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This page contains unmarked spoilers. You Have Been Warned!
"Everything is awesome!"note 

Wyldstyle: You found the Piece of Resistance, and the prophecy states that you are the most important, most talented, most interesting, and most extraordinary person in the universe. That's you, right?
Emmet: Uhhh... yes, that's me.

We're gonna describe The LEGO Movie Here? AWESOME!!!

The LEGO Movie is a 2014 CGI animated film (done in the style of stop-motion animation) directed by Phil Lord, Christopher Miller, and Chris McKay based upon the LEGO franchise. Animal Logic animates the film.

In a universe made entirely out of LEGO bricks, Emmet Brickowski (Chris Pratt) is a perfectly normal, regular old construction worker who lives every day of his life happy and upbeat, always making sure to follow the instructions. One day, he crosses paths with a strange figure by the name of Wyldstyle (Elizabeth Banks), and awakens with a mysterious red object attached to his back. It turns out he's in possession of the legendary Piece of Resistance, which an individual known as "the Special" was foretold to find and save the universe with.

Unfortunately, this makes Emmet the target of Lord Business (Will Ferrell), the CEO of the monopolistic Octan Corporation who plans to destroy the universe using an immensely powerful weapon that can only be stopped by the Piece of Resistance. Our hero realizes he's in way over his head, and thus seeks help from the old, wise scatterbrain known as Vitruvius (Morgan Freeman), as well as many other Master Builders, people with the power to disassemble and reassemble their surroundings to create anything they imagine.

The film also features Will Arnett, Liam Neeson, Nick Offerman, Charlie Day, and Alison Brie as prominent members of its supporting cast. There are also scattered celebrity cameos among the LEGO figurines, such as Channing Tatum as Superman and Jonah Hill as Green Lantern. Cobie Smulders also gets a minor role as the first portrayal of Wonder Woman in a feature film.

A lot of the film's humor comes from jokes that can be done with LEGO Toys, like the similar LEGO Adaptation Game series — which even has a game based on this film, and whose director (as well as the director of most of the LEGO games) executive produced this film. It's also worth noting that this film is the first to come from Warner Bros.' Warner Animation Group division. Watch the first trailer here, and the second trailer here.

A sequel was released in 2019, and two 2017 spin offs; The LEGO Batman Movie and The LEGO Ninjago Movie. A television show spin-off centered around the Uni-Kitty character simply called Unikitty! had also been green-lit to air on Cartoon Network in 2017. Lord and Miller would also revisit the Lego universe, albeit briefly, in 2023's Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse.

The LEGO Movie provides AWESOME examples of:

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    Tropes # to D 
  • 11th-Hour Superpower: After his brush with Finn and The Man Upstairs, Emmet becomes a Master Builder, acquires the Awesomeness by Analysis on the identity of every brick he lays eyes on (like with WyldStyle and the super-motorcycle), and throws together a Humongous Mecha out of construction machines in seconds flat, and begins smashing up Micromanagers.
  • Abnormal Ammo:
    • During the Cloud Cuckoo Land battle, the police have guns that fire wads of bubblegum, ensnaring anyone they hit.
    • Any of the thrown artifact weapons can count as this, since the rest of the world is LEGO.
  • Absurdly Sharp Blade: The Sword of Exact Zero, a.k.a. an X-acto knife. Justified because it's made of metal while almost everything else in the world is plastic.
  • Accent Upon The Wrong Syllable:
    • The pronunciation of 90% of the artifacts is skewed to make them sound more epic. For example, nail polish remover becomes "the Poh-leesh remover of Na-eel".
  • Acting Unnatural: Emmet's attempt to blend in when he enters the saloon in the old west world.
  • Action Film, Quiet Drama Scene: About three or so, including The Reveal.
  • Action Girl: Wyldstyle and Princess Uni-kitty at the very end.
  • Actor Allusion:
  • Adaptational Wimp: Many of the Master Builders. Superman is restrained with handcuffs. Partly justified, since they're LEGO versions, rather than the actual characters. In and out of universe.
  • Adaptation Expansion: The video game tie-in expands many of the scenes from the movie.
  • Adaptation Explanation Extrication: Emmet talking to Lord Business in the finale and convincing him to do a Heel–Face Turn is kept in the Junior Novel and Video Game, but the context for why (The Man Upstairs making amends with his son after realizing Lord Business is modeled after him) isn't. Interestingly, the video game keeps the Plot Twist from the film, but still removes almost everything about The Man Upstairs, instead just having Finn find Emmet, and then abruptly send him back.
  • Advertised Extra: The Green Ninja was featured in the poster above, yet in the movie doesn't get any lines and gets captured along with the rest of the master builders before they can do anything plot relevant.
  • Aerith and Bob: Wyldstyle and Emmet. Subverted, when we find out Wyldstyle's real name is Lucy.
    Emmet: Your name is Wyldstyle? What, are you a DJ?
  • An Aesop:
    • Creativity shouldn't be stifled.
    • Everybody has the potential to be really awesome and special, but when we are special as a team, that's when the truly amazing things happen.
    • Being anti-mainstream doesn't make you superior.
    • It's great to be creative and unique, but you still need to be able to follow instructions and work with others when necessary.
    • All creativity must come from a source. Therefore, pure creativity is metaphysically impossible; it's always based off something someone else has done. So there's no shame in taking inspiration.
    • And from the ending just because you're a super powerful corporate production entity that owns everything people like, "you don't have to be the bad guy." Companies don't need to be so defensive of their IP that they become bitter and aggressive towards fans which try to build upon them and twist them in new ways. The fandom brings additional value to the table and all of it is in celebration of what the original creators have made, we can all be on the same team when it comes to media appreciation even under capitalism.
  • Anti Climax Cut: A running gag is made of dramatic buildups set to swelling music and sweeping set motions only to cut to a distant shot of the set pieces being bluntly moved around against a hand drawn with mouth sounds like someone's playing with them.
  • Air Quotes: During Emmet's first encounter with the Good Cop/Bad Cop, the latter thinks that Emmet is lying, but sarcastically says that he believes him, while making air quotes. By awkwardly rotating his claw hands.
    Bad Cop: I "believe" you too. You see the quotations I'm making with my claw hands? It means I DON'T believe you!
  • Affably Evil: Good Cop isn't that much less evil than Bad Cop (Kragling his parents being the exception), but he's a heck of a lot nicer.
  • Affectionate Parody: The movie frequently (though not completely) parodies summer blockbuster movies. The fact that everything's Built with LEGO helps, as even the most spectacular explosions and overloaded action sequences end up becoming sillier as a result. Especially the scene with the real-life kid, which Emmet views as an Attack of the 50-Foot Whatever.
  • Allegory Adventure: The movie notably toys with this trope. The entire plot of the film is presented In-Universe as a metaphor for Finn's playtime in his dad's study, which explains why the ancient "relics" of human artifacts can appear alongside LEGO bricks. However, Emmet, complete with mental voiceover, is able to consciously move himself in this world, albeit with great difficulty. It's left to the viewer's interpretation whether or not the whole movie took place in Finn's head, or if the world of LEGO is its own universe that Finn and Dad can just manipulate.
  • Alliterative Name: Various background characters like Cardio Carrie, Sir Stackabrick, Gallant Guard, Sharon Shoehorn, Frank the Foreman, and likely others too.
  • Almost Holding Hands: Emmet often comes close to holding/grabbing Wyldstyle's hand (who is the object of his affection), but circumstances keep intervening to cause them not to hold hands.
  • Alternate Universe: The LEGO World to the Real World. While the events of the film and actions of the protagonists seem to be heavily influenced by Finn's actions at his father's LEGO set, Emmet still possesses his own thoughts when he falls into the Real World, and even wills himself to move at one point, independent of Finn or his father. The two worlds are separate, but apparently run parallel to each other, with whatever happens in the Real World affecting what happens in the LEGO world. The inverse also appears to be true, as Finn's father realizes his son's work when Emmet points it out to President Business.
  • And I Must Scream:
    • Lord Business's plan is to use the Kragle to stick everyone in place, so no one can "mess with" them.
    • Emmet gets hit with this when he's transformed into an inanimate LEGO minifig in the real world.
    • The "Think Tank", which is where Lord Business holds all of the captured Master Builders and plugs them into a computer database that forces them to create new LEGO designs for him.
  • And Starring: The CBB has "With Liam Neeson and Morgan Freeman."
  • And the Adventure Continues: "We are fwom the pwanet Duplo, and we awe hewe to... destwoy you!" Cue Oh, Crap! and credits.
  • Animated Actors: In an odd variant, the "Behind the Bricks" featurette shows that the characters are not only all acting, they're also all fully aware of the Celebrity Voice Actors that voice them, and of the fact that they are all toys — sort of. It's weird.
    Wyldstyle: The whole world is created out of LEGO bricks — or as I like to call them, "bricks" — and populated with LEGO figurines — or as they should be called, "people".
    Batman: We got two directors Phil and Chris, really, really talented guys... Big, though. I mean, they towered over us. Basically freaks.
    Wyldstyle: They would pick us up, and physically move us across the set! Not cool! I mean, it's not like I'm a prop or something.
  • Applied Phlebotinum: Any LEGO piece in this world can change identity and function depending on the construction and their builders' imaginations.
  • Archnemesis Dad: "The Man Upstairs" is this to Finn, who scolds him for playing with his figures and universe, as well as puts up "Do Not Touch" signs in his basement.
  • Arc Symbol: Hands are frequently shown to coincide the film's themes/aesops such as "one could build anything if one believes they can" (self-respect) and "joining hands" (unity).
  • Arc Words:
    • "See everything" is used repeatedly to refer to the power of the Master Builders to see the potential in the pieces around them.
    • Lord Business's obsession with keeping everything "how it is supposed to be." His words are then mimicked exactly by The Man Upstairs as he begins to glue the sets together.
    • "Now it's your turn to be the hero." Finn says that to Emmet during his vision, and Emmet says it to Wyldstyle before his Heroic Sacrifice.
    • Everything is Awesome.
    • The power of the Special is... you're special.
  • Arm Cannon: Metal Beard has at least two of these mounted on his left arm. Unlike some examples these are literal powder-and-cannonball-based cannons!
  • Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking: When listing the dangers of the evil HQ, the list include lasers, traps, robots, and overbearing secretaries.
  • Art Shift: The end credits are the one part of the movie where genuine stop motion is featured.
  • Artifact of Doom: The mythic-styled names of several Relics make them this due to the manner in which Lord Business uses them, with the Kragle being the most prominent. The Master Builders really have no countermeasure to most of them. Check Call a Rabbit a "Smeerp" for a list of several.
  • Artificial Limbs: Metal Beard, by virtue of most of his body being rebuilt.
  • Artistic License – Chemistry: The mineral spirits The Man Upstairs uses to un-Kragle the LEGO universe at the end would almost certainly remove the paint used to give minifigs their faces and clothing details, in the same way Lord Business uses nail polish remover to remove Bad Cop's "Good" face. We can safely assume that, being a LEGO connoisseur, he was probably careful with the stuff.
  • Ascended Meme: In the "Behind the Bricks" featurette, Vitruvius talks about how great it is that he's voiced by Morgan Freeman, noting the famous joke that "that man could read the phone book and make it sound interesting." He then proceeds to do just that.
    Vitruvius: 555, three four nine two. Mmm. Just listen to that rich molasses.
  • Ascend to a Higher Plane of Existence: Emmet did, and gets to see the big picture before being sent back.
  • Ascended Extra: The Octan brand itself. For years they were only used in situations involving gasoline (prior to 1992 the real gas station Shell had been in that position). Here it's a Mega-Corp than controls the entire world under Lord Business' leadership (also crossing into Adaptational Villainy).
  • As Himself: Shaquille O'Neal.
  • Attention Deficit... Ooh, Shiny!: This:
    Wyldstyle: You wanna know why I like Batman? He's dark and brooding.
    Emmet: Yeah? Well I'm dark and brooding too— [looks out the window] Hey guys, look, a rainbow!
  • Attentive Shade Lowering: When Lord Business's Cube Ship flies over Bricksburg, one of the citizens in the coffee shop lowers his shades and points his phone towards the action.
  • Author Filibuster: Directly invoked in the story itself. When discovering his kid's creations and the climactic confrontation between Emmet and Lord Business, Finn's dad asks him to tell him what Emmet would say to the villain. Cut back to the LEGO world, where Emmet gives his speech asking Business to change his mind.
  • Award-Bait Song: The unplugged version of "Everything is Awesome" could be seen as a parody of these.
  • Awesome, but Impractical: Tying into Order Versus Chaos, it directly opposes Boring, but Practical in this world. The things made by the Master Builders are very creative but often unstable as each MB does their own thing while building; by contrast, the things made by President Business are dull and drab but work perfectly. It represents the difference between Finn's creativity and his dad's perfectionism. When Emmet unlocks his Master Builder powers, the Humongous Mecha he makes out of construction vehicles is awesome, looking like something off-the-wall that a Master Builder would make but hardy and powerful enough literally to smash through a swarm of Micromanagers like a wrecking ball.
  • Awesomeness by Analysis: Part of Master Builders' skill set. They instinctively know the names and catalog numbers of all LEGO pieces, and how to fit them together to achieve their goals.
  • "Awkward Silence" Entrance: Happens when Emmet first enters the saloon and tries to act natural.
  • Badass Driver: Not only is Wyldstyle good at creating cars/motorcycles, she's also very adept at driving them, if the chase scene is anything to go by.
  • The Bad Guys Are Cops: Every robot cop falls under this, as does Bad Cop naturally.
  • Bathos: All over the place. The scene where Lord Business forces Bad Cop/Good Cop to Kragle his parents is a prime example. On the surface, it's hilarious because it's framing Krazy Glue as the most awful thing ever and half the scene is Liam Neeson literally arguing with himself, but it's also genuinely horrifying and tragic because you're watching a man visibly struggling with the decision to erase part of his own identity and inflict a Fate Worse than Death on his own parents.
  • Beam Spam: The volume of fire that the bad guys can produce from their laser guns is a sight to behold. Thankfully for our heroes, their aim sucks.
  • Beat Without a "But": When the council of Master Builders is dismayed that the alleged chosen one appears to be some random guy with no extraordinary skills, Emmett acknowledges his faults, but takes so long on listing them that none of the Master Builders care to hear the next part trying to be positive.
    Emmett: Yes, it's true, I may not be a Master Builder, I may not have a lot of experience fighting or leading or coming up with plans, or having ideas in general, in fact, I'm not all that smart, and I'm not what you'd call a creative type, plus, generally unskilled, also, scared and cowardly. I know what you're thinking: "He is the least qualified person in the world to lead us!" And you are right!
    Swamp Creature: This is supposed to make us feel better?
    Emmet: What th—? No, there was about to be a "but"...
    Gandalf: You're a butt!
  • Be Careful What You Wish For:
    • While Finn is pleased his father will finally allow him to play with the giant LEGO sets, for the sake of being fair, he will also allow Finn's younger sister to play, too. Cue the MASSIVE Oh, Crap! from both Finn and Emmet and company, especially when his sister's creatures appear as aliens invading Bricksburg, in some form of Sugar Apocalypse.
    • During the motorcycle chase scene, this happens.
      Emmet: AAAAHH, I WANNA GO HOME!!
      [a truck swerves and drops a house in Emmet's path]
  • Because Destiny Says So: Spoofed when Vitruvius says the prophecy had to be true, because it rhymed.
  • Becoming the Mask: Emmet, even after he realizes that the Prophecy was completely made up, he ends up becoming the hero.
  • Berserk Button: Do NOT call Vitruvius an old man.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: Uni-Kitty becomes pretty badass in the film's climax, destroying a series of Micromanagers by eating them and ramming into them with her horn.
  • Big Bad: President/Lord Business, who plans to freeze the world into perfection with the Kragle-powered Tentacle Arm Kragle Outside Sprayer, or TAKOS with a silent "s".
  • Big Damn Heroes:
    • When Emmet is about to get melted to death by the police, Lucy appears out of nowhere to save him.
    • When Emmet, Lucy and Vitruvius are supposedly falling to their deaths, Batman comes out of nowhere to save them.
  • Bigger on the Inside:
    • The house that Emmet drives through on the freeway. The stairs are too small to accommodate the width of the motorcycle, there shouldn't be enough room on the staircase to let it turn 90 degrees, and the dimensions inside the house are way bigger than the exterior would allow. The movie gets away with it because it all happens in first-person POV.
    • The underseat coolers of the double-decker couch can each fit a whole Master Builder.
  • Big Brother Is Watching: Big billboards with the words "I've got my eye on you!" written on them are seen.
  • Big Damn Movie: To the LEGO franchise in general.
  • Big Entrance:
    • President Business walks through doors with a dramatic burst and smoke trailing along the floor. He has his people arrange it ahead of time.
    • Uni-Kitty also has one with her leaping out of nowhere and saying "Hieeeee!"
  • Big "NO!": From Wyldstyle, first when Lord Business throws the Piece into the abyss, and then when Emmet rolls himself and plunges out the window into the abyss. Even funnier is that they recycled the first audio clip for the second instance.
  • Bilingual Bonus: The TAKOS (see Fun with Acronyms below) looks like a bunch of giant tentacles. "Tako" in Japanese means "octopus".
  • Black Bead Eyes: Everyone except Vitruvius after he loses his eyesight.
  • Black Cloak: Wyldstyle looks like she's wearing one of these whenever she has her hood up.
  • Black Dude Dies First: Vitruvius. In fact, he's the only character that dies in the whole movie, not counting the robots (and one pig that explodes into hotdogs). He does come back as a ghost, though.
  • Blah, Blah, Blah: While Wyldstyle explains to Emmet about the LEGO universe, Emmet ogles at her and quits paying attention to what she's saying, and her words become "Blah blah blah. Proper name. Place name. Backstory stuff..."
  • Bland-Name Product: In Emmet's apartment at the beginning of the film, a sign can be seen advertising "A Popular Band". Adding to this, all four members of the band are physically identical.
  • The Blank: President Business rubs off Good Cop's face so Bad Cop won't be hindered by his morality. Luckily, Bad Cop later crudely restores it with a marker upon his Heel–Face Turn.
  • Bloodless Carnage: They're LEGO minifigs, so things that would gore a human just result in G-rated Amusing Injuries. Most notable of these is Vitruvius, who is decapitated and dies, but it's quite funny. And it doesn't last long, either.
  • Boarding Party: Metal Beard does this at least once, to get from some clouds to his ship.
  • Boring, but Practical: Tying into Order Versus Chaos, it directly opposes Awesome, but Impractical in this world. The things made by the Master Builders are very creative but often unstable as each MB does their own thing while building; by contrast, the things made by President Business are dull and drab but work perfectly. It represents the difference between Finn's creativity and his dad's perfectionism. When Emmet unlocks his Master Builder powers, the Humongous Mecha he makes out of construction vehicles is awesome, looking like something off-the-wall that a Master Builder would make but hardy and powerful enough literally to smash through a swarm of Micromanagers like a wrecking ball.
  • Brand X: Everything in Bricksburg is hilariously generic. The name of the city's sports team? Sports Team.
  • Bread and Circuses: Basically everything in Bricksburg runs on this, most obvious when Emmet seems disturbed by President Business offhandedly mentioned people who oppose him "being put to sleep", sees a clip of Where Are My Pants?, laughs, and forgets what he was talking about.
  • Bread, Eggs, Breaded Eggs: According to Captain Metalbeard, Octan Tower's security systems include lasers, sharks, and laser sharks. Counts as a Shout-Out to Austin Powers.
  • Bread, Eggs, Milk, Squick:
    • Emmet initially doesn't believe President Business is a bad guy. After all:
      Emmet: But he's such a good guy. And Octan... they make good stuff: music, dairy products, coffee, TV shows, surveillance systems, all history books, voting machineswait a minute.
    • Vitruvius' description of Middle Zealand quickly descends into this.
      Vitruvius: This is Middle Zealand, a wondrous land, full of knights, castles, mutton, torture-works, poverty, illiteracy and, uh...
      Virtruvius: Yeah.
  • Breaking the Fourth Wall: After we see Emmet fall into the great big Hole of Nothingness, the next place he shows is on the concrete floor of someone's basement, in the real world. From there, frozen, Emmet watches as a little kid plays with him and his friends in a rather fantastic style, and we see the entire movie has been the product of this kid's imagination (supplying logic to the weirder plot points of the movie preceding this moment). The movie uses this continuing exchange between animation and live action to give the audience the experience of playing with LEGO.
  • Breakout Character:
  • Break the Cutie: Uni-Kitty mourning the destruction of Cloud Cuckoo Land is by far one of the longest and most serious moments of actual, genuine drama in the film. Like, a whole fifteen seconds!
  • Brick Joke:note 
    • When outlining his plan to defeat the Kragle, Emmet notices that Vitruvius has added an extra slide showing the Kragle and Emmet exploding. When Emmet protests, Vitruvius responds that there's a small chance that the Kragle might explode upon connecting to the Piece of Resistance. Later, when Lord Business takes the Piece, Emmet jokingly warns that it and the Kragle might explode. Sure enough, it does explode a few seconds after being united... because Lord Business put it back into the machine, which promptly malfunctioned with the capped Kragle.
    • A more subtle (and literal) one: when Wyldstyle first tells Emmet to try building something, his first instinct is to combine two useless bricks and throw it at the cop cars. Later, during Wyldstyle's rousing speech, a Bricksburg citizen combines two similar pieces with the same enthusiasm as Emmet had earlier.
    • One of the first things Batman shows off to the party is the Batmobile's sound system. How does he stall Lord Business' Evil Plan? Make them install a sound system.
    • Lord Business says there will be a celebration for Taco Tuesday. The city is later attacked by robot TAKOS. At the end of the film, The Man Upstairs tells Finn that it's Taco Tuesday for dinner.
    • When Emmet and Wyldstyle first meet Vitruvius, he tells them to meet him upstairs in his room in 10 seconds, and they do that after a time card saying "10 seconds later..." The same thing happens when Wyldstyle tells the gang to meet her downstairs in the broadcasting room of the Octan Tower in 10 seconds.
  • Broken Aesop: Finn may have convinced his father to have fun with LEGO, but he's none too happy his little sister — who uses Duplo sets — is going to be invited to play with them.
  • Built with LEGO: Not only are the characters LEGO minifigures and everything around them is built out of LEGO blocks, but things like liquids, smoke, fire, lasers, explosions, and even the motion blur are all made of LEGO pieces. The only things that aren't are the occasional "relics". And the humans in the live-action sequence, of course.
  • …But He Sounds Handsome: Part of Emmet's plan near the end is to have Batman crash Lord Business' meeting as his alter ego Bruce Wayne. Batman's response:
    Batman: Bruce Wayne? Uh, who's that guy? Sounds like a cool guy!
  • Butt-Monkey: Green Lantern doesn't make many appearances, but is portrayed as a bit of an idiot and being innocently annoying to Superman when he does appear. One can't help but wonder if it's because Warner Bros. is still bitter about his movie under-performing...
  • Call a Rabbit a "Smeerp": Every one of the mysterious relics qualifies as this.
    • The Cloak of Ban'Daeed: This garment entraps any who touch it. (A dirty band-aid.)
    • The Kragle: A terrifying substance that, when weaponized, can end the LEGO World. (A tube of Krazy Glue with some of the letters scratched off.)
    • The Piece of Resistance: A mythic item that can neutralize the Kragle. (The cap to the Krazy Glue tube.)
    • The Po'leesh Remover of Nah'eel: A liquid that can destroy a person's face, leaving them as The Blank. (A bottle of nail polish remover.)
    • The Fleece-Crested Scepter of Que-Teep: When combined with the Po'leesh Remover of Nah'eel, it can remove a person's face. (A Q-Tip.)
    • The Orb of Ti-Teleest: A sphere that destroys all in its path. (A Titleist brand golf ball.)
    • The Sword of Exact Zero: A blade that can cleave anything. (An X-Acto razor.)
  • Call-Back: When we first see Uni-Kitty, she leaps out of nowhere and says "Hieeeee!". She does the same thing when the gang crashes the Where Are My Pants studio.
  • The Cameo: Since LEGO owns the licenses to various properties, it means that various figures can appear within the film.
  • Camera Abuse: As they're driving through Middle Zealand, Batman does a tight turn and splashes the camera with LEGO dirt.
  • Capitalism Is Bad: This trope is played with. President/Lord Business, whose name by itself invokes this trope, has several posters/screens emphasizing obeying President Business (particularly buying products made by his company), as well as the surprising suppression of creativity, or then at least his standards of perfection. The city of which Emmet is a resident of are portrayed as sheeple who blindly accept such a plutocratic society, which would be consistent with Socialist and other Anti-capitalist propaganda. However, it is actually invoked in-universe by Finn, of which Mr. Business is an Expy of his father (AKA The Man Upstairs) and is a criticism of the latter stifling the former's creativity due to conflicting with Finn's father's perfectionist ideals.
  • Captain Colorbeard: Metal in this case.
  • Casting Gag:
  • Celebrity Paradox: Some minifigs featured in the movie, such as Wyldstyle and Good Cop/Bad Cop, didn't exist prior to this movie being made, as the tie-in toys were made based on this movie. Which means The Man Upstairs bought LEGO sets based on the movie he's in.
  • Central Theme: Imagination and how anyone can build a brighter future.
  • Chariot Pulled by Cats: In the final battle, Emmet's Crazy Cat Lady neighbor Mrs. Scratchen-Post can be seen driving a chariot pulled by her herd of cats.
  • Cheek Copy: A pair of Robot Mooks try to photocopy their butts. Unfortunately for them, the copier is actually Metalbeard in disguise.
  • Chekhov's Gun:
    • Where Are My Pants? is an extremely popular television show. Wyldstyle later hijacks a broadcast to show all of Emmet's deeds to get everyone to rally up and to unlock their imagination.
    • The only idea Emmet ever had before becoming the Special, the double-decker couch, turns out to be a functional escape pod when their submarine is sunk.
  • Chekhov's Skill: Emmet's talent for convincing motivational speeches, displayed first with the Master Builders and then on Metalbeard's ship, not only inspires Wyldstyle to make one of her own but also serves as Lord/President Business's motivation for his Heel–Face Turn.
  • Child Prodigy: Finn, to a great extent. He not only has complete control over the LEGO world — albeit unknowingly — but has managed to turn an ordinary cardboard tube into a fully functioning portal between the two worlds. Plus, the many LEGO creations he's made are on the level of professional LEGO builders. And he's only eight and a half. Kid's got talent.
  • The Chosen Many: Emmet ultimately tells Lord Business that he's also the Special because he has the creative potential to change the world for the better. This also happens to all the regular minifigs throughout all the realms after Wyldstyle has her epiphany and mobilizes them against Lord Business. The skies are filled to the brim with their off-the-wall constructions too weird even for Master Builders to have made, all putting up a spirited fight against the Micromanagers.
  • The Chosen One: Emmet is mistaken as this, known as "The Special". The reality is that he is this — not because of the prophecy (which was made up to begin with), but because he found the Plot Device that could stop the Kragle.
  • The Chosen Zero:
    Emmet: I know what you're thinking: he's the least qualified person to lead us... and you are right!
  • Close on Title: The title card appears a few minutes into the end credits.
  • Cloudcuckooland: A place in the movie ruled by Princess Uni-Kitty. It's even called "Cloud Cuckoo Land". This, of course, makes Uni-Kitty a Cloudcuckoolander. Granted, that's kind of obvious by her very nature.
  • Colour-Coded Emotions: Uni-Kitty turns different colors and/or changes her appearance based on how she's feeling at the moment.
  • Comedic Underwear Exposure: The entire premise of the Show Within a Show Where Are My Pants is this.
  • Come with Me If You Want to Live: Or rather, "Not-Die". Spoken by Wyldstyle to Emmet.
  • The Comically Serious: Batman.
    Batman: [in Cloud Cuckoo Land, surrounded by a clown and a guy in a dino suit] I hate this place.
  • Conservation of Ninjutsu: Master Builders appear to be able to make very quick work of the average horde of robot mooks (as evidenced by Wyldstyle's springing Benny, Vitruvius's last stand, and Emmet's last leg of storming the TAKOS. However, throw in the Lord Business or Bad Cop, and problems arise.
  • Contrived Coincidence: Twice. The first time, when stranded in the ocean, Batman claims there's no chance of a rescue ship approaching just as Metalbeard's ship arrives. The second time, they need to build an Octan jet, to which Batman says there's no way they'll get access to a working hyperdrive. Cue the Millennium Falcon coming in.
    Batman: Are you kidding me, the same bit?!
  • Control Freak: President Business. Not only has he separated everything to be exactly perfectly organized, he plans to superglue everything together. Finn's dad is also this by extension, since President Business is Finn's representation of him.
  • Cool Airship: A ship of this type is commandeered by Metal Beard during the course of the film.
  • Cool Bike: Wyldstyle has one. Or, more precisely, she can build one. On the fly. With whatever pieces she might have at hand!
  • Cool Helmet: Lord Business wears one of these. It forms the large "knot" of his tie-shaped cape, and has large horns topped with coffee mugs, of all things. Which spout fire.
  • Cool Starship: The LL-929. It's a modern version of the Classic Space sets of old, and is so cool, the kit name is literally "Benny's Spaceship Spaceship SPACESHIP!"
  • Corporate Conspiracy: Octan makes everything from TV shows to music to history books to voting machines, fostering a benevolent public image to hide President/Lord Business' ambition to create a perfectly ordered world under his control.
  • Cosmic Horror Story: No seriously, you read that right. The LEGO Movie turned out to be this all along after The Reveal which is that all of the events of the story until this point had been a human boy named Finn's imagination as he played with his father's LEGO collection without permission. Said father, known to the LEGO characters as The Man Upstairs, and whom the Big Bad is just a loose Expy of, wasn't letting his son play with the LEGO the way they were intended and wanted to glue his creations together so they couldn't be disturbed.
  • Covers Always Lie: On the main poster (above) also the Blu-Ray cover, it shows all the main heroes charging into battle. Including Wonder Woman (barely has any lines), Green Lantern (the Butt-Monkey in the very few scenes that he's in) and Lloyd from LEGO Ninjago (has no lines at all and is just a background character).
  • Crapsaccharine World:
    • Once you get past the bright colors and general cheeriness of the LEGO world, you start to realize that there's a lot of posters/screens emphasizing obeying President Business, as well as the surprising suppression of creativity.
    • Also Cloud Cuckoo Land, to a certain extent.
  • Crazy Cat Lady: Mrs. Scratchen-Post, who owns over a dozen cats, all with different names. At the climax of the film, she builds a giant sled pulled by them.
  • Creative Closing Credits: The end credits are full-on LEGO stop-motion, with the credits themselves written on Dymo labels. You can watch them and read an in-depth article on their creation here.
  • Crippling Overspecialization: Master Builders tend to only build things that reflect their own particular idioms — Benny's only good with '80s technology, Batman only works in black (and very dark grey), and Uni-Kitty has to stick rainbows onto everything. The result is that when working together, they cooperate poorly, as shown with the main heroes' escape from the invaded Cloud Cuckoo Land; the haphazard submarine is not only an awkward mishmash of their aesthetics, but it starts to break apart minutes after being built.
  • Crossover: See "of Massive Multiplayer variety" below.
  • Culture Police: Or creativity in this case, as anything built that doesn't conform to provided instructions gets destroyed. Citizens are encouraged to follow these rules or "be put to sleep".
  • Cumbersome Claws: Since nearly all the LEGO mini figures have pincer-like hands, Bad Cop when making sarcastic Air Quotes has to verbally explain that's what he's doing since otherwise it just looks like he's waving his hands in the air.
    Bad Cop: I "believe" you too. See the quotations I'm making with my claw hands? It means I DON'T believe you!
  • Cute Kitten: Uni-Kitty. She is part unicorn but she acts more like a cat.
  • Cyber Cyclops: Some of Lord Business's goons have these.
  • Dare to Be Badass: In the climax, Wyldstyle encourages all the citizens to embrace their creativity and fight back.
  • Darkest Hour: All the Master Builders are captured and are put in the Think Tanks, Vitruvius is dead, and Lord Business escapes and unleashes Kragle everywhere with no-one able to stop him.
  • Death by Origin Story: Implied with Metalbeard's "hearty crew" in the flashback.
  • Decon-Recon Switch:
    • Of the concept of The Chosen One. The movie pokes fun at the lack of sense within the overall concept, and what damage this responsibility would have on a normal person, as well as the people around them. Wyldstyle and Lord Business both express wounded hearts due to not being "special" like the chosen one, and Vitruvius evidently reveals there ISN'T a chosen one, he just said so to give people hope. But being put in the role of The Chosen One makes Emmet actually become a hero, in the end, and teach that everyone is The Chosen Many. Of course, he technically is The Chosen One in the sense that Finn considers him to be the hero, so it goes both ways.
    • The movie also deconstructs then reconstructs the message of its "Everything Is Awesome" theme song.
  • Deconstructive Parody: Of summer blockbuster movies, chosen one stories, and the Merchandise-Driven franchise: The toys that it advertises are used as metaphors for self-discovery, originality and humanity's vast potential for creativity.
  • Defiant to the End: "This is not how Batman dies!"
  • Delayed "Oh, Crap!":
    President Business: Let's all remember to follow the instructions [quietly into the microphone] oryou'llbeputtosleep. [resumes speaking out loud] And don't forget about Taco Tuesday this week! That's the day every rule-following citizen gets a free taco and my love. Have a great day, everybody!
    Emmet: You have a great day too, President Business. Man, he's such a cool guy. I always wanna hear more of what— Wait, did he say "put to sleep"?
    [Emmet gets distracted by the TV]
    TV Presenter: We now return to Where Are My Pants?
    "Where are my pants?" guy: Honey? Where are my paaaaaaaants?
    [Emmet laughs so hard he falls of the couch]
    Emmet: What was I just thinking? I don't care.
  • Description Cut: The barista takes on a completely neutral facial expression complete with no-gleam eyes when trying to describe Emmet. Cut to Emmet with the exact same neutral expression..
  • Desperately Needs Orders: Emmet (and the other citizens of Bricksburg) are near-incapable of acting on their own, and can only follow the instructions as given by Lord Business. Whenever Emmet is confronted with a problem, he wonders where/what the instructions are.
    Emmet: What do I do? I don't have my instructions!
  • Did You Think I Can't Feel?: While sneaking around the office tower, Emmet tries to get Wyldstyle to open up about her true feelings, showing that the passive insults she was saying throughout the film actually did get to him a little. He does this feeling that her meanness is a front (he's right).
  • Didn't Think This Through: During the Micro-Manager attack on Cloud Cuckoo Land, Shaq tries to fight back by building a catapult and launching a basketball out of it at the nearest gunship. It does absolutely nothing except for attract attention, causing every single gunship in the area to immediately turn their guns on Shaq.
  • Disney Acid Sequence: Emmet's vision after he touches The Piece of Resistance.
  • Disney Villain Death: Sheriff Not-A-Robot and his posse get tricked into running off a cliff while chasing our heroes in The Wild West. Causing a big explosion as they land.
  • Dissonant Serenity: In Emmet's instructions to "fit in, have everybody like you, and always be happy", the last step is represented by an image of a happy minifigure being eaten by a shark.
  • Distracted by the Sexy: On the construction site, Emmet is about to report Wyldstyle, when she takes off her hood. And while in the Old West Wyldstyle explains to Emmet about the many worlds of the LEGO universe. Unfortunately, Emmet quickly stops paying attention in favor of ogling her, parodied by her words shifting from exposition to "blah blah blah, I'm so pretty..."
  • Distressed Dude: Emmet when captured by Bad Cop/Good Cop.
  • Does This Remind You of Anything?:
    • After The Reveal, the movie can be seen as a satire on the current state of Hollywood. "The Man Upstairs" is so convinced that he's built the perfect LEGO world that he refuses to let his son express his creativity by building new things and letting new characters flourish. Finn ultimately wins him over by showing him how fun it really is to experiment and try new things.
    • Doesn't Metalbeard look a teeny, tiny little bit like Ghazghkull Mag Uruk EFFING Thraka?. Or alternatively a Contemptor Dreadnought.
    • The real world segment seems awfully similar to an episode of Adventure Time, in which the main character whose name is also Finn, obtains magical toys of all his friends, unknownst to him he was actually manipulating an alternate reality where these toys lived as real people and he was pretty much an invisible deity.
  • Do Not Spoil This Ending: A TV spot for the movie says "Don't miss [the movie], and don't give away the ending." Especially the part where it's revealed that the LEGO universe is actually the creation of the real world and the story is just part of a kid's imagination as he plays.
  • The Dragon: Bad Cop to Lord Business.
  • Dressing as the Enemy: Emmet and Wyldstyle use the foil from gum packets to disguise themselves as robots.
  • Dropped a Bridge on Him: Played for Laughs when the Millennium Falcon is unceremoniously eaten by the giant slug monster from The Empire Strikes Back and then never seen again.
  • The Dung Ages: Vitruvius begins his description of Middle Zealand by listing standard Medieval European Fantasy tropes (such as knights and castles), but then includes some of the nastier elements of the real middle ages, such as leeches.
    Tropes E to G 
  • Early-Bird Cameo: A Milhouse minifigure appears alongside the rest of the master builders, despite the set not being released until later in 2014.
  • Earth All Along: Sort of. The "Kragle", Lord Business's unstoppable weapon, is "Krazyglue" with letters missing. The thing is, the entire LEGO world is a literal construct of Finn, a young boy, who is caught playing with his father's LEGO buildings. Thus the entire film is a metaphor for the clash between their play styles (Unless of course the LEGO world is an alternate reality, though the underlying message still applies). Or alternately, Earth influences the LEGO World to the Real World but the LEGO World can do the same to Earth. Since while the protagonists seem to be heavily influenced by Finn's actions at his father's LEGO set, Emmet still possesses a consciousness and is even able to move independently of Finn or his father.
  • Ear Worm: The anthem of a conformist dystopia, "Everything Is Awesome". Singing it becomes a minor plot point much later in the film.
    Emmett: Man I feel so good right now! I could sing this song for hours!
  • Easily Forgiven: President/Lord Business, who is turned with a single speech from Emmet. Possibly justified, since he's based on Finn's father.
  • The Easy Way or the Hard Way: "They took the hard way! Get them!"
  • Eleventy Zillion: Captain Metalbeard says that Lord Business's office is on "the infinitieth floor" of the Octan Tower.
  • Elite Mooks: The Micromanagers are much more competent than Skeletrons and actually get the heroes in tight spots many times. Even post-Master Builder Emmet can't handle them, requiring a rescue by Uni-Kitty.
  • The Ending Changes Everything: So much so that even the notorious trailers and marketing don't reveal anything about it.
  • Establishing Series Moment: Right at the very beginning of the movie. We get treated to a fairly epic zoom through a river of lava towards an altar in the cliffs to the face of a fairly Gandalf-esque looking Wizard Classic, who then says "Cover your butts" to a pair of guards (who reply "cover your what?"). Then an affluent-looking Evil Overlord does a Dynamic Entry on the gate and blowing off the guards. Wizard gets the receiving end of a hilarious Curb-Stomp Battle and delivers The Prophecy (which he says is true because it rhymes) to the overlord who just MST's the heck out of it, establishing the conflict, tone and the humor of the movie.
  • "Eureka!" Moment:
    Vitruvius: We need to put the wheel on something that spins around.note 

    Metalbeard: Yarr, if only there be more people in the world like he.note 
  • Even Evil Has Standards: Though ultimately coerced into doing it, Bad Cop was very reluctant to use the Kragle on his parents. He also is shocked when a dying Vitruvius reveals that he made up the prophecy, meaning Emmet wasn't lying during his interrogation, and when Lord Business turns on him.
  • Evil Learns of Outside Context: Lord Business has a collection of objects from the human world with unusual properties by LEGO standards. The Kragle, a tube of Krazy Glue, is the lynchpin to his entire scheme.
  • The Evils of Free Will: President Business seems to be out to stop his citizens from having individual thoughts. Those who do and don't stop are tracked down by his secret police or taken to "melting rooms".
  • Evil Tower of Ominousness: President/Lord Business' skyscraper.
  • Executive Meddling: In the DVD short "Enter the Ninjago", the in-universe film adapting the events of the movie has the Green Ninja suddenly come in just as Emmet is contemplating heroic action. Emmet convinces the corporate stooge pushing for the meddling to just make a stand-alone Ninjago movie that is demographic-pandering to the extreme, which then tanks so hard that it makes all of Hollywood fold.note 
    • Uni-Kitty as well, who's part unicorn, part kitten.
  • Explain, Explain... Oh, Crap!: When Bad Cop lets slip President Business's evil plan, Emmet is skeptical, and proceeds to list all the cool stuff Octan makes. When he gets to the surveillance cameras, history books and voting machines (with only one option), however, he suddenly realizes that the evil plan isn't so crazy....
  • Expy: The directors describe Vitruvius, Morgan Freeman's character, as "a mixture of Gandalf and Mr. Magoo."
  • Exorcist Head: Done frequently with the characters. But, since they're anthropomorphic LEGO, the squicky side is avoided.
  • Eye Patch Of Power: Metal Beard.
  • Eye Scream: Vitruvius takes a laser pointer to the eyes in the prologue and is blind for the rest of the film.
  • Faceless Goons: The Robo SWAT and other assorted robotic henchmen.
  • Fate Worse than Death: Superman asks if anyone has any kryptonite he can use on himself when he discovers he's imprisoned beside Green Lantern.
  • Fem Bot: One of the background Master Builders is the Lady Robot minifigure from the 11th series of Collectable Minifigures. In the video game, her name is the trope verbatim.
  • Flat "What": The last word on the live-action side:
    Dad: Now that I'm letting you come down here and play, guess who else gets to come down here and play?
    Finn: Who?
    Dad: Your sister.
    Finn: wut.
  • Flying Car: Bad Cop's police car gets transformed into a flying car during his chase of the heroes.
  • The Fool: Emmet.
  • Forced to Watch:
    • One big one with Bad Cop's parents. They see their son's Good Side wiped off with nail polish remover in front of them.
    • Lord Business, once he's captured the heroes, forces Emmet to watch as Bricksburg is Kragled at least until the countdown finishes and they're all killed by the battery.
  • Foreshadowing: Enough examples to have its own page.
  • Freeze-Frame Bonus: Got its own page, too.
  • Friendly Neighborhood Vampire: One of the Master Builders is "Nice Vampire".
  • From Nobody to Nightmare: Both Emmet and Lord Business started off completely un-special. Lord Business handled it by becoming a tyrant, while Emmet went the hero's route. Later, all the citizens of Bricksburg put their long-dormant creativity to use and built incredible machines to defend their town.
  • Funny Background Event:
    • When the group are traveling through Middle Zealand, you can see a group of minifigs gathered around a dragon who is barbecuing a chicken on a spit roast.
    • After Lord Business threatens Bad Cop with the Band-Aid, he hands it off to two of his mooks and continues talking. They... have a bit of trouble handling it from there.
    • While riding into the Old West town, there is a miner hot tubbing in the water tower. As he takes a drink from his glass, around him bubbles come to the surface of the water. He then nervously looks around to see if anybody notices.
    • While Wyldstyle is talking to Vitruvius in the saloon, Emmet is seen interacting with things in the background. He even takes a sip of alcohol and gags.
    • When the team is driving up the rainbow to Cloud Cuckoo Land, two knights can be seen jousting, with one completely skewering the other.
    • Inverted with a Funny Foreground Event; see Headphones Equal Isolation.
    • When Batman tells Wyldstyle "He's the hero you deserve", gesturing to Emmet, Emmet looks around to see if Batman is gesturing to someone behind him, whilst in the background, Benny also looks around to see if he's referring to someone else.
    • During Bad Cop's interrogation of Emmet, one of the robots who's supposed to be watching the interrogation is instead playing Solitaire on his computer.
  • Fun with Acronyms: There's also the TAKOSnote . The "S" is silent.
  • The Generic Guy: Emmet's face is literally the same as every other citizen in Bricksburg. His complete genericness makes it impossible for Bad Cop and the police forces to find him when they search the city. Even before that, nobody that Emmet works with can identify who he is, because he has no memorable qualities.
  • Genre Shift: In the last half hour or so, the movie shifts from a dramatization of a child's playtime with his dad's LEGO to a parental bonding story.
  • Ghostly Wail: Played for Laughs. Vitruvius' ghost form was clearly meant to be funny, seeing as the animators deliberately made him appear to be dangling from a string. The hilarity is ramped up by him doing a silly "oooooh" sound as he leaves.
  • Glad I Thought of It: After Cloud Cuckoo Land is attacked by Micromanagers, Emmet quietly suggests that they go underwater. Batman immediately and loudly says the exact same thing and receives resounding approval.
  • Good Cop/Bad Cop: One of the villains is named Bad Cop/Good Cop; his personality is based on this routine.
  • Gory Discretion Shot: Despite not containing any actual gore, the moment where Bad Cop sprays his own parents with the Kragle is framed like one of these to highlight the scene's tragedy.
  • Gosh Dang It to Heck!: Done tongue-in-cheek. And justified by Finn's age.
    • When losing the heroes, Bad Cop swears up a storm of: "Darn, darn, darn, darny-darn!". It's even more hilarious as this is Liam Neeson saying this.
    • When arriving in the Old West, Emmet exclaims: "O-M-G-O-S-H!"
    • Batman drops a "What. The. Heck." late into the movie.
    • A Micromanager's reaction to Emmet's construction mech: "What the heck is this?"
    • Uni-Kitty's "Oh, forget it!" is not a Precision F-Strike but she sure says it like one.
  • Go, Ye Heroes, Go and Die: Emmet's speech about how he isn't qualified to save the world ends up horrifying the crowd he's supposed to inspire. Ironically, he was trying to invoke this trope to follow it up with a heroic statement; they just left before he got to execute that last part.
  • Graceful Landing, Clumsy Landing: Wyldstyle usually lands on her feet when falling from a considerable height while Emmet more often than not has the clumsier landings.
  • Grappling-Hook Pistol: Wielded by Batman, naturally.
  • G-Rated Sex: Holding hands is the film's equivalent to The Big Damn Kiss. There are even several "almost held hands" moments. Justified as the entire film is an eight-year-old's fantasy.
  • Greater-Scope Villain: "The Man Upstairs" is the template that the Big Bad was based on. On top of that "the Kragle" is merely one of his many bottles of Krazy Glue used to glue his pieces together.
  • Groin Attack:
    • Wyldstyle uses not only the regular version of this but also a variant where she takes the disassembled groin of a robot henchman and throws it to destroy another one!
    • At one point, Bad Cop kicks a chair into the groin of a robot henchman.
  • Grossout Fakeout: The main characters are in a submarine, when Vitruvius asks, "Why are my pants cold and wet?" Wyldstyle takes this the wrong way and says, "Eww!", but it turns out that the sub is leaking.
  • Ground-Shattering Landing: When Emmet returns from the real world, he impacts the street with enough force to crater it... then apologizes to the street.
  • The Guards Must Be Crazy: Emmet and Wyldstyle don't make very convincing robots in their tin foil disguises, coming very close to being caught. When Emmet breaks into "Everything is Awesome!", however, the robots join in and completely ignore them.
    Robot Guard 1: This is my jam!
    Robot Guard 2: This is also my jam!
    Tropes H to L 
  • Hair Flip: Parodied with Wyldstyle in her introduction. Since her hair is one solid piece, it merely rotates on her head.
  • Hair Reboot: This is how Emmet "combs his hair" in the morning, his "bed head" LEGO hair piece is replaced with his normal hair when he waves a brush near it.
  • Hammerspace: For all characters, particularly Batman's batarangs. There's also the scene where Benny squeezes into a barrel that's clearly too small for him. And of course, the compartments under the Double-Decker Couch cushions somehow fit all six who hide in it. Metalbeard apparently crams most of his volume into it when he transforms into a photocopier, and apparently has the bricks for said copier in the Hammerspace beforehand.
  • Happiness Is Mandatory: Implied with some of the billboards scattered around the city, as well as the instruction manual. It even juxtaposes the words "How to [...] always be happy" with a picture of a smiling guy being eaten by a shark.
  • Headphones Equal Isolation: When Wyldstyle gives her broadcast to the LEGO citizens as the Kragle wreaks havoc, a headphones-wearing guy strides by in the foreground, oblivious to the attack. He is then promptly Kragled.
  • Heart Is an Awesome Power:
    • What use is a construction worker to Master Builders? Pretty useful in that Emmet knows how to assemble the Master Builders into a team, the structure of every skyscraper and security system, and how to stall Lord Business until they get the piece of resistance on the Kragle.
    • Wyldstyle also tells the ordinary LEGO citizens to rebuild the world around them to stop the mass Kragle invasion, for "freedom Friday, but still on a Tuesday". This buys the citizens enough time for Finn to return Emmet to the LEGO world.
  • Heel–Face Turn: Let's just say pretty much every "villain" in the film from Lord/President/Dad Business to Bad Cop/Good Cop gets a turn around by the end. Bad Cop/Good Cop's is literal in a bizarre way.
  • Heel Realization: Lord/President Business has one upon Emmet's speech — and more importantly, Dad has one when he sees that Finn modeled Lord/President Business after him and realizes that he's seriously losing his son's respect.
  • "Hell, Yes!" Moment: When Benny finally gets to build his spaceship, he goes crazy with making and flying it through the police forces, as well as most of the scenery.
  • Helmets Are Hardly Heroic:
    • Emmet loses his hard hat near the beginning just before he gets chosen to be The Special.
    • The evil Lord Business notably has an enormous one which he loses in the lead up to his Heel–Face Turn.
    • At the same time, what would Benny the "1980-something space guy" be without that cracked space helmet?
  • Here We Go Again!: At the end, as Emmet celebrates with his friends, alien Duplo beings beam down and announce their plans to destroy the universe, thanks to Finn's father allowing the boy's younger sister to join them in playing with his LEGO sets.
  • Heroic BSoD: Twice in the film — when Emmet first realizes how the rest of the world views him as just an NPC without any identifying characteristics thus initiating the plot of the film and at the end when he thinks he's not The Chosen One.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: After recovering from his second Heroic BSoD, Emmet throws himself out of Lord Business' tower, taking the 9-volt battery that powers the Think Tank and its zapping termination feature with him.
  • Heroic Willpower: Emmet wills himself to move while trapped in the real world as an inanimate LEGO figure.
  • The Hero's Journey: What Emmet's story is. Particularly, his final confrontation with Lord Business, which itself mirrors Finn's confrontation with his dad, has some heavy "Atonement with the Father" vibes.
  • Hilarious Outtakes: Uniquely, they're fully animated scenes inside the LEGO world as if the characters are actors on set, rather than a reel of the voice actors recording.
  • Hipster: Vitruvius says that he liked Emmet before it was cool.
  • Historical Domain Character: Here, Abraham Lincoln and William Shakespeare are Master Builders. Justified, since it's not actually these characters, it's just the Minifigs of them. Michelangelo also appears for a brief gag.
  • Historical In-Joke:
    • The Statue of Liberty Minifig speaks French, matching how it was made by France in real life.
    • When the Master Builders are panicking, Cleopatra is visibly holding an asp to her chest.
  • Holding Hands: Or claws in this case.
  • Holy Backlight: The Man Upstairs makes his appearance this way, as he comes down the stairs.
  • Horns of Villainy: Lord Business' helmet has a large pair of horn-like devices... with coffee mugs on the ends.
  • Humans Are Cthulhu:
    • The only glimpse we get of humans are various artifacts kept by Lord Business such as the Kragle (Krazy Glue) and the Cloak of Ban'Daeed (a Band-Aid). Vitruvius earlier makes reference to "The Man Upstairs", who is seemingly the god of the LEGO universe. Then Emmet himself personally encounters his builders after falling out of the LEGO world, which turn out to be a human kid named Finn and his father.
    • When Emmet imagines up the hand of The Man Upstairs in his mind, he describes it as something like eagle talons combined with a squid. A rather Cthulhu-esque way to describing something he can't comprehend.
  • Humongous Mecha: Emmet builds one of these for himself during the finale.
  • Hurricane of Puns: The back and forth between Batman and Bad Cop during their initial confrontation.
  • Hypocrisy Nod: Wyldstyle calls Uni-Kitty on saying there is no rules but some things are forbidden, to which she adds that there's also "no consistency".
  • Hypocritical Humor:
    • Uni-Kitty explains that Cloud Cuckoo Land has no rules, then proceeds to list several things that aren't allowed.
    • Also, Batman keeps remarking how they can't rely on Contrived Coincidence to just pop out to save them... though he himself carried out this trope when rescuing Emmet, Wyldstyle, Vitruvius.
  • Idiot Ball: Green Lantern gets these moments a lot, when not fanboying over Superman.
  • Idiot Hero: Emmet.
    Emmet: Hello, I'm Emmet... I'm just gonna come right out: I have no idea what's going on. At all.
  • I Fell for Hours: When Emmet throws himself out of the window in Lord Business' office, we see him falling initially, then the action cuts away to the rest of the characters. It is a very long time before we rejoin Emmet, who is still falling. He eventually lands in the real world.
  • I Have Many Names: Wyldstyle has been through several names. Her real one's Lucy.
  • I Just Want to Be Special: A central theme of the movie, Emmet is even called 'The Special'. This is also important for the conclusion of the story outside the LEGO universe.
  • "I Know You Are in There Somewhere" Fight: Done by Bad Cop to himself.
  • Imagination-Based Superpower: The power of a Master Builder essentially boils down to being able to instinctively construct whatever they want from whatever materials they can get their hands on (and in super speed).
  • Immaturity Insult: When Batman deals with Bad Cop in the Old West, he calls him a big, dumb baby and rebuilds his car into a baby carriage.
  • Impossibly Cool Weapon: Metal Beard's shark arm.
  • Impossible Hourglass Figure: Parodied with Wyldstyle, who has one of these printed on her torso, but is still physically the same shape as everyone else.
  • Incredibly Obvious Bug: Parodied — despite it being a standard stud (so bigger than a character's hand) and blinking, no-one notices the tracking device on Emmet's leg until it becomes a plot point. Could be justified, since with LEGO parts form does not imply function.
  • Industrialized Evil: What Lord Business does to captured Master Builders is chain them up, plug into their brains, and use their creative minds to write the instruction manuals for all the ordinary civilian builders.
  • Infinite: The Octan Tower is claimed to have an "infinitieth floor" despite the fact we can clearly see a finite number of floors during the scene the camera goes from the bottom to the top of the tower, and see all of the floors.
  • I Need to Go Iron My Dog: Superman avoids Green Lantern by telling him he "needs to go visit Krypton", and flies off. It takes Green Lantern a second to recall that Krypton was destroyed....
  • In the Hood: Wyldstyle has one, although she rarely pulls it up.
  • Ironic Echo:
    • The Prophecy, originally describing The Special as "the most important, most talented, most interesting, and most extraordinary person in the universe," is used by Emmet and presumably Finn to describe Lord Business, a.k.a. "The Man Upstairs", and is instrumental in his Heel–Face Turn.
    • Inverted by the end of the movie: the opening song, "Everything Is Awesome", begins as an ode to conformity, i.e., everything is awesome so don't question anything. The song becomes irony-free by the end of the movie.
    • Within a few minutes of it being said the first time, "See you later, alligator."
  • Is This What Anger Feels Like?: Uni-Kitty has a feeling that she describes as "the opposite of happiness."
  • It's Up to You: Finn tells Emmet this before sending him back to the LEGO world.
  • I Want My Beloved to Be Happy: Batman steps down so that Wyldstyle can be with Emmet.
  • Journey to the Center of the Mind: Wyldstyle and Vitruvius enter Emmet's mind at one point, and discover he never had an original thought in his life except the double-decker couch.
  • Journey to the Sky: After Emmet and Wyldstyle meet up with Vitruvius in the Old West, they make their way towards Cloud Cuckoo Land, which is located in the skies of Middle Zealand, to assemble an army of Master Builders to defeat Lord Business.
  • Jump Scare: When Uni-Kitty's Stepford Smiler façade first starts to slip.
  • Just Eat Gilligan: In-universe; the show Where Are My Pants revolves around one joke: a man can't find his pants. When hijacking the show's camera to make an announcement, Wyldstyle throws him a pair, saying: "Found your pants! Series is over!"
  • Keystone Army: Capping the Kragle not only blows open Lord Business' Supervillain Lair, but causes the Micromanagers to shut down.
  • Killer Rabbit: Uni-Kitty has a dark side buried underneath her cute demeanor (as revealed in her introduction to Cloud Cuckoo Land)... which becomes a Chekhov's Gun in the film's climax when she turns it loose on Lord Business's Micromanagers.
  • Lack of Imagination: Discussed, as Emmett needs to have creativity to be a Master Builder and save the LEGO universe, but does not appear to be capable of coming up with anything useful or interesting due to a lifetime of following rules. However, he manages to grow and discovers his creativity over the course of the movie.
  • Last Day of Normalcy: After the prologue, the film opens with Emmet's daily routine, where he follows his instructions as he gets dressed in his apartment, greets his neighbors, orders overpriced coffee, and works at the construction site. Later that night, he falls down the hole where he finds the Piece of Resistance, everyone thinks he's the Special, he learns about President Business's plan to use the Kragle to end the world in 3 days, and he gets dragged into an adventure by Wyldstyle after she rescues him.
  • Last-Second Joke Problem: The film ends with Lord Business doing a Heel–Face Turn while The Man Upstairs learns to be a better father. Everything is great in the world of LEGO... and then suddenly Duplo blocks show up and declare war. Roll credits. This retroactively became a Sequel Hook in The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part, where the Duplo invasion is what causes the conflict of the film.
  • Laugh of Love: Wyldstyle giggles while she and Batman hold hands after Batman saves the group from Bad Cop.
  • Leitmotif: One segment seems to follow Emmet around, including but not limited to, here, here,, and here, even here. An over-the-top "falling in love" theme plays whenever Emmet is distracted by Wyldstyle.
  • Leitmotif upon Death: Vitruvius'/the Prophecy's leitmotif plays when Vitruvius gets decapitated by Lord Business.
  • Lemming Cops: Parodied. After Wyldstyle and Emmet make their escape from Bricksburg, the pursuing cop cars crash into the closed tunnel, followed by several which literally fly into the wall and a helicopter which drops out of the sky for no reason, before the whole pile bursts into flames.
  • Limited Special Ultimate Collector's Edition: The "Everything is Awesome" edition on home video includes the Blu-ray and DVD copies of the film, a figure of Vitruvius and a 3D copy of the Blu-ray release, while a Target Blu-ray release has an exclusive character guide. The WBShop has it worse with not only the "Everything is Awesome" edition, but a sticker sheet and a Cinch Bag as well. Just a year later, Target took it to a new level in Black Friday 2015, with "The SPECIAL Special Edition." Which not only includes the Blu-ray and DVD copies of the movie, but a bonus Blu-ray disc containing featurettes, shorts, a How It Should Have Ended cartoon and a brand-new commentary.
  • Living Mood Ring: Uni-Kitty's eyes change colours as she changes moods and/or forms.
  • Living Toys: A strange combination of Level 4 (fully alive toy), Level 2 (masquerade), Level 0 (immobile) and Level 5 (so lifelike viewers forget) depending on how you interpret the film.
  • Logo Joke: The Warner Bros, Warner Animation Group and Village Roadshow logos are displayed in LEGO form and hung on strings.
  • Losing Your Head: Metalbeard survived the first assault on Lord Business's tower with just his head. Sadly, it was different for Vitruvius, who could only speak a few words before dying after being beheaded by a penny.
  • Lovecraft Lite: No matter what, the heroes are always controlled by Finn and "The Man Upstairs," and even the final exchange between Emmet and Lord Business is meant to mirror Finn talking with his father. Luckily, "The Man Upstairs" is an Obliviously Evil ordinary human, and Finn manages to reason with him.
  • Lyrical Dissonance: "Everything is Awesome" is essentially the national anthem of a conformist dystopia. However, in the end, it also helps inspire the people of the LEGO realms to find their own unique creativity.
    Tropes M to R 
  • MacGyvering: The key skill of the Master Builders; they have the imagination to make anything out of the pieces around them.
  • Made of Explodium: Anything that either crashes or falls will tend to explode (into LEGO flames, of course). At one point, even horses explode. Justified when it turns out to be a child's imaginary playtime, and he is using the Rule of Cool.
  • Magic Realism: It's never really explained why Emmet's still semi-sentient in the real world, despite the whole film being Finn playing with a LEGO set. One interpretation is it's a Calvin and Hobbes-like merging of different viewpoints of reality—so Emmet's not totally imaginary, he just is as far as The Man Upstairs is concerned. Alternatively, one could think of it as a Toy Story-type situation: even though the toys aren't moving, they feel alive because that's how the child sees them. Or, there are literally two separate worlds that run parallel to each other, with whatever happens in one world affecting what happens in the other.
  • Magical Negro: Vitruvius the wizard, who is the only brown-skinned non-licensed character in the movie (and in LEGO history).
  • Manic Pixie Dream Girl: Wyldstyle, to an extent, though it can be argued that Emmet is a Stable Regular Dream Guy for her...
  • Massive Multiplayer Crossover: Much like how Wreck-It Ralph was this for video games and Who Framed Roger Rabbit was this for cartoons, The LEGO Movie is this for LEGO. They tried to include as many LEGO franchise-based sets as they could within their legal capabilities, as well as some that LEGO never adapted. While perhaps unsurprisingly many of the cameo characters fall under the LEGO/Warner Bros. shared license (Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings, Speed Racer, film characters of The DCU), the movie also managed to secure rights from Fox, Disney, and Nickelodeon with The Simpsons, Star Wars, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles respectively. So yes, this means this is the first time in history another animation studio has rivaled Disney or Pixar in terms of cross-studio characters.
  • Maybe Magic, Maybe Mundane: See AlLEGOry Adventure above. In particular, there is the scene where Emmet moves himself after entering the Real World.
  • Mean Character, Nice Actor: In-Universe subversion. In the Behind the Bricks featurette, the characters are shown to roughly resemble their own actors—Batman is every bit as egomaniacal as he is in the movie, and Lord Business says that his on-set "pranks" were actual attempts to kill his co-stars.
  • Meaningful Echo: Emmet putting two 1x3 pieces together was played as a joke considering the context. A child is seen doing this again near the climax... but it’s inspiring instead because it's a result of Wyldstyle inspiring the citizens to rise up.
  • Meaningful Name
    • Vitruvius was a famous architect in the Roman Republic. What better career for a wizard among LEGO?
    • Emmet is an Old German name meaning "energetic" or "powerful." It is possibly derived from an Old English word meaning "an ant." Considering that Emmet is both "the special" and very small...
      • Emmet also sounds like the Hebrew word "emet," which means "truth," and was the word written on the Golem of Prague's forehead to bring it to life. Like the golem, Emmet is an inanimate humanoid who comes to life.
  • Mecha-Mooks: All of President Business's henchmen (with the exception of Bad Cop) are these.
  • Medium Blending: A mixture of CGI and Stop Motion animation (used for the elaborate end titles) to achieve the feel of internet Brick films. Followed by some live-action by the third act, as well as some fanmade stop-motion.
  • Mega-Corp: Octan, run by Lord Business.
  • Mental World: At one point Vitruvius and Wyldstyle enter Emmet's mind. It turns out to be a fairly desolate place.
  • Merchandise-Driven: At its core, The LEGO Movie is a massive toy commercial. But then again, Tropes Are Not Bad, and most viewers aren't really perturbed by it.
  • Metaphorgotten:
    • There's this dialogue:
      Wyldstyle: Today will not be known as Taco Tuesday. Today will be known as Freedom Friday! [Beat] But still on a Tuesday!
    • Earlier, when Batman appears to desert the team, Emmet ruins his chance for an easy pun.
      Emmet: Wyldstyle, you're such an amazing person. And if Batman can't see that then he's just as blind as a... guy... whose eyes... stopped working.
  • Mickey Mousing: On close-ups of Emmet in the cockpit of his Humongous Mecha during the climactic last act, the rocking from the mecha's footsteps is in time with the beat of his leitmotif's triumphant reprise.
  • Mini-Mecha: Metalbeard, who is a pirate head on an amalgamation of pirate ship parts (and a shark).
  • Mistaken for Badass: Emmet.
  • Mistreatment-Induced Betrayal: Bad Cop, after President Business has no more need of him.
  • Mix-and-Match Critters: Uni-Kitty, who's a unicorn and a cat.
  • Moment Killer: Emmet and Wyldstyle come this close to holding hands several times, but are interrupted by her boyfriend, Batman.
  • Moving Angst: Implied. Pieces of Cloud Cuckoo Land can be seen in a box labeled Cloud Bros. Movers, indicating that Finn's family had to move at one point. Given that the events of the movie are a metaphor for Finn's life, Unikitty's sadness over watching Cloud Cuckoo Land getting destroyed may represent how Finn felt moving away from his old home.
  • Mundane Made Awesome/Mundane Object Amazement: Several commonplace items that can be found at home (such as glue, a band-aid, a penny, and a Q-tip) are treated as relics in the LEGO world, and some are even used as potentially threatening weapons.
  • Mundane Utility: Lord Business uses the Kragle, a universe-destroying superweapon, to render his vehicles indestructible.
  • Musical Gag: The tune that introduces Middle Zealand is a parody of Howard Shore's The Lord of the Rings score.
  • Musical Spoiler: A song on the soundtrack is titled "Requiem for Cuckooland."
  • My God, What Have I Done?:
    • It's easy to miss. Emmet's look from the submarine window during Cloud Cuckoo Land's destruction suggests this being that it was the tracking device that doomed it. He comforts Uni-Kitty because he doesn't know what else to do.
    • A more obvious example is perhaps The Man Upstairs, AKA Finn's dad, realizing how well his "KEEP OUT" parenting has worked.
    The Man Upstairs: So... President Business is the bad guy?
  • My Nayme Is: Wyldstyle.
  • Mythology Gag: The Octan Corporation, a fictional company mostly seen selling gas in various LEGO sets, plays an integral role in the film. The Reveal shows us the reason for this.
    • Bad Cop/Good Cop has one of the heads that have two expressions on them that can be switched by turning the head around.
    • In one of the TV spots, Batman claims the directors got Will Arnett to play him because they couldn't get "Clooney" to come back.
    • When Bad Cop's forces invade Cloud Cuckoo Land, we see a shot of Wonder Woman being handcuffed. In the original Wonder Woman comics, Diana was helpless when her wrists were bound.
    • Toward the end, when Wyldstyle chooses Emmet over Batman, Batman says, "He's the hero you deserve."
    • Some of the realms of "the universe" mentioned by Wyldstyle during her exposition speech are named after themed areas at the LEGOLAND parks.
  • Naked People Are Funny: Emmet at the start of the film. It turns out that his entire body is standard LEGO yellow.
    • Also true in-universe, as Where Are My Pants? is an extremely popular sitcom.
  • Name-Tron: Many of the robot characters: Executron, Deputron, and the skeletrons. Others have the word 'bot' or 'drone' fitted in their names somewhere.
  • Nested Story Reveal: After Emmet falls down from Lord Businesses' headquarters, he finds himself in the real world, and we learn the whole story is made up by a kid playing with his dad's LEGO. Though it's still implied that it might not all be just the kid's imagination, as Emmet manages to move himself in the real world too.
  • Never Say "Die": Cheerfully averted. One of Wyldstyle's first lines is "Come with me if you want to not die," and it's far from the only example.
  • Never Trust a Trailer: A lot of lines spoken in the trailer appear in completely different scenes than how they're shown. Some lines in the trailers aren't in the movie at all.
  • Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot: In an awesome example, Metal Beard. He's a steampunk cyborg pirate Man in the Machine crossed with a Mini-Mecha, combining the gruff-and-tough personality of the former and copious weaponry of the latter. In a weird sort of shout out to an unrelated famous Japanese commercial, he can also turn into a copy machine. Basically the guiding principle for him seems to be Rule of Cool.
  • Ninja Prop: When we first see the Wild West area, the name of the place is shown on a wide-view of the area, and shortly thereafter Emmet asks why there are words floating up in the sky.
  • No Celebrities Were Harmed: The surfer looked very much like Laird Hamilton.
  • No Knees: Because LEGO minifigures don't have them, none of the characters in this movie have them.
  • The Nondescript: Emmet has the standard LEGO smiling face, when not emoting. His photo is a 100% facial match to everybody.
  • No-Sell: The NBA All-Stars catapult a basketball at a police vehicle (as "Get Ready for This" plays in the background). It bounces harmlessly off because they've been reinforced by the Kragle.
    Shaq: Oh no! They were ready for that!
  • Nothing Can Stop Us Now!: Lord Business right after getting the Kragle. Vitrivius immediately reveals his prophecy.
  • "Not So Different" Remark: Lord Business and Emmet both reveal that nobody had even called them special or made them feel important. And it's actually the hero that invokes this on the villain here, when Emmet tells Lord Business that he can also be creative and special.
  • Obliviously Evil: Finn's father.
  • Odd Name Out: When Emmet is checking off the names of some cats climbing into a limousine:
    Emmet: Fluffy, Fluffy Junior, Fluffy Senior... Jeff.
  • Off with His Head!: This proves to be an effective means of killing LEGO figurines when Lord Business chops Vitruvius' head with a coin.
  • Officer O'Hara: Good Cop/Bad Cop and his parents.
  • Oh, Crap!:
    • After the above page quote, Wyldstyle tells Emmet: "Good. You drive." Meaning her high-speed motorcycle currently being chased by the cops, Emmet understandably freaks out.
    • Wyldstyle has this reaction when she realizes Emmet is not the rebel she was expecting, but a completely nondescript follower.
    • When Finn is told that — since his dad is more permissive about him playing with the LEGO sets — his sister will also get free rein. Subsequently, this also occurs when his sister's Duplo creations land in the LEGO world.
    Duplo: [toddler girl voice] We are from the planet Duplo, and we are here to destroy you.
    Emmet: Oh, man. [cut to credits]
    • Shaq and the others when they find out that their weapons are useless against the Kragle-reinforced police ships.
  • Ominous Latin Chanting:
    • Parodied in the ocean sequence. Listen closely, the choir shouts "LEGO, under the sea, or yo-ho" in tune to the theme of the location. Even one part of the soundtrack shouts, "seeeee allll the Leeegggoooo."
    • Ominous chanting also occurs during a Mundane Made Awesome moment: Finn's father tearing apart his son's creations and destroying the people's rebellion.
  • Once Done, Never Forgotten: Emmet isn't particularly happy with having to hear again and again — from everyone on both sides of the conflict — how his one creative idea, the double-decker couch, is terrible.
  • One-Joke Fake Show: Emmet's (and all of Bricksburg's) favorite show is Where are my pants? which consists entirely of a husband in his underwear walking into the show and asking the title in an overwrought way.
  • One-Steve Limit: Averted for laughs with the Michelangelos (the artist and the Ninja Turtle). Bonus points in that the artist is pronounced "Mickel-angelo" while the Ninja Turtle is pronounced "Michael-angelo".
  • Only Six Faces: While trying to hunt Emmet down, a facial-recognition search returns hits on the entire population.
  • On Second Thought: While trying to distract the robot guards:
    Emmet: [singing] "Everything is awesome!"
    Wyldstyle: I am not singing this...
    [the Robots award her a death glare]
    Wyldstyle: [singing] "Everything is awesome!"
The funniest part is that despite claiming afterward to absolutely hate the song, she sings it better than anyone in the film.
  • Open Secret: Everyone (except Lord Business) seems to know that Batman is Bruce Wayne. Wyldstyle even Face Palms when Bats goes into his …But He Sounds Handsome spiel.
  • Orange/Blue Contrast: This is true of both the movie's poster and its main character. It fares better than most examples though, as the range of blue and orange is very broad and the colors are overall very vibrant — much as they are on the toys themselves.
  • Order Versus Chaos: Lord Business is all order ('Use the Instructions'), the Master Builders are all chaos ('Just be Creative'), and Emmet ends up somewhere in between.
    • In the broader sense, Lord Business wanting to glue everything together (representing Finn's Dad) is 'Total Order' and Emmet and the Master Builders being Creative (representing Finn) are more in the middle, and going by the Stinger, the aliens that just want to destroy everything (representing Finn's younger sister) are 'Total Chaos'.
  • Outrun the Fireball: In his flashback, Metalbeard's head does this as he escapes Octan Tower.
  • Outside-Genre Foe: Lord Business is this due to his possession of several relics, i.e. non-LEGO objects. The LEGO denizens just have no way of dealing with them.
  • Overly-Long Gag:
    • Emmet getting distracted when he first meets Wyldstyle: "I guess I'm going to have to report youuuuuuu..."
    • Emmet falling down the hole in the construction site. Down and down and down... and even up and in loops for a while.
    • When Bad Cop loses Wyldstyle and Emmet for the first time, he does what he always does when angry, and beats up a metal chair. For a good long while.
  • Painful Adhesive Removal: One of Lord Business' keepsakes is a cloak apparently belonging to a great leader, which is actually a band-aid. He claims that it hurts a lot to take off.
  • Pandaing to the Audience: A LEGO panda figure can be seen in Cloud Cuckoo Land's Dog Hall.
  • Paper-Thin Disguise: To infiltrate Lord Business' headquarters, they doodle glasses and dollar signs on Uni-Kitty, and Emmet and Wyldstyle wrap themselves in tin-foil.
  • Parental Bonus: Those parents who used to be (or may still be) Legomaniacs will get a kick out of Bennynote , as well as the blink-and-you-miss-them references to Blacktron and Fabuland, two product lines from The '80s.
  • Person of Mass Construction: The Master Builders are able to build anything out of random pieces in seconds, from rocket ships to giant robots.
  • Photo Doodle Recognition: The citizens of the Wild West town don't recognize Emmet. However, one Mecha Mook asks the hunter to draw a sombrero on the picture, at which point he confirms that the stranger that rolls into town was, in fact, Emmet.
  • Pirate Parrot: Metal Beard has one on his right shoulder.
  • Plummet Perspective: The Piece of Resistance is seen falling in this way, into the Infinite Abyss of Nothingness.
  • Plot Twist: Quite a bigger one than you would expect from this movie, so much so that the post-premiere commercials stress that you should not reveal the ending: The entire movie was quite possibly, the construct of a young boy's imagination as he played with his father's ridiculously large LEGO set that he built exactly according to the instructions. The conflict between Emmet and Lord Business is a metaphor for the boy's troubled relationship with his father; he just wants to be creative, while his dad wants to build everything precisely.
  • Police State: Here fulfilled by Lord Business's mecha-mooks.
  • The Pollyanna: Uni-Kitty. Even after her homeland is destroyed and her friends are captured, she still tries to remain positive. Until she finally cracks at the climax and unleashes her rage.
    Uni-Kitty: I must. Stay. Positive! [heavy breathing] Bubblegum! [more breathing] Butterflies!... cotton candy?
  • Pop-Star Composer: Mark Mothersbaugh, although he's a bit of a borderline example; most famous as a lead member of Devo, he's worked on everything from TV shows and video games before as well as movies.
  • Postmodernism: By the Word of God, "My dream is to have terrible undergraduate term papers written about the movie."
  • Power Glows: Vitruvius' eyes.
  • Precision-Guided Boomerang: President Business can throw a penny as if it were Captain America's shield, as Vitruvius learns the hard way.
  • President Evil: President Business, who is president of the world.
  • Princesses Prefer Pink: Uni-Kitty's fur is mostly pink.
  • Product Placement: Besides the obvious, there's Band-Aids, Q-tips, Krazy Glue, etc. Unlike most examples of the trope, the products are integral to the plot rather than being irrelevant.
  • Prophecies Rhyme All the Time: Lampshaded.
    Vitruvius: One day, a talented lass or fellow
    a special one with face of yellow
    will make the Piece of Resistance found
    from its hiding refuge underground
    and with a noble army at the helm
    this Master Builder will thwart the Kragle and save the realm
    and be the greatest, most interesting, most important person of all time.
    All this is true because it rhymes.
  • Prophet Eyes: Vitruvius once had normal-style eyes; by the time of the movie they look like this due to him getting shot in the face with a laser pointer in the prologue.
  • Pun: Two are exchanged when Batman and Bad Cop are fighting.
    Batman: Police to meet you!
    Bad Cop: Batman! The pleasure's all spine!
  • Punny Name:
  • Questioning Title?: Where Are My Pants?
  • Ragtag Bunch of Misfits:
    • How else would a construction worker, a car mechanic/action heroine, a washed-up wizard, a magical cat/unicorn, a cyborg pirate, a retro space guy, and Batman have anything in common?
    • Metalbeard's "hearty crew" also counts. Apart from Metalbeard himself and two actual pirates, there's The Flash, a magician, a Disco Dan, Speed Racer, a witch, a mime, some guy with a monkey, a Gorgon, and Michaelangelo (who survived!).
  • Rainbows and Unicorns: Cloud Cuckoo Land, which can be reached by driving up a rainbow, is the home of Uni-Kitty, a combination of a Unicorn and a Cute Kitten. She is later seen walking on a rainbow-colored arch.
  • Rapid-Fire Comedy: The whole movie uses this to hilarious effect.
  • Reality Warper: Very downplayed, but Master Builders like Wyldstyle can build a functioning motorcycle out of building parts and random junk found in an alleyway. Justified, since after all, everything is literally Built with LEGO.
  • Rearrange the Song:
    • When we first see Vitruvius in the Old West Saloon, he's playing "Everything is Awesome" on the tinkly piano.
    • Near the end of the credits, an acoustic guitar version of the same song plays.
  • Reconstruction: Following The Incredibles deconstruction of the "Everyone's Special" aesop, it had become far less popular in children's films. This movie brought it back in a big way.
  • Recruit the Muggles: Near the climax, Wyldstyle takes over the TV station to broadcast to the whole world, motivating them to start building their own creations to fight back against Lord Business' plan to freeze everybody.
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning: The minor robot goons all have red eyes, as does Sheriff Not-a-Robot.
  • The Reveal: "Finn, what are you doing down here in my study?" Doubles as a Wham Shot.
  • Rhymes on a Dime: Vitruvius made up the prophecy, which means he made up all those rhymes on the fly. He even claimed it's true "because it rhymes".
  • Ridiculously Cute Critter:
    • Uni-Kitty.
    • The Duplo aliens at the end also qualify.
  • Ridiculously Fast Construction: Master Builders build things really fast. Batman defeats Bad Cop's flyer by rearranging it mid-air to a baby carriage. Wyldstyle builds so fast she can build a car in the middle of a chase sequence while she's running through a barn, or rebuild a motorcycle into a jet while it's still rolling. Even newbie builder Emmet gains this ability by the end of the film.
    • Benny, when he finally gets to build his beloved SPACESHIP!, rips the TV studio apart so fast, he's a barely visible, insanely giggling blur as the pieces flurry together almost of their own accord.
  • Rising Water, Rising Tension: The heroes escape from the overrun Cloud Cuckoo Land in a hastily built submarine. As they ponder their options, the wizard Vitruvius wonders why his feet feel wet. It turns out the submarine is leaking badly, and LEGO-water is pouring in. Batman, immersed to his chin, snarls "This is not how Batman dies". Wyldstyle is heard ordering "Abandon ship! Abandon ship!" moments before the doomed craft explodes.
  • Robo Cam: The Master Builders can look at the world around them and instantly identify LEGO pieces by their part numbers.
  • Rock Bottom: After the negative reception that the Master Builders give Emmet in Cloud Cuckoo Land, Emmet says that "at least things can't get any worse". Cue Bad Cop's invasion of the place.
  • Romantic False Lead: Batman to Wyldstyle.
  • Rousseau Was Right: Emmet convinces Lord Business (alternatively, Finn convinces his father) that he doesn't have to be the bad guy, triggering Lord Business/The Man Upstairs' Heel–Face Turn.
  • Running Gag:
    • Any utterance of "meet me in (x number) seconds/minutes/hours" is immediately followed by a cut to a card saying "(x number) seconds/minutes/hours later".
    • Bad Cop starts kicking chairs everywhere whenever he gets mad. Sometimes pulling chairs out of nowhere just to kick them.
    • Characters making dramatic entrances through large doors which, in the process, fling aside any unfortunate guards who happen to be standing next to those doors at the time.
    • Benny suggesting building a spaceship to solve any problem.
    Tropes S to Z 
  • Scare Quotes: Done around the number 10 in the "10 Seconds Later" screen, which happens after Vitruvius directs the party upstairs in said time... before slamming into a door.
  • Scenery Gorn:
    • The destruction of Cloud Cuckoo Land, originated by an unintended mistake of Emmet.
    • Averted in regards to The Man Upstairs ripping apart Finn's creations; we don't actually see it happen on screen. And thank God for that.
  • Scenery Porn:
    • The helicopter shot of the city as "Everything Is Awesome!" is playing will take your breath away.
    • The flowing ocean of LEGO bricks is spectacular.
    • The desert vista is also a marvel to see, especially the long shots of the train chase.
  • Screw This, I'm Outta Here:
    • Batman tries to initiate this thrice. The first two times, he's persuaded by Wyldstyle to stay with them, but the third time has him leap aboard the Millennium Falcon. Wyldstyle gives him a moment of What the Hell, Hero? when he gets onto it. However, it turns out that he didn't really intend to leave — he had taken the opportunity to steal the Millennium Falcon's hyperdrive for Emmet's plan.
    • Metalbeard ditches the Master Builder convention after Emmet's Rousing Speech fails to actually do any rousing.
  • Secret Police: Apparently called the "Super Secret Police", with those exact words written on their vehicles to boot.
  • Self-Deprecation:
    • Emmet's speech about how he's the least qualified to lead everyone.
    • The new villains that show up at the end are made of LEGO Duplo Bricks, a brand of toddler-based LEGO that many LEGO fans openly despise.
    • In the "Behind the Bricks" featurette, each of the characters gush about their actors, while President Business laments that he had to be stuck with Will Ferrell, and Batman seems a little annoyed that he is being played by Will Arnett rather than George Clooney... weirdly enough...
    President Business: When you're scraping the bottom of a barrel, you find yourself with a Will Ferrell.
  • Self-Fulfilling Prophecy: Vitruvius even states at the beginning "All this is true because it rhymes". Bonus points for it having been made up on the spot.
  • Sequel Hook: The movie ends with Emmett's sister's creations invading the world. The sequel starts where this movie leaves off, showing the Sugar Apocalypse happen.
  • Serious Business: Deconstructed big time. The father, AKA "The Man Upstairs", is like many adult collectors of toys and other like items. LEGO are meant to be played with and enjoyed, but The Man Upstairs treats them like museum pieces. It's only after his Heel Realization and seeing his son's unique creations that he realizes how he's been sucking the fun out of the hobby.
  • Shaped Like Itself:
    • Most of the businesses, products, locations, etc. in Bricksburg that aren't named after the Octan Corporation (i.e. Octan Cola, Rocktan FM) possess extremely generic, literal titles; i.e. The Coffee Chain, Sports Team, Busy Expressway.
    • Posters on the wall of Emmet's apartment say things like "A Popular Band" and "Sport!"
  • Shirtless Scene: In a behind-the-scenes feature, President Business listed other people who could have voiced him, including Ryan Gosling. Just at that moment, Business had his shirt off and had a ripped torso. In the actual movie, Emmet has a shirtless scene during his morning routine.
  • Shoehorned Acronym: This movie has a weapon called the Tentacle Arm Kragle Outside Sprayer, or TAKOS, with a silent "S" (pronounced as "taco"). The reason why he named it that is so that he can call the day he'll release it "Taco Tuesday".
  • Shout-Out / Reference Overdosed: The movie has its own page.
  • Shown Their Work: Plenty, in fact. The directors and animators really took advantage of the wide world of LEGO when making this film.
    • Benny, also known as the "1980-something Space Guy", is the Classic Blue Astronaut figure— and much like his figurines from the 1980s, the bottom part of his helmet is cracked and his space emblem is worn.
    • Metalbeard is built from parts that are commonly found across BIONICLE and Hero Factory sets.
    • All the sets and backgrounds are actually made of LEGO (albeit CG). Even more impressive is that it was all initially built using LEGO's own LEGO Set designing program, which means that everything could actually be physically built assuming you had the necessary pieces. Furthermore, when the Master Builders visualize building something, each piece is seen with its real-world design (part) ID code floating nearby as well.
    • Keeping with the designs of the LEGO minifigs, none of the characters are able to move their elbows, rotate their upper body right or left, or rotate their heads up and down. A BIT of creative licensing is used since their arms can rotate outward somewhat, for elaborate acting, but it's used sparingly.
    • Emmet drives a (slightly modified) 3177 Small Car, a real set from 2011.
    • You can see mold lines, casting imperfections, stress marks and other "real-world" characteristics on the CGI minifigs. And when the lighting allows it, you can even see fingerprint residue on the minifigs' torsos that Finn would have left from playing with them IRL.
  • Sickeningly Sweet:
    • Cloud Cuckoo Land also gives off this vibe, given its pastel coloration, constant whimsy, and prominent cutesy puppy dog building. Batman definitely has such a view of this location.
      Batman: [gruff, as a clown and guy in a dinosaur costume dance around him] I hate this place.
    • The Duplo brick aliens at the very end are meant to invoke this.
  • Signature Headgear: Metalbeard is already well placed in the nice hat stakes simply by wearing a pirate hat. Where it gets really nice is that the skull and crossbones are a riveted metal minifig skull and crossed wrenches. Also the "plume" is a LEGO fire piece. To summarize: a heavy metal pirate hat for a mad inventor. And it's on fire.
  • Signs of Disrepair: KRAZY GLUE
  • Simple Solution Won't Work: When Emmet, Wyldstyle, Vitruvius, Batman, and Unikitty are escaping Bad Cop's assault on Cloud Cuckoo Land, Benny arrives to build a spaceship for them to escape in. Wyldstyle stops him by pointing out that the skies are filled with dropships, meaning they could easily take it out.
  • Sir Not-Appearing-in-This-Trailer: As late as a month before the film's premier, Uni-Kitty barely appeared in trailers and only had one word of dialogue in a TV spot.note  Even Johnny Thunder, who has appeared only as a Freeze-Frame Bonus, has gotten more cumulative trailer screentime than Uni-Kitty. This is despite the fact that she features prominently in the tie-in toys and is one of the main supporting characters alongside the likes of Batman, Benny, and MetalBeard.
  • SkeleBot 9000: The "skeletron" style of henchmen featured in the movie.
  • Sliding Scale of Idealism vs. Cynicism: The LEGO Movie dabbles with cynicism but it lands hard on the idealistic side by the time the credits roll.
  • Small Name, Big Ego: In the Behind the Bricks featurette, Emmet's "actor" claims that "there were a lot of big egos on set", and he is shown to be right. Batman not only claims to be the main character, he claims he is the main character in every single movie he is ever innote . Likewise, Bad Cop/Good Cop also thinks he is the main character (both sides of him argue with each other that they are the lead). President Business, meanwhile, thinks he deserves to be voiced by an acting legend like Robert De Niro and is upset that the studio is "scraping the barrel" by casting Will Ferrell instead. Emmet and Wyldstyle's LEGO actors both gush about their voice actors—meaning, of course, that Chris Pratt and Elizabeth Banks are basically gushing about themselves.
  • Solid Clouds: The Master Builder's assembly hall in Cloud Cuckoo Land seem to be built on these.
  • Soundtrack Dissonance: Touches of it during the "Everything Is Awesome" at the construction sequence. As everyone cheerfully sings the song, a rather menacing billboard of President Business passes by and a surveillance camera watches intently.
  • Standard Snippet: Metalbeard reconstructs himself into a weird song-and-dance robot that somehow sings Judy Garland's rendition "How Ya Gonna Keep 'em Down on the Farm (After They've Seen Paree)?".
  • Status Quo Is God: Played for laughs in-universe; "Where Are My Pants?" runs out of steam pretty quickly once the pants are found.
  • Stealth Hi/Bye: As in non-LEGO movies, this is Batman's trademark move.
  • Stealth Pun:
    • Benny gets excited when he discovers Octan's TV and surveillance are all "1980-something technology!" Pretty sure we know what year.
    • Metalbeard has a treasure chest attached to his torso. It's his "chest".
    • More obscurely, "emmet" is an archaic word for an ant. Fitting for a lowly worker who doesn't stand out from the rest.
    • Lord Business' workers are all robotic: corporate drones.
    • Lord Business says "No more Mr. Nice Guy" as he erases Good Cop/Bad Cop's good face.
  • Stepford Smiler: Uni-Kitty. In fact, the explosive backlash of her absolute repression of anything negative with a creepily cheery disposition ends up turning into a something of a Chekhov's Skill.
  • Sticky Situation: This is what the Kragle does to its victims.
  • Strange Minds Think Alike: Both Vitruvius and Emmet think that Wyldstyle sounds like the name of a DJ, and Wyldstyle lampshades that they both said it. Similarly, everybody thinks the double-decker couch is a stupid idea and will go at great lengths to harp on it. Lord Business also compares it to a bunk bed like Emmet did when he was explaining it.
  • Stumbled Into the Plot: As a subversion of The Chosen One, Emmett gets himself caught in a government conspiracy simply because he tripped, falls down a hole and finds the Piece of Resistance that could stop the Kragle.
  • Stupidly Long Filler Sound: Once Emmet sees Wyldstyle pull back her hoodie and do a sexy Hair Flip, his mind drowns in love hormones at the sight. This leaves his mouth to run on automatic, which results in a lengthy "uhhhh." It's Love Makes You Dumb reduced to a single word.
  • Stop Faux-tion: The film was made with CGI but was made to resemble a Lego stop motion film by limiting its framerate and/or animation speed, and giving the Lego figures things like fingerprints that make it look as if they're being manipulated by animators.
  • Stylistic Suck:
    • There are a few instances, most notably Vitruvius as a ghost, which is literally a figurine with a ghost blanket piece on a string, and the separation of Lord Business's fortress, which goes from a dramatic event to a crude stop-motion-esque animation with one-man sound effects. The Reveal means that this was probably intentional. Interestingly enough, Ghost Vitruvius was entirely CG; not a live-action minifigure pasted into the movie. That's some impressive work right there.
    • The whole film is CG but emulates stop-motion, including the fact that it has a deliberately low frame rate. You have to look REALLY close to notice the characters doing anything that a minifig can't do, like shrugging slightly. They don't bend their legs like in, say, a LEGO Adaptation Game.
    • The moments where everything is depicted on a much smaller brick scale with vocals for sound effects is, according to the commentary, meant to imply that they ran out of money in the production and had to skimp on a few shots. While this can lead to some brilliantly unexpected takes on certain moments, like the top of the Octan Tower detaching, it can lead to some dissonance in the scene where Cloud Cuckoo Land is destroyed. invoked
    • The in-universe TV show Where Are My Pants? is a parody of a lame sitcom.
    • Batman's song, "Untitled Self Portrait". "Darkness! No parents!"
  • Sugar Apocalypse:
    • Cloud Cuckoo Land is burned down and crashes into the ocean.
    • Implied by the Duplo invasion.
  • Sugar Bowl: Cloud Cuckoo Land.
    Batman: I hate this place.
  • Superheroes Wear Capes: Lord Business is the supervillain version; he wears a very long tie-shaped cape when in his armor.
  • Super Speed: This and Awesomeness by Analysis are the powers of a Master Builder, allowing them to conceive of and build complicated objects out of the environment around them very quickly. Also usable in combat.
  • Sure, Let's Go with That:
    • When Emmet is discovered by Wyldstyle to have found the Piece of Resistance, the following exchange takes place:
      Wyldstyle: You're the Special! The prophecy states that you are the most important person in the universe. That's you, right?
      Emmet: Uhh... yes.
    • Also used when Emmet is told that the Kragle might explode when paired with the Piece of Resistance. He quickly identifies the corollary: that it might not explode. Vitruvius responds with "Sure, sure, sure... let's go with that".
  • Suspiciously Specific Denial: Sheriff Not-a-Robot.
  • SWAT Team: Some of the police robots are dressed in SWAT gear.
  • Sword and Gun: Metal Beard has guns-for-an-arm and a sword strapped to his back.
  • Symbol Motif Clothing: Wyldstyle and graffiti (in particular tags).
  • Tantrum Throwing: Bad Cop has... issues with chairs, it seems.
  • Take Our Word for It: After hearing Emmet's protests that he's not the Special, Bad Cop states sarcastically: "Yeah, I believe you," with his fingers making air quotes. Except he has to say he's making air quotes with his fingers because, like all mini-figures, he has no fingers.
  • Take That!: Could the $37 cup of coffee be a Take That directed at a certain major chain of coffeehouses? Perish the thought!
  • Technician Versus Performer: The central conflict, Lord Business, The Man Upstairs and initially Emmet are technicians who seek to build according to the instructions, whereas the master builders and Finn are performers who want to build their own things.
  • Tempting Fate:
    • During the first police chase, Emmet cries that he wants to go home. Cue a house crashing onto the street in front of him.
      Emmet: That is not what I meant!
    • In a positive way, Batman twice gripes that the solution to their problems isn't going to show up out of nowhere, only for it to do exactly that.
      Batman: [the second time] Are you kidding me, the same bit?!
    • Or when Superman is held prisoner in the Think Tank.
      Superman: It can't get much worse than this.
      Green Lantern: Oh, hello neighbor!
      Superman: Oh no.
      Green Lantern: Hey, it's Green Lantern! Oh my gosh, we're roommates! How crazy is that?
      Superman: Does anyone have some Kryptonite that they can give me?
  • This Looks Like a Job for Aquaman: Lord Business's tower has a television studio running on 80s-style technology, which is Benny's specialty.
  • Time Skip:
    • The movie takes place "8½ years" after Vitrivius and Lord Business's first encounter. How old is Finn? Nearly nine years old, perhaps?
    • During "Everything Is Awesome", Emmett shouts "Man I feel so good right now! I could sing this song for hours!" Time skip to "5 hours later". Yes, everybody's still singing it, and it's just wrapping up.
  • Tomato Surprise: A "setting" example, à la Toy Story 3 playtime.
  • Tomboy and Girly Girl: Wyldstyle is the Tomboy to Uni-Kitty's Girly Girl.
  • Tomboyish Ponytail: A mini ponytail is present in Wyldstyle's hairstyle.
  • Took a Level in Badass: When Emmet returns from the regular world, he earns his master building skills and creates a huge mecha made from construction equipment.
  • Toy Time: This comes with being a movie centered on LEGO. Cloud Cuckoo Land earns a special mention for its colorful and cheerful buildings and characters.
  • Track Trouble: Bad Cop blasts away a section of a railroad bridge where it crosses a tall canyon, willing to sacrifice the locomotive and all aboard in order to eradicate La Résistance.
  • Trailers Always Spoil:
    • The Bad Cop/Good Cop blind bag minifigure has Good Cop's hand-drawn face, instead of his original face.
    • Surprisingly averted as well, considering that a TV spot even implored audience members not to give away the ending.
    • Midway through the movie, Batman leaves the main characters aboard the Millennium Falcon. He's not gone long, but still considering that there's a prominent scene from the trailers that hasn't happened yet, everyone knows Batman isn't really gone.
    • One of the promotional photos that Warner Bros. released prominently shows Ghost Vitruvius.
    • The Special Edition DVD box shows the group shot at the very end of the film... with Ghost Vitruvius in it.
    • Early press releases mentioned a lead character named Lucy. Those who watched the film having read those articles were not one bit surprised that the mystery name belonged to Wyldstyle, as her pseudonym was not used in early news for the film.
  • Transforming Mecha: Metalbeard can transform his massive robot body... into a copy machine.
  • Trick Bullet: Bad Cop fires a tracking device on Emmet's ankle, which leads the Super Secret Police to Cloud Cuckooland.
  • Triumphant Reprise:
    • The full version of "Everything Is Awesome" performed by Tegan & Sara with The Lonely Island plays during the credits, and following the ending, the lyrics take on a whole new meaning.
    • "I Am a Master Builder", the track that plays during Emmet's return to the LEGO world, is this for Emmet's leitmotif — showing how The Chosen Zero has become The Chosen One.
  • Troperiffic: "Save the World", "The Chosen Zero", "Action Girl", "Crapsaccharine World"; this movie has a lot of tropes that have been done before in previous classic stories. Justified because it's all the daydream of a kid playing with his toys, and he's basing it off of stories that he's seen before.
  • True Art Is Angsty: In-Universe, Wyldstyle claims that Batman is a 'true artist' because he's dark and brooding. In addition, his song is pretty much entirely about dark places and having no parents.
  • Two-Faced: Bad Cop/Good Cop, with one on each side of his head that rotates to present the face needed for any given moment. Based off of the double-sided minifigure heads in sets.
  • Two Girls to a Team: Wyldstyle and Uni-Kitty.
  • Uncertain Doom: The Millennium Falcon crew (Han, Lando, Chewie, and C3PO). The last time we see them, they are unable to go to hyperspace due to the main characters taking the hyperdrive, and are swallowed by an Exogorth. However, the Falcon did survive this in the actual movie, so it is unlikely that they're dead.
  • Unfolding Plan Montage: Seen as the master builders break into Lord Business's tower.
  • Unusually Uninteresting Sight:
    • Bad Cop's parents seem strangely calm about winding up inside Lord Business' office while Business himself is wearing his Evil Overlord suit.
    • Emmet has absolutely no reaction to being approached by the ghost of recently deceased Vitruvius.
  • Unstoppable Rage: In the climax, Uni-Kitty tries to stay positive, but eventually decides to let her rage loose. It's equal parts terrifying and awesome to see her go berserk and eat up an entire legion of Elite Mooks.
  • "Untitled" Title: The name of Batman's song is "Untitled Self-Portrait"
  • Villain Has a Point:
    • Lord Business is a Control Freak who instates an oppressively conformist society incapable of original thought or diverging from directions. However, Emmet points out Octan's organization and use of instructions has let them build whole cities, whereas the Master Builders are so individualistic that they're incapable of working together. When a couple of them try to make a submarine together, they just build their own parts and stick them together, and the resulting vehicle falls apart in minutes.
    • All of Lord Business's criticisms about the double-decker couch are completely valid, though some of them don't apply to LEGO figurines (for example, without jointed legs, they can't hang their feet over the edge).
  • Virtual Assistant Blunder: When Benny tries to hack into Lord Business' lair's computer system and disable the shields, the computer replies that there are no movies with that title in their area. He keeps having trouble with this until Metalbeard is able to explain the situation, much to Benny's confusion.
  • Walking Spoiler: Talking about the significance of "The Man Upstairs" or the person that Emmet thought of in his mind (Finn) is a sure-fire way to reveal the movie's big plot twist.
  • Wangst: invokedPlayed for Laughs in regards to the song that Batman wrote for Wyldstyle — it features lyrics almost entirely composed of variants of the word "darkness", but the song loses steam when he notes being really rich actually helps.
  • We Can Rebuild Him: Basically the backstory behind Metal Beard. Interestingly, he's the one who rebuilt himself.
  • Weirdness Censor: Both ways. Finn's dad doesn't notice Emmet's minifigure struggling to move under his own power, though he comes close a few times. Inversely, when Finn's dad personally starts taking apart his son's creations, the minifigures just see it as being swarmed by Micromanager robots.
  • Wham Shot: Basically everything that happens once Emmet as a normal non-talking minfig wakes up in a real-world basement in the third act will have this effect. Some of the prominent ones:
    • Emmet being picked up by Finn, with Finn saying hello to him.
    • "The Man Upstairs" coming down the stairs, and he's played by Will Ferrell... the same man who voiced Lord Business.
    • All of the LEGO lands we see are perfectly made on tables with signs saying not to touch... except Cloud Cuckoo Land, which is on a small round table off in the corner.
  • What Measure Is a Mook?: Lord Business' minions are all robots, so the heroes don't have to feel bad about killing them. However, sometimes they seem to show individual traits and quirks, such as happily using a copy machine to print their butts. Of course, since they are both robots and LEGO, it's debatable whether they die or not.
  • Who Names Their Kid "Dude"?: "So... on your birth certificate, it says Wyldstyle?" Subverted since it actually says Lucy.
  • Wingding Eyes: When a character dies, their eyes get replaced with Xs.
  • When I Was Your Age...: Lord Business's rant to Emmet is pretty much a copy and paste of editorials complaining about Millennials. "Well guess what. No one ever told me I was special! I never got a trophy just for showing up! I'm not some special little snowflake!"
  • The Whole World Is Watching: Near the conclusion, Wyldstyle is able to broadcast her Rousing Speech to the entire world by hijacking the recording of Where Are My Pants?
  • Whoosh in Front of the Camera: Parodied when a silhouetted LEGO figure jumps behind a wall in the background, accompanied by a stock "whoosh" noise. Emmett reacts to this by saying, "I think I heard a whoosh."
  • The Worf Effect: You know how dangerous Lord Business' henchmen are when even Superman gets captured without Kryptonite.
  • The World Is Just Awesome: Invoked with "Everything is AWESOME!!!" See Crapsaccharine World to see what the world is really like.
  • World of Badass: Despite all the robots and suppression of creativity, a world where you can build awesome stuff to help you, have specially trained builders who can all kick robot Mook ass and that everyone can make gigantic cool mechas out of everyday objects to kick your ass definitely qualifies.
  • World of Ham: The villains especially, but the heroes are either exaggerated by default (Batman, Metalbeard) or have manic moments of Chewing the Scenery ("SPACESHIP!"). Given it's all a child's fantasy, perfectly justifiable.
  • Worst. Whatever. Ever!: A variation when Vitruvius comments on Emmet's double-decker couch idea.
    Vitruvius: That idea is just the worst.
  • Wrench Wench: Wyldstyle likes to build cars in her spare time.
  • Wrong Guy First: Wyldstyle is with Batman at first.
  • Year Inside, Hour Outside: It takes Emmet several minutes to fall through the void (long enough, in fact, for him to get bored), but less than a second to fall off of a table.
  • You All Look Familiar: Considering that Emmet's default face is the standard classic LEGO smiley, this trope comes with the product. This becomes a significant plot point early on when Emmet realizes not only is he not special, he is exactly the same as everyone else, causing a Heroic BSoD thus kickstarting the events of the film. It did help him, though — it was hard to catch him because he was so bland that it was hard to track him down.
  • You Are Better Than You Think You Are: Vitruvius' advice to Emmet, who doesn't believe he's really The Special. Also, Wyldstyle does this to the entire LEGO universe once Lord Business starts using the Kragle, encouraging them to use their own talents to make weapons to fight back against Lord Business.
  • You Cannot Grasp the True Form: The Micro-Managers are as close as the LEGO people can comprehend of how humans pose and play with them.
  • You Can't Thwart Stage One: The heroes' infiltration of Lord Business' tower to destroy the Kragle once and for all ends in disaster, and Lord Business escapes to unleash his weapon on Emmet's city.
  • You Wouldn't Like Me When I'm Angry!: Kind of self-defeating here; Uni-Kitty's temper is so terrifying because she usually represses anything remotely negative, but at this point all that buried anger has become enough of a mess that it's probably best she just keep up with the cheery act. For everyone else's safety.


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