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The Four may not be so Fantastic in this universe, but they can still get the job done.
Lex Luthor: What makes you think you can kill Superman when you can't even handle a mere mortal in a Halloween costume?
The Joker: There's nothing mere about that mortal!

In a World… with supernatural dealings or superpowers, this character is the one who is able to keep being useful through intellect, martial arts abilities, general ruthlessness, or just being Crazy-Prepared.

They notably have none of the fantastic enhancements, Powered Armor, magic, or special powers that others do. It might even be a sore point for them, but that just makes us encourage them more. If they are in The Team, then they are usually The Leader, or at least the brains of the outfit, to compensate.

Often overlaps with Non-Powered Costumed Hero in superhero settings — to the point that that trope page was made to help people avoid confusing the two concepts.

If a Badass Normal is capable of things that should only be superhuman, then they have a Charles Atlas Superpower. If Badass runs in their family, it's because Lamarck Was Right. If they are given superpowers after being non-powered for a while, you get an Empowered Badass Normal. If they only lost powers they actually used to have, they've been Brought Down to Badass.

The Badass Normal only happens in a setting that places normal human capabilities as trivial next to those with superpowers, aliens, fantasy elements, gods, genetic engineering, tranhumanism, magical powers, cybernetics or some other form of enhancements. Just dealing with the inhuman or strange such as zombies, orcs or Alien Invasion doesn't suffice unless there is an assumption they shouldn't be able to fight back the way they do.

This trope centers around personal capabilities keeping them relevant against literally enhanced opponents. Just because a character gets lucky against a single Super-Soldier isn't a strong enough qualifier for a badass normal. This is not about being ill equipped with outdated technology even if their enemies are top-of-the-line, although Rock Beats Laser is a common tactic they may use. Nor is it being a novice in their training while dealing with a foe who has mastered it. By all means this should be a topic of debate with anyone they deal with (enemy, ally or even themselves) if their lack of superpowers is an issue with their usefulness.

It's important to note if they have strange or superhuman abilities, they are not normal. There is no "relatively" when it comes to Badass Normal. It doesn't matter if you can "barely" lift a tank, your ki blasts can "only" level cities, your Bio-Augmentation is standard issue, or your ability to alter the fabric of reality isn't as developed as others; you're a badass with superpowers. Not everyone can be the Batman of the setting. A character who chooses not to use their powers in combat (or has powers with no combat application) probably Fights Like a Normal.

Often overlaps with The Team Normal (if this character joins a superpowered team).

This is a Super-Trope of Badass Bystander. By definition always on level 1 in Super Weight.

Compare Muggles Do It Better, Unfazed Everyman, Weak, but Skilled, Puny Earthlings, and especially Heart Is an Awesome Power. A Hunter of Monsters frequently is one, though there are just as many Hunter of His Own Kind or Fur Against Fang variants.

Contrast with Overshadowed by Awesome, where a character is by reasonable means strong compared to regular people or even superpowerful, but can only be considered "normal" when compared to the people they hang out with, who are vastly stronger. Because of this, they often Can't Catch Up. Also contrast Super Loser, for characters who are anything but badass despite having superpowers. Brought Down to Normal arcs can show a super powered individual can be badass without their powers but that does not qualify them for this trope. This is a character type, not a plot trope.

Note for Tropers: This trope only applies if the setting possesses a significant number of characters with superpowers. In a setting where superpowers are very uncommon or nonexistent, badass characters without superpowers are just badass. If you encounter an instance of a character in a setting without superpowers being called a Badass Normal, please remove or change it. For average people that are forced to be a badass by the situation, see Action Survivor. For costumed heroes without superpowers in general, see Non-Powered Costumed Hero. Anyone from a Mage Species who can't be defined as a Muggle Born of Mages is disqualified.

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    Asian Animation 
  • In Noonbory and the Super 7, Noonbory is the only member of the Super 7 without any sort of superpower (Mamby is a shapeshifter, and the remaining five all have Super-Senses, one sense power each). He's also surrounded by his wizard grandfather Hanubi, and all four main villains, who each have a super ability (Wangury has an Overly-Long Tongue, Coldygury can make snowballs shoot out of his hat, Rosygury has nature powers, and Dozegury can turn invisible). However, Noonbory has a sense of patience, engineering, altruism, and most importantly, intuition, that puts him in charge of the Super 7.

    Audio Play 
  • Jan Tenner: Even without his ring of power, and thus his magical powers, Logar has proven himself to be quite the capable fighter delivering a one-sided beatdown to his traitorous general.

    Card Games 
  • In Magic: The Gathering humans tend to be this, especially white mana humans. In the Gothic themed Innistrad block, White Humans decks repeatedly came in second. They were able to band together and overcome Vampires, Werewolves, Mages, Zombies with little more than the power of teamwork and the grace of God.
  • Mitos y Leyendas takes this up to eleven with the "Heroes" set, which is based off the War of the Pacific. As a result, ship captains are on the same tiers as Top gods

    Comic Strips 

    Films — Animation 
  • Syndrome of The Incredibles has no powers, yet his technical skills and smarts allow him to create a robot powerful enough to eliminate dozens of supers. As well as an energy beam that allows him to move anything, regardless of its size, almost exactly like the Gravity Gun from Half-Life 2. It may be that he has the one power of the Fantastic Four that no member of the Parr family has: His ability to invent things. He's a Deconstruction of Batman-like Badass Normal superheroes: he is undeniably a genius inventor, and he's hand's-on enough to use his gadgets in the field himself, but his lack of powers causes superheroes with powers to disparage him as just another Muggle who gets in the way. The difference is that Batman uses his genius for the greater good, while Syndrome becomes bitter and instead uses his genius creations to enact revenge on the perceived Smug Supers of the world, when their only crime was not recognising his potential and (perhaps rightly, perhaps wrongly) trying to protect what they thought was a reckless kid who was in way over his head. Hence, he hates all "supers" equally, including ones he's never met or ones who weren't even alive to disparage him in the first instance. This leads to the horrifying implication that Pixar's most dangerous villain and the Caped Crusader himself aren't so different. If Bruce Wayne's life had sucked even more than it already did, who knows what he would've become?
    • This also applies to the other villains we see throughout the franchise as well. None of them have any super powers, just technology and the skills to make it work and be a threat.
    • And somewhat amazingly, the raccoon in Incredibles 2 qualifies. He's just a random woodland animal, and he puts up a credible fight against Jack-Jack the super-powered baby. (He actually does better in this department than Syndrome!)
    • The Screenslaver has no powers aside from his hypnosis technology and is really a hypnotized decoy who's actually a pizza delivery guy and yet he still gives Elastigirl a brutal fight when she tracks him down. Even Evelyn Devour admitted he put up a great fight.
    • Evelyn herself, even without the hypnosis tech, almost kills Elastigirl only through manueving a plane well-enough to where there's little to no oxygen.
    • No other pure human listed here holds a damn candle to Kari, the babysitter from Jack-Jack Attack who baby sits the Superpower Lottery Goo-Goo-Godlike Jack Jack for a whole night and survives. Keep in mind Syndrome the aforementioned non-super could not handle Jack Jack’s powers at all while Kari though it exhausts her handles the baby till morning. At one point she causally reacts to Jack Jack’s laser-like Eye Beams deflecting them with a mirror.
  • Emmet from The LEGO Movie. Yes, he becomes a Master Builder at the end, but he spent the majority of the movie without powers, and during that time, he accidentally defeated a squadron of Skeletrons, escaped from Bad Cop, built the double-decker couch that save his and his friend's lives, and managed to defeat Lord Business without using his powers.
  • Princess Mononoke:
    • In a world containing spirits, gods, and a warrior-prince with a possessed super-powered arm, San is just a girl with a spear, knife, and wolf... who can scale 30-foot walls.
    • Lady Eboshi, as a female leader in a patriarchal society, only has intelligence and charisma on her side. By the end of the movie, she's taken on everyone up to and including the god of the forest, and he's the only one who got the best of her. And she survives that confrontation.
  • White Snake (2019): Xuan is a normal human that manages to keep up with all the supernatural characters in the movie via his agility and guile.
  • In Turning Red, Jin is the only one in Mei's immediate family who has no supernatural or mystical powers or talents, and yet, he quickly springs into action and hustles to draw an enormous perfect circle with a line marker around a rampaging kaiju who could have very well stomped him into paste.

  • Red Panda Adventures:
    • Outside of the Red Panda's use of hypnosis, neither he nor his sidekick the Flying Squirrel have any significant superpowers to speak of. Their success as crimefighters and superheroes comes from constant training, cunning minds, and gadgets that allow for feats ranging from Wall Crawling to resisting and countering magical attack. They can reliably handle anything that isn't a flat out Kaiju.
    • The Red Panda also has a network of agents, men and women who act as his eyes and ears and have fought alongside him both figuratively and literally. In the book "The Android Assassins", several of them are the first line of defense against Captain Clockwork's robot army and, during World War II, many of those same agents formed a unit that gained a reputation for doing impossible things behind enemy lines and, for much of that time, any superhero help they got was either incidental or the acts of an amnesiac Red Panda.
  • Arthur Lester from Malevolent is a normal human with no special powers, but he's still able to go toe to toe with various unspeakable creatures far larger and stronger than he is.

  • Any analytical player with the Villager role in Comic Fury Werewolf arguably counts. If they catch the Werewolves, they almost certainly do. If they consistently catch the Werewolves, they definitely do. As such, Ranger used to be one, but later lost his touch.
  • In Darwin's Soldiers The nonpowered heroes (villains) usually put up a decent fight against the augmented villains (heroes). They sometimes win. Trinity deserves a special mention. A normal human, she simultaneously fights someone with robotic arms, someone with pyrokinetic powers, and someone with not one but two Psychic Powers: telekinesis, and electrokinesis. Oh yeah, she beats them all at the same time.
  • As opposed to the main cast, Agent Travers from Dawn of a New Age: Oldport Blues has no powers to her name. She makes up for it with power nullifiers and years of physical training. When Melissa tries to stab her, she swipes the girl in the neck before she can even blink.
  • In Equestria Chronicles, earth ponies hold their own against magical unicorns and flying pegasi.
  • Fire Emblem on Forums:
    • Chains of Horai: By default, any non-Gnosis wielder who doesn't also use Mahou and can go toe-to-toe with Gnosis wielders. Hisao Hosokawa, the Cursed Rooster and Todoroki's sensei Hitoshi Tokiwa are mentioned to be among the rare few skilled enough to match even Gnosis wielders in battle.
  • In The Gamer's Alliance, several heroes and villains have no special or magical powers and yet they've shown their skills many times against stronger opponents.
  • The forum RP Insane Cafe 3: The Curse of the Haunted Hotel has a a group of characters known as the "Pelvanida Group". They are a group of scientists and soldiers who kill a group of very powerful mages with nothing more than a shitload of guns and explosives.
  • The Nationstates forum RP "Elementals" has Eric Lumen. Possessing none of the elemental magic of his companions, he gets by being a stupidly talented swordsman who has been swinging a sword longer than most of the cast have been alive.

    • Mazeka is "just" a Matoran, but he can kick any ass he wants.
    • To a lesser degree, Jaller and Kongu, who are also Matoran, though they both later became Toa.
    • The Barraki, who aside from some unique abilities granted to them by their mutations in the Pit only had strength, durability, speed, intelligence, and literal armies of sea creatures to go on compared to the Piraka. The fans loved them for being terrifying marine monsters with surprisingly complex personalities who came off as just as, if not even more threatening, than many other villains.
    • Hydraxon. No elemental powers. No Kanohi mask. Just unmatched lethality with every known weapon in the world, and that's more than enough for him to go toe-to-toe with the entire Toa Mahri, be entrusted with keeping the deadliest criminals in the universe locked up, and training the Toa Mata before they lost their memories. In fact, he was so badass, the Mask of Life chose to transform the Matoran Dekar into a new version of him.
    • The Matoran Resistance: Six Matoran One of whom is admittedly a Great Being, though no one else knows that, up against six guys who took down the Toa Nuva. They put up a pretty good fight. The Chronicler's Company, seven ordinary Matoran who hold off an army of infected Rahi beasts, also most definitely qualify, as do Sarda, Idris, and Defilak. Really, most if not all Matoran who aren't secondary characters-and even a few who are-qualify to some extent.
    • Tarduk, an Agori who's even less powerful than the above Matoran, and doesn't have any of the cool weapons that many of the others have, is a pretty good example.

    Web Animation 
  • Animator vs. Animation:
    • Victim from the first episode. He has no superpowers yet he put up a good fight to the point that the Animator had to close the program to defeat him: Normally, he just beats them up.
    • The Second Coming is another normal stick figure, yet he's still totally badass. Until it turns out he has superpowers and they just never awakened in him.
    • All four Fighting Stick Figures count. They don't have any superpowers, they just beat you up.
  • DEATH BATTLE! often has this dynamic, though even said supposedly Badass Normal characters all have feats well outside realm of reality:
    • Boba Fett vs. Samus Aran”. Boba the Badass Normal in this case loses. Despite having plenty of skills and feats especially in Legends to match Samus's enhanced abilities, Samus’s tech and weaponry far exceeds Boba’s on top of her just being more versatile in her Varia Suit. Boba at least puts up a better fight in the 2015 remake, even destroying a lot of Samus’s suit.
      • Played straight in Boba's much later apperance in “Boba Fett vs. Predator” where Boba wins, despite the Predator having alien super strength. The reason being, that while Yautjas are badass they haven't faced or defeated anything worse than Xenomoprhs while Boba has held his own againist Force Users like Darth Vader.
    • "Batman vs. Spider-Man". In this case, the Badass Normal loses. Batman has quite famously beaten superhuman opponents before, but this was with extensive research and tailoring his load-out to specially counter it. Under standard Death Battle conditions, fighters go in with no prior knowledge and iconic, standard equipment. Against an opponent who is even stronger, tougher and faster than a peak-condition human, who can also nullify his stealth and is just as clever as he is, Batman simply can't make up the difference in raw power.
    • Zigzagged in Batman’s following fights.
      • In “Batman vs. Captain America”. The Badass Normal Batman wins despite Cap being more or less superhuman. The reason being that on top of knowing more martial arts and having near equal strength feats The Dark Knight’s gadgets and ninja skill are too much for Steve under most circumstances especially since his only weapon is a shield.
      • In “Batman vs. Black Panther”. The Badass Normal Batman loses (again). This time it’s not simply a difference in strength, but in gadgets as Bruce had no way to bypass T’Challa Vibranium giving the King of Wakanda the advantage throughout.
      • In “Batman vs. Iron Man”. While both are true Badass Normals, Tony wins. In this case it was simply a matter of versatility of Powered Armour. Even granting Batman the Hellbat armour (which would’ve let him stomp Spidey and Black Panther) isn’t enough since Iron Man could not only match its might with the God Buster, but has a colossal amount of other suits at his disposal and is a much better hacker than Batman. Additionally while there was cases where Bruce could outfox Tony, the latter has equally proven his aptitude for tactics as well. To Batman’s credit, it was confirmed without suits he would’ve certainly killed Tony, being the far superior fighter.
    • "Guts vs. Nightmare". In this case, the Badass Normal wins. The given reason? It wouldn't at all be hyperbole to say that in his stories, Guts slaughters demonic entities far more terrifying and powerful than Nightmare on an almost daily basis, triumphing out of sheer dumb luck, ferocity and/or unstoppable willpower. A duel against Nightmare really would be just your average manga chapter for him.
    • "Solid Snake" vs. Sam Fisher". In this case, the Badass Normal loses. Sam has his Navy SEAL and Green Beret training, and he has superior technology and weapons. However, Snake is not only also trained by US SF, but is also cloned from the greatest soldier to have ever lived and has performance-enhancing nanomachines coursing through his veins. Combined with Snake's more... unorthodox tactics, and he manages to cinch it.
    • "Hercule Satan vs. Dan Hibiki". In this case, the Badass Normal wins. Hercule is Overshadowed by Awesome by the DBZ cast but can hold his own very well against other humans, while Dan is a joke even among normal humans. Hercule's feats are also far more impressive than Dan's, whose Ki Manipulation is inept. With this huge difference in competence, it was only a matter of time before Mr Satan finished off Dan (albeit accidentally).
    • "Yang Xiao Long vs. Tifa Lockhart". In this case, the Badass Normal (if you can call her that) loses. It is true that Tifa is more experienced and has more feats, and she also possesses a flowing and versatile martial art style that counters Yang's comparatively straightforward berserker punching. However, Yang's Semblance lets her greatly surpass Tifa's strength, and her Aura allows her to stand up to the worst Tifa can throw at her. With Tifa in turn being effectually a Glass Cannon, Yang's victory was only a matter of time and taking enough whacks. Note: this was before “Sephiroth vs. Vergil” and “Link Vs Cloud (2021)” where Death Battle fully embraced the JRPG nature of FFVII and fully treated gameplay and story the same. Ben himself admitted with this new research approach Tifa would likely massacre Yang.
    • "Green Arrow vs. Hawkeye" surprisingly Clint is less "normal" and more superhuman than Ollie, given he can wield a 250 pound bow which he can fire at a much faster rate than Oliver can with his bow. This on top of Hawkeye having things like Pym Particles arrows and Adamantium-tipped arrows which trumps Green Arrow's arseal of arrows.
    • "Cammy vs. Sonya". In this case the Badass Normal Sonya wins. While Cammy does have Psycho Power she simply (thanks to Chickification) is too low on Street Fighter power hierarchy whereas Sonya despite having no superpowers has several incredible strength feats and in-story thanks to being can defeat the likes of Sub-Zero, Scorpion and Quan-Chi in contrast to Cammy who's never outright beaten anyone stronger than Vega.
    • "Zoro vs. Erza". Zoro the Badass Normal in this case wins, despite Erza being a mage. In this case Zoro, was simply far too strong and tough for Erza to overcome with her magical weaponry and had greater speed as well. Also Erza's magic is finite and her trump card: the Simple Katana Armor took away her much needed defense allowing the swordsman to cut her up. Though to be fair Zoro's Haki and superhuman feats can hardly be considered normal in any stretch of the word.
    • "Lara Croft vs. Nathan Drake". Here Nathan was ultimately the more normal one and lost. While Nate was capable of inredible feats, Lara was still Wonder Woman compared to him being able to push around 100s of tons and destroy helicopters with one throw of her pickaxe. This was also on top of Lara having plenty of professional skills and training, unlike Nathan who besides some mentoring from Sully mostly just winned it in his adventures.
    • "Venom vs Bane". This time the Badass Normal Bane loses hard. While Bane does have a Super Serum to boost him slighty above Peak Human levels, he simply had no hope of matching or surviving Venom's phyiscal might which even when depowered could support a weight well in the 200 ton range. This is in addition to the versatility of the Symbiote which Bane despite being a Genius Bruiser had little chance of countering or findering a way to neutralise without prep-time.
    • "Leon Kennedy vs. Franky West". Here Frank was actually the more normal one and lost for it. While both lack superpowers and have both fought zombies, Leon was pound for pound simply more superhuman being capable of feats Frank couldn't do and had killed monsters well outside Frank's wheelhouse. Even granting Frank the Exo Suit wasn't enough to turn the tables.
    • "Shedder vs. Silver Samurai". This time the Badass Normal Shedder wins, while Harada was formidable and had mutant power, Shedder's massive variety of sklls and faster than the eye can track movement gave him the edge over Silver Samurai who's never been able to outright defeat Wolverine and had far less skills beyond swordplay. Played With though as Shedder still (in the animation at least) needed to become Super Shedder to actually kill the Sliver Samurai.
    • "Batman Beyond vs. Spiderman 2099". In this case the Badass Normal Terry wins, while Miguel had Spider-powers, he was also had sensitive eyesight which Terry could exploit and Terry's Batsuit made him a good deal stronger and faster than Miguel who isn't as strong as Peter is. Terry also had a massive advantage with Bruce being his Mission Control.
    • "Samurai Jack vs Afro Samurai". Here the Badass Normal Afro lost, as Jack was simply too superhumanly strong, fast and tough (partly thanks to some Cartoon Physics) unlike Afro while capable of some superhuman feats was still far more grounded in comparsion. Samurai Jack Season 5 would also affirms that Jack can no longer be considered a normal man being The Ageless, so Afro could hardly contend with that level of experience.
    • "Black Widow vs. Widowmaker" Natasha the Badass Normal (to a slow aging-peak human degree) wins againist the superhuman Widowmaker. In this case Natasha was simply too deadly up close for Amélie (who worked better at distance) to do anything about it, and much of Widowmaker's arsenal couldn't do much to slow Nat down. Also while Widowmaker was more overtly superhuman in nature, Black Widow was stronger being able to snap a man's neck with single kick.
    • "Nightwing vs. Daredevil". The Badass Normal Nightwing wins this time, while Matt had Super-Hearing, that also made him very susceptible to sonics, something a experienced crimefighter like Dick carries. Daredevil also produces electro waves from his radar sense, something Nightwing could detect with his scanning mask and being the prodical adoptive son of Batman stratgise againist.
    • Played With in "The Seven Battle Royale (The Boys (2019))". Badass Normal Billy Butcher does defeat Starlight and Queen Mauve, but only because he had the baby with Eye Beams to use as a kind of Wave-Motion Gun and he could've easily been smooshed into Ludicrous Libs at any point, which Homelander proves at the end. Granted to whole Battle Royale was just a promtion for the show and not supposed to taken seriously like "Omni-Man vs. Homelander".
    • "Winter Soldier vs. Red Hood". The Badass Normal Jason in this case loses. While Jason did have Venom to give him a strength boost, Bucky in addition to being already enhanced himself with the Infinity formula and cyborgnetic arm simply had nearly 80 decades of combat experience over Jason. It was essentially a high-tec and edgy Boy Wonder trying to contend with a vetern cyborg Super Solider.
    • "Batgirl vs Spider-Gwen". Much like the orginal "Batman vs. Spider-Man", the Badass Normal Barbara loses againist Spider-powered Gwen with the latter's strength and speed and Spider-Sense being far too much for Babs to handle without prep-time. Also while Barbara had more martial skills and experience as well as gadgets, Gwen could still safely rely on her enhanced abilites to counter them meaning Batgirl could only dely the inveitble.
    • Sanji vs. Rock Lee”. Here the Badass Normal Sanji wins. Though the Eight Gates amp Lee to explicitly superhuman levels, Sanji’s base strength and speed far eclipsed Lee’s abilities and only the Eighth Gate a Dangerous Forbidden Technique could make any difference and potentially put the cook down (as he's too tough otherwise) and even then Sanji’s sheer speed and reflexes make the likelihood of Lee landing a killing blow was fairly low. Additionally Sanji has things like Haki and the Raid Suit which does significantly push him out of the “Normal” camp especially the former, although it was confirmed in the analysis Sanji did not need the Raid Suit to survive against the Eighth Gate and beat Lee, it simply gave him an edge.
    • "Lex Luthor vs. Doctor Doom" the Badass Normal in this case Lex loses. While Lex had the plenty of gadgets to match Victor's and a slighty more impressive Powered Armour (which included a Motherbox) and speed advatnage, Doom was simply more powerful where it mattered being a sorcerer in addition to having Iron Man-level tech skill. Even if Lex took a Everyman serum which gives Kyrptonian powers (abolishing his Badass Normal status) it wouldn't be enough to kill the doctor whose armour has survived beatdowns from the likes of Hulk and Sentry and Lex even with Superman's abilites couldn't counter Doom's more out there gizmos like his Chrome Transmuter, Antimatter Extrapolator and Ovoid Mind Transfer.
    • "Link vs. Cloud (2021)". This time Link the Badass Normal (though he's kinda far from normal) loses. While Link was a Jack of All Trades with his Hyperspace Arsenal, Cloud being enhanced simply had the raw stat advantage being significantly faster and tougher than the hero of Hyrule on top of having the Materia i.e magic counter all of Link's tricks. Even having Link enhance himself by donning the Fierce Deity mask wasn't enough to overwhelm Cloud in combat. Played straighter in their first match back in 2012 where Link was able to pull through due to being Weak, but Skilled compared to Cloud.
    • "Harley Quinn vs. Jinx". Harley the Badass Normal in this case loses. While enhanced to a degree thanks to Ivy, compared to Jinx who has genuine superhuman physiology and incredible feats and plenty of MMORPG abilites Harley simply can't keep up. Additionally Harley's most effective weapons: her Joker toxins, have no effect on Jinx who's grown up breathing in poisonous chemicals to the point of being acclimatised to it.
    • "Tanjiro vs. Jonathan Joestar". The Badass Normal Tanjiro loses. Although the Breathing Arts in many respects stretch Tanjiro towards the boundaries of a Badass Normal compared to Jonathan who has Hamon which is a Swiss-Army Superpower on top of his already monstrous superhuman strength and speed, Tanjiro's more modest abilites couldn't stack up. Helping Jonathan's case, is that even before he got Hamon he could defeat DIO whose powers are on level of Demon Slayer's Muzan Kibutsuji if not greater, so even at the base level Jonathan was simply too much for Tanjiro.
    • "James Bond vs. John Wick". Much like Snake vs Sam Fisher, while both are Badass Normals, 007 has far more superhuman feats and has defeated actual superhuman characters like Jaws. Also while John is undoubtly a Made of Iron killing machine, he still exists in grounded universe whereas Bond's world is far more Sci-Fi with his numerous gadgets being something John can't counter no matter how tough he is.
    • "Jason vs. Michael Myers". Here the Michael the Badass Normal loses. While like Jason, Michael is inhuman enough to walk off getting shot repeatedly and has Offscreen Teleportation, he still has human limits to what he can bounce back from whlist Jason is SCP Foundation-level unkillable. For example, Michael explictly cannot surivive decapitation and needed to swap himself with a paramedic to survive Laruie lopping his head off, while Jason has come back from having his head blown by the military.
  • Dreamscape:
    • Compared to his friends, Dylan is very lacking in special powers, but as Keela points out in "An Unofficial Tournament", he makes up for it with his wit and determination.
    • Betty has no inherit special powers, especially when you look at her Wicked Witch sister, Melinda. However, Betty can still fight among the best of 'em.
  • Red vs. Blue: The Freelancer Project tried to create the forty-nine most skilled and powerful human fighters alive, each paired with an armour enhancement and A.I. to empower them even further. Due to a tragic experience with A.I. in his past, Agent Washington refuses to use any armour enhancements or A.I., and relies solely on skill, tactics and sheer willpower. Despite this, he's still considered one of the most elite, dangerous fighters alive, and never ranked lower than sixth in the Freelancer Project, even when surrounded by enhanced colleagues.
  • RWBY: The Huntsman Academies train elite fighters by teaching them how to use both Aura and Semblance in battle. However, there are a few characters who can fight on a par with Huntsman-level fighters despite having no Semblance.
    • Roman Torchwick was never able to unlock his Semblance, but he's a powerful enough fighter to be able to fight elite Huntsman studenties like Team RWBY. Even when Blake and Sun try to double-team him, he can fight them off.
    • Mercury can fight without a Semblance and even win Vytal Festival tournament fights without one. He has no trouble fighting Yang despite this. His Semblance was stolen from him by his own father and was never restored to him when his father died.
    • Watts made a choice to not try and unlock his own Semblance as he felt it would take time away from the computer skills he wished to master instead. Despite this, he is one of Salem's top subordinates, making him capable of fighting Huntsman opponents when necessary. In Volume 7, he goes toe-to-toe with General Ironwood and very nearly wins; he is defeated only by Ironwood's intense resolve to win no matter what injuries he has to suffer in the process.

    Web Videos 
  • In Carmilla the Series, humans have been shown repeatedly to be absolutely no match for vampires in a standup fight. Enter Sherman Hollis, Laura's dad, who has formulated a pepper spray that works on vampires. In his first appearance he drives off the vampirized Danny Lawrence, who physically overpowers Carmilla Karnstein as much as Carmilla overpowered her when she was human.
  • Diath in Dice, Camera, Action! holds his own against vampires and giants despite being the only non-magic party member.
  • Hero House has several examples, which is unsurprising, as it features the entire Batfamily, and several of their rogues.
  • JoJo's Copyright-Free Adventures: This version of Mista has only a gun, and no Stand. He still manages to do the same things he did in canon.
  • In the NatOne Productions story-line, The Last Stage, each of the main characters is really nothing more than a Red Shirt. Despite this, they successfully tackle a surprising number of lethally dangerous paranormal enemies. That's not to say there aren't casualties...


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