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"Magic schmagic. Boooo!"

A Stock Phrase, or rather, a Stock Phrase Template. A character scornfully dismisses a warning or advice for restraint by repeating the word that represents the advice, then the same word with its beginning replaced with "schm-". "Safety, schmafety!" "Rules, schmules!" "Convection, schmonvection!" "Strategy, schmategy!"


The Other Wiki tells us the actual name for this is Shm-reduplication and it's, unsurprisingly, of Yiddish origin.

Examples Schmexamples:

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    Advertising Schmadvertising 
  • All the kids want to play these these days is Tetris, Schmetris! Whatever happened to the unicycle? And the BALL?
  • When telephone answering machines were still new, impressive technology mainly used by big shots, an advertisement for an early model demonstrated its use. As the tape reeled from one spool to the other, the "sorry we missed your call, wait for the tone and leave your message" announcement played, followed by the unimpressed ranting of a typical Jewish Mother, scoffing, "Fancy schmancy, automatic. This is your mother, that's who..."
  • Toast Schmost
  • As part of Cable/Satellite Mudslinging, a satellite television commercial had cable executives remarking that this trope made anything seem less threatening, from cold sores to scotch.
    Exec: Ooh! I'll have some smotch!

    Anime & Manga Schmanime & Schmanga 
  • In Pokémon, while Team Rocket are running for their lives from an Onix.
    Jessie: Don't you know that ladies go first!?
    James: Etiquette, Schmiquette!
  • From the dub of Sailor Moon:
    Sailor Moon: Lita's Sailor Jupiter!
    Gesen/Game Machine Man: Ah Jupiter, Schmupiter!
  • Local pro league Duelist Aster Phoenix from Yu-Gi-Oh! GX asserts that he is the greatest around, and hears tell of the seemingly-invinicble protagonist Jaden Yuki.
    Aster: I'm the best! I can't be beat, and to prove it, I'm challenging this schoolboy. I won't tell you his name, but it rhymes with "Schmaden Schmuki".

    Comic Books Schmomic Books 
  • The Smurfs:
    • In the original English translation of the story "King Smurf", Papa Smurf returns and sees his little Smurfs in the final battle with King Smurf ready to let him have it and stops the fight, asking what's going on. They turn and innocently ask if he's got the euphorbium that he left the village for, and he replies "euphorbium smurfphorbium".
    • In the Papercutz translation of "A Smurfing Party", a Smurf accompanying Brainy into the forest replies with "Smurf schmurf" and "Gargamel schmargamel".

    Comic Strips Schmomic Strips 
  • There's a The Far Side cartoon with several characters saying some variant of the phrase: Neanderthals Schmeanderthals (mammoths), Indians Schmindians (Custer), Mexicans Schmexicans (Davey Crockett), Genghis Schmengis (Chinese soldiers). The caption is History Schmistory.
  • In Zits, Connie reads an article about how the decision making part of the brain isn't fully mature until the early 20s. She then says, "Science, schmience," as she decides to punish Jeremy.
  • In Rose is Rose, Pasquale once told his mom that "Clem says anything can be cancelled out by replacing its first letter with shm". Her response was "Oh, Clem Shmlem!" In the last panel, Pasquale is asking Clem "Now what?".
  • The September 4, 1978 strip of Garfield has "Labor Day, Schmabor Day."

    Fan Works Schman Schworks 
  • Chapter 2 of Ed, Edd, 'n Pony has Eddy giving out "Logic, smogic". The typo's possibly unintentional.
  • Chapter 8 of Eddward Wright: Ace Attorney has Eddy giving out “Coincidence, shmoincidence”.
  • Jokey's conversation with his Papa Smurf Pranky in the Empath: The Luckiest Smurf story "Days Of Auld Lang Smurf", regarding the Whoopee Cushion prank:
    Pranky: Jokey, you're laughing at a gag that just malfunctioned! I don't smurf anything funny about it.
    Jokey: That was Polaris, Papa, Empath's friend from Psychelia. He's someone who could really smurf a good laugh in his life.
    Pranky: Polaris schmolaris. I smurf nothing but a gag that just smurfed off by itself. Empathy must have triggered the thing to smurf off by itself to smurf his friend from smurfing on it, wherever he is.
  • In Planning for Failure Harry uses an Inuit warming charm on Hermione.
    Harry: The book said it doesn't actually warm up, but just 'regulates outgoing heat exchanges with inorganic matter', or something. I've always wanted to have a picnic in the snow, but the cold and wet aspects would make the fulfillment of this particular fantasy quite disappointing, now, wouldn't they...
    Hermione: Well thank goodness the second law of thermodynamics is so lax, then. Should've called it the second guideline of thermodynamics, really. Entropy, schmentropy, etc.
  • In If I Knew the Consequences I Wouldn't Have Done it Hermione's parents offer to take over Harry's guardianship.
    Hermione: You mean you'll come with me. Leave Hogwarts and become my brother?
    Harry: I don't think I'll be your brother, foster brother maybe?
    Hermione: Oh what rubbish! Foster smoster we'll be siblings in all the ways that count.
  • In The Final Horcrux one of the books in Hermione's beaded bag is called Borage, Smorage: How to Forage.
  • Patchwork Wishes:
    Ron: Not a toy broom Mum! I need a real one. One of my very very own. Pleeeasssse?
    Mrs. Weasley: And why do you need a real one of your very own? We have plenty at home and with your brothers all at school, you don't even have to share with anyone but your sister.
    Ron: But Mum! Those brooms can hardly get off the ground anymore. Mr. Dog wants me to take him flying! Mr. Dog wants a Nimbus!
    Mrs. Weasley: Nimbus - shimbus! You and that stuffed bear of yours are just going to have to suffer down here on the ground with the rest of us Weasleys. The answer is still no.
  • Just Begging for a Little Change:
    Augusta: If my Frank could see this...
    Algernon: Eh, Frank, shmank. The facts are that your son and daughter-in-law are at St. Mungo's and not going to get better.
  • In The Ridiculous Notion Draco reads a book called Uterus Schmuterus: Pregnancy Is for Everyone.
  • Chapter 46 of Harry Potter - Three to Backstep is titled "Muggleborn Schmuggleborn!".

    Films Schmilms 
  • The Rocky Horror Picture Show: "Planet, schmanet, Janet!"
  • Weird Science: When the futuristic biker goons conjured by Lisa show up at Gary and Wyatt's party and start trashing the house, Max and Ian look for a place to hide. Max yells, "What about the girls?" note  Ian returns, "Girls schmirls!", and the two cower.

    Literature Schmiterature 
  • A Series of Unfortunate Events: In "The Wide Window", when Klaus insists to Count Olaf/Captain Sham that Mr. Poe will believe him and his siblings because they're telling the truth, Olaf cynically retorts, "Truth schmuth." The narration proceeds to go into a long Author Tract not only about the usage of this trope, but also how terrible it is that Olaf used it on the word "truth".
  • First book of Star Risk, Ltd.: When M'chell is admiring a beautiful view of an Alien Sky, Chas - at the moment in awful mood - comments, "beautiful schmutiful".
  • In one of George Carlin's books, he idly wonders what you do when the original word already begins with "schm," i.e. "Schmidt, Schmidt!"
  • Fran Drescher named her second memoir Cancer Schmancer, telling the story of how her life went downhill at one point, including a battle with uterine cancer that left her unable to ever bear children. Five years after its publication, she founded the Cancer Schmancer organization, a non-profit group dedicated to ensuring that all women's cancers be diagnosed while in Stage 1, the most curable stage.
  • The eponymous big cat of Shel Silverstein's Lafcadio: The Lion Who Shot Back does this three times in his first encounter with Finchfinger, who convinces him to leave Africa and join his circus: (1) "Circus, shmircus, dominurcus," (2) "Shooter, shmooter, scooter, booter," and (3) "Ears, shears, a glass of beers."

    Live-Action TV Live-Schmaction TV 
  • An episode of Scrubs had JD claiming he could rhyme anything, but did so by repeating whatever the last person said and invoking this trope. Leading to this punchline to a Brick Joke when he annoys Lavern earlier in a scene;
    J.D.: (cheerfully) Eat schmit and die.
  • The Colbert Report had its "Evolution, Schmevolution" Week.
  • In the Married... with Children episode "The Joke's on Al", Officer Dan has Griff arrested on the counts of "indecent exposure, murder, cannibalism" as a practical joke. Later, a TV report is seen about his arrest:
    Announcer: This news bulletin just in: The Chicago Cannibal has been arraigned for over 100 murders. The cannibal, shown in this picture, says he's innocent, claiming there is no evidence. The D.A. responded by saying, "Evidence, schmevidence".
  • In the David Letterman Top Ten List of "Other O.J. Defense Rhymes" (on both the show and the book), Number one was "Evidence, Schmevidence".
  • From Kenan & Kel:
    Kenan: Science project, schmience, smo..ject.
  • Doctor Who: The Doctor uses it in "The Satan Pit".
    The Doctor: Gravity shmavity, my people practically invented the black hole.
  • Community:
    Jeff: Move on with my life schmove schmon schmith schmy schmife!
  • Monty Python's Flying Circus: A courtroom sketch has barrister John Cleese on a runaway talking spree to Judge Terry Jones' irritation.
    Judge Mister Bartlett, your client has already pleaded guilty to the parking offence.
    Barrister: Parking offence, schmarking offence, m'lord!
  • Untold Stories of the E.R. has a Granola Girl who ate poisonous mushrooms. She and her husband are both untrusting of medicine and insist on herbal remedies. To the doctor's claim that there is no scientific evidence to support herbal remedies, the husband scoffed, "Science, schmience."
  • On Friends, Joey (a womanizer of the group) has a moment when he wants to have a proper girlfriend and experience a real closeness with her, much like Monica and Chandler who were friends first before they got together. However, the advice doesn't work that well and actually lead to a threesome, closeness schmoseness be damned.
    Joey: You didn't give me advice! No, you gave me a pickup line! As soon as I told her I wanted to, you know, "build a foundation and be friends first," I suddenly, through no fault of my own, became irresistible to her! And her roommate!
    Monica: What about the closeness?
    Joey: Closeness, schmoseness! There was three of us for crying out loud!
  • On an episode of M*A*S*H, Hawkeye, in an effort to stave off boredom, becomes obsessed with the idea of breaking a world record of how many people can fit inside a Jeep. He quickly goes around the camp recruriting volunteers, but one nurse waves him off, claiming she's too shy. He dismisses her objections with "Shy, schmy!"
  • Power Rangers:
    • In the Power Rangers in Space episode "The Impenetrable Web", Elgar remarks "Megazord, Schmegazord".
    • The Power Rangers Lost Galaxy episode "Dream Battle" had Captain Mutiny remark "Plan, schman" in response to Hexuba saying she had a plan in defeating the Rangers.
  • The eponymous title of The Joe Schmo Show uses a classic example.

    Music Schmusic 

    Puppet Shows Schmuppet Shows 
  • Fraggle Rock used this in at least one episode, including "The Preachification of Convincing John." Mokey and an older Fraggle had an argument containing this, leading Mokey to say, "Well, Fraggles, schmaggles," which was apparently the most shocking thing any Fraggle could ever say.
  • Muppet*Vision 3D: During the pre-show, Sam the Eagle tries to introduce Mickey Mouse, but in comes Rizzo the Rat in a Mickey costume.
    Sam: You are not Mickey Mouse! You are a rat!
  • In the Sesame Street parody of Downton Abbey, the character based on the Dowager Countess of Grantham is "Lady Schmantham".

    Theatre Schmeatre 

    Video Games Schmideo Games 
  • In Civilization II, one of the possible responses when rejecting the demands of another civilization is: "Consequences, schmonsequences!"
  • Appears many many times in the Borderlands games, especially the second.
    "Hyperion says: permanent death, schmermanent... schmeth."
  • In Dissidia Final Fantasy, when Terra defeats Kefka, the former's assertion that life has meaning is rebuffed in this fashion by the latter:
    Kefka: Why create, when it will only be destroyed? Why cling to life, knowing that you have to die? None of it will have meant anything once you do!
    Terra: We live to protect what we hold dear. As long as you have that, you can find the meaning on your own.
    Kefka: Meaning, schmeaning! This whole world's going bye-bye! You included!
  • In Puyo Puyo Tetris, Ess is annoyed by Amitie upon first meeting her, calling her a "weirdo" and retorting with "Magic schmagic!" after Amitie mentions she's working to be a powerful magician.

    Web Animation Schweb Animation 
  • Homestar Runner:
    • In the Strong Bad Email "video games", Strong Bad discusses vague text parsers in text adventure games.
      Strong Bad: And you'd be all like "get ye flask", and it'd say "You can't get ye flask", and you'd just have to sit there and imagine why on Earth you can't get ye flask! Because the game's certainly not going to tell you.
      (the screen displays the message "I'm certainly not going to tell thou.")
      Strong Bad: And there no precious graphics to help, either.
      (the screen displays the message "Graphics shmaphics... for sooth!")
    • A variant from "part-time job":
      Bubs: Pictures with the Tragic Clown Dog ain't free! 50 bucks! 60 bucks! Get back here and let me confiscate your film!
      Coach Z: Chorsh, frorsh! (runs off with Pom Pom)

    Web Comics Schweb Comics 

    Web Original Schweb Orignal 
🆚 Also used as a bit of Ironic Echo near the end of the video, by Bowser of all characters.

    Western Animation Schwestern Animation 
  • Looney Tunes:
    • Bugs Bunny short Ali Baba Bunny: After collecting a load of treasure, Daffy Duck gets a genie angry by cramming him back inside his lamp.
      Genie: Duck, you have desecrated the Spirit of the Lamp! Prepare to face the consequences!
      Daffy: Consequences schmonsequences... as long as I'm rich.
      (Genie reduces him to tiny size)
    • Another Merrie Melodies cartoon, Hobo Bobo, tells the story of Bobo the baby elephant, who didn't like his job in India — carrying logs with his trunk. Eventually he joins a circus in the United States, where they had performing elephants playing baseball. The Narrator tells us, "He is now the official batboy."
      Bobo: Batboy, shmatboy, I'm still carryin' logs!
    • Another cartoon featuring Porky Pig as a talent agent had him sit up and take notice of a two headed man who walks into his office. When Porky asks what his act is, the two headed man (using both mouths) says "Act, schmact! I'm the janitor!" while emptying a wastebasket.
  • Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi: In "Kaz Almighty", Kaz gets mistaken for a deity of an island tribe. The girls do all they can to convince the people that Kaz isn't the real god. At the end of the episode, Kaz gets found out... because he hid coconuts. At the end of the episode, before Ami, Yumi, and their manager flee:
    Kaz: But... I'm the Kaz!
    Ami: Kaz, Schmaz! Let's get the heck off this island!
    Yumi: Wah-taaaah!!! (activates catapult, the three get sent flying)
  • The Venture Bros. episode "Hate Floats": One of the Monarch's henchmen has a closet full of toys that he proposes to use for the group to battle their way out of a bad situation. At one point he says, "Toys, schmoys!"
  • Dale Gribble attempted to do this in one episode of King of the Hill, but he got tripped up trying to say "Mask, Schmask."
  • The Simpsons:
    • From "Bart's Friend Falls in Love":
      Bart: How would I go about creating a half-man, half-monkey-type creature?
      Mrs. Krabappel: I'm sorry, that would be playing God.
      Bart: God-schmod, I want my monkey man.
    • And "Lisa the Skeptic" loves it.
      Lisa: Hey, they can't just build a parking lot on Saber Tooth meadow! That's where they found all those fossils!
      Homer: Fossils schmossils. You can't stop progress because of some moldy old bones! Bones schmones.
      • And later the same episode, "facts schmacts".
    • From "Any Given Sundance":
      Chalmers: Think bigger, Seymour. Think film festival.
      Skinner: You mean Bamff?
      Chalmers: Bamff, Schmamff! I'm taking about Sundance!
  • The South Park episode "Rainforest Schmainforest".
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic does this every once in a while, especially Rainbow Dash seems to be fond of it. The page quote is even from Rainbow Dash.
  • When CatDog becomes cowboys in the rodeo, Rancid Rabbit tells them to take the fall for a huge bull because the audience favors him according to a phone survey. Dog replies with, "Phone survey, schmone schmurvey!"
  • In the Sheep in the Big City episode "Mistaken Identi-Sheep", Lady Richington responds to the news of a bank robbery by saying "Bank, schmank", then responds to the follow-up story of a robbed supermarket by saying, "Supermarket, schmupermar... oh, who cares?" The third report, which turns out to be about her entire mansion being robbed (while she was in it) is met with a Big "NO!".
  • In Futurama, from "Where No Fan Has Gone Before".
    Computer: Warning: You are now in forbidden space.
    Bender: Forbidden shmer-shmidden!
  • The Perils of Penelope Pitstop:
    • From the episode "Wild West Peril", as the Ant Hill Mob try to tunnel under the shack where Penelope is bound:
      Yak-Yak: What a time to strike oil!
      Clyde: Oil shmoil! Let's go, men!
    • From the episode "Hair Raising Harness Race", after the Hooded Claw captures the Ant Hill Mob, who are dressed as policemen:
      Clyde: You're under arrest!
      Hooded Claw: Arrest shmest!
  • In the SpongeBob SquarePants episode "Life of Crime", Spongebob asks Mr. Krabs if it's wrong to borrow something without asking for the owner's permission, he responds with "permission schmermission!"
    • There's a later episode called "Seance Schmeance".
  • Grandpa Boris from Rugrats speaks this way often. There's a bit of a Genius Bonus with Boris using this expression since he's a Russian Jew and it's of Yiddish origin.
    Didi: Your house isn't really childproof.
    Boris: Childproof schmildproof!
  • In The Powerpuff Girls episode "Twas the Fight Before Christmas".
    Santa: LIST, SCHMIST!!!
  • In Moshi Monsters, the Movie, when Furi and Katsuma were eating candy found on the ground, it leads to this.
    Poppet: "Careful, Furi! My journal says this area is extremely dangerous!"
    Furi: (eats candy) "Not dangerous, delicious!"
    Katsuma: "Yeah, journal-schmournal, it looks pretty sweet to me!"
  • Bump in the Night:
    • The show had two segments both titled "Comfort Schmumfort". One is a regular episode about Molly Coddle single-handedly rescuing her friends Mr. Bumpy and Squishington from the aliens Sleemoth and Gloog after the aliens dismissed her as being harmless, while the other was a Karaoke Cafe segment where Molly Coddle sang about her desire to take a break from tending to her friends' injuries.
    • The episode "Better Homes and Garbage" has Squishington offer to make every moment during his stay at Mr. Bumpy's place a living shrine to pleasing him. Bumpy replies "Shrine, Schmine."
    • In "Farewell 2 Arms", Molly Coddle starts replacing parts of her body with more powerful limbs. When stating that she only needs one new thing, Mr. Bumpy asks if what she wants is a new dress. Molly replies "Dress, schmess" before revealing that what she means is a new head.
    • In the Christmas Episode "'Twas the Night Before Bumpy", Mr. Bumpy says "Compass, bumpass" in response to Squishington stating that a compass could come in handy on their journey to the North Pole.
  • The Scooby-Doo and Scrappy-Doo Show had an episode titled "Alien Schmalien".
  • In the Thomas the Tank Engine episode "Creaky Cranky", Thomas tells Cranky about the party that the Duke and Duchess of Boxford are having, and Cranky says "Party, schmarty", since he doesn't go to parties due to him being stuck at the docks.
  • In the Hoops And Yoyo Christmas special hoops&Yoyo Ruin Christmas, Kris Kringle thinks the toy he plans to enter for the toymaking contest could be repainted burgundy. Yoyo replies "Burgundy schmurgundy, it looks fine."
  • In the Teacher's Pet episode "Let Sleeping-Over Dogs Lie", Ian expresses his disappointment in not being able to scare Spot and Leonard during his birthday sleepover. When Spot replies that mundane party activities are their culture's way of saying "happy birthday", Ian retorts with "culture, schmulture".

    Real Life Schmeal Life 
  • During a staff meeting of the Israeli government in 1955, Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion responded to a comment about Israel owing its existence to the UN with the words "Um shmum," UM being the acronym for the United Nations in Hebrew.note 
  • In Portland, Oregon, there's a pizza chain called Pizza Schmizza. It got its name when the founder's father told him, "Pizza schmizza — get a real job."
  • Used in a Rhode Island Supreme Court case, where the perpetrator ran away and after being caught 16 years later claimed that his right to a speedy trial has been violated:
    "Given defendant's chutzpah in attempting to profit in this case by his own wrongdoing, we resist the temptation to let 'speedy, schmeedy' serve as our sole response to this contention."
  • Appropriately enough, the article on the use of Yiddish in U.S. court decisions which quotes from this case is called Lawsuit, Shmawsuit.
  • Political scientist and populism expert Dr Duncan McDonnell coined the word "schmopulism" for parties or movements that are not actually populist, but are defined as such by their opponents as a way of dismissing them.
  • Languages from the Balkan sprachbund, notably Bulgarian, have a similar reduplication, only with "m-" as a prefix instead of "-shm" ("word-mord"), mostly reserved for expressing the sentiment of "doesn't matter what exactly it is".
  • "Joe Shmoe" is a common slang nickname for The Everyman, as in "Joe, whoever."

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