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"For his entire life, Izuku wanted nothing more than to be a hero. Hearing his Idol say he couldn't do it without a Quirk almost broke him. Yet when put into a situation where even other heroes were almost helpless bystanders, he didn't hesitate. And in doing so, he finally awoke what he had longed for."
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A My Hero Academia story by Primordial Vortex (who also wrote Supernova One Piece) where Izuku awakens his Quirk while saving Bakugo from the Sludge Villain. While Izuku still becomes All-Might protege, he doesn't gain One For All, at Nezu's insistence.


Can be read here on Fan Fiction Dot Net and here on Archive of Our Own.

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This fic contains examples of the following tropes, in addition to those already present in the source material:

  • Absolute Cleavage: Momo's and Camie's hero costumes are both unzipped to at least their navels. While Camie likes the look (at least when Mineta isn't leering at her), Momo mentions being somewhat uncomfortable but finding it necessary.
  • Absurd Cutting Power: Izuku's psychic blade can cut through anything, including the Zero Pointer and the ground beneath it, creating a canyon on the testing grounds.
  • Adaptational Superpower Change:
    • Izuku is a psychic possessing Telepathy, Telekinesis, Teleportation, and blue flames that heal him (hence the title). All Might is dissuaded from giving Izuku "One For All" anyway because not only would the conflicting natures of the quirks force him to either be subpar in both or ignore one in favor of the other, but it also increases the risk of "One For All" mutating unexpectedly into a power so overwhelming Izuku could never hope to contain it.
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    • Other characters also get changed powers:
      • Bakugou can detonate his explosive sweat from anywhere on his body rather than just sweat from his hands.
      • Uraraka doesn't have to touch herself to change gravity on herself and can increase or decrease gravity rather than just negating it.
      • Iida's Quirk is changed from a mutation type to a transformation type and he can create different kinds of engine pipes from any part of his body.
      • Momo can further alter items she creates so long as she doesn't let go of them.
      • Jirou can produce simple sounds besides just her heartbeat, such as morse code.
      • Kaminari no longer produces electricity as an offensive weapon but instead stores and manipulates electricity (and magnetism to an extent), including using electricity to boost his healing. His weakness is also changed to having significant amounts of water shorting him out and causing painful electric shocks, even having to ground himself to take a shower. Kaminari is also not allowed inside cars lest his electricity accidentally ignites the gasoline. This is essentially the powers and weaknesses the protagonist of the first two inFAMOUS games has.
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  • Adapted Out: Neither Rikido nor Mashirao are enrolled in U.A. due to the author finding them uninteresting.
  • Adorkable:
    • Iida's attempts to act villainous only make Ochako giggle.
    • Momo is somewhat socially inept but others, especially Izuku and Mina, find her enthusiasm adorable.
  • Amusing Injuries: While apologizing for almost outing Toshinori as All-Might, Inasa bows so forcefully that his forehead dents a mini-fridge, leaving his face bloody.
  • Ascended Extra: Inasa and Camie join U.A. in Class 1-A in place of Mashirao and Rikido due to the author finding the former pair much more interesting than the latter. Inasa also befriends Izuku while the latter is training under All Might.
  • Atomic F-Bomb: Izuku's shouted "Fuck" is loud enough to be heard over the evacuation alarms going off when the press get onto the school grounds.
  • Cast From Stamina: Izuku's healing is physically draining, though he does note that Recovery Girl's Quirk is much more draining than his own.
  • Character Development: Several of the characters have already shown a bit of personal growth.
    • Izuku has already grown quite a bit as a person. While he is still recognizably the Adorkable cinnamon roll from canon, his early friendship with the boisterous, Hot-Blooded Inasa Yoarashi as well as the relatively early development of his own Quirk has given him some much-needed confidence. He is far more comfortable in his own skin and much more willing to speak out and put himself forward. He even manages to break out of his shell a little bit with the ladies of the class. He even accepted First-Name Basis with Mina Ashido (though it took some trying on her part), Tsuyu Asui, and eventually Momo Yaoyorozu. He still blushes iridescent when Mina decides to tease him or get cuddly.
    • Inasa himself has reigned in a bit through his friendship with Izuku and occasional under All Might. Izuku is able to talk him out of rejecting his UA acceptance over his issues with Shoto Todoroki.
  • Charles Atlas Superpower: Izuku lampshades during the Quirk Assessment Tests that almost everyone accomplishes feats that would have broken world records before Quirks existed, even students who don't have physical Quirks.
  • Chronic Hero Syndrome: Aizawa actively discourages this behavior, telling his students to focus on their goals rather than get distracted by every little thing. In his words, "catching a thief when you were trying to save a child isn't a success".
  • Clueless Chick Magnet: Being a harem fic, Izuku is beginning to gain the notice of his female classmates (Momo, Mina, and Camie in particular).
  • Cold Flames: Izuku's healing flames are cool to the touch and can't burn anything.
  • Colony Drop: While fighting Bakugo and Aoyama in an old refinery, Ochaco throws crucibles at them by first removing their gravity then increasing it past normal just before they leave her hands.
  • Combat Pragmatist:
    • Attempted by Kirishima who ignores Tsuyu and goes straight for the bomb. Sadly, her superior range and mobility let her keep the bomb out of his reach long enough for Jiro to capture him.
    • Sero and Camie functionally defeat Todoroki during the Heroes vs Villains exercise by using their Quirks to trap him after he goes for an illusionary bomb. Izuku lampshades that Todoroki would win a straight-up fight against them, which is a good motivation for the two not to engage him in a straight fight.
  • Crazy-Prepared: Before the Heroes vs Villains exercise, Momo creates a pair of drones with optional x-ray cameras so she and Kaminari can scout the area for the villains team. She also creates a large battery as a last-ditch resort for Kaminari, coats her Simple Staff in plastic so Mina can't melt it, and wears pasties under her costume in case she has to open it fully to create something.
  • Crippling Overspecialization: Toru and Mineta do the worst of everyone during the physical tests due to relying too heavily on their Quirks. Except for Mineta using his balls for the side-hop challenges, the two are among the worst performances on every test. In contrast, some like Camie also have Quirks useless for the tests but still do well through physical conditioning to make up for it.
  • Cuddle Bug: Mina has a thing for hugging people, Izuku in particular.
  • Dangerous Forbidden Technique: Combining Izuku's healing flames and telekinesis creates a fire so hot that water evaporates without even touching it. It also set him on fire and taught Izuku he wasn't fireproof. After All-Might puts him out, Izuku's warned to never even attempt that technique again without close supervision.
  • Determined Defeatist: All-Might praises Momo for this attitude during the Heroes vs Villains exercise after her partner is eliminated, declaring that like all heroes, she faced a situation where she seemingly had no hope of winning but pressed on anyway. While she lost, Momo still came within a hairsbreadth of victory.
  • Distracted by the Sexy: Mineta - a Dirty Old Man in a teenager's body - disregards Sero Hanta entirely when attempting to "capture" Camie during their Battle Trial, not-so-secretly hoping to cop a feel. Camie rightfully hits him where it hurts after dodging, and an embarrassed Sero wraps him up.
  • Does Not Know His Own Strength: The first time Izuku deliberately uses his telekinesis, he tries to lift a salt shaker and accidentally sends it through the roof.
  • Don't Create a Martyr: All For One warns Shigaraki that merely killing All-Might will turn him into a martyr. Instead, they first have to destroy All-Might's legacy.
  • Epic Fail: Denki's attempt to flirt with Momo goes right over her head.
  • First-Name Basis: Mina is quite insistent others call her by her first name as is Camie.
  • Forgot About His Powers: Izuku admits that after his match in the Heroes vs Villains exercise, he simply forgot to use his healing flames and went to Recovery Girl instead.
  • Hammer Space:
    • Izuku pulls out a notebook despite his skintight costume having no room for it.
    • Toru somehow hid a glasscutter on her person even though she's nude.
  • Head Desk: Kyoka bangs her head on the table when Momo's suggestion of plugging one of her jacks into her phone so she has more sound options proves viable, being upset that she never thought of it herself.
  • Healing Factor: Izuku can create healing flames to regenerate but it seems to have a minimum amount of damage it can heal. All-Might has to break one of Izuku's arms for the boy to activate it. By the time he enrolls in U.A., Izuku can activate it at will or keep it from activating.
  • Heroic RRoD: Destroying the Zero Pointer overloads Izuku's Quirk, to the point he feels like his brain has been shoved in a blender.
    • A milder example occurs when Izuku freezes everyone in the cafeteria. After he's done lambasting them, Izuku collapses to the ground.
  • Hidden Depths: Momo is fan of comicbooks and mentions the Pstandard Psychic Pstance by name.
  • Hidden Purpose Test: Unlike canon where the Zero Pointer is simply worth no points, here the students are told attacking it will give them an automatic zero on the practical exam. The teachers muse that its real purpose is to see what the applicants will do when facing an enemy where they have nothing to gain and everything to lose. Izuku attacks the Zero Pointer to save Ochako, which earns him the highest score in U.A.'s history.
  • Hollywood Acid: Mina can create acid that will eat through anything but it's both very tiring and too dangerous to use in a training exercise.
  • Honor Before Reason: Aizawa's main criticism for Ochako's and Iida's actions during the Heroes vs Villains exercise is that they continued fighting after they'd already guaranteed their victory rather than retreating and letting the hero team search pointlessly until time ran out.
  • I Know You Know I Know: When pitted against each other in the Heroes vs Villains exercise, Izuku and Momo spend some time thinking up plans and wondering if the other would know about it. Most pointedly, while wondering where to hide the bomb, Izuku and Mina consider hiding it in the largest building available, only for Izuku to think that's too obvious but then ponder that Momo might know it's too obvious and ignore it. Indeed, Momo and Denki initially scout the other buildings first because they thought using the largest warehouse was too obvious.
  • Innocently Insensitive: Subverted. Momo unintentionally flaunts her wealth to her classmates but they find her too adorable to be offended by it.
  • Kansas City Shuffle: During the Heroes vs Villains exercise, Aoyama and Bakugo think Iida is fighting them to keep them from finding the bomb hidden within the refinery but he's actually distracting them long enough for Ochako to sneak it out of the building.
  • Laser Blade: Izuku can channel his psychic power through cloth to create a blade of energy. During the Entrance Exam, he uses his tie and his hero costume has a sash specifically for use to make his psychic blade.
  • Leeroy Jenkins: During the heroes vs villains exercise, Inasa charges in the moment his partner Koda determines where the other team is, causing Koda to be left behind and captured by Shoji.
  • Logical Weakness:
    • Mina's acid is extremely corrosive but can't dissolve plastic, which Momo takes advantage of by coating her staff with plastic before engaging her. Subverted when Mina later admits she can make Hollywood Acid if she pushes herself but she felt it was too dangerous to do so for a training exercise.
    • Momo's Quirk lets her create nearly anything but creating too many objects simply gives Izuku more ammo for his telekinesis. When she tries to trip him up with ball bearings like she did Mina, Izuku simply launches all of them at her like buckshot.
    • Toru's invisibility is worthless against Jiro's super hearing. Jiro's own weakness, loud noises drowning out all other sounds, is brought up but she already trained to overcome it by the time someone tried to utilize it.
  • Lonely Rich Kid: The idea of her classmates coming to her house has Momo thinking to herself that she "feels like she finally has friends".
  • Loophole Abuse: Ochako secures the win for herself and Iida during the Heroes vs Villains exercise by taking the bomb outside of the building that was the testing site. All-Might praises her ingenuity in doing so, then says it's no longer allowed in future matches.
  • Master of None: Becoming this is why Izuku doesn't get One For All. Izuku's own quirk of telekinesis and telepathy has no common ground with One For All's super strength and toughness, which means, as Nedzu put it, Izuku would either have to forsake one quirk to focus on the other or work on each and be mediocre at both.
  • My God, What Have I Done?: Todoroki is horrified when he loses his temper and lashes out with a massive amount of ice during the Heroes vs Villains exercise. Even with his quick action melting the ice, he still badly injured his classmates, including breaking several of Camie's ribs. Afterwards, the one thing keeping his reputation above Bakugo's is that he obviously didn't intend to go as far as he did and was disgusted with himself.
  • No Social Skills: Momo is a downplayed example, completely missing Denki's innuendo when they're teamed up and unintentionally flaunting her wealth to her friends.
  • Obvious Rule Patch: After Ochako and Iida win the Heroes vs Villains exercise by taking the bomb outside of the testing site, All Might says future attempts to do so will result in disqualification.
  • Once Is Not Enough: Izuku's belief he'd taken out Kaminari during the Heroes vs Villains exercise allows the latter to launch a sneak attack that almost takes Izuku out of the match. The next day Aizawa warns him that sort of thing has ended a great number of careers and to make sure his opponent is really down next time.
  • People Puppets: After Kaminari's attack fries Izuku's nervous system, he uses his telekinesis to control his own body.
  • Power Incontinence: Izuku mentions offhand that it took months to learn how to activate his Healing Factor at will and even longer to keep it from activating.
  • Pragmatic Hero: Aizawa praises students who know when to ignore villains in favor of completing their task, such as Kirishima not bothering to fight Tsuyu and instead heading straight for the bomb. As Aizawa states, a hero's first job is saving people, not fighting villains.
  • Precision F-Strike: When the evacuation alarm sounds during lunch, several students are almost trampled, causing Izuku to freeze everyone in place and start yelling at them.
  • Reality Ensues:
    • After both Bakugo and Todoroki unleash massive, uncontrolled attacks during the heroes vs villains exercise, All-Might explains that such attacks are a terrible idea indoors for both heroes and villains. Besides the greater risk of injuring yourself or your allies, villains run the risk of destroying their own stronghold while heroes get faced with massive property damage they're obligated to pay for.
      • Bakugo and Todoroki are both on thin ice for using such attacks against classmates. Todoroki gets off relatively lightly because he's obviously horrified at his loss of control but is still assigned detention and required to write a three-page essay on what he did wrong. Bakugo is warned that one more incident will likely result in his expulsion.
    • Todoroki proves to be over-confident in his own ability and assumes his overwhelming power will earn him an easy win in the heroes vs villains exercise. He quickly loses because he disregarded that both his opponents have Quirks best used for support and deception. While he broke free of Sero's and Camie's trap, All-Might remarks that against real villains, he'd have likely gotten his throat slit the moment he was captured.
    • Ochako points out that Momo's Quirk can't be converting her body fat into mass as during the Quirk Assessment, she made a canon that weight at least a few times as much as she did.
    • During the panicked evacuation after the media gets onto school grounds, the invisible Toru is nearly trampled since no one can spot her after she's knocked down.
    • After Mineta blatantly tries to grope Camie, Aizawa warns him that one more incident will result in his expulsion.
  • Rhetorical Question Blunder: When Izuku yells at the panicking students whether they're heroes in training or "a bunch of stampeding idiots", several of them point out that they're business students.
  • Ship Tease: Mina frequently cuddles Izuku, even referring to him as her "cuddle buddy" at one point, on top of him being one of only two people she's nicknamed. Meanwhile Izuku and Momo have a tendency make eye contact then look away while blushing.
  • Shout-Out:
  • Spoiled Sweet: When planning to hang out at her house, Momo asks what everyone's favorite tea is and offers to have the butlers run to the store to buy it if she doesn't have it in stock.
  • Superpower Lottery: Izuku is a psychic who initially has only telekinesis and healing flames but by the entrance exam has also gained telepathy and teleportation, giving him power at least on par with Todoroki and similar versatility to Momo.
  • Traumatic Superpower Awakening: Izuku's telekinesis first awakens when he desperately tries to save Bakugo from the Sludge Villain. His healing activates shortly after when said villain stabs him in the shoulder.
  • We ARE Struggling Together: When paired up for the heroes vs villains exercise, Bakugo and Aoyama spend more time arguing with each other than actually trying to complete the exercise.
  • What Is This Feeling?: Momo is surprised to find herself jealous of Mina when the latter cuddles Izuku.
  • What the Hell, Hero?: Both Bakugo and Todoroki are lectured for using attacks that could seriously maim or even kill their classmates during the Heroes vs Villains exercise. Todoroki gets off a bit lighter due to his obvious horror at what he almost did and that, unlike Bakugo, he lost control and lashed out rather than deliberately almost maiming a classmate.
  • Willfully Weak: Mina holds back when creating her acid, citing that her strongest acid is dangerous even to her and she can shower with acid that others need a hazmat suit to even approach.
  • Wrong Assumption: Momo assumes that Mina's acid can't melt through plastic, much like normal acids. Mina later tells her she can create acid that will melt anything but it's too dangerous for training purposes. Aizawa later reminds Momo that Quirks tend to operate on their own logic so you can't assume you understand someone's powers from basic information.
  • Yin-Yang Bomb: Izuku attempts this by combining his healing flames with his telekinesis. All he accomplishes is setting himself on fire.
  • You Are Better Than You Think You Are: Momo starts doubting herself after Izuku defeats her, only for both Izuku and All-Might to list everything she did during the heroes vs villains exercise, with Izuku insisting she be named MVP of the match.
    • She gets another dose when everyone is discussing their Quirks and she's reassured that unless she had a brain enhancing Quirk, it'd be impossible for her to remember formulas to create objects faster than she already does. The others also point out that Momo not only made a fully charged battery but a pair of drones and tablets that were already fully programmed when she created them.

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