Secret Circle all of the witch and warlock characters have various strong powers and abilities. The powers vary among the witches and warlocks. Some of the common powers include:
    • Spellcasting: The ability to cast spells.
    • Conjurgation: The ability to call or summon an object, person, element or spirit.
    • Elemental Control: The ability to control different elements such as water, air, fire, ice, etc.
    • Telekinesis: The ability to move objects with the use of the mind.
  • Castiel from Supernatural demonstrates the power of angels. His abilities include: super strength, invulnerability, the ability to travel through time, telepathy, telekinesis, dream-walking, teleportation, Touch of Death, a gigantic, winged, eye-searing true form, and immortality. He levels-up in Season 6 and becomes a seraph, now able to change the past and managing to imprint dreams in the main characters' minds. By Seasons 7 and 8, he also shows that he can manipulate memory and has limited reality warping powers.
  • Super Sentai usually doesn't have such insanely powerful character as Kamen Rider but a few rangers clearly stand out above the rest.
    • Houhou Soldier of Uchu Sentai Kyuranger is far more powerful than the rest of the Kyurangers, or at least until Shishi Red unlocked his ultimate form. He destroyed an entire enemy fleet of ships by himself without even needing to use his mech in his introductory episode and in the past he defeated the Big Bad Don Armage also without even needing his mech.
    • Four Week Continuous Super Sentai Strongest Battle has the mysterious villain Gaisoulg hunting down the strongest rangers at same time that a competition is being held to find the strongest ranger. While the competition never finishes, we see that Team Oddball has two of the strongest rangers ever. Yamato Kazakiri/Zyuoh Eagle of Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger, in addition to his basic form, has three different powered-up forms he can switch between that give him flight, Super-Strength, or water powers and a Hand Cannon, plus an ultimate form that combines all three. He decides to fight by himself against three other much more experienced rangers and easily beats them without having to use his ultimate form. Kagura Izumi/ToQ5Gou of Ressha Sentai ToQger also turns out to be insanely strong when she wants to be since her powers are based on imagination and she had the strongest imagination out of the ToQgers so she can defeat enemies she shouldn't be able to just by imagining herself stronger, letting her defeat Doggie Krugger of Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger, who was one of the most skilled ranger ever.
    • Avataro Sentai Donbrothers: Momoi Taro/Don Momotaro is a parody and deconstruction of Ace red rangers. He has been able to do almost anything perfectly since he was born and as a ranger is far more powerful than any of his teammates. And it is shown in the last two episodes that he had been holding back a significant amount of his power when he defeats foes by himself that his teammates were struggling against.
  • Angel Summoner and the BMX Bandit from That Mitchell and Webb Look are a duo on each side of the lottery. Angel Summoner is a clear winner as his ability to summon angels at will easily solves the problem at hand. BMX Bandit on the other hand, has BMX skills, which are made redundant by Angel Summoner.
  • The Umbrella Academy (2019): The seven members of the Umbrella Academy, their counterparts in the Sparrow Academy, and Lila and Harlan all possess powers, but they're not equal winners of the lottery:

In Level One Player, everything about becoming a super-powered Player is totally random. Simply becoming a Player is equated to winning the lottery, and their stats, powers, etc. are all just a matter of sheer luck.

    Myths & Religion 
  • Slavic Mythology/Russian Mythology and Tales: Out of all the dragons and similar creatures in folklore and mythology around the world, the Zmey seems to have gotten the best lottery ticket (excepting cases where dragons literally have divine powers). They have three heads, which will regrow promptly if the stumps aren't burned similar to a hydra. You probably won't get the chance to figure this out though as their blood is both extremely poisonous, venomous, and acidic. And they bleed a lot. This doesn't inconvenience them at all because their body has a ridiculous healing factor or is invulnerable, often both for good measure. They can fly and have sharp claws, but some can still flex their bodies and or tails to constrict people unlike the typical western dragon. And they can breath both poison and fire. To cap it off while usually evil, some aren't and are even heroic. So add plot armor if you happen to be the villain and aren't the Zmey.

  • Dawn of a New Age: Oldport Blues features a large cast of characters who have been imbued with superpowers. Some them were Blessed with Suck (such as Katheryn, who was turned into sentient ink), some gained powers that could become extraordinarily powerful once they were trained and harnessed, and then some got powers that are incredibly strong right off the bat:
    • Ivy gained the ability to make any sort of device from basic household objects. While she's prevented from complete domination by the fact that the power comes in spurts and will randomly decide what she makes, it does mean that, at any moment, she could easily pull a nuke out of her pocket.
    • Vivian is able to warp reality to fit what she believes. As with any reality warping power, it's dangerously powerful. One flashforward showed a future where she'd wiped entire cities off the map with a mere thought.
    • Zia got telepathy and mind control on par with Professor X, with the full range of her power being fifteen miles, enough to control a small city. Thus far her one and only setback has been that her telepathy is too strong, and the onslaught of people's thoughts keeps her from abusing it for now.
  • In the League of Intergalactic Cosmic Champions there was The Queue (omnipotent power when they stand in a straight line), Soyburger Patricia (sorceress nicknamed Dues Ex Patricia after one such incident), q (a junior member of Star Trek's Q continuum), although Adon & the Observer tended toward the overwhelming side as well.

    Tabletop Games 
  • Exalted: The Abyssal splat out of all places lampshades this, mainly to contrast the nature of Abyssal exaltation to the other kinds of exaltations (except Sidereal and Infernal).
    While other Exalted receive their power more or less by winning a cosmic lottery, however, Abyssals receive theirs for a reason.
    • More specifically, the Dragon-Blooded inherit their chance at winning the superpower lottery through bloodlines. In comparison, there are only a limited number of "Celestial" exaltations available at any given time, and winning the lottery is based on whether someone fits the relevant criteria. So Solars and Lunars typically earn their exaltations by being spectacularly awesome.
    • The new Exalt types of Third Edition add more ways to win the lottery: Liminals simply require someone attempt to create life from dead flesh, whether that's trying to bring back the dead or creating new life from a corpse, then gain the attention of the 'dark mother'. Exigents, meanwhile, are the lottery incarnate, as they allow for any method of selection imaginable, and the potential to land anywhere on the power scale from Dragon-Blooded to nigh-on Solar. As an example, would-be Sovereigns of Uluiru bathe in the Fount of Glories, a pool of liquid fire. Some are consumed by the fire, some come out frail and shriveled, and some come out Sovereigns.
  • Kingdom Death: Monster: Nearly every power and disorder a Survivor can get is the result of a random process (either die rolls or card draw) and part of the fun is to try to get powerful combos on the same survivor by gaming the odds as much as possible in favour of winning the Lottery. Of course, you still have more chance to get a Fist and Tooth bonus on you best bow user (useless combo) than getting the evasion bonus for not wearing armor gear on that one character that has inherent armor and thus doesn't need armor gear.
  • Any Planeswalker from Magic: The Gathering (which includes the player) automatically wins the lottery. Every living being have a 1 in a million chance to be born with Planeswalker Spark, the potential to become one. But there's also only 1 in a million chance for the Spark to ignite and turn them into full-fledged Planeswalker, who are Reality Warpers with immortality and the ability to change planes with a thought. The lottery prize becomes a lot less powerful post-Mending though.
  • In the Marvel Super Heroes RPG, one method of character creation is/was essentially completely random and entirely based on a series of d100 rolls. Here is a list of examples; the point is that any team of characters constructed in this fashion is likely to have a few members with better or stronger powers than the others. Hero A might have a Typical rating in the Hyper Speed power, which is made redundant by Hero B's Remarkable Hyper Speed.
  • In Masks: A New Generation, the game's status as a Coming of Age Story means that characters with very different power levels can both accomplish stuff, which works well for the Beacon (who got, at most, $5 in the lottery with a couple of low-grade superpowers) and the Nova (who has ridiculous amounts of power but tends to cause a lot of collateral damage in the process).
  • In the New World of Darkness, there isn't a lottery winner so much as a clear loser: Changelings have extremely context-limited magical abilities much narrower than vampires or mages, have a much harsher morality system and power acquisition downside that causes them to go completely schizophrenic (most other splats only impose some social reaction penalties to declining morality), have automatic racial enemies that are basically and sometimes literally gods just by virtue of existing, and possess twisted appearances that make blending in completely impossible if their magic ever falters even temporarily. And even when used to their fullest effect their powers are often less useful than simply training a corresponding mundane skill. They are also considered one of the most fun splats to play, and the splatbook was one of the unexpected breakout successes of the system, possibly because of this.
    • Deviants are an aversion: low-powered Deviants find it easier to manage their condition than the most powerful ones, who've become virtually inhuman physically and mentally.
    • The Old World of Darkness, by contrast, had no clear loser but a winner by orders of magnitude. Mages were squishy humans for all of the first hour of play, but with even minimal experience point investment almost instantly became reality warpers capable of matching and countering the feats of any other supernatural creature in the setting. From across the planet. While asleep. And there was a mechanic which actually forbade mortals from learning about them outside of firsthand observation (the arcane merit), in a game where mundane humans discovering you was the primary danger to be avoided.
  • Usually averted in Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000: Those who find favor with the Chaos Gods (or not) can be rewarded with various mutations and powers. Get too many of them, and your mind breaks under the strain, turning you into a gibbering Chaos Spawn, the single most useless unit in the game. This doesn't stop their followers from trying, since the other possibility is becoming an immortal Daemon Prince.
    • Back in the '80s, the Realms of Chaos supplement book Slaves to Darkness gave the table for rolling Chaos Attributes. If you rolled 231-240 congratulations, you just won the lottery by getting the Chaos Lord attribute. You get 2 rolls for additional retinue of followers and you also get a bonus roll of the dice for each item (you get it if you roll 4-6): 1 Chaos Armor, One Level of Magic (Khornate champions get a Fleshhound and a Collar of Khorne instead), 1d6 extra Chaos Attributes and 1 Daemon Weapon. Plus if you had rolled a 4-6 at any point, all your stats except Movement get a big boost. Interestingly enough Chaos Lord is technically a punishment (Chaos Gifts furthers your path to Daemonhood while Chaos Attributes push you towards becoming a Chaos Spawn).
    • There are a few people in Warhammer 40K who did win the lottery really hard.
      • The Emperor is both the strongest and most powerful human ever to live, having physical strength far beyond any human and being the most powerful psyker to ever live. On top of that, he also The Ageless and nearly immortal. Most of the few beings in the setting with powers comparable to The Emperor are gods.
      • While none of the Primarchs, who are artificial humans based on The Emperor, were as strong or powerful as the emperor, they all were far beyond any human and some were gifted even among them. The three strongest primarchs were Angron, Sanguinius, and Horus. Sanguinius also had wings, Angron became even stronger after becoming a demon prince, and Horus was strong enough to fight The Emperor after he was corrupted by chaos. In terms of power, Magnus was the most powerful of the primarchs, having inherited psyker powers nearly as strong as The Emperor's which grew even stronger when he became a demon prince. Vulkan may not have been as strong as the other primarchs, but he possessed nearly Complete Immortality. He would resurrect after death no matter how badly his body was destroyed unless killed by very special means.
      • The Beast was the strongest ork ever to live. He was far bigger and more powerful than any other ork, and he made the entire ork race stronger and smarter just by existing. He almost was the Ork version of The Emperor.
      • Lucius The Eternal is a chaos space marine who possesses a very nasty version of Resurrective Immortality. Anybody who kills him turns into him, which is a Fate Worse than Death.

  • In LEGO's BIONICLE line, powers are so common and plentiful, only the most egregious cases can be mentioned here:
    • First and foremost, the Makuta. They all have 42 standard powers from the get-go, which are all strong enough that the Rahkshi, which only have 1 of those 42 powers are difficult for Toa to beat, plus they have the Elemental Power of shadow and their own unique masks that are Game Breakers in and of themselves. By banishing their inner light, they gained an even bigger control over these shadow powers. Being Energy Beings, they can possess soulless bodies and robots, which was a major plot point. Let's throw in that they're also shapeshifters and able to increase in size and power by forcefully absorbing other beings, provided they're in their own bodies. The only reason the main cast survived as long as they did was because several of them suffered some form of a Drama-Preserving Handicap and most of them wanted Mata Nui to be awakened and just put up enough resistance to make them think otherwise. The moment one of them stopped doing that because he wanted to do things his own way? Would have killed all of them had his teammates not stopped him.
    • Skakdi are a violent race of savages that have access to one of the Elemental Powers (though only when working together), one specific vision-power (laser vision, telescopic vision, etc), and have yet another, random power unique to the specimen — like Adaptive Ability or being able to conjure cages made out of literally anything at will. One Skakdi, Zaktan, became a mass of microscopic insects due to miraculously surviving an attempted execution by disintegration, and could thus fly, shape-shift, seep through holes, and attack in the form of an angry swarm. Their toys also came with multi-functional weapons and the BIONICLE equivalent of guns! Fans complained so much that the following year's villains had to be vastly de-powered, though no less threatening thanks to intelligence and possessing entire armies at their beck and call.
    • The gold-skinned being is the result of six mutated Skakdi and three other creatures getting fused together in a tank of energized protodermis. Its main ability is to warp reality by absorbing energy from the people around it in exchange for bringing their imaginations into reality.
    • Tahu, besides possessing the elemental power of fire and the Mask of Shielding, gained most (if not all) of the 42 Makuta powers as well, and has Adaptive Armor. This is somewhat balanced out by him having lost his other five masks and being downgraded to his pre-Mid-Season Upgrade self, although technically there's nothing stopping him from picking up some more masks as long as someone builds a mask-storing shrine for him. It also averts Story-Breaker Power because he only gains the Makuta powers at the very end.
    • Brutaka of the Order of Mata Nui. When he went rogue, he was considered the most dangerous being on Voya Nui, more so than all six of the Piraka (members of the previously-mentioned Skadi) combined. He possessed enough physical strength to match his old comrade Axonn, who is as strong as a Makuta and once sliced a mountain in half, a mask that allowed him to rip open portals through dimensions and send his enemies anywhere he wanted, a sword that shoots lightning and energy beams, and could increase his strength by absorbing Antidermis (actually the energy of Makuta) which usually enslaves those exposed. His best claim to fame? When he destroyed all the members of the Toa Nuva and the Voya Nui Matoran resistance with a single strike. And all of this was before he fell into a pool of Antidermis and apparently gained most, if not all, of the Makuta powers along with most of the knowledge about the Matoran universe, though he was a good guy again when that happened.
    • The Rahi Nui was a chimera designed to hunt Toa that possessed several powers including a very fast Healing Factor, Sizeshifting, the ability to No-Sell and grow stronger from Elemental attacks, and several other powers. The Toa Metru only managed beat it because they figured out that it lacked a certain Required Secondary Power.
    • Another winner is the Krahka, a shapeshifter who could copy the powers and even gain some of the knowledge of whatever she shapeshifted into, making her very difficult to detect when posing as someone else. During her battle with the Toa Metru, she transformed into a six armed monster with all of the Toa's powers and could use them all at the same time. Her only weakness is that overusing said powers can quickly drain her stamina. Likely due to her powers being potentially story breaking she ended up being banished to an empty dimension after her second appearance and stayed there for a long time.
    • The two Bahrag had the powers of all six types of Bohrok, and they grow stronger the closer they are to each other. When next to each other, they are pretty much invincible, No Selling any attack on them. The Toa Mata could not beat them at all, and had to seal them away instead.

    Video Games 
  • Advent Rising's Gideon Wyeth, has, once he unlocks all his powers, Super-Strength, a Healing Factor, Bullet Time when using his improbable dodging skills, telekinesis, various forcefiedls (which are impenetrable and harm any enemy that touches them), electromagnetic bolts, massive, devastating radial energy explosions, gravimetric teleportation, inertial damping, dozens of exploding ice-missiles, and cryokinesis. He's also skilled at piloting, marksmanship, and hand-to-hand combat. And, for his last trick, he can create controlled singularity that can kill a Physical God.
  • ANNO: Mutationem: Ann awakens a dormant Super Mode within, which provides her with dual katanas that are far more powerful than any of her normal weapons, an infinite supply of ranged ammo, greatly increased stats, and rapidly regenerating health that effectively makes her invincible. It's later revealed that this ability was granted onto her as a result of experimentation that was performed on her when she was a child.
  • ARMS: Most folks who are subjected to the ARMS phenomenon usually… well, lose their regular arms, which can be a case of Cursed with Awesome. Twintelle on the other hand was able to keep all of her body parts where they should be, instead gaining a pair of relatively unobtrusive limbs in the form of Prehensile Hair.
  • Asura from Asura's Wrath, who is basically The Hulk on steroids, and post Karma Fortress Mantra Reactor surgery no longer has the bad side effect of destroying himself with his anger. He can also Become the size of the planet and travel across the cosmos at extreme speeds, destroy volleys of planets being thrown at him casually with energy blasts, and punch straight through a planet several hundreds of times bigger than his planet sized self with ease. It's noted that even after shrinking back to human size, he keeps all the above powers, and just gets more and more powerful as the finale goes on, even after reverting to his base form.
  • Any Adept in Azure Striker Gunvolt got in the lottery by virtue of being born on the Seventh Lifewave that gave them access to their Septima. However, it's clear that several of these Adepts got the superior Septima.
    • Gunvolt and Asimov obtained the "Azure Striker" Septima, which was the first Septima ever discovered and considered one of the most versatile of all. They can call down thunderbolts; create floating lightning spheres, giant electrical blades and electrified chains; heal themselves; give themselves Status Buffs like attack, defense, and speed boosts; as well as doing air jumps and air dashes to have pseudo-Flight; can see in the dark in a limited range; create lightning barriers to protect against physical projectiles; negate damage; control machinery; disperse the enemy's defenses; hack electrical devices and generate power for appliances. In varying timelines, Asimov would evolve his Septima to the point he becomes an Elemental Embodiment of electricity itself, while Gunvolt would become a Primal Dragon, a being capable of destroying the whole world if he so chose. Technically, they didn't "win" the lottery, however, as both of them were part of a government project to create an Azure Striker.
    • Nova of Sumeragi has the "Psychokinesis" Septima, which is considered the closest to the original form of Septima and in terms of battling ability is superior to the "Azure Striker". It allows him to fly, move objects with his mind, shape and fire energy bolts at will. He can even control a Kill Sat from orbit with deadly precision, and all of this is while his powers are sealed by three Glaives (for context, even the strongest Adepts under his command have their powers subjugated to nearly normal-human levels by one Glaive). When his power is fully released, he turns into a giant mechanical warrior that can command two large Attack Drones that fire powerful gusts of wind and energy waves, fire off even stronger energy blasts, detach and control four giant mechanical limbs, and call down meteors. A strange case is that Nova is both a winner and loser of the Lottery; he was originally experimented on to receive the "Azure Striker" Septima like Gunvolt and Asimov, but his body rejected it and he would have died had the "Psychokinesis" Septima not bonded with him. He was always a little bitter about that.
      • When he returns as a DLC superboss in the third game, he not only keeps his Psychokinesis but also successfully augments himself with Azure Striker, turning him into a brutally powerful Adept capable of firing his attacks at an even faster rate, covering more grounds with his attacks leaving much less breathing room from his onslaught, and summoning his attack drones without using his glaives anymore, one at a time. And that's just phase one; on phase two, he oversurges his Azure Striker, giving him access to the classic Azure Striker skills on top of summoning both his drones in some of his attacks. After the fight, Kirin notices that Nova is actually struggling just to maintain control of those two septimas, and he still proves to be an incredibly difficult fight.
    • Zonda of Sumeragi and Eden has the "Phantasm Mirror" Septima, which is considered on par with Nova and Gunvolt. It grants them the ability to make life-like illusions and duplicates of themselves to the point she was able to fool everyone into thinking she was dead during the first game, switch battle forms on the fly, unleash energy blasts, and create physical projectiles out of mirror shards. The sequel even reveals she can create perfect copies of her Grimoire Seven and presumably even the Seven Swordsmen and Nova if she so desired. And unlike the above examples, they were born with their power rather than receiving it from experiments. Once she successfully absorbs the power of the Muse Septima, however, her Septima becomes "Reverie Mirror", her power enhanced to the point she can create an entire dimension, create cards that all transform into different forms, and even sing a song powerful enough to drain the energy of her opponents while making herself invincible.
    • Teseo, one of Eden's G7 in 2, has the "Hack the Planet" Septima which lets him rival the above examples in terms of sheer destructive potential. According to his Dengeki profile, his Septima is said to belong to the same group as the Azure Striker and The Muse. His Septima lets him manipulate computer data, which allows him bring objects and fictional characters into the real world and vice versa, essentially making him a Reality Warper. He can fly and teleport himself and others anywhere in the world by turning them into data. Like Gunvolt and Asroc, he can control technology, but on a much larger scale. His appearance in Mighty Gunvolt Burst shows that he can create digital copies of anyone he meets and even alter them to make them stronger than the originals. And after receiving a Grimoire, his power becomes strong enough to turn an entire building into cyberspace.
    • ZedΩ, the leader of ATEMS in 3, has the "Golden Trillion" Septima, which is considered a rival to Gunvolt's Azure Striker. It grants him control of nuclear fusion and sun-related powers, allowing him to fashion his flames into various weapons, form Hot Wings that allow for Flight and produce feathers that can teleport people at his choosing, and produce a shield aura to protect from attacks. His raw power is such that his Rex Calibur move (which isn't even his Limit Break) is stated to have the power to raze countries. And he can do all of this without some form of outside help such as an Amplifier Artifact boosting his powers. One of his own subordinates, Serpentine, was an expert assassin sent by her organization to kill him only to fail miserably before joining his side with the express promise from him she could try again any time. She not only takes a Binding Brand to strengthen herself, she plans to fashion a Badass Army through her Septima bringing Gunvolt's memories to life to help Zerg Rush Zed (members of which include past villains Viper, Jota, Tenjian, and even fellow Superpower Lottery winner Zonda) just to try and improve her chances.
    • Another one from 3: Moebius. He possesses not a Septima, but something even better: An Octima, which the aforementioned ZedΩ claims to be unstoppable by mere Septimas. Said Octima, Astral Order, allows it to see different potential futures and alter the course of fate to its desired future. He can also use Astral Order to suppress other Adepts, rendering them unable to fight him as he slowly kills them. He also emits Dragon Radiation, which, in sufficient amount, can corrupt any number of Adepts into berserk Primal Dragons. Even discounting those abilities, Octima on its own grants so much raw power that Moebius can use it to conjure a massive battle armor (about the size of the aforementioned Nova's One-Winged Angel form) and an alternate dimension to fight, and Kirin's Radiant Fetters, which is able to seal even berserk Gunvolt (who is powerful enough to destroy the world) throughout the game, can't even contain Moebius for a measly second, exactly as ZedΩ fears. And all this power in a draconic infant. It takes a combination of Kirin, ZedΩ and his assistant Layla to finally stand up against Moebius, especially after he possesses Gunvolt in the final boss fight.
  • Baldur's Gate:
    • The main character of Baldur's Gate eventually gains the ability to transform into the Slayer, the avatar of the late Lord of Murder Bhaal, with insanely-high stats and attack power and immunities to a lot of high power status effects like Charm, Confusion and even Imprisonment. Out of all the Bhaalspawn seen in the game, only the player character possesses this power.
    • Some members of The Five in Throne of Bhaal are no pushovers in this department, though. Yaga-Shura is a fire giant who's Healing Factor is so great that he's functionally immortal unless someone destroys the source of his power, which he smartly keeps miles away in a heavily-guarded stronghold. There's also Abazigal, who's a freaking dragon.
  • Danganronpa doesn't have superpowers per se, but almost every character has a talent - something that they're the absolute best at. These characters have the title of Ultimate X, where X is their talent. These talents can be anything and have any number of required abilities, but not all of them are created equal when it comes to killing games.
    • On the 'absolutely useless' side, we have things like Sayaka Maizono (idol singer), Mondo Oowada (biker gang leader), Toko Fukawa (writer), Celestia Ludenberg (gambler), Junko Enoshima (fashionista), Hiyoko Saionji (traditional dancer), Kaede Akamatsu (pianist), Gonta Gokuhara (entomologist), Korekiyo Shinguji (anthropologist), and Angie Yonaga (artist).
    • For 'you wouldn't think it'd be useful, but they manage to make it work', we have the following:
      • Leon Kuwata, whose talent is baseball, though he really doesn't care for it and wishes to be a musician. He uses his talent to pitch incriminating evidence through a set of shutters into the incinerator, as well as his strength to break Sayaka's wrist when she attacks him.
      • Hifumi Yamada, the ultimate Otaku, who manages to throw together a passable robot costume in a single night to frame Hagakure.
      • Yasuhiro Hagakure, the Ultimate Clairvoyant, is a border case, depending on if you think he can really predict the future or is just a con artist. He claims a 30% accuracy rate- and, in the end, he'll make three predictions, one of which is true and the other two false. In the bad ending, the correct prediction is that his and Makoto's children will share a mother (Aoi). In the true ending, it's that there will be no more murders after the third trial. Coincidence? Maybe.
      • Kiyotaka Ishimaru, the Ultimate Moral Compass, would be a lot more helpful if people listened to him.
      • Gundham Tanaka, the Ultimate Breeder, is able to use his trained hamsters to kill Nekomaru.
      • Mahiru Koizumi, the Ultimate Photographer, is able to use her pictures to pin down important things about crime scenes.
      • Ibuki Mioda, the Ultimate Musician, has super-good hearing that she uses to help solve mysteries.
      • Ryoma Hoshi, the Ultimate Tennis Player, took down the mob with his tennis skills and some custom steel balls.
      • Ryota Mitarai, the Ultimate Animator, whose anime can brainwash people and helped cause the Tragedy.
      • Tsumugi Shirogane, the Ultimate Cosplayer, is an even better Master of Disguise than the Ultimate Impostor.
    • For 'really useful', we have the following:
      • Kokichi Oma's Ultimate Supreme Leader talent makes him exceptionally good at hijacking the narrative for himself, and the skill at lying that comes with the package makes him really good at pinpointing culprits.
      • 'Service' talents (like Chisa's Ultimate Housekeeper talent and Kirumi's Ultimate Maid), since those tend to mean 'is good at anything that might be helpful to someone'. Kirumi is so good at being a maid that she eventually became de facto Prime Minister of Japan.
      • Mikan, the Ultimate Nurse, who's good at taking care of others in general and is experienced enough in medical matters to conduct amateur (but highly useful) autopsies.
      • 'Combat' talents in general (Sakura the Ultimate Martial Artist, Peko the Ultimate Swordswoman, Tenko the ultimate Aikido Master), with the crowning example being Mukuro Ikusaba the Ultimate Soldier.
      • The 'Ultimate Detective' talent that Kyoko Kirigiri and Shuichi Saihara have; useful on its own and practically tailor-made for winning killing games.
    • For pure Story-Breaker Power talents, we have:
      • Chihiro Fujisaki, the Ultimate Programmer, who's capable of making a functional AI given a few days and an old laptop.
      • Junko Enoshima, the Ultimate Analyst, who's so good she essentially has Prescience by Analysis.
      • Yasuke Matsuda, the Ultimate Neurologist.
      • Miu Iruma, the Ultimate Inventor.
      • The Ultimate Good Luck talent, rather characteristically, varies dramatically. For Makoto, it mostly manifests as Plot Armor, while Nagito's far stronger luck means makes him nigh-unstoppable, but screws him over just as much as it saves him (for example, when he was accepted to Hope's Peak he was also diagnosed with two terminal diseases).
      • The absolute pinnacle of lottery winning is Izuru Kamukura, who had the lottery rigged in his favor by the Hope's Peak Steering Committee to give him literally every talent. He's luckier than Nagito, a better fighter than Sakura, smarter than Junko, and so on. The bad news? The process of giving him every talent made him an Empty Shell, so he has a very bad case of Bystander Syndrome and usually can't be bothered to use those talents for anything.
  • Digital Devil Saga had the Ground Zero Incident. In a barren wasteland populated only by thousands of warring military units, a mysterious egg hatched, releasing streams of light that transformed anyone they touched into demons. Any kind of demons, mind you - from small, pathetic amorphous blobs to the highest seraph of Heaven. The big drawback? They're all Cannibalism Superpowers. Horror Hunger and I'm a Humanitarian become two realities you cannot avoid, ever. And then there's the case of having your mind overwritten by the demon's.
  • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim:
    • The Dragonborn definitely has this, due to being able to master new Words of Power instantly without the years or even decades of intensive study that it takes a normal individual to learn them, if they even can at all. The only thing limiting their ability with the Thu'um is that the Greybeards refuse to teach them everything at once, instead sending them to seek out Word Walls as part of their training. The fact these places tend to be usually guarded by Dragons is less of an obstacle than it seems, since the Dragonborn also has the ability to devour the souls of fallen Dragons, preventing them from being resurrected again.
    • In addition to the shouts the Dragonborn happens to be the listener to the Dark Brotherhood, and the chosen savor of the College of Winterhold. The Dragonborn eventually becomes the leader of both along with The Companions, and The Thieves' Guild. The Dragonborn can also be a thane in all of the holds, be a war hero for one of the two Civil War factions, and be in possession of several rare Daedra artifacts.
  • The main character of Final Fantasy IX gets this. He's spent sixteen years becoming a master thief and then founds out that he is actually the Angel of Death for his adopted world, complete with Badass powers. Unfortunately, presumably due to his lack of training in use of these powers he can only use them in Trance.
  • In Forever Home, almost everyone is born with at least one connection to an elemental Prism, allowing them to use spells of that element depending on the strength of that connection. There are also undiscovered Prisms that a rare few can connect to, giving them incredibly powerful and unusual spells, such as how the Abyss Prism allows the Big Bad to steal the souls of his victims.
  • In Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective, spirits who have obtained ghost tricks can acquire a combination of some, but not all, of the following powers: manipulating inanimate objects; time travelling to four minutes before a recently deceased person's death; travelling long distances via telephone lines, swapping similarly-shaped objects, and manipulating living beings. Which abilities a spirit acquires upon death is seemingly random. Sissel is considered by several other characters to have won the superpower lottery, because he received the specific combination of powers* that allow him to solve most the game's crises.
    • Interestingly, the villain, who has the ability to manipulate living beings and can possess corpses to functionally "live" in an immortal body seems to be a winner, but is actually the biggest loser. While he doesn't need to travel through phone lines like Sissel, he lacks the ability to go back in time to four minutes before a person's death. Unlike Sissel and Missile, who use these powers to save people important to them, he's utterly helpless when someone dies. When the love of his life kills herself in grief after hearing about his "death", he's unable to do a thing to stop her because it's already too late.
  • In the Choice of Games-sponsored Heroes Rise, most of humanity has acquired Powers of some type thanks to evolution. The ones who get really awesome powers are usually Infini-Powered, and amongst them are individuals considered so gifted, The Meek call them an "Unholy Trinity" of humans:
  • Conduits from inFAMOUS, especially the second game, Cole and his partners Nix and Kuo got off with easily controlled and amazing powers, the second game's big bad, Bertrand, wasn't so lucky, his power involves turning into a fifty foot beserk monster and transforming other people into smaller monsters. An NPC pointed this out in a dead drop.
    • If you thought Cole, Nix and Kuo won the superpower lottery in Infamous 2, that's nothing compared to Delsin from inFAMOUS: Second Son. In the Infamous universe, Conduits are all unified by the central tenet of their ability; they are able to summon, reshape and manipulate something. Cole was lightning, Nix was fire and Kuo was ice. Delsin? His "something" was other Conduits, manifesting itself as a Rogue-esque capability to inherit and use the abilities of any other Conduit he comes into contact with. Even his very first ability - the Super Smoke - was inherited from Hank, the first of the Curden Cay escapees he meets. However, unlike Rogue, Delsin's main drawback is that he's only able to make use of a single powerset at any one time; a quirk Augustine is only too happy to exploit as the Final Boss by giving him her powers, locking him in a powerset he has no experience with, and leaving him near helpless against her One-Winged Angel form. In fact, Delsin's ability can be likened to two other pop-culture characters, depending on his alignment. The good karmic path has him more akin to Rogue; using the abilities he's obtained (through happenstance) for selfless acts, deeming the saving of his friends at the reservation "the right thing to do". Go down the Infamous karma path however... and Delsin destroys the stricken reservation in a fit of rage after his friends - having seen his exploits in Seattle - spurn him and refuse his assistance. With his brother dead and the Akomish no longer around as a moral crutch, Delsin goes to liberate Curden Cay and, in the process, doesn't resist those who wish to shake his hand for the apparent good deed. In doing so, he gains access to the abilities of everyone imprisoned there and becomes just like another ability-thieving, conscienceless supervillain... Sylar from Heroes.
  • The eponymous character of the Kirby series has many powersnote , but what really wins the Superpower Lottery for him though is his iconic Power Copying ability which lets him absorb his opponent and copy their powers. It effectively makes him a Master of All. With the right Copy Ability, he can become as skilled a Master Swordsman as Meta Knight, wield a spear as well as Bandana Dee, or carry sticks as big as King Dedede. While Mario's ? block does offer a menagerie of powers, it still has an element of chance to it. With the Copy Ability, Kirby not only has a technically unlimited array of potential abilities to use, but he also knows what he'll get in advance. In short, Kirby's Copy Ability has let him cut the middleman by allowing him to effectively become the Superpower Lottery with the enemies he eats being his unfortunate lottery tickets.
  • League of Legends features a very diverse cast. Although competitive balance equalises their relative power level, the characters range from a dude with a sword to an ice elemental phoenix, from a pirate with a regular flintlock pistol to a desert god from outer space, and from a fat drunkard with a beer keg and no other powers to an armoured angel of war.
  • Zeroth, in Legacy of Heroes can travel through time, talk to machines, he has many other powers and the ultimate artillery support: a rain of titanium rods ... FROM SPACE!
  • In The Legend of Spyro, any given dragon has power over one element, be it fire, ice, wind, or lightning. Purple Dragons (and Cynder), however, have access to all the elements. All of them. And Godlike power levels to boot, meaning they don't trade any strength for their versatility. In-universe each of them is considered a Chosen One and his or her birth is a cause for celebration (and fear after the first one went a little crazy).
  • Mass Effect:
    • The Player Character can potentially obtain a ton of totally-not-super biotic powers, in addition to impressive weaponry. Other biotics, many of whom qualify as Super Soldiers in their own right, only have a few abilities. Among the abilities a high level biotic Shepard can have: Super-Speed, Telekinesis, Energy Balls, psychokinetic explosions, Life Drain, force fields, Teleport Spam, and the ability to spawn a miniature black hole. He can't have all at once, but still.
    • Of all the enemies, Banshees from the third game are the only ones who really fit. While other husks made by the Reapers get some simple ability or weapon (Marauders have guns and Deflector Shields, Ravagers spit acid and have cannons mounted on them, and Brutes are just really strong), Banshees for some reason get an impressive repertoire of abilities, namely: Energy Balls that double as Life Drain, rapidly regenerating force fields, levitation, teleportation, Super-Strength (they can pick up and impale a thousand pound krogan in full armor with one hand), and ridiculous durability.
    • Some of the elite N7 classes in multiplayer are noticeably stronger than normal solders. The N7 Fury, for example, can project force fields, use Life Drain, surround herself by a damaging field of energy, spam incredibly powerful explosions, release energy in a huge area around herself (a one hit kill to normal foot soldiers), and augment her already Super-Strength with biotic Megaton Punches. Oh, teleporting. Lots of and lots of teleporting.
    • Krogans are absurdly strong, possess redundant organs, potentially have the longest lifespan of the major known (organic) species in the galaxy, and are ridiculously hard to kill for the average member of another species. And some have biotic powers on top of that.
  • Brie, of Max's Big Bust: A Captain Nekorai Tale, got the short end of the superpower lottery because she was unfortunate enough to summon Lillith while the latter was hungry. The result is that she got the power to summon grilled cheese sandwiches at will. Meanwhile, her best friend, Alluna, got powerful light-based magic.
  • Nasuverse has so many examples it would be enough to fit its own page, from Tsukihime to Fate/stay night and its various spinoffs.
    • First off, anyone who got the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception. To clarify, it's only obtained by surviving a Near-Death Experience, and even then it's not a guarantee to get it. If you do get it, however, it allows you to see the point of death of anything, and then cut them to erase that thing from existence. Like People. Or Tables. Walls. Buildings. Air. Or, Earth. It's not even limited to the physical. The more powerful of the two known users, Shiki Ryougi, has managed to kill a psychic's power, an abstract prison and, in one special instance, the future. At one point, she claims that she could even kill a god so long as it exists.
    • Ciel of Tsukihime was born to an entirely ordinary family, yet she also possessed enough magic circuits of high enough quality that her magic power is considered to be on the same level as Servants. Unfortunately this verges into Blessed with Suck territory for her since her incredibly potent magical power made her a prime target as Roa's next host.
    • In the same vein, Satsuki, the former Trope Namer of Demoted to Extra, has so much magical potential despite coming from a normal bloodline that she leapfrogs several stages of vampirism all the way to Dead Apostle status, something that normally happens only through artifical means or centuries of consuming human flesh. Not only this but a year after, during the events of Melty Blood, she gains a Reality Marble called Depletion Garden that makes her a Magic Eater. Then she also has the Mystic Eyes of Enchantment.
    • Anyone who wields any of the True Magic. To obtain it, one must have a connection to Akasha, although it isn't properly explained. Divided into Five Domains, The First Magic has the power to deny nothingness. The Second Magic manipulates Alternate Universes. The Third Magic materializes soul. The Fifth Magic (seemingly) governs Time Travel. (The Fourth is totally unknown.)
    • Most of the Servants from Fate/stay night are required to win the lottery just to be chosen by the Holy Grail as Servants. The Noble Phantasms they have can even be said to represent this trope (Noble Phantasms are a hero's most distinctive skill or weapon), and are pretty much determined by their legends. Lancer has a spear that will pierce your heart by reversing causality to ensure One-Hit Kill. Berserker can only be hurt by fatal attacks and possesses 12 lives that must be killed differently each. Saber has Excalibur, which can fire Sword Beams comparable to nukes, and Avalon, which grants almost Complete Immortality. Archer can copy any and all weapons that a human ever creates, including weaponry Noble Phantasms. Rider can petrify people with her Mystic Eyes of Petrification, and summon powerful legendary beasts such as Pegasus. Gilgamesh possesses an innummerable amount of legendary weapons including god-binding chains and an Anti-World Noble Phantasm, while most Noble Phantasms top at Anti-Army and fewer still stand at Anti-Fortress. And neither the chains nor the Anti-World weapon can be copied by anyone. Angra Mainyu is both a winner and a loser of the lottery. He is a Servant who is extremely weak compared other Servants and is nearly useless at fighting them. However, when fighting against humans, only two other beings in the setting are more effective at mass killing humans than he is. Those two beings are Type-Mercury, and Primate Murder, a being who has absolute authority over killing humans.
    • Fate/Zero is only marginally better. Rider possesses a Reality Marble (which he shouldn't even have, since he is not a mage) that allows him to summon an entire army of Servants. Caster possesses a book that can produce prana perpetually and summon Cthulhu. Berserker is unaffected by any skill-hindering status and is such a Master Swordsman that he wipes the floor with fellow Master Swordsman Saber Altria, and can make anything he touches into weapons (including an F-15 Jet Fighter), and possesses a sword that jacks up his stats by a ridiculous margin, to the point that it drains his master's prana to the point of death.
    • Servants of Fate/Apocrypha, anyone? With 14 Servants instead of the usual 7, at least 4 of them are ridiculous, even by Servant standards. Siegfried takes attacks (that are not aimed at his back, of course) that would kill most Servants several times over as nothing more than mosquito bites and can fire Sword Beams strong enough to kill a dragon. Vlad III has Home Field Advantage that allows him to summon spikes and thorns anywhere within the field, including inside opponent's body, and can turn into a vampire powerful enough to take on four Servants at once without a problem. Then there is Achilles, who possesses a grand total of five Noble Phantasms, which includes his famous Nigh-Invulnerability, among other things. But the greatest example would be Karna, who, while nerfed due to lack of enough prana to fight at full power, can still laughingly beat the crap out of Siegfried and Vlad separately through a combination of possessing an Armor of Invincibility that lets him take 1/10th of all damage, a Noble Phantasm that clocks in at Anti-Country power, and a single-use lightning spear that can kill the gods themselves. Even among the "lesser" Servants, Mordred is a near equal to stay night's Saber stats and abilities-wise, and Semiramis has a giant flying fortress that gives her the ability to casually fire off EX-Rank Magical Attacks.
    • The 3 Playable Servants of Fate/EXTRA are capable of giving several of the Servants in Stay/Night, Zero, and Apocrypha a run for their money. Playable Saber has a skill that can revive her from death up to three times in battle, another skill that allows her to copy the class skills of other Servants, and a Reality Marble-esque Noble Phantasm that allows her to do anything she believes she can do. Playable Archer is exactly the same being as his Stay/Night incarnation, infinite swords and all. Playable Caster has curses so powerful that supplementary works state they ignore the same Magic Resistance stat that's normally the bane of this class, a Noble Phantasm that temporarily reduces the cost of her magic attacks to zero, and by gathering all nine of her tails she becomes a Physical God nearly on the level of Amatarasu herself.
    • Their opponents in the Moon Cell Holy Grail War are no slouches either; Shinji's Rider can summon her entire fleet of pirate ships to bombard her opponents with canon fire, Blackmore's Archer uses poison arrows that double as triggers for his explosion attacks, Alice's Caster can summon a nearly invincible creature to battle for her and restore her health to maximum after a set period of time, Ronnie's Lancer is a Vlad III who can fire spears that grow stronger the more his opponent sinned in life, Julius' Assassin is a famous martial artist who can defeat his opponents with one strike and possesses an invisibility skill that makes normal Presence Concealment look like a joke, Rin's Lancer is the same being from Stay/Night, Leo's Saber can fire Sword Beams equal in power to Stay/Night Saber's and grows three times more powerful under the morning sun. Topping them all is the Final Bosses Saver, a Boddhisattva who's skills include damage reduction equal to how much health he has left, a passive debuff to the stats of other Servants in his presense, an a One-Hit Kill that kills the player if they fail to defeat Saver in time.
    • But none of the above can compare to Ado Edem from Angel Notes. In a world where everyone is a walking nuke, he can effortlessly destroy Eldritch Abominations powerful enough to create copies of celestial bodies as large as the Moon and DROP them on Earth, warp reality around them just by existing, and literally has no concept of death. Heck, he regularly one-shots them whenever they descend to Earth.
  • Persona: This applies to the player protagonists from Persona 3 onward. Whereas the other party members gain the ability to summon a Persona that grants them special powers, the main characters can potentially summon any Persona (and can switch between them freely), an talent referred to as "The Wild Card". The exact reason they have their powers varies between games: The Persona 3 lead had Death sealed into him as a child, the Persona 4 protagonist was literally touched by a Japanese goddess, and "Joker" from Persona 5 was granted his power by a Gnostic deity as part of an experiment.
    • It's worth noting that in the first Persona and Persona 2, every party member could do this. However, they couldn't hold as many at the same time as the characters mentioned above, and were less effective with Persona that had less affinity with their arcana, to the point where complete incompatibility meant they couldn't use that Persona, period (the protagonists from P3 onward avoid the latter issue presumably because their arcana is The Fool).
    • Persona 3's protagonist (Minato/Makoto/etc.) may actually take it a step further, since not only can he potentially summon any Persona ever and freely switch between them, but he also can summon two Personas at once for a Combination Attack, with effects ranging from 50% healing and evasion increase... to throwing the freaking Apocalypse at his enemies. However, the ultimate price he pays for his amplified power involves dying at age 17 and having his soul used as a padlock on the jail for the life-eradicating Eldritch Abomination for all eternity.
    • In Persona 3's "The Answer", Robot Girl Aigis also receives the Wild Card, having inherited it from P3's protagonist after his death.
    • Towards the end of Persona 5, it's revealed that the protagonist isn't the only character with the Wild Card power; Sixth Ranger Traitor Goro Akechi also has this ability. However, Goro's lack of any real friendships means that he only has two Personas compared to the protagonist's small army.
  • Pokémon possess a diverse array of abilities. You name it, there's probably a Pokemon that can perform it better then others. However, Mew is special: It has the DNA of every Pokemon contained in its genetic code, meaning that it can effortlessly use any move. This isn't just meaningless fluff either as it's always been able to learn any TM and move tutor move in every generation (bar special moves that are meant for other specific Pokemon like the starters or other legendaries). The main caveat is that it adheres to the Limited Move Arsenal that is imposed by the game.
  • In [PROTOTYPE] and [PROTOTYPE 2] you get the ability to run faster than cars, jump 10 stories high and a block across, glide, transform, create blades, take on an entire army without breaking a sweat. Let's just say in this game you hit the Jackpot!
  • The Werewolf in Streets of Rogue. By far the most pathetic character in their human form but with the ability to transform at any moment into an absurdly powerful monster capable of shredding through squads of Super Cops like paper and going toe-to-toe with a Giant Robot. Since the addition of being able to take attribute upgrades instead of traits on some level ups there isn't even anything stopping their base form from eventually becoming equally as powerful as any other character given enough time to train.
    • The Shapeshifter is arguably a winner as well, being able to simply "borrow" the body of anyone whose powers they might require for a given task and even use them as a form of armor to have an arbitrary amount of health as long as there are more people around to possess. However, NPC werewolves don't approach the power level of the playable class (and don't even spawn if there isn't a Vampire player character around) so there will never be any bodies around to give them the power to match the above in a straight fight and even aside from that hypothetical matchup the shapeshifter can still occasionally find themselves caught in a battle without a host, which rarely goes well for them.
    • Can be invoked by the player with the custom class system, there is even a special designation for "Overpowered Characters" that the game calculates to be well above the natural power level of any official class. There is nothing preventing you from creating a character with maximum stats, every single advantage in terms of traits and items, no downsides and any special ability of your choice (including the ability to transform into a werewolf yourself without any of that "frail human body" nonsense). Similarly the Sandbox mutator can be considered to turn any character into this, providing them with a unique item that can spawn infinite copies of any other item in the game which essentially turns them into a walking nuclear arsenal with Resurrective Immortality that can't realistically be beaten by anyone unless they allow themselves to lose.
  • The titular characters of Super Mario Bros. They can use power-up items to transform into new forms with powerful abilities, making them strong swiss-army heroes. Even without these items, though, they have Super Jumping, Super-Strength, Super-Speed, Super-Toughness, Elemental Powers, and a huge array of other abilities depending on the game. The range and magnitude of what they're capable of easily exceeds most of the characters in the series.
    • To combat with the brothers, Bowser himself is definitely this. Bowser has Super-Strength, is super tough and durable, has a very powerful spiked shell, and of course his trademark fire breath that can torch forests. Not to mention that in certain games, he can grow himself to the size of a building increases his powers even more. And, in other games, has some form of black magic being able to teleport at will and use dark matter in his attacks. Is it any wonder why villains love to hijack his body.
    • Also, to point out, near the end of Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, Bowser, after absorbing the pieces of the Dreamstone, becomes by far his most powerful form he has control of to date: Dreamy Bowser. As Dreamy Bowser, Bowser gains Reality Warper powers being able to summon minions and enemies on will as well as growing giant and breathing rainbow fire breath. He's only really defeated by the brothers because his almost indestructible form still has it's weak spots.
    • He also has similar powers when wielding the Star Rod in Paper Mario. In his claws, Bowser is able to make himself invincible at will and double his attack power in battle. With it, Bowser was able to not only beat Mario but send him crashing out of the castle almost killing him. Off-screen, Bowser also used the Star Rod to accomplish other goals mainly making Tubbla Blubba invincible, allowing the Lava Piranha to take control of Mt. Lavalava, and helping Huff N.' Puff take over Flower Fields.
  • In Touhou Project, Everyone Is a Super, and powers range from stopping time to manipulating fate to creating black holes. Then we have Yukari Yakumo. Her ability is to manipulate boundaries. Any boundary. Including abstract ones like life and death, day and night, reality and illusion, and fictional and actual. In other words, her ability is whatever the hell she wants; she once opened a portal to the moon by looking at its reflection in a lake and manipulating the boundary between Truth and Lies. All she has to do is think of how whatever she wants to do can be defined in terms of boundaries. Word of God mentions that she has no weaknesses, is as powerful as the gods, and can annihilate Gensoukyou, the setting of Touhou Project, at a whim. But since Gensoukyou is her creation, she'd never want to. And she's lazy, so she doesn't do anything at all unless she really has to. She's also notable for having a nine-tailed fox as her shikigami, who is powerful enough to be an EX Boss in her own right and in turn has a shikigami of her own.
    • The description of main heroine Reimu Hakurei's "last word" ultimate spellcard in Imperishable Night, "Fantasy Heaven," is literally "With Reimu's ability to float, she floats away from physical reality and becomes invincible. If it wasn't just for play (with a time limit), no one could beat her with any method." The attack is modified in the fighting Gaiden Games, which don't have countdowns (kinda); there it's just a One-Hit KO, which lasts five seconds, only one of which is actually needed. There's a reason fans joke that she has a spellcard of "Hax Sign 「You Just Plain Fucking Lose」."
    • Yuyuko Saigyouji is a ghost that can manipulate death itself, meaning she can kill anything that isn't already dead or immortal with a mere thought. It also lets her control dead spirits, and the only truly immortal characters we've seen are weaker than her. Even more than that, because Yuyuko's body is sealing the Saigyou Ayakashi she can't be exorcised, and because she's already dead she can't even really be hurt. Actually getting rid of her would entail unsealing the most dangerous being in the setting, and she's also close personal friends with Yukari Yakumo.
    • Utsuho Reiuji was originally just a dumb bird with no special abilities beyond what she got by virtue of being a hell raven youkai. Then she was offered the corpse of a sun god to snack on and gained the power to control nuclear fusion. This instantly turned her into a living, breathing star and easily one of the most powerful individuals in Gensoukyou. If she weren't still a rather dumb bird (albeit one capable of operating a fusion reactor) she could easily obliterate Gensoukyou and then the planet with a thought and rampage across entire galaxies with ease.
    • Flandre Scarlet's power is literally defined as "the destruction of anything and everything." What this translates into is a One-Hit Kill even greater than Yuyuko's, since she's not killing so much as annihilating, meaning you neither actually have to be alive for it to affect you, nor do you have to be an actual person as objects are just as destroyable as people. Given Touhou logic, this power likely extends to concepts as well. It's not limited to a small scale either, as she considered destroying what amounted to a meteor storm to be not very impressive. She's also a several hundred year-old vampire who's immune to anything holy and has immense physical strength, as well as the ability to shapeshift into a bat, make copies of herself to attack, turn invisible, and wield a Flaming BFS. She's also more powerful than her older sister, who's power is to manipulate fate. Her biggest flaws are the fact that she's still vulnerable to the other standard vampire weaknesses (sunlight, running water etc.) and she has the mentality of a child despite her centuries of life, the latter of which is just as likely to make her even more dangerous since she very much Does Not Know Her Own Strength.
    • Sagume Kishin, one of the superpower lottery's losers, is also one of its most powerful winners. First of all there's the fact that she's a Lunarian Half-Goddess Half-Amanojaku. Lunarians are, as a rule, leagues stronger than Earthlings and, as one of the Heavenly Gods residing on the Moon, she's also leagues more powerful than any gods of the Earth. Then her Half-Amanojaku nature kicks in... Amanojaku are Commander Contrarians and Consummate Liars who live to be hated. What this translates to is that she's a Goddess that the universe itself hates so much that it conspires to make everything she says a lie by reversing any situation or event that she talks about... Sagume herself acknowledges that the power to reverse any situation with but a few words is horrifically dangerous and, consequently, speaks as little as possible, carefully thinks through what she wants to say before she says it and even covers her mouth at all times.
  • In Wild ARMs 3, Maya Schroedinger, The Rival to the heroine, has the power to adopt any power depicted by a character in the book she last touched. She is never a party member, though. She uses this to be a martial artist, a mage, and The Gunslinger, among other things.
  • Neku Sakuraba from The World Ends with You lucked out big time when it comes to this. Whereas most Players can use only one Psyche and the pin that contains it, Neku can use ALL of them and switch between them freely, giving him a massive array of psychic abilities to choose from.
  • World of Warcraft has Thrall. Born as a seemingly normal orc baby, raised as a slave, never having seen magic outside of the Light, when he finds the tribe of orcs his family is from, their leader basically tells him he's the most powerful shaman he's ever seen, and Thrall hasn't even trained yet. Then DRAGON GODS admit that they need his powers to fill in for a missing member of their team. This guy has power on par with a Physical God. No wonder he's given the fan nickname Green Jesus.
  • Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Blades that consume human flesh become known as Flesh Eaters, which potentially cripples them for life, results in whatever existing superpowers they had being elevated to a preposterous degree, or both. Jin began life as a fast and skillful swordsman with ice powers, while as a Flesh Eater his ability to manipulate temperature is expanded into complete control over elementary particles. This enables him to move at light speed or freeze targets to absolute zero, in exchange for bouts of crippling weakness. By far the biggest winner, however, is Nia, who went from a pretty good healer to someone who can undo the effects of a Sphere of Destruction, restore broken weapons, revive the dead, or give her enemies fast-acting cancer. She also retained her immortality in the process, something that no other Flesh Eater can boast, and is shown in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 to have lived for over a thousand years after 2 without aging a day.

    Web Animation 
  • Dreamscape: As a result of training under Melinda, Melissa has an incredible arsenal of abilities. Telekinesis, teleportation, healing, lasers, barriers, etc...
  • In Epithet Erased, one in five people have an epithet given to them at birth, which is basically a superpower based on a word. Some people get good epithets, like "Barrier", but most get things like "Soup".
  • Hazbin Hotel: Alistor, The Radio Demon, is said to be by far the most powerful mortal soul that hell has ever seen. When he died and become a demon, he when on a rampage killing demon lords who had been in power for centuries. The only demons in hell who are more powerful than Alistor are in hell's aristocracy. Alistor a Reality Warper and can summon massive tentacle monsters at will.
  • Human Kind Of: While her alien side definitely has its downsides, it also grants Judy a laundry list of superpowers including but not limited to Voluntary Shapeshifting, a Healing Factor, Not Quite Flight, Telepathy, Invisibility, Seeing the future, Super-Strength...
  • RWBY: This is a setting where most characters only have the potential to achieve a single 'superpower' called a Semblance. While the Big Good and Big Bad are both immortal humans with unmatched Story-Breaker Power abilities, there are several characters who do fall into this trope.
    • The Four Maidens of the Seasons wield tremendous Elemental Powers, inherited at the moment of their predecessor's death. As a result, a Maiden has both a Semblance and true magic, making them more powerful than almost any other character in the setting. Known Maidens include Amber and Fria, and Cinder. However, both the Spring and Winter Maidens possess a combination of Semblance, abilities and magical powers that make them two of the most powerful characters in the setting. Raven Branwen is an elite Huntress with a teleport Semblance, the ability to shapeshift into a raven, and the powers of the Spring Maiden; she can also out-gambit the exceptionally cunning Fall Maiden, Cinder. Winter Schnee possesses a unique, hereditary family Semblance that allows her to summon avatars of her fallen foes and use Dust and Glyphs in such a versatile way that it almost seems like magic in its own right; she becomes the Winter Maiden at the end of Volume 8, allowing her to out-fight Cinder by combining her Semblance and magic together.
    • There is a very rare type of person who is born with the ability to slay the fearsome Creatures of Grimm with a gaze that manifests the power of Light. This ability also gives them the potential to become the greatest warriors in the world, skilled with Aura, Semblance and their innate abilities, but only for the purpose of protecting life. Silver-Eyed Warriors include the legendary Grimm Reaper, Maria Calaveras, who possesses the ability to sense attacks almost before they happen and can still fight skilled Huntsmen despite being a blind, elderly woman; and The Hero, Ruby Rose, who is still learning to master her power, but already possesses exceptional combat ability and a Semblance that defies the physics of mass to give her a super speed Semblance that borders on teleportation.
    • Pyrrha has unmatched combat ability that allowed her to become the Mistral Tournament champion four times running by the age of 17. Nicknamed "The Untouchable Girl" and a legend in her own lifetime, she keeps her Semblance secret. Able to control anything metallic at will, she subtly adjusts her body, weapons and those of her opponents to make their blows miss and hers hit. When fully unleashed, she becomes a force of nature who can only be stopped by unnaturally powerful warriors. Her talents are so great she is hand-picked by the Big Good to inherit the power of the Fall Maiden in attempt to prevent Cinder Fall from obtaining them. When the transfer fails, Pyrrha pits herself against Cinder's Fall Maiden powers, and is able to fight toe-to-toe by using the full force of her Semblance. She only loses the fight because Semblances consume Aura, whereas magic does not, allowing Cinder to win once Pyrrha runs out of Aura.
    • Penny Polendina is a Robot Girl with all the great strength, durability, enhanced reactions and sensory perception that implies; she can even see in the dark and detect people who appear to be invisible via Semblances. She's built to be the next generation of Huntress, which means she also has elite combat training, an elaborate set of ten swords she can control via wires, rocket boosters that allow her to fly, and the ability to produce an energy ray, which she often channels through her swords. At the end of Volume 7, she joins the ranks of the Four Maidens when the Winter Maiden dies and bequeathes her the power to protect it from Cinder's attempt to steal it.

    Web Comics 
  • Grace in El Goonish Shive was this early on. Depending on her current form. she can do anything from fly, project force fields, use telekinesis, be superhumanly fast to the point of being a blur at times, be resistant to fire, and have sharp claws that reduce an opponent's ability to heal. However, it could be said that she lost her status as a lottery winner as time went on. Nanase, already one of the most powerful characters, gained access to her Angel Form (a Heroic Resolve activated Super Mode of sorts) during the Sister II arc, and Elliot gained the ability to turn into Cheerleadra, a Flying Brick superheroine. When inevitably asked about who would win among the three, creator Dan Shive said that it was up for debate, but that he would put his bets on Nanase in her Angel form.
    • In terms of magic marks, Sarah is the big winner. Most marks let the user do minor, simple spells like summoning weapons or transformations. She has the ability to simulate Time Stands Still in an area around her, which is made a point of as incredibly rare and powerful in-universe.
  • Errant Story:
    • The time monks, in a subversion. In a fantasy setting with fairly normal levels of magic and with firearms tech up to revolvers, they have bullet time. Despite that, they seem prone to The Worf Effect. And the Elves can handily counter the super-speed, once they know to expect it; they taught them the trick hundreds of years ago, after all, and haven't used it themselves since, because it's too easy to counter.
    • Ian, on the other hand, basically gets phenomenal cosmic power, that seems to keep growing and growing. Unfortunately, With Great Power Comes Great Insanity.
  • Homestuck:
    • Lord English, the primary villain, is not only a huge douche-bag but extremely powerful :
      • First off, his species naturally has powers strong enough to affect entire worlds. His father for example destroyed a planet as a matter of course.
      • Reaching God Tier gives him the 'standard' reward for doing well in the game. I.e. conditional immortality and mastery over his aspect, meaning in this case time travel.
      • Then he obtains Yaldabaoth's treasure, making him mostly immortal and giving him total mastery over the aspect of Time. From there the details are unclear, but his powers increased even further, giving him Absolute Retroactive Immortality (he cannot undergo a Ret-Gone because time itself ensures his survival) and he has raw power that surpasses the Omnipotents by a long shot. We still don't know the limits of his powers, but he is powerful enough to kill souls and mass-slaughter Eldritch Abominations with impunity.
    • John eventually acquires the greatest power of all, though he can't fully control it yet. It's a unique form of time travel no else can do that ignores the established rules of time travel. John can travel anywhere in Homestuck's narrative and change what happened with no exceptions.
      • Later comics do elaborate on it's limitations. Even after he learns to invoke the warps at will, he still doesn't have much control over where he actually goes unless he has an idea or keyword. In addition, he needs to know how to pick out the key events that he needs to change (and how to change them) from all of the other events that are either too fundamental to change or ultimately unimportant in the grand scheme of things, something made more difficult by the fact that John is The Fool and mostly rellies on others to guide him where he needs to go. Both of these problems require the help of Terezi, a Seer of Mind, to solve, since she knows exactly what key events needs to play out in order to ensure the best possible scenario, and even then the best thing she can do is give John a checklist of stuff he needs to do, and the importance of these tasks still manages to fly over John's head for the most part.
    • Jake has the potential to be one of, if not the most, powerful character in the comic due to being a Page of Hope. Hope is one of the most powerful aspects a player can have, and the Page class gives the player Magikarp Power. If he mastered his powers, he could easily defeat omnipotents and could make imaginary things temporarily real by suppressing their fakeness attribute. This is why the Big Bad considers him to be a Worthy Opponent.
    • Despite being one of the weakest characters in the comic due to being physically disabled, wielding an impractical weapon, and being a page class player who never unlocked the full potential of his class, Tavros still is a huge winner of the lottery due to possessing a Troll psychic ability that is a total Game-Breaker. He has the ability to control animals. This ability allows him to complete his part of the game with almost no effort because most of the enemies in Sburb count as animals and he can control them in large numbers, making it possible for him to do a Pacifist Run. His powers can also affect omnipotent first guardians that have the form of animals. It later is revealed that the Troll Empress has the very same ability, and she can not only use it to control animal first guardians, but also can use it to brainwash Jade due to her being part animal after fusing with an animal first guardian. This ability, combined with all of the other crazy powerful Troll abilities she has, makes the Troll empress basically unstoppable. In order to take her down the first thing the kids have to do is make sure she won't be able to use this power on any of the first guardians.
  • Kill Six Billion Demons: In a setting overflowing with magical and supernatural powers of all kinds, the demiurge Jagganoth has obtained Complete Immortality on a conceptual level, which according to himself extends to 'being sovereign of time, entropy and causality' (i.e. Time Travel can't harm him either). The concept of 'Jagganoth can be harmed' no longer exists within the universe the comic is set in, past present or future, and according to Word of God even The Creator YISUN themselves could not directly harm Jagganoth. This is treated as exactly the Story-Breaker Power it sounds like, to the degree that the other six Demiurges (gods of human origin who each have god-like personal power, gigantic armies and the power of 111,111 universes to draw upon) have to combine their strength to contain him.
  • In The Last Days of FOXHOUND, the take on the team is: Raven, who has precognition (we're told) and a big gun; Liquid, whose Charles Atlas Superpower lets him survive anything and beat people up pretty well; Wolf, the world's greatest sniper; Ocelot, the world's greatest pistoleer and liar (enough that it counts as a power, damnit); and Octopus, who can shapeshift into someone if he drinks their blood. And then there's Mantis, who can read and control minds, light anything on fire, zap people into unconsciousness and use telekinesis.
  • Magick Chicks: Faith is an abnormally powerful high-level esper, who's said to be the strongest in the academy's history. Plus, she has so many abilities that no one can really keep track of them all. The only power that she's confirmed to not have is mind reading. The scary part being, that her power is still growing, as she has yet to reach her peak.
  • Man-Man is about non-powered fool Man-Man, but parodies this with Powers Guy, who has all kinds of awesome powers and does the actually useful stuff.
  • Mishap of the stalled webcomic Mis- enters the super power lottery every day. Unfortunately, he usually loses.
  • The outsiders in Project 0 are definitely winners. Especially as there's no handicap to Modding.
  • In Sidekick Girl, what power you have doesn't matter as much to the Hero Agency as one's Heroic Build, but the Superpower Lottery is still in play.
    • Winners of the lottery include Shield (absorbs any hit to become bigger, faster, stronger, and smarter), the Dollmaker (Marionette Master who can turn any non-living thing with moving parts into a remotely controllable doll), The Dark/The Vigilante (who have the same basic Shadow Master powerset), The Light (we don't see too much of what she can do, but she is the only one confirmed to be able to Time Travel), and Duncan Jade (Gravity Master).
    • Losers include people like Illumina (generates ordinary light and float three feet off the ground), Val (cannot die, no matter what injuries she sustains- useful, but also Blessed with Suck), Sparkle (Creates sparkles that only mildly annoy her opponents), Clockwork Joe (can invent, but isn't very good at it), and Dr. Wright (the superpower he gave himself- a huge right arm- lead to his defeat and the amputation of said arm).
  • In Sidekicks anyone that possesses the First Prana is capable of imbuing themselves (and other objects) with a superpower, basically allowing them to control the lottery itself. Subverted in that what power is given tends to be random unless the other two Prana are nearby.
    • Supublics are all born with a single superpower and what power they receive tends to play a large part in how powerful a supublic tends to be. This is averted by the Big Bad who uses the Third Prana to grant himself and other villains multiple superpowers.
  • Chris of Sonichu has this in spades. He doesn't go through an episode without showing off some spiffy new ability.
  • Much like in Sidekicks, people in unOrdinary are only born with a single special ability and this has been explicitly shown to directly affect how powerful a person is.
    • The god-tiers, people who have a special ability level of 6.0 or above, are the clear winners of the superpower lottery, so much so, the Word of God stated that only a god-tier can defeat another god-tier.
  • In Zodiac Libra can have every power he can think of, but he is limited by energy & effort, and the fact he's a bit of a ditz.

    Web Original 
  • Deviant: Tsunami, hands down. Control of massive amounts of water at once, durability and strength on an absolutely massive scale - hell, she doesn't even have to use existing water, she can just make it herself!
  • On this Giant In The Playground forum thread, this is the whole idea. By trying your luck you may get powers like a Chuck Norris Kick to the face or omnipotence. Then again others get the short end of the stick and get the power to know when you're asleep, or God forbid, the power that turns you into a voodoo doll.
  • The Children in Heroes Save the World have a pretty random set of powers, from "making coins disappear" to various forms of precognition to force fields.
  • The titular Roxanne Furst from Roxy Was Here: she breaks any equipment that tries to measure her, single-handedly advanced both robotics and nuclear physics, can tell if anybody is lying to her (as long as they aren't using magic specifically to deceive her), can go years without sleeping and still function normally, her bones are unbreakable and made of a metal found nowhere else on Earth that naturally replaced her organic bone, and she can regrow limbs (on a scale of weeks, but can be accelerated to seconds with a specialized drug). And in stories set in her future, she can even fly.
  • In The RPG Fanatic the Student Sword claims to be the sword used in all computer roleplaying games until the protagonist becomes a true hero. So far the Student Sword has demonstrated the ability to summon zombies, perform Kingdom Hearts Keyblade-style "unlocking", perform the Soul Shooter attack from Azure Dreams, transform books into dvds and switch the Fanatic's "job" using magic.
  • Gaining any sort of supernatual attribute in the world of the SCP Foundation is a major Superpower Russian Roulette. As a result, most anomalous humanoids suffer from Blessed with Suck, Power Incontinence, What Kind of Lame Power Is Heart, Anyway? or other related tropes. There are a few lucky exceptions, however.
    • SCP-076-02 or "Able" has Super-Strength, Super-Speed, can pull bladed weapons from nowhere, has very high pain tolerance, is extremely difficult to kill, and resurrects inside the can he used to be sealed in if he is killed. And according to some sources, his father Adam was even more powerful.
    • SCP-239 is a girl who is a Reality Warper. The Foundation unsuccessfully tried to control her by tricking her into thinking she was a witch with powers limited to a few spells. She has since been put into a medically induced coma indefinitely.
    • SCP-343 is a seemingly Omnipotent man who may be God, or he may just be a very powerful Reality Warper claiming to be God.
    • SCP-3740 has extremely powerful wind powers, can talk to flying animals, and possibly has other reality warping powers, as he is an actual god, specifically Ashur, the Assyro-Babylonian god of air. The Foundation contains him by taking advantage of the fact that he is incredibly gullible.
    • SCP-10101-J is a parody of overpowered Self-Insert characters.
  • In the Whateley Universe, there is Tennyo. She is one of the main characters at the Whateley Academy, and is so massively powered that in several stories, she essentially couldn't find a way to use her powers without damage so massive it would have been life-threatening to people nearby, or without other dire consequences. Also, it seems that serious use of her powers gives off lethal doses of radiation and may cause mind-shattering rips in our reality. And there's the whole "antimatter within her cells" thing that nobody understands. Deconstructed in that she has severe difficulties with using normal techniques. (She can't beat your average 'brick', because the only strength-boost she could use kills people's souls...)
    • Here's a list of her known powers: Superhuman strength and speed. Flight, both fast and agile. Energy blasts. Energy sword like a light saber that can breach most shields. Insane regeneration (highest known regen rating). IR and UV vision. Total life support (space, etc.). Power over gravity. Produces antimatter. Has survived a nuclear blast. Death Blow, which can rip apart souls. Can warp reality around her, causing massive destruction and insanity. Teleportation with an interplanetary range. Various other warper powers she is still discovering and has poor control over. Eats demons. Partial immunity to power nullification.
    • Basically the entirety of Team Kimba is this, with even the less powerful members having some aspect that can blow away most competition.

    Western Animation 
  • In Avatar: The Last Airbender and its sequel The Legend of Korra, there are regular people. Then there are people who can control the element associated with where they grew up (Earth, Air, Fire, Water). And then there's the Avatar, who controls all four of them. And then some. There is, however, only one Avatar at any given point in time; when the current Avatar dies, the next one is born in one of the four nations, as determined by a specific order.
    • And some of the non-Avatar benders are simply born with the ability to perform feats normally thought impossible. For instance, the crime lord Yakone and his sons can use bloodbending at any time, while normally it can only be used during the full moon. Other gifts of a similar manner include Toph's metalbending (until she made a conscious effort to spread the discipline), combustionbending (the only two shown practitioners are Combustion Man from the original series and P'li from Korra), and genuine Flight (something only Zaheer and a monk from four thousand years ago have ever managed to learn).
    • Lavabending quickly establishes itself as such, owing to how the lava spreads of its own accord without requiring any more effort from the one who created it, how it effectively hard-counters the other elementsnote , for how it can create lethal-to-touch projectiles and large "touch this and you're dead" barriers, and for how it effectively allows an Earthbender to skirt the lines of Master of All by adding a number of fire and water-like tactics to the standard earth abilities they already have. Ghazan, by himself, is able to tear down the wall of Ba Sing Se effortlessly (something the Fire Nation struggled to do for decades in the previous series) with it, and goes on to destroy the entire Northern Air Temple and nearly kill half the main cast by just turning the floor of a single room to lava and then letting that lava do what it does best. Even Bolin an amateur-at-best Lavabender is able to put it to amazing use like halting an entire platoon of soldiers or stopping Kuvira's giant mech suit dead in its tracks (if only temporarily). There's definitely a reason why very few people got this power In-Universe and why Bolin tends to only use it when necessary.
  • Captain Planet pretty much has New Powers as the Plot Demands, only balanced out by the fact that his Kryptonite Factor is the very thing he is meant to fight against.
  • Code Lyoko: The heroes' team? Jérémie, a Badass Normal who contributes with his insane smarts, Odd, another Badass Normal using Laser Arrows and whose only power is to randomly predict future events, Yumi, who has razor-sharp fans and Telekinesis, Ulrich, who can clone himself and has Super-Speed, Aelita, a All-Loving Hero with slow but powerful energy fields and a Creativity power that allows her to briefly alter her environment by creating or deleting structures and clones... And then you have William. His Super Smoke is by far the best and most versatile Lyoko power ever to be granted to any character. It's uses include intangibility, super speed, telekinesis, flight, a projectile that immobilizes William's victim for an easy kill, and the ability to flat-out No-Sell the Digital Sea's effects. Also, when he's under XANA's control, receiving critical damage causes the power to activate on its own and warp the boy back to the Digital Sea, essentially preventing materialization (and thus keeping the boy under XANA's control).
    • In the sequel series Code Lyoko: Evolution, his super smoke also allows him to move through the Cortex (a virtual world so dangerous Jérémie created a specific vehicle to allow the others to move though it) without any trouble.
  • Generator Rex has this to an extreme extent. The main cast is as follows: A badass, but still entirely human MIB, a brilliant scientist, a talking monkey who is the Butt-Monkey of The Worf Effect, an Unfazed Everyman Action Survivor...And Person of Mass Destruction whose current power set includes Depowering, Super-Strength, Made of Iron, flight, technopathy, mid level mechanical shapeshifting which gives him a wide array of weapons, and more.
    • Also becoming a God over all creation, though this doesn't last very long.
  • Gravity Falls: Big Bad Bill Cipher is exceptionally powerful. He can teleport, enter minds, possess people, regenerate almost instantly, guard himself with a barrier, change his size and appearance, see through any image of himself, fire lasers capable of wiping out a baby "Time Giant" (temporarily), and even control time and space. By contrast, many of the minor villains would be lucky if they just had one of those. His only limitation is that he spends the bulk of the series in an alternate dimension where he can only communicate with and possess humans through dreams, forcing him to use knowledge and trickery as his main weapons. His goal was to be able to enter Earth's dimension, where he could make a physical form for himself and be able to apply his abilities to the waking world.
  • Justice League has the android AMAZO. His ability, to copy those of others, gave him the full set of the Original Seven's powers by his first appearance. Then he went into space for a while, and when he came back, he had enough power to teleport an entire planet. Because it was in his way. The entire extended League and Green Lantern Corps failed to even scratch him. At the end of it all, the person to defeat him was Lex Luthor.
  • Kids Super Power Hour with Shazam was an 1980s cartoon about Hero High with some live action music segments and an animated short of Captain Marvel and the Marvel Family who are an actual part of the Hero High setting. After the godlike Marvel Family, the big lottery winner is a Hero High student named Gloria Gal. Gloria is basically Donna Troy as a blonde. She has flight, telepathy, clairvoyance, superspeed, high levels of super strength and is Nigh-Invulnerable, Not just the sole Action Girl, she has the monopoly on competence. That's because every other student has either lame powers like Super bawling or they're like Trixie, a magician girl with great power...that seldom works. Her boyfriend Captain California, who the male students hold up as the best of them, is 3rd rate compared to Gloria. He's got a flying surfboard and a smile so brilliant he can use it as a flash attack. But he's a big case of Muscles Are Meaningless. Despite having a rather Heroic Build, one time a mobster grabbed him from behind by the waist. Captain California couldn't struggle out of it and even ended up in the humiliating position of sitting on the mobster's lap while the guy was still holding him down.
  • Lilo & Stitch: The Series: Jumba plays the power roulette a lot with every illegal genetic experiment he creates. Sometimes he bombs and he gets experiments who are only good for popping popcorn, spreading gossip, keeping people awake or eating socks. Sometimes he hits the jackpot with Kaiju, earthquake-makers, black holes, Literal Genies, or the titular Made of Iron Combo Platter Powers-protagonist.
  • Miraculous Ladybug: The akumatized supervillains have a wide variety of powers at their disposal, which vary from Weak, but Skilled to borderline Reality Warper-level in strength. All of them are able to put up a fight against the heroes, though, so the disparity doesn't matter much.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic:
    • The mane cast possesses the ultimate power in the setting: The Power of Friendship. The show's title is "Friendship is Magic", after all. It functions as essentially an "I win" button, effortlessly depowering Tirek even after he absorbed the power of hundreds of ponies, all four alicorns, and Discord. The only point in the show where it failed was because the ponies trying to invoke it were brainwashed into not actually being friends.
    • A unicorn's magical powers are typically restricted to one specialty, usually associated with their Cutie Mark. Since Twilight Sparkle's specialty is magic, she doesn't have this restriction and has the benefit of being more powerful than anyone born in centuries. Princess Celestia says she's never met a more powerful unicorn, and that was when Twilight was a child. (Tia is thousands of years old and runs the school for gifted unicorns, so her saying this means a lot.) Come the third season finale she adds flight to her list of powers by becoming an alicorn. Then, the Season 4 finale has her become the vessel for the combined powers of three Physical Gods to keep Tirek from absorbing their magic. By the time Tirek reaches the princesses, he has the power of just about all Equestria — which they considered enough to defeat them. Even though he absorbed power from every other character including a reality warping god, Twilight is still powerful enough to match him despite being new to her power. If she learned how to use that power, she could have easily overcome him.
    • Although the fans love to overestimate their abilities quite a bit, alicorns are this compared to the other kinds of ponies. While earth ponies, pegasi, and unicorns have increased endurance and are in touch with nature, flight, and magic respectively, alicorns possess all three. Though again, all the world's magic plus that of a chaos god capable of large-scale reality warping versus the power of four alicorns equals stalemate.
      • The alicorns are prone to The Worf Effect, being the ponies with the most raw power in a world where raw power never wins. The moments that prove them lottery winners are, as such, never in episodes where someone like Tirek shows up. They don't just have all the other races' powers, they have them all at apex levels and are able to use them outside the 'one special talent' restriction, meaning they've got the versatility that made Twilight one of a kind among mortal ponies. Imagine strength, speed, flight, everything that could fall under the category of elemental or nature powers, teleportation, force fields, The Archmage-level spell casting, agelessness, god-level ability when it comes to the things that are under their special talents... and sparkly hair. Princess Luna once created a nightmare creature that, once it became powerful enough to escape the minds of its victims, would have been able to warp the real world as easily as it warps dreams (no, she's not having a relapse into villainy; it was never meant to leave her own head.) This means even if it's not as easy with the wave of a horn, they can set world-altering forces in motion with nothing but their own powers. There's a reason ponies swear by their names... and a reason why fans really, really wish they'd get to do more than give exposition or get Worf'd to show how powerful the arc villain is and depict them cutting loose more in fanworks. (Why don't they just zap the arc villain away with a wave of a horn? The thing is, no matter how strong your magic, it's the same magic as everypony else's and it still plays by rules. It can be drained/blocked/countered by certain things, and there are others who, under the right circumstances, can be on the same level. To continue the lottery analogy: the alicorns won it and that's great, but there are others out there who got rich by other means.)
    • Discord is a Reality Warper with nigh-omnipotence. He can create a World-Wrecking Wave and a World-Healing Wave, brainwash main characters and others, turn pegasi and unicorns into earth ponies, and can even take the very objects that are needed to defeat him. When he was reformed in Season 3 the elements were tweaked by Celestia so he could no longer touch them, but come Season 4 the elements were permanently lost shoving him violently back into unstoppable territory.
    • The Season 4 finale villain, Lord Tirek might be the single most powerful entity to show up in the show. His power? Magic absorption. Up to and including the ability to drain not only the alicorns mentioned above, but Discord as well. The only reason he was defeated is because of the new power that replaces the Elements.
    • In Season 5, we're introduced to Starlight Glimmer, who is also extremely talented in magic. While she comes up short on the Power Copying front (it took her years to master a spell that Twilight copied instantly), she proves more dangerous in terms of innovation. She knows a unique spell that removes cutie marks, and used it to take control over a village of ponies. When she returns in the Season 5 finale, she can time travel freely by using an Amplifier Artifact (again, innovation — the map table wasn't mean to be used that way), has mastered self-levitation and to top it off, her strategy and smart tactics help her to match Twilight Sparkle in combat. Twilight was only able to defeat Starlight by befriending her and convincing her to stop her plan, which had dire consequences Starlight never realized. Afterwards, Twilight recognized Starlight's exceptional talent and decided to take Starlight in as her very own pupil.
  • South Park parodies this with its Affectionate Parody of Anime, "Good Times With Weapons." Cartman gives himself New Powers as the Plot Demands until Kyle calls him out on it & makes him choose only one. He chooses the power to have any power he wants. Stan takes all his powers away. When the others need him to have powers again, he chooses the power to turn Kyle into a chicken.
  • Bang Babies in Static Shock have a few bang babies whose powers were real winners among those whose issues include 'ugly super nose' and melting in constant pain.:
    • Edwin Alva's son, Edwin Alva Jr., learned to control the Big Bang gas that gave every other metahuman in Dakota their powers, essentially rigging the Superpower Lottery. He was doing pretty well with it, too, up until he took on too many powers at once and Power Incontinence turned him into stone.
    • One Bang Baby had The Power of Creation bestowed on him, letting him basically create anything from giant robots to candy bars. Very fortunately for Dakota said Bang Baby, Dwayne, is not only a young kid, but a good kid who isn't using his powers for anything close to villainy without his step-brother's negative influence.
  • Steven Universe: All Gems normally have Super-Strength, Voluntary Shapeshifting (although most don't often use it), the ability to summon a weapon, and the ability to do a Fusion Dance into a more powerful gem. However, they also have unique powers that don't always match up to each other.
    • On the winners' side, we have:
      • Jasper, the Ultimate Quartz (incredible Super-Strength and Nigh-Invulnerability along with a Rolling Attack). It is especially ironic that Jasper won the lottery because of her origin. She was created at the beta kindergarten, where gems were made much more sloppily, yet purely by chance she came out perfect, and even better than the any of the gems from the more well made alpha kindergarten, such as Amethyst.
      • Garnet (ability to see the future, which she inherited from her component Sapphire plus strength and durability similar to Jasper's).
      • Rose Quartz (Astral Projection, Super-Strength, Luckily, My Shield Will Protect Me, Green Thumb, Healing Tears, controlling the speed of her descent, and even the ability to resurrect dead organic lifeforms with new powers and pink skin). Her unusual abilities turn out to be foreshadowing that she wasn't actually a rose quartz, she was Pink Diamond in disguise.
      • Steven inherited Rose's powers but is much weaker due to not yet having control of her powers, but due to having a human body he is completely immune to anti-gem weapons and has an ability that not even Rose had, the ability to fuse with both humans and other Gems. In the epilogue series he gains a Super Mode that greatly enhances his strength and allows him to speed up his body and perception, making it seem like Time Stands Still for him. And in the finale, an emotional breakdown causes him to transform into a rampaging Kaiju larger that White Diamond.
      • Lapis Lazuli deserves special mention, with the ability to control water on a planetary scale, with enough precision for it to be an Imagination-Based Superpower, on top of flight quick enough to travel between galaxies in days and the ability to record and recreate images based on her memories. There's a reason so much of her arcs deal with uncertain loyalties or prior trauma; were she to be a firm member of either side, it would be a very short series.
    • On the losers' side, we have:
      • Pearl (hologram projection and very weak manipulation of small particles such as those in clouds and sand, and that's exceptional for Pearls, so she makes up for her weakness with skill in swordsmanship).
      • Amethyst (was supposed to have similar powers to Jasper, but due to flaws in her creation, she's much smaller and weaker; she gets by on her Rolling Attack and copious use of Voluntary Shapeshifting).
      • Ruby (ability to generate heat).
      • Peridot (who as an Era 2 Gem doesn't even have most of the standard powers other Gems have in common. She makes do for a while with technological "limb enhancers", and eventually gains ferrokinesis that she hasn't quite mastered yet).
      • The biggest loser of all is Padparadscha, who has "the power to predict the past" — she was meant to be a seer, but her future vision doesn't work quite right and only "predicts" things which just happened. This is more of a disability than a power, since it causes her to have a Delayed Reaction to everything and she can't turn it off, forcing her to constantly blurt out descriptions of recent events. The only upside to Padparadscha's power is that her predictions can occasionally include details that weren't immediately obvious.
    • The ultimate winners are the Diamonds.
      • Blue Diamond alone has an Emotion Bomb that renders all Gems (except Lapis, due to her own depression) unable to fight due to sadness, an Energy Ball attack that can be fired either as a single sphere or a Beam Spam that rains death from above, the physical strength that comes from being the size of a large building, and Nigh-Invulnerability that allows her to basically no-sell a combination attack from Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl, Bismuth, Lion, and Steven, getting hit by an entire barn (and a large chunk of the ground it sat on) thrown from high in the air, and her own ship crashing down on top of her with nothing more than slightly mussed hair. And in terms of how she stacks up to the other Diamonds, she's in the middle...
      • Yellow Diamond has devastating lightning powers that can poof normal gems almost instantly and leave them unable to reform for much longer than normal, and is as large as Blue. She also has the ability to modify the bodies of gems, which she can use to make other gems as large as herself.
      • White Diamond is the largest gem who isn't a fusion, and has immense light powers, including Eye Beams that turn the gems they hit into extensions of herself plus the ability to create bubbles that can carry things through walls. And after her Heel–Face Turn, she learns how to channel the personalities (and possibly powers) of other gems, doing the reverse of her Eye Beams.
      • Pink Diamond was not large as the other Diamonds but still towered over normal Gems and could create energy shields strong enough to deflect even White Diamond's powers, and also had the ability to walk on air and an extremely powerful shouting attack. She also had all of the powers Rose Quartz had, because they were the same person.
      • All four of the Diamonds also have the unique ability to inflict permanent injuries on gems that only they are able to heal. Three of the Diamonds working together used this power to unleash the wave that corrupted almost every Gem on earth into unintelligent monsters. They also have the ability to turn rocks into servants called pebbles.
    • The only character who may be more powerful than the Diamonds is the Cluster, an artificial gem made up of millions of broken gems. It initially has no control over its immense power and has to stay in a bubble to avoid destroying the Earth because its body when fully manifested is several times larger than the Earth, but it eventually does manage to gain some control over its power and is able to help the Crystal Gems fight the Diamonds without destroying the Earth by only manifesting part of its body.
  • Superfriends was made of this. You had Superman with Silver Age power levels doing things like fly his way out of a black hole, and then you had everyone else. Wonder Woman could get defeated by circus animals, Aquaman would wonder out loud if his powers would work, and Hawkman could do nothing but fly ineffectually while Superman saved the day.
  • Of the Teen Titans (2003), Raven basically has a lot of powers. New Powers as the Plot Demands and Deus ex Machina, for example. The Teen Titans Wiki lists her as having the following: Telekinesis, astral projection, levitation, telepathy, umbrakinetic dark energy manipulation (into energy blasts, a variety of constructs ranging from walls to claws to shields to flying platforms and effective telekinesis), biological manipulation, short-distance teleportation, uncontrolled time manipulation, limited physical healing, limited precognition, transformation into White Raven in the realm of her mind, ability to transfer power to others and cause them to lose consciousness, control over Trigon's lesser demons, and the ability to rapidly age self back to normal age (in "white" form). She's by far the most frequent target for depowering or The Worf Effect, but when she's not either, the result is epic.
  • Sixshot of The Transformers. Where most Transformers have one alternate mode and a few might have two alternate modes, Sixshot has five extremely powerful alt modes and serves the Decepticons as a One Robot Army.
  • The Venture Bros. has the occasional lottery winner. As Phantom Limb put it while convincing some un-powered senior villains to do his bidding:
    "I can kill a man by simply touching him. Now what were your special powers again?"
    • Doctor Orpheus also counts: He can teleport, astral project, shoot energy from his hand, remove souls, set things on fire with his mind, mind wipe people, raise the dead (as long as he has a body and the soul is willing to come back), fly, detect ghosts, create a force of purple lightning that shut down a large robot and liquefied a group of Nazis, remove someone's arms (and not by cutting them off: they actually disappear), telekinesis, and predict when someone will die. And that's probably not all of it.
    • Professor Impossible, while still defeatable, got stretch powers while the rest of his family got invisible skin, skin that burns when oxygen hits it, and turned into basically one giant callous, so he got off pretty good.
    • Captain Sunshine can do anything Superman can and shoot beams of intense sunlight out of his chest. It's made up for by his Weaksauce Weakness though: He needs sunlight to use his powers, and unlike Superman does not get constant power from it.
  • In Wakfu, followers of the god Xelor (who are also called Xelors) have the ability to manipulate time. The Hero, as well, can bend space by creating portals.
  • In Young Justice (2010):
    • Miss Martian's abilities were changed from the comics so as not to have too many heroes with Super-Strength. So in place of her strength is telekinesis, which is strong enough to collide two drones together and redirect missiles if she concentrates. The rest of her powers are the same, but they include being 'the most powerful untrained telepath' (according to Martian Manhunter), shape shifting (which can be used to become near invisible), and Flight as a result of the previously mentioned telekinesis. Her uncle, the Martian Manhunter, has all the same powers she does, except his telepathy isn't as potent.
    • Jaime Reyes, the third Blue Beetle, is also a winner. The Scarab stuck on his spine can generate nearly any weapon for him, though he favors the sonic cannon over the plasma cannon. It also generates restraints he can shoot at people, allows him to fly with either wings or a jetpack, can translate alien and Earth languages, and the AI is capable of making assessments and offering advice. Usually violent advice.
    • So imagine what happens when you have... B'arzz O'oomm, the Green Beetle. Green Beetle has the full powersets of both M'gann and Jaime, being a Martian who has a scarab stuck to his spine. Luckily for the heroes, he's being mind-controlled by the Reach Ambassador, a cautious, cowardly enemy who is more comfortable with oily manipulation and infiltration than out-and-out battle, which severely bottlenecks the damage he can do. Unluckily, his scarab is destroyed in his first fight after shaking the Ambassador's control. Too bad!

Alternative Title(s): Won The Superpower Lottery, Superpower Lottery Winner