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Visual Novel / Max's Big Bust: A Captain Nekorai Tale

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A visual novel from Transcendent Studios, the same people that made Gender Bender DNA Twister Extreme.

You play as Max, a police officer in the fictional Australian city of Axion City, assigned to investigate shipments of an illegal drug called MinX. After a large shoot-out and arrest, he finds a yellow marble that, upon investigation, causes Max to undergo a transformation, changing him into a busty woman with long hair. The game plays out as a standard visual novel for the most part, with minor decisions (like who to socialize with at certain points) being present to change what events play out, and how. However, there are also sections where the player undertakes actions akin to police work, such as investigating an area, or trying to deduce the right guilty party from a number of suspects. The game takes place roughly a year after the events of Gender Bender DNA Twister and includes several characters from it.


The game was finally completed and given a general release on February 4th, 2017. As such, this page Needs Wiki Magic Love.

Associated tropes:

  • Accidental Truth: In the anime con chapter, Max tries to question someone who's so busy chatting with his girlfriend that she can't get a word in edgewise. So she tells the girlfriend, a lifeguard, that someone "over there" is drowning, causing her to instantly rush to the rescue. A minute later, she comes back and thanks Max for alerting her because the person who'd volunteered to do the dunk tank couldn't swim.
  • A Day in the Limelight: Amber and Holly get a chapter devoted to their escapades together where Max barely appears.
  • Amusing Injuries: Pretty much all injuries in the game are played for laughs, but Max gets hit with it most often since she's a Cute Clumsy Girl who has a magically resetting body, meaning that no matter how serious the damage is, she's fine in a few minutes.
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  • Anything That Moves: Max says that her older sister, Heather, will fuck anything with a pulse. Heather is, in fact, quite proud of this and tries to encourage Max to do the same.
  • The Butler Did It: Inverted in the murder-mystery chapter, as the butler is the victim.
  • Cat Girl: Captain Nekorai is a rare male Cat Guy, and his daughter is a cat girl. Police Commissioner Pandorai is a Panda Guy. Holly becomes a cat girl after the girls' night at the bar.
  • Call-Back: Amber grabbing a MinX marble plays out much the same as when Max did, with a police pair getting into a shootout with criminals before discovering the marble that transforms one of them. The only difference is that Amber picked it up on purpose knowing full well what would happen.
  • Continuity Nod: There are numerous references to things from Gender Bender DNA Twister Extreme, including posters for the band L-Mitless, several characters who showed up in the previous game, and as a successful Kickstarter goal, a return to the water park that was featured in several characters' stories.
  • Covered in Gunge: Happens to Max, Holly, Ember, Victoria, and Brad after Max successfully destroys the tentacle monster on the cruise ship.
  • Cowboy Cop: Max and Holly are both more than willing to use their stun guns to solve a problem. Captain Nekorai is a police captain version of this and is implied to have been one back as a regular officer.
  • Crack Is Cheaper: In-universe, it's noted by several characters that Holly would be able to afford a much larger and nicer place to live if she didn't obsessively spend all her money buying manga and manga-related merchandise every month.
  • *Crack!* "Oh, My Back!": Every time someone gets shot with one of the department's stun guns, they end up on the ground screaming about how much their spine hurts.
  • Double-Meaning Title: "Max's Big Bust" refers to both the important police operation to deal with MinX as well as the notable chest Max gains when transformed into a woman.
  • The Full Name Adventures: Implied by the "A Captain Nekorai Tale" part of the title, though the focus is almost entirely on Max.
  • Gameplay and Story Integration: Max and Brads' relationship starts at 3 hearts, as opposed to the other romance options, who start at 1 or 2 (if that). Makes sense, given that Max and Brad have been partners for a while prior to the novels' events and are explicitly stated to already be friends.
  • Gaydar: Zigzagged. Max doesn't have any trouble telling that Amber and Victoria are both gay, but completely misses that the much-more-obvious-about-it Holly is also gay.
  • Gay Option: Max has both male and female options when it comes to potential endings.
  • Gender Bender: Max, and some minor NPCs, have gone through male-to-female transitions. Brad does too, as part of working off his debt at Coffee Shrine.
    • First Law of Gender-Bending: Played with. Of all the transitions shown in the game, 2 are shown to be permanent (Max and Sarah), if not nigh-permanent, but there are some that are only temporary. However, a majority of the transformations (if not all of them) are male-to-female.
    • Second Law of Gender Bending: Max and Sarah both seem to be more comfortable in their new genders as the game progresses. Max's female coworkers even comment on how surprised they are by how quickly Max adapts to womanhood.
      • Brad's route has him finish paying off his debt to the coffee-shop (see below), but continue to work there for the ridiculously high pay. Max starts to worry that he's starting to become a little too okay with transforming into a girl.
    • Third Law of Gender Bending: Played with. Max and Brad are both forced to work as coffee-shop mikos to pay off their huge tab, but they both hate it. They're actually forced to be girls in order to do the job, not forced to do the job because they're girls (Brad is allowed to turn back into a man after his shift is over).
  • Genius Ditz: Max is a good cop when she focuses but a bit of a scatterbrain otherwise. She apparently had a serious reputation at the police station long before the game started. She can actually become less ditzy in the game itself it the player makes sure to do things like getting everyone's coffee orders correct.
  • Gimmick Matches: The first hang-out with Brad involves going over to his house to watch a wrestling event called "The Floor Is On Fire." It turns out the floor is actually on fire and the wrestlers are forced to stand on chairs and tables to avoid being burned. Max and Brad are both shocked, having expected that it was just going to be some sort of metaphor or fake.
  • Godiva Hair: Ember in her elemental form.
  • Hard-Drinking Party Girl: Ember. Holly and Victoria warn Max about the dangers of getting into a drinking contest with her when they have a girls' night at the bar.
  • Heroes Want Redheads: If you hook up with Ember or Victoria.
  • How Unscientific!: Averted. Victoria's reaction reaction to evidence that magic is real is to study it so she can understand how it works. She becomes a full-fledged witch in the process and learns how to cast spells.
  • Insistent Terminology: Heather insists that she is an exotic dancer. Everyone who knows her is aware that it's just a nicer term for stripper.
  • Jack Bauer Interrogation Technique: Parodied with Captain Nekorai and his disco ball. Everyone who sees it is utterly terrified and crooks always confess once he uses it.
  • Let Us Never Speak of This Again: At the end of the murder-mystery chapter, Max and her coworkers agree that they're not going to talk about what might have happened that night.
  • Little Miss Snarker: Captain Nekorai's daughter, Kitty.
  • Magic Pants: Justified; Ember buys herself fire-proof underwear so she doesn't end up naked if she needs to use her fire powers.
  • Meganekko/Sexy Spectacles: Holly and Victoria fall somewhere on the line.
  • The Mind Is a Plaything of the Body: Toyed with. After meeting Ethan, the now-female Max fantasizes about him in a dream, though he's initially grossed out by it.
  • My Instincts Are Showing: Discussed. Apparently getting kemonos typically causes the person to gain some dietary and behavioral characteristics of the associated animal. Captain Nekorai, for example, is now lactose intolerant and likes playing with pieces of string.
  • My Little Panzer: Kitty, Captain Nekorai's daughter, has her own police stun gun. She's frighteningly good with it.
  • Mundane Fantastic: In-universe, gender-swapping is commonplace and is easily reversible...except in Max's case, to their dismay.
  • Mundane Utility: Max discovers that her body magically resets itself every eight hours, making her immune to disease or injury. She uses this to eat as much as she wants without having to worry about getting fat.
  • National Stereotypes: Police Commissioner Pandarai uses so much stereotypical Australian slang that his speech is almost incomprehensible. Nobody else uses anywhere close to it, though, and most of the characters think he's a wanker.
  • Never Gets Drunk: Doubly subverted by Ember, who can get drunk, but due to her magically resetting body she goes from falling-over-about-to-vomit drunk to stone cold sober in less than three seconds. It's sufficiently unpleasant that she decides that she never wants to go through it again.
  • Noodle Implements: Apparently, Captain Nekorai has an interrogation method that involves... a disco ball?
  • Noodle Incident: Nobody in the police station will let Captain Nekorai have milk after the time they discovered that getting cat ears made him lactose intolerant.
  • The Nudifier: Whenever Victoria casts a teleport spell, it tends to only work on the target's clothes, or work on the target but not their clothes. She starts doing this deliberately.
  • Oblivious to Love: During the Amber route, Max misses several 'hints' that Amber is looking for a romantic relationship. Later on, it turns out Max has been Obfuscating Stupidity, out of fear that a relationship would be doomed from the start.
  • Obstructive Bureaucrat: The attendant on the train in Amber and Holly's chapter is much more concerned with upholding company guidelines than with the fact that Amber and Holly are police officers chasing wanted criminals. Holly eventually decides that it's more efficient to shoot her with a stun gun and steal the key they need than it is to talk her into helping.
  • Otaku: Holly. She spends most of her money collecting anime figurines, manga, and cosplay outfits. Also Victoria, but she's not as extreme about it.
  • Rapid Hair Growth: Part of Max's transformation involves her hair growing from the short style she'd had as a man to a flowing ankle-length mane. Amber and Holly also have this happen as a result of their transformations.
  • Really Gets Around: Max's sister, Heather. In fact, she ends up getting around so much that she turns herself into a succubus- apparently it happens if you have sex with enough people. This was done entirely on purpose, so she would be even more popular as an exotic dancer..
  • Roaring Rampage of Revenge: Played for Laughs. Max goes on one of these after Martin S. Gully AKA Flamboyant Dancing Guy is found dead from self-inflicted MinX overdose, despite the rest of the cast's comments about how stupid it is. It's apparently common enough for police to do this that Nekorai basically shrugs and tosses a revenge shooting form into Max's paperwork afterwards.
  • Running Gag:
  • Shipper on Deck: Hooking up with Brad has Holly reveal that she's been writing a fan-fiction involving Max turning into a girl and dating Brad for years. The police station hosts book club meetings whenever she finishes a chapter.
    • It's also revealed that the entire mall has shipped Max and Brad together ever since Max turned into a girl. Except for Zara, who was convinced that Max would get together with Holly instead.
  • Sucks at Dancing: Holly.
  • Super Gender-Bender: Max discovers that her transformation actually gives her some degree of lightning powers. In fact, she's actually been transformed into an immortal lightning elemental and has a more powerful elemental form that she eventually learns to shift to.
  • The Thing That Would Not Leave: Max's sister, Heather, who moves in after she loses her job and proceeds to eat all of Max's food while she lazes about all day. She then proceeds to simultaneously flood the apartment and set it on fire, resulting in Max's eviction.
  • Unsettling Gender Reveal: Casanova Wannabe Alfred does not take it well when he discovers that Bonnie, the sexy coffee-shop waitress that he's been obsessing over, is actually Brad the police officer using a gender-bending potion.
  • World of Buxom / Gag Boobs: Lampshaded; Ember and Max are surprised and a bit intimidated in a lingerie store when they discover it sells bras of up to 32 Z size.
  • You Don't Look Like You: Non-living example, the water park that was featured in the previous game shows up again, the differences in appearance being handwaved as a result of it having been rebuilt after the storm in the previous game's climax.


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