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Worst. Image. Ever.

"Last night's Itchy & Scratchy was, without a doubt, the worst episode ever. Rest assured I was on the Internet within minutes registering my disgust throughout the world."
Comic Book Guy, The Simpsons, "The Itchy & Scratchy & Poochie Show"

So Alice and Bob have just finished a harrowing experience and a witty one liner is needed to sum up the entire situation. What ever will our intrepid heroes do?

"Worst X Ever!"

Well played, heroes!

This is a Stock Phrase used to quickly demean and insult something or someone. It is normally delivered in a flat, sarcastic voice, but can also be yelled at in stressful situations. It often occurs during or after a heavy action or chase sequence, to refer to an activity that would normally be quite enjoyable if it weren't for the life-threatening situation that was just encountered.

The Trope Maker is Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons, who frequently denounces whatever he doesn't like as the "Worst. <X>. Ever." Though, as indicated by the quote, first said when he viewed the introduction episode of Poochie in Itchy & Scratchy.

A more verbose variant would be to say, "This is the worst X in the long history of X..."

Compare Worst News Judgment Ever which is an example of this very trope on This Very Wiki. Worst Wedding Ever is a subtrope. Contrast with It's the Best Whatever, Ever! Also see Beergasm, an inversion of this trope on This Very Wiki, and Punctuated! For! Emphasis!, a sister phrase.

Worst. Examples. Ever!

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    Worst. Anime & Manga. Ever! 
  • The Japanese title for one episode of Pokémon translates to "The Worst Togepi Ever!" Sadly, the English dub changed it to "Where No Togepi Has Gone Before".
  • Digimon Data Squad protagonist Yoshi has "This is the worst!" as her Catchphrase, with her even amending it to call teammate Marcus "the worst" at least once.
  • In Rent-A-Girlfriend, Episode 8 has Kazuya stalking Chizuru and her friend Umi all day under the belief that they're in a relationship. After discovering he was mistaken, he thinks to himself, "Worst. Christmas. Ever." in the dub.

    Worst. Comic Books. Ever! 
  • Appears in Dork Tower when Carson the Muskrat meets a bunch of costumed furries at a convention.
  • A 2016 weekly X-Men miniseries about a new Xavier's Academy student was called Worst X-Man Ever.

    Worst. Comic Strips. Ever! 
  • Non Sequitur
    "Another inaction-packed adventure of CONGRESS-MAN. Worst-Superhero-EVER."

    Worst. Fan Works. Ever! 
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Movie:
    • Invoked early on:
      Archaeologist 1: The pyramid's collapsing! And I had such a full life ahead of me!
      Archaeologist 2: Run away! Run away!
      Archaeologist 3: This is the worst honeymoon ever!
    • Inverted when Seto Kaiba learns that he's destined to play card games with Yugi forever: "Best. Destiny. Ever."
  • In Oh God, Not Again!, Sirius calls himself the worst guardian ever after Harry dies again. Harry assures him he couldn't possibly be worse than the Dursleys were. For some reason, Sirius doesn't find this comforting.
  • In Retro Chill, Evil Calvin screams at an ice cream vendor that their chocolate ice cream was the worst he's ever had.
  • In Unexpected Ron declares it the worst night ever after he and Harry have to remove an aconite-poisoned arrow from a wounded werewolf.
  • In Harry Potter and Libromancy Harry slips some money and a list of the adult graphic novels he's "acquired" onto a bookstore counter when the clerk isn't looking.
    Sarah: You know you could just walked out of here with the books, right?
    Harry: That wouldn't be nice.
    Sarah: Worst thief ever.
  • In Fuck or Die - Option B, Thanks Harry refers to a Witch Weekly reporter who kidnapped him and Draco as the "worst fangirl ever".

    Worst. Live-Action Films. Ever! 
  • Zack and Miri Make a Porno:
    Zack and Miri: Worst porno ever.
  • Easy A:
    Greeting card: I've got a pocket got a pocket full of sunshine...
    Olive: [close the card] Bleh. Worst. Song. Ever.
Then she plays it for two days straight.
  • The Lost World: Jurassic Park
    Ian Malcolm: Taking dinosaurs off this island is the worst idea in the long, sad history of bad ideas.
  • In Love Actually, Sarah and Mark have this exchange when they try to change the topic of some awkward dialogue they had had previously.
    Mark: Yes. Erm... This DJ, what do you reckon?
    Sarah: The worst in history?
    Mark: Probably. I think it all hangs on the next song.
    DJ: Now here's one for the lovers. That's quite a few of you, I shouldn't be surprised and a half.
    ["Puppy Love" begins to play]
    Mark: He's done it, it's official.
    Sarah: Worst DJ in the world.
  • Jenny and Jamie in Euro Trip: "Worst. Twins. Ever."
  • In 2011, a film titled The Worst Movie Ever was released. The public apparently believed the title as the film grossed eleven dollars. (Attempts to find the only person to buy a ticket have failed.)
  • Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas Ever has it straight into the title.
  • Suicide Squad:
    • Title cards in the trailer:
    • Amanda Waller says the criminals she wants to recruit for Task Force X (the eponymous Suicide Squad) are indeed the "worst of the worst".
  • A meta example - Mike Nelson's review of Batman & Robin:
    "Batman & Robin is not the worst movie ever. No, indeed. It's the worst thing ever. Yes, it's the single worst thing that we as human beings have ever produced in recorded history."

    Worst. Live-Action TV. Ever! 
  • Better Call Saul: In "Mijo" when Jimmy drops off the skaters to the emergency room after their legs were broken by Tuco. Despite managing to talk Tuco out of killing them for insulting his grandmother, Lars still calls him the "worst lawyer ever".
    Jimmy: I talked you down from a life sentence to a six month probation. I'm the best lawyer ever!
  • In The Big Bang Theory episode "The Codpiece Topology", Sheldon expresses his dissatisfaction with Anachronism Stew:
    Sheldon: Worst. Renaissance. Fair. Ever.
  • Bones: In the ninth season episode "The Woman in White", Hodgins starts an office pool as to how soon Booth and Brennan would cancel their impending wedding. For the record, Brennan's dad won by betting that they would not cancel.
    Cam: Worst friends ever.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Halfway through Season 4, just when the Scooby Gang have their hands full with an unstoppable rogue demon cyborg and a Government Conspiracy that's running out of control, Buffy's Evil Counterpart Faith wakes up from her Convenient Coma to seek revenge.
    Xander: I guess this wins the Worst Timing Ever Award.
  • Season 9 of Canada's Worst Driver was to determine which of the Worst Drivers was the Worst Driver Ever.
  • Doctor Who:
    • "The End of Time": The Tenth Doctor yells "Worst! Rescue! Ever!" as the Vinvocci wheel him out of Naismith's house. Down a flight of stairs.
    • "Spyfall": Graham's reaction to being involuntarily picked up in a black car by MI6 agents is "Worst Uber ever!"
  • Friends:
    • "TOW The Worst Best Man Ever" is named for Chandler calling Joey that after Joey loses the Heirloom Engagement Ring that Ross was planning to give Emily.
    • Chandler tries to watch porn, but accidentally watches a video of a birth. He doesn't catch on for a minute. "Worst porn ever! Worst porn ever!"
    • Chandler has another brilliant one when the Friends watch Joey's new show, Mac and Cheese.
      Chandler: That was the worst thing ever. And not just on TV!
  • Gossip Girl has an episode where Chuck and Blair set each other up for dates with people who are (in Blair's words) Canal Street knockoffs of themselves. They walk off to argue about how the other set them up with a cheap copy and return to find their dates making out.
    Blair: Worst out-of-body experience ever!
  • Glee: "Worst henchmen ever."
  • How I Met Your Mother: After Lily and Ted come clean to Marshall about making out the night before Lily and Marshall first met, this exchange takes place:
    Ted: I'm TooMuchTongueGuy.
    Lily: And I'm UnreasonablySmallMouthOpeningGirl.
    Barney: Worst superheroes ever.
  • Modern Family: Haley to Claire in the episode Someone to Watch Over Lily, while Mitchell and Cameron are trying to decide who Lily's guardian should be:
    Haley: You win the award for Worst Mother Ever!
    Claire: I will be sure to thank you in my speech!
  • NCIS: Los Angeles:
    • "Ambush" has Sam and Callen undercover as an MP (military police) and prisoner, respectively, during which Callen tells a real prisoner a Lightbulb Joke: "How many MPs does it take to change a light bulb? Fifty—one to change the bulb and forty-nine to stand guard."
      Nate: That is the worst joke I have ever heard.
    • In "Till Death Do Us Part", Deeks and Kensi are finally set to get married — and things start going downhill with the arrival of Deeks' wannabe-boyfriend Anatoli Kirkin and the people who want him dead.
      Deeks: This is the worst wedding ever.
  • On Rizzoli & Isles, a disgusted Jane declares the substance Maura finds on the shaft of a broken replica spear (vaginal fluid) to be the "grossest trace evidence ever".
  • Stargate Atlantis: In "Grace Under Pressure", a trapped McKay hallucinates Samantha Carter to help him survive. At one point "she" takes off her shirt in an attempt to distract him from a bad idea, but for the most part she refuses to behave like an actual fantasy would, causing McKay to call "her" the "worst hallucination ever!"
  • Supernatural. In "The Girl with the Dungeons & Dragons Tattoo", Ghost Bobby slips the hip flask he's bound to into Charlie's pocket so he can follow her into the Big Bad's office. Sam and Dean explain its presence as a "good luck charm", so after things inevitably go wrong, Charlie returns it saying "Worse, charm, ever!" unaware that Bobby's presence saved her life.
  • Veronica Mars:
    Veronica: Worst. Easter Egg Hunt. Ever.

    Worst. Music. Ever! 
  • In the Relient K hidden track "Silly Shoes" they have what they they call the "Worst Freestyle Ever".
    "Wait... Hold up... Gimme a second... Shoot!... OK... Here we go! Apples are green, and carrots are orange! And then you go... and then you go... wha? What the? What rhymes with orange? Oh, geez! Can I start over?"
  • The Offspring's "The Worst Hangover Ever".
  • The Great Luke Ski has an album called Worst Album Ever. In reference to the latter, some of his friends put together a tribute album called Worst Tribute Ever.
  • XoArk's album Worst Breakcore Ever.

    Worst. Pro Wrestling. Ever! 

    Worst. Puppet Shows. Ever! 
  • Sesame Street episode 4504 has a Muppet version of Comic Book Guy declaring NumeriCon to be either the "Best. Convention. Ever." or "Worst. Convention. Ever." depending on whether something good or bad happens. Elmo said both of these at one point during the episode.

    Worst. Theatre. Ever! 
  • There exists a play titled The Worstest Play Ever Wrote.

    Worst. Video Games. Ever! 
  • In Season 1, Episode 5 of the Telltale Adventure Games, Sam has this to say of dirty rat Jimmy Two-Teeth when he becomes an Arms Merchant, and refuses to sell to the Freelance Police: "Worst. Arms dealer. Ever."
  • In Tales of Monkey Island Chapter 1: Launch of the Screaming Narwhal, Guybrush has this to say about the Shrunken Heads in the Voodoo Lady's shack: "Worst. Air freshener. Ever."
  • Army of Two: The 40th Day. This is Salem's response when he and Rios have to fight their way through the Shanghai Zoo. Which comes as no surprise as the first thing the mercs there did was slaughter all the animals, not to mention all the fighting they had to do inside.
  • Final Fantasy XIII's backstory has Lightning say "Worst. Birthday. Ever." in regards to her sister Serah having been engaged to Snow and claiming to have been made a Pulse l'Cie, which she thinks is a lie, which would have been bad enough, but if she's telling the truth, she's 1. a thing that's generally hated and feared, and 2. destined to become either a crystal or a shambling monster, depending on whether or not she completes a task whose nature is generally communicated rather poorly, to say the least. It really was a terrible day, and was about to get worse: the entire town, including Serah (but excluding the military) was to be purged to prevent the curse from spreading.
  • Shantae and the Seven Sirens: The attacked Metal Fish (submarine) descent into the Laboratory: As it goes down, the unknown monster rattles Shantae a lot but doesn't faze the researcher lady one bit. As the situation keeps getting worse and the submarine itself begins flooding inside for too long...
    Deep Sea Explorer Lady: ... ... ...
    Shantae: We're dead, aren't we?
    Deep Sea Explorer Lady: Pretty much.
  • From Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions: "Lamest. Supervillain. Ever."
  • The Simpsons licensed games:
    • Shows up in The Simpsons Game, unsurprisingly: Comic Book Guy dubs an Escort Mission "worst videogame cliché ever".
    • In The Simpsons Hit & Run, Comic Book Guy says this of the "special effects" making up aliens' space ship. Homer indignantly points out that the ship is in fact real, but Comic Book Guy sticks to his opinion.
  • In Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days, Larxene declares that her assignment to teach Roxas the magic command is the "Worst. Mission. Ever."
  • In The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile, if you beat The Neuromancer as The Dishwasher, the cut scene afterward has him remark "Worst. Headache. Ever."
  • Jade Empire sees Lovable Pervert Lustful Lau respond to questions which do not pertain to his sole area of interest (no points for guessing) with "Worst. Question. Ever," in what is unmistakably an imitation of Comic Book Guy... in Imperial China.
  • One chapter of Bulletstorm is entitled "Worst Family Fun Vacation Ever", and Gray exclaims this verbatim while he and Ishi are wandering through an abandoned amusement park attraction crawling with goons.
  • In Fable III, one quest involves the Hero/Heroine being shrunk down to take part in a Dungeons & Dragons-type game. At one point, the Hero/Heroine has to pull a lever to which none of the three Dungeon Masters had given a purpose. Improvising, the one proposes that the lever releases a cloud of beautiful butterflies, at which another pointedly comments "Worst. Game. Ever."
  • One of the real life merchandise for RuneScape is a T-shirt with the words "Worst Update Ever".
  • An unmarked quest in Fallout 3, in which the Lone Wanderer attempts to fix the Citadel's malfunctioning medical robot, is called "Worst. Doctor. Ever."
  • The ending to Makoto's gag reel in BlazBlue: Continuum Shift EXTEND is summed up in this trope due to the myriad events that proceeded to, as Makoto herself said, balls it up.
    Makoto: No! That's not what happened at all! This was the worst reenactment ever! Y'all SUCK!
  • In Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers, Layle says Blaze was the worst partner ever.
  • Far Cry 3: If Jason saves his girlfriend from the burning hotel, the player gets an Achievement called "Worst Date Ever."
  • Borderlands 2: In the "Victims of Vault Hunters" quest in the "Son of Crawmerax" DLC, Sparky Flynt hires a band of assassins to take out the Vault Hunters, but all of them end up dead before the Vault Hunters can face them. Salvador's reaction to finding the corpse of his assassin, Blendo Chung, hanging from a palm tree is profound disappointment.
    Salvador: Aw, man. The last of the Chung clan, and he got killed before I even showed up? Worst day ever!
  • Fire Emblem: Three Houses: Before the Gronder Field rematch between the three school dorms Claude laments, "As big class reunions go, this one's gotta be the worst in history." Given the circumstances, it's certainly a candidate.
  • A Running Gag regarding The Soldier of Team Fortress 2 is a number of his interactions involving being called "the worst" of some kind. For instance, due to some courtroom shenanigans involving Soldier strangling Scout, Scout manages to gargle out that Soldier is "the worst lawyer," while Merasmus declares that Soldier is "the worst roommate." At the same time, Soldier will in turn declare Merasmus is actually the worst roommate. Given Soldier's stupidity and impulsiveness this is to be expected.
  • In Adventure Chef a group of stranded campers complains that they've run out of food and their axe is broken.
    Mary: And did we mention we're starving? Worst camping trip ever! I'm never leaving my city again!

    Worst. Web Animation. Ever! 
  • Homestar Runner uses this one. A lot. It also frequently uses the variation "worst X bucks I ever spent."
  • Red vs. Blue:
    • Reconstruction gives us what is probably a contender for best example of this trope in the first fight against the Meta:
      Wash: Caboose! Toss that grenade!
      [Caboose throws the Spike Grenade straight forward, right onto the wall they're crouching behind]
      Wash: That. Was the worst throw, EVER. Of all time.
      Caboose: Not my fault. Someone put a wall in my way.
    • Later in Revelation:
      Doc: Wash! Here! Take this!
      [Doc waves tow hook attached to jeep]
      Wash: Doc? Throw it! Throw it!
      [Doc throws the hook about two feet]
      Wash: You have GOT to be kidding me...
      [Wash leaps and grabs the hook and climbs up the cable]
      Wash: That... was the second worst throw... ever. Of all time.
      Doc: What do you want from me? I ran track in high school.
    • It's something of a Running Gag with Wash.
      Wash: What the hell? It bounces? Who designs a gun that bounces? This is the worst gun ever. Of all ti—
      [Carolina tackles him]
    • And then everyone else starts getting in on it.
      Tucker: [to Church] You're like the worst wingman ever.
      Caboose: Of all time.
  • Neurotically Yours, when Germain's complaints about her getting fat escalate into ass-jokes and wild burping, Foamy refuses to continue with the episode, going on strike and calling it "The worst cartoon ever made".

    Worst. Webcomics. Ever! 

    Worst. Web Original. Ever! 
  • Texts From Last Night
    She used her cellphone as a light to find my clit under the sheets. worst.lesbian.ever.

    Worst. Web Videos. Ever! 
  • The Autobiography of Jane Eyre: In the sidebar comment on her video, Jane, who just escaped a very frightening situation, discovers that there is dust on her lens, causing her to declare it officially the worst day ever.
  • Comic POP:
    • Sal deems One More Day as the worst Spider-Man story ever made.
    • Sal calls Archie Meets the Punisher the worst crossover ever, which Ben retorts that he doesn't see how that's even possible.
  • Half in the Bag:
  • Subverted in I'm a Marvel... And I'm a DC. On the prospect of Marvel losing the Transformers right, Spider-Man is about to say "This is the worst decision that Marvel has ever made!" Until Deadpool shows him the severed head of Deadpool (the version from X-Men Origins: Wolverine). Thus, Spidey retracts his Transformers comment into "This is the second worst decision that Marvel has ever made!"
  • According to The Nostalgia Critic in his review of North, this movie contains the "Worst Joke Ever!!!!!!" (yes, with that many exclamation marks), which he deems worthy of a round of applause and fireworks.
  • Plainrock124: In the 15th episode of Bored Smashing - GROCERY STORE PHONES!, King calls the cards that came with the BTS phone the "Worst. Pokémon Cards. Ever."
  • Josh Strife Hayes has the "Worst MMO Ever?" series, where he plays obscure, old, or less popular MMOs ostensibly in a quest to find the worst ever.

    Worst. Western Animation. Ever! 
  • Ben 10: Ultimate Alien: In "Inspector 13", Gwen is not happy into becoming one alien after another, but by afar Upchuck is the one she hates most... because their power is eating things.
    Gwen (eating the cables that are tying Ben): Stupidest. Power. Ever.
  • The Simpsons: The Trope Maker, of course.
    • Introduced by Comic Book Guy in "The Itchy & Scratchy & Poochie Show".
    • In the eleventh season's "Saddlesore Galactica", Comic Book Guy criticizes the episode, which recycles old plots and character traits ("Excuse me, I believe this family already had a horse", Marge's gambling). As the episode proceeds, he wears a "Worst Episode Ever" shirt. When the credits end at the Gracie Films production logo, he says, "Worst. Episode. Ever."
    • Appropriately enough, the twelfth-season episode "Worst Episode Ever" centers around Bart and Milhouse taking over Comic Book Guy's store after he suffers a cardiac episode (a heart attack). Which CBG refers to as, of course, "Worst episode ever."
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender:
    • Toph calls Ba Sing Se the "Worst. City. Ever." based on the rules the Dai Li imposes.
    • Also:
      Toph: Worst. Vacation. Ever.
    • And "Worst. Fieldtrip. Ever." (Again by Toph. Can you tell that she loves this trope?)
    • Earlier in the episode "Avatar Day", Sokka summed up the whole experience: "This is by far the worst town we've ever been to."
  • The Legend of Korra
    • The show plays this for drama and humor in the same episode. when Korra gets so frustrated over her airbending block she calls herself the worst Avatar ever, Tenzin assures her she'll get through it. When she applies the same trope to Tarlokk's new puppet police chief, he completely agrees.
      Korra: You are officially the worst chief of police ever.
      Tenzin: Calm down Korra. I'll get this sorted out, we just need to be patient. But you really are the worst. [starts to go, then turns] EVER.
    • Korra herself is called the "worst Avatar ever" by an angry child in the second season for not standing up to the Northern Water Tribe invasion of the South.
    • The Season 4 episode "The Coronation" has two. First, Prince Wu declares the titular coronation "Worst Coronation Ever" due to Kuvira stealing his thunder (and kingdom). Second, Toph declares Korra the worst Avatar she's ever had to work with... then points out that there's only one other Avatar she's worked with, but still.
  • The Loud House:
    • In "Get the Message", Lincoln writes a letter with the heading "Why (name) is the worst sister ever."
    • In "Along Came a Sister", when Leni witnesses Frank the tarantula, she screams "Worst surprise party ever!"
  • Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes:
    Sue: I know, I know: we're the Worst. Neighbors. Ever. Right?
  • Jimmy Two-Shoes: "Lamest. Prize. Ever."
  • The Cleveland Show:
    Comic Book Guy: Worst. Cameo. Ever
  • The Fairly OddParents!
    • In "Fairly Odd Baby", Jorgen described one of Timmy's plans as "Worst. Plan. Ever."
    • In "Wishology", Jorgen commented, "Worst. Chosen One. Ever."
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic:
    • In "The Best Night Ever", the Mane Six's plan to make the Grand Galloping Gala their "best night ever" falls apart very quickly, and once they meet Spike at his favorite donut shop and tell him the whole thing, he claims, "Sounds like the worst night ever!"
    • In "Pinkie Apple Pie", after most of the "Best (insert thing) ever!"s, Applejack declares their trip the "Worst family road trip. Ever."
    • In "The Mean 6", Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy's mean counterparts proclaim this is the "worst day ever" when ordered to find the Elements of Harmony. At the end, when the actual Mane 6 discover the destroyed campsite, the real Pinkie happily proclaims, "This was... the worst... day... ever!"
    • In "The Beginning of the End – Part 2", Pinkie Pie is especially distressed by what King Sombra forced the Cake family to bake for his victory celebration.
      Pinkie Pie: [sobbing] He made them bake a black licorice fruitcake that says "Congratulations to Our Favorite Supreme Emperor King Sombra" in green frosting! It's the ugliest cake I've ever seen!
  • Played for Drama in The Owl House episode "Thanks to Them", where a young Luz somberly comments "I think this might be the worst week ever" in a video diary entry that was recorded after her father's funeral.
  • SpongeBob SquarePants:
    • In "Party Pooper Pants" when SpongeBob's party guests don't arrive 30 seconds past 8:00 according to his schedule, he bursts into tears and calls himself "the worst host ever".
    • In "Good Neighbors", Squidward calls SpongeBob and Patrick "the worst neighbors ever" for ruining his Sunday.
    • In "Trident Trouble" when an ice cream truck crashes, the driver declares it the "worst day ever".
    • At the end of "Boss for the Day", Mr. Krabs calls SpongeBob "the worst boss ever" for his horrible ways of being in charge of the Krusty Krab. It is inverted by SpongeBob seconds later when Mr. Krabs tells him as punishment, he's docking his pay for decades to cover for all the damages he caused.
  • In the Ready Jet Go! episode "Chore Day", Jet calls his chore of testing out the hover scooters the "Worst. Chore. Ever."
  • Work It Out Wombats!: In "Campout Confusion," Zadie wanted the campout to be fun, but things went to crap because the kids kept forgetting things they needed. Zadie calls it the "worst. campout. ever."
  • Young Justice (2010). As a distraction while Robin tries to free them, the rest of the Team start taunting their captors by pretending to be Play Along Prisoners.
    Superboy: And by the way, worst deathtrap ever! We can escape any time we want!
  • Kaeloo: Ratman, a superhero so incompetent that the crime rate went up 400% since he started protecting the city, is often referred to as "the worst superhero ever".

    Worst. Real Life. Ever! 
  • President Donald Trump famously said of NAFTA: "This has been the worst trade deal in the history of trade deals, maybe ever.".

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