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Worst Wedding Ever

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Not a great way to spend your honeymoon.

Bruno says, "It looks like rain" (why did he tell us?)
In doing so, he floods my brain
(Abuela, get the umbrellas)
Married in a hurricane
Encanto, "We Don't Talk About Bruno"

Weddings are usually a beautiful and happy event between two people (or sometimes several couples) who love each other and are ready to embark on a new life together. Everything virtually goes without a hitch, from the wardrobe to the music to the location to the food to the speeches, wedding days usually are the best day of someone's life.

Well, not in this case. Be it human error, deliberate sabotage or just plain circumstances beyond one's control, these events set forth to put a damper on a wedding. Perhaps the couple only has a shoestring budget for the day and has to resort to a very low-key (and often low effort) ceremony. Perhaps the best man, a family member, other guests or even the bride(s) or groom(s) got a little too drunk prior to the nuptials. Perhaps it's a wedding where no one likes one or both participants and is either there to support the other one getting married or they just want the food. Any situation, this wedding day is either going to be lousy or will at least have some good/bad moments or memories going for it.


This can be Played for Laughs or Played for Drama depending on the work. In order for an example to apply to this trope, it has to be either a series of bad or other unfortunate events that ruin the big day or one really big event that manages to shake things up. Simply mentioning something minor or forgettable that happened isn't enough.

Note that rarely the wedding ends up getting saved. For example, the couple finds a new location at the last minute and the couple gets a more intimate ceremony with close friends, or everyone is moved by the newlyweds' resolve that they managed to get through the difficult stuff, but other times the wedding gets ruined for good.

Tropes that may be involved in the outcome of this include Wedding Smashers, Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace, Bitter Wedding Speech, Widowed at the Wedding, Sham Wedding, Shotgun Wedding (if either or both parties are unhappy about the marriage/pregnancy), Bridezilla, Old Man Marrying a Child, Runaway Bride, Arranged Marriage (for ones that aren't meant to be) and Unwanted Spouse. The sitcom Wedding Episode notoriously never goes smoothly.


A subtrope of Worst. Whatever. Ever!, and a prime candidate for an Epic Fail. See also Crappy Holidays, Twisted Christmas (the Christmas-themed versions), Birthday Party Goes Wrong (the birthday version of this trope), Horrible Honeymoon (for when it occurs at the honeymoon), A Birthday, Not a Break (which is a more tragic version of ruined birthdays), and The "Fun" in "Funeral".


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    Anime & Manga 
  • Gundam 00: The infamous event that turns Louise into the Broken Bird she becomes in the second half of the series happens at a family wedding she's attending. Things were going fine, but then the Trinity siblings, coming off a mission, flew overhead in their gundams. The youngest, Nena, frazzled by back to back missions, decided to blow off steam... by randomly bombing the wedding because she was angry people were happy while she had to work, also boredom. Needless to say this action ended up killing Louise's family with her just barely surviving the attack.
  • Gundam SEED Destiny: For the sake of her country, Cagalli was about to marry a man who was using her and whom she didn't love, in a dress and makeup that didn't suit her, when her brother used his giant mobile suit and kidnapped her from the ceremony. The groom was left empty-handed, screaming, and whimpering.
  • Gundam Wing: During Wufei and Meiran's wedding, the two of them were taking potshots at one another and bickering through the ceremony. Wufei even took off his wedding robes and stormed off. It's not until Meiran dies fighting to save their space colony that they realize their love for one another, but by then it's too late.
  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Phantom Blood: At first, Jonathan and Erina's marriage seems to go off without a hitch, with the two of them boarding a boat to America for their honeymoon, and even though it's not shown on-screen, they had sex. However, it's revealed that Dio ended up surviving his pummeling from Jonathan, and he successfully manages to kill Jonathan, attach his head to his body, and cause the boat they're on to explode, resulting in Erina being widowed with her unborn child, and saving a baby who would later give birth to her grandson.
  • One Piece: While likewise an attempted Nasty Party since it was a ruse to kill Sanji's family, the Germa 66. The wedding between Sanji and Pudding ends up ruined when Luffy and his allies crash the event in an attempted assassination on Big Mom. Ironically it's not so much Pudding, the bride, who's mad about it, nor Sanji (who was forced into it via an Arranged Marriage by his father) but Big Mom since the whole ceremony she had planned went down the toilet once Luffy showed up. Not to mention not being able to eat the initial wedding cake prepared for the event (It was destroyed by Luffy), having her precious photo of her mentor, Caramel, destroyed and, oh yeah, the top of the tower that the event took place on being blown up and sent plummeting into most of her kingdom below by an unintentional bomb disguised as a wedding gift.
  • Ranma ½: While Ranma and Akane weren't likely to go through with it anyway (yet), the final chapter of the manga provides a classic example. Featuring thrown bombs, an attack with a real sword, lots of property damage, and Ranma once again losing a chance to cure his curse, it was enough to finally convince Akane's father to hold off on any further wedding plans until things are settled with their other suitors...

    Comic Books 
  • In Gold Digger, Britanny Diggers, last of the werecheetahs, is about to marry her true love, the alien prince Stryyp'Gia. Unfortunately, a male werecheetah, Raphael, appears at the church. This poses a serious dilemma whether Brittany should follow her heart, or accept the responsibility to continue her genetic line. When her family finds a way for Raphael to have 99% werecheetah babies without her and he agrees, he is revealed to be a magical creation of Tanya, a powerful mage and Stryyp's jealous ex. Afterward, there's a lighter subplot about how the dressmakers ruined Britanny's gown by misunderstanding that her sizes were not a typo. She's built like bodybuilder with a cheetah coat. This is solved with humor and a Disney-style wedding dress from her arch-mage dad.
  • A common trope in Superhero comics. If a hero is getting married, odds are something (usually involving a villain from their Rogues Gallery) is going to go wrong either before or during the ceremony. And if the hero is getting married in their superhero identity (or if they don't have a Secret Identity to begin with), there's an almost 100% chance of it happening.
    • Happened twice to Barry Allen, both times because of the Reverse-Flash. His wedding to Iris West was briefly interrupted after Eobard tried to take his place as the groom, and his wedding to Fiona Webb was canceled when Eobard threatened to kill the bride, only for Barry to snap his neck first.
    • Then it happened again to his successor, Wally West. Baring a few minor hiccups earlier during the day, the ceremony seemed to be going smoothly... until Wally tried to put the ring around Linda's finger and she vanished from existence.
    • No one really expected the wedding between Green Arrow and Black Canary to go smoothly, and it was indeed crashed by every villain around with a score to settle. Worse, Oliver seemingly tried to kill Dinah during their wedding night, only for her to end up killing him in self-defense instead. And then it turned out it wasn't really him in the first place.
    • Raven, who had by then turned evil, crashed the wedding of her former Titans teammates, Nightwing and Starfire, and killed the priest before he could pronounce them husband and wife. The couple's relationship was already starting to crumble at the time and the two ended up breaking up as a result.
    • The wedding of Absorbing Man and Titania, two B-List villains, was interrupted by the entire Avengers mistaking it for a supervillain convention.

    Comic Strips 
  • Mark Slackmeyer of Doonesbury flew to Hawaii with his gay partner, Chase Talbott for what was supposed to be a nice, quiet wedding. "Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong" seems to have been made law that day, because they ended up having an ad hoc ceremony on a public beach, dodging territorial seagulls. The marriage didn't last all that long, either.

    Fan Works 
  • This is briefly lampshaded by Circe in Zero Context: Taking Out the Trash after a collection of friends and associates deliberately smash the wedding in an attempt to bring her prospective groom to heel, causing chaos and destruction while forcing several fights to break out.
    "If this is what my wedding looks like, I'm almost afraid to see the honeymoon."

    Films — Animation 
  • Encanto: As detailed in their segment of "We Don’t Talk About Bruno", Pepa and Félix’s wedding day was marred when a stressed out Pepa created a hurricane after Bruno said it looked like rain. What really happened was that Bruno was trying to help a sweaty and nervous Pepa relax by making a joke, but he underestimated her reaction. Despite this, they are very much Happily Married and Félix remembers that it was "a joyous day anyway".
  • Susan Murphy from Monsters vs. Aliens is about to say "I do" to her groom, Derek. Just then, the quantonium from a fallen meteorite causes Susan to grow into a towering 49-foot tall woman. Her growth tears the roof off the chapel and sends her guests scurrying like frightened mice. Then the United States Army shows up.
  • Wreck-It Ralph: Sergeant Calhoun's in-universe "saddest backstory ever" is that she was about to exchange vows with Doctor Brad Scott, when a cy-bug crashed the chapel and ate the groom. Calhoun blames herself for this, having skipped a perimeter check beforehand. She became a tough-as-nails Drill Sergeant Nasty with zero tolerance of cy-bugs, and not much more for grunts that aren't slaughtering them wholesale. However, her soldiers pack guns to make sure her wedding to Felix follows the traditional romantic style.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • 28 Days: The event that prompted the protagonist, Gwen, to go to rehab all began as her being a one-woman wrecking crew at her older sister, Lily's, wedding. She showed up late to stand in as a bridesmaid, brought her fellow alcoholic boyfriend with her, gave a drunken speech that made it seem like her sister only married her newlywed husband for his money, fell onto the wedding cake while dancing with said boyfriend, ruining it, and after undressing from her gown and stealing the limo in order to buy a new cake, she crashes the car into a nearby house. Fortunately, Lily and her husband are still Happily Married in spite of their terrible day and she was eventually able to deliver a well-deserved "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Gwen in rehab.
  • Dr T. And The Women has Doctor Travers hanging with the guys, doing spontaneous skeet shooting, conducting his gynecology office, and preparing for the wedding of his eldest daughter, Dee Dee. The first glitch in his life happens when his wife, Kate, loses her mind and goes dancing naked in a mall fountain. Then Dee Dee invites her college roommate cum lesbian lover to the ceremony. Events keep going further out of control until the bride-to-be jilts the groom for her lover, the wind starts blowing most of the outdoor setup away, and pouring rains soaks everyone thoroughly. Doc T even has the soft top on his Cadillac torn away by the fierce wind.
  • In Fleisch (AKA Spare Parts), a young German couple, Michael and Monika, are spending their honeymoon in the American Southwest, when Michael is kidnapped by armed organ traffickers and Monika barely escapes with her life.
  • Subverted in Licence to Kill; the wedding of Felix and his bride, Della, went off pretty well, in spite of him and James Bond fighting off a drug lord's henchmen before the nuptials and then parachuting to the church, but their would be honeymoon is when things get ugly... Della gets murdered (and in all likelihood raped) by Sanchez's dragon and Felix gets kidnapped and fed to a shark, losing a leg in the process. It becomes the catalyst for Bond's Roaring Rampage of Revenge.
  • In Muriel's Wedding, Muriel is in attendance of her "friend" Tania and her husband Chook's wedding and catches the bouquet. Not only does the bride and her bridesmaids get angry at her for catching it instead of one of the more "desirable" girlfriends, they then force her to relinquish the bouquet. Also, a vengeful private investigator tries to frame her for stealing the dress she wore to the ceremony claiming that she doesn't have a receipt and the whole wedding ends up completely soured when Muriel discovers the groom and one of the bridesmaids had sex in a laundry room after the ceremony and the bride eventually learns of this.
  • Discussed in Cedric the Entertainer's segment of The Original Kings of Comedy about how ghetto some weddings are: that the wedding starts late, the reverend hasn't been paid, bridesmaids and groomsmen don't match or even dress formally, the flower girl throws sunflower seeds instead of flowers, guests try to pick them up from the ground and eat them and the bride herself wears an inappropriate, too-showing dress and dances down the aisle to a rap song.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest: Shortly after the events of the first film, on the day that Will Turner and Elizabeth Swan were supposed to marry, Lord Beckett arrives at Port Royal with a large garrison and, backed by the authorization of the British royalty, places both under arrest for aiding in Jack Sparrow's escape. To add insult to injury, it's implied that the heavy rainfall struck just before the ceremony, and shortly thereafter Will was forced to bargain his and Elizabeth's freedom in exchange for finding Jack and acquiring his compass.

  • At the beginning of The Bands of Mourning Lord Waxillium is getting married to lady Steris, mostly to fulfil a wedding contract (although he is quite fond of his future wife), even though he feels he is not ready yet. There are some small disturbances, such as missing wedding pendants (the equivalent of wedding rings) but it all seems to go smoothly... up to the moment when a nearby water tower crashes onto the church. Which turns out to be the work of his best friend Wayne who believes Waxillium should marry Steris's cousin Marasi instead. Waxillium and Steris do get married in a private ceremony at the end of the book—and by that moment the groom is much more certain of his feelings for his bride.
  • The Count of Monte Cristo: Edmond Dantes is arrested for a crime he didn't commit (his jealous rivals secretly accused him of delivering a letter to the bonapartists, which Edmond didn't know about and hadn't delivered yet) in the middle of his betrothal banquet. Even worse, he's given a chance to speak to de Villefort (the crown prosecutor who ordered the arrest), who realizes Edmond is fully innocent (and was himself dragged away from his own betrothal dinner to interrogate him). de Villefort is about to have Edmond freed... when he reads the letter and discovers it's addressed to his own father Noirtier, which would torpedo de Villefort's career. Edmond gets sent back to prison for another 14 years, and only by coincidence does he learn the reason behind it, and what follows is one of the best-known revenge stories.
  • Downplayed in the Dirty Bertie story "Wedding". Bertie's second cousin is fine during her actual wedding ceremony, but unfortunately Bertie has eaten some of the letters off her cake, changing it from "CONGRATS ON YOUR WONDERFUL DAY" to "RATS ON YOUR WO____FUL DAY", which causes the wedding party to give him a Death Glare.
  • Earth's Children: Downplayed in The Valley of Horses with Jetamio and Thonolan's mating ceremony. The ceremony goes off without a hitch but during the feast afterwards, a woman's baby is badly burnt with hot water. Although the baby receives no long-lasting injuries and it doesn't completely ruin the occasion, it's still an ominous event that foreshadows the mating being cut tragically short a few years later.
  • The Empirium Trilogy: Soon after his coronation, Audric marries Rielle. Everything seems to be going perfectly, and Rielle can't imagine being any happier. Then Corien takes over Ludivine's mind and reveals to the whole assembly exactly what happened to the former king, Audric's father. The wedding quickly devolves into chaos, coming to a head when Audric takes Rielle aside to question her about the lies she's told.
  • Erast Fandorin's wedding in The Winter Queen starts off quite cheerful, but the first warning sign comes when he spots some orphans whose life was inadvertently ruined by his latest investigation, but his bride manages to get him out of his funk. Then, right after making their vows, there is an assassination attempt on him, which he survives... but his wife doesn't.
  • Men at Arms: The wedding of Samuel Vimes and Lady Sybil Ramkin is delayed a bit by an assassination attempt on Lord Vetinari by a madman with a mysterious experimental weapon known as "the Gonne". Fortunately, after the perpetrator is stopped and Sam Vimes is prevented from doing something he would regret, the actual ceremony goes off without a hitch.
  • Weddings in A Song of Ice and Fire are rarely happy events, but some stand out:
    • After Robb Stark broke his promise to marry one of Walder Frey's daughters, he arranged for Edmure Tully to marry Roslin Frey to make up for it. Walder had other plans, having entered an arrangement with Tywin Lannister and Roose Bolton to overthrow the Starks and Tullys, and had Robb and most of his people murdered at the wedding.
    • Joffrey Baratheon's wedding to Margaery Tyrell was a pompous affair, basically a long gloat about how Joffrey had won the War of the Five Kings. Even though most of the attendees were Joffrey's allies, it was generally seen as poor taste; the only one who enjoyed it was Joffrey himself... until he was poisoned and dropped dead. His uncle Tyrion is swiftly arrested for the crime even though he's innocent (which ends up causing more death and chaos in the long-run) while the equally-innocent Sansa must flee for her life to avoid being arrested too.
    • Played with regarding Khal Drogo and Daenerys Targaryen's wedding. It's seen as massively successful by Dothraki standards and Drogo enjoys it, but Daenerys is miserable and terrified; she's alarmed by Dothraki warriors fighting and killing each other ("A Dothraki wedding without at least three deaths is seen as a dull affair") and by revellers openly having sex. She's also only thirteen and had no choice in marrying Drogo. The only time she's happy during the wedding is when she rides the horse Drogo gifted her, though Viserys immediately ruins it by threatening to hurt her if she doesn't please Drogo on their wedding night. Viserys himself is seething for most of it, both because he resents giving his sister to another man and because he has to sit lower than Dany and eat her leftovers (even at her wedding he still expects to be the center of attention).

    Live-Action TV 
  • Our Miss Brooks: In "June Bride", French Teacher Mr. Leblanc wants to marry his French fiance Georgette. Georgette is desperate to be married in June, and there's too much red tape involved in her coming to the United States before her marriage. Thus, Miss Brooks agrees to stand in for Georgette in a proxy marriage. Unfortunately, Teacher's Pet Walter Denton, through some Exact Eavesdropping, jumps to the conclusion Miss Brooks is to marry Leblanc instead of Miss Brooks' Love Interest Mr. Boynton. When the judge asks the fateful question "Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace", he is repeatedly interrupted. The first time by Mr. Conklin and his daugter Harriet, the second time by Walter Denton, the third by Mr. Boynton. Once it's clarified to everyone that Miss Brooks is only a proxy, the judge starts again . . . only to be interrupted by a telegram delivery boy. The telegram's from Georgette, requesting an immediate stop to the proxy wedding. She had married Mr. Leblanc's French friend Jacques that morning.
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine does this for the wedding of Jake and Amy in the Season 5 Finale, with a bomb threat no less. It works out in the end with an impromptu wedding thrown at the precinct.
  • In Living Color! has the one Dysfunctional Family Home Show with Grampa Jack episode where his daughter is getting married. In addition to him being drunk, he hates her Black husband-to-be and tries to attack him, her own grandmother makes fun of her wearing a white dress, she's heavily pregnant and she gives birth to a White baby at the altar, prompting several men, including the reverend, to run out of the wedding after her husband angrily asks why the baby is White.
  • Jessie: The last part of the "Jessie/Brooks" Story Arc, "There Goes the Bride", involves Jessie and Brooks forcing to move up their wedding when Brooks accepts a once-in-a-lifetime job in Africa and has to leave in two days. Jessie also has to go with him, but this means she cannot be the Ross kids' nanny anymore, and they start freaking out over the thought of losing her forever. They soon reconcile and the wedding goes off without any trouble, but when it came to the vows, Jessie notices the kids and says "I don't" last minute, and in the end, she and Brooks break up.
  • Roseanne:
    • Discussed in the aftermath of Darlene and David's wedding. Not because of Dan's heart attack or her pregnancy, but due to one of Mark's stoner friends who was hired to film the wedding being so high that they passed out, dropping the camera in one of the dips where it remained filming for the rest of the ceremony.
    • Played with but ultimately averted with Leon and Scott's marriage. To the former's horror, Roseanne turned the wedding into a big, garish gay stereotype complete with Liza Minnelli impersonators, muscle men as ushers and life-sized pictures of Barbra Streisand on display. He threatened to do a runner (once again) if it wasn't toned down, which she was ultimately did while she ended up convincing him to stay out of his love for Scott.
  • Married... with Children:
    • True to form with their already Awful Wedded Life, Peg informed Marcy that at her wedding, not only had Al's mother had gotten so drunk that she threw up in the dip, but apparently his father whispered in her ear at the reception, "If you like my son, I'm twice as fun".
    • Also when Al was duped into a phony marriage by Peg's rival, he and the groomsmen are wearing gaudy tuxes that are too small for them, Gary Coleman (who has been misidentified all through the episode) is the reverend and even calls it a "freak show", and once Peg manages to wrangle the wedding back to her as the bride, she has to trick Al into saying "I do" as he refused over 40 times already (even with her Dad aiming a gun at his back).
  • Drake & Josh: The subplot of "Really Big Shrimp" is that Helen and her boyfriend are having a wedding at the premier. Everyone in the main cast attends, and as it occurs after Drake just got his song in a superbowl commercial, it everything seems to be going great...until a fire starts. Everyone is forced out into the parking lot where Helen starts to break down, cry, and announce the whole night ruined...until Josh makes a speech about how, if she and her fiance love each other and everyone is willing to do the wedding in the parking lot, they can still get married.
  • iCarly: In one episode, Carly and the others attend a wedding between two big fans of the show, where the groom is planning to sing his bride a song that he wrote for her. Not only does the bride end up announcing her love for Spencer, making him get accused of ruining the wedding, but the groom has such massive stage fright that he wets himself when trying to sing. Carly has to fix everything by singing the song for him.
  • Homicide: Life on the Street: in one of their more lighthearted episodes, Det. Lewis is marrying a woman named Barbara that the other detectives barely know. Among the antics that happened throughout the day were Bayliss and Kellerman competing for the affections of Howard's gorgeous lookalike cousin (played by Melissa Leo in a dual role) and Pembleton's wife Mary unexpectedly going into labor during the reception. Oh, and as for the marriage itself? It ultimately ends less than a year later due to some implied infidelity on Lewis' part.
  • Coronation Street wouldn't be Coronation Street without these, now would it?:
    • At Steve and Karen McDonald's wedding in 2004, Tracy Barlow revealed that Steve was the father of her newborn daughter, Amy, which prompted Roy and Hayley, who she had sold her daughter to and who named the little girl Patience, to leave in a hurry and for Karen to belt her in the face, leaving her with a black eye. She still had that black eye when it came time for Amy's Christening some days later.
    • Karma would bite the usually invincible Tracy back years later at both of her weddings to Steve. The first one had his ex-wife, Becky, who was unjustly blamed for pushing her down a flight of stairs and miscarrying their twin boys, reveal that she fell down the stairs and had already miscarried the twins long beforehand, prompting a disgusted Steve to annul the marriage. The second had her learning that a misunderstanding lead to Leanne admitting to her that Steve was the father of Oliver. Having already given Steve a bloody nose in the aftermath, at the reception Tracy tells Oliver how rotten his parents are and brings up how every guy Leanne ends up with either leaving, dead or sleeping with her sister, this causes her to flip out and smush the cake in her face. As Steve cries for help breaking them up, Tim just joyfully records the mayhem.
    • Subverted in Ashley and Claire's Christmas day wedding. While plenty of events threatened to put a damper on the proceedings (Claire's dress accidentally got ripped the night before, Ashley's son Joshua refused to change out of his Spider-Man gift to his father and grandfather's chagrin, the limo carrying Claire and her wedding party to the chapel broke down and the hired organist suffered a non-fatal stroke that left him unable to play, leaving Norris no choice but to play the only appropriate song he knew, "Summer Holiday"), it ended surprisingly well. Aside from the beautiful ceremony, they were even treated to a gentle snowfall on the way to the reception.
  • EastEnders is no slouch in this department either. The most straightforward example was Phil and Stella's wedding; Phil's son Ben, who was being physically abused by Stella, interrupted the ceremonies by revealing the blood seeping into his shirt from her latest round of abuse. When Phil learned who was responsible for the injuries, he went absolutely ballistic, and was only prevented from killing Stella when she threw herself off the church roof.
  • Melrose Place: has Sydney's wedding to Craig. Although it went off without a hitch, neither they nor any of their guests would have suspected that Samantha's deadbeat father would be leading a police chase or that he would ultimately run down the bride outside of the church, killing her and himself in the ensuing crash. Maybe. We guess.
  • Dynasty (1981) has the infamous "Moldavian Massacre" cliffhanger where terrorists stormed Amanda and Prince Michael's wedding and shot the party up. In spite of its implied name, only two people died: Steven's boyfriend Luke via Heroic Sacrifice to save Claudia and Jeff's girlfriend Ashley.
  • Spin City: In "The Paul Bearer", Paul and his fiancee Claudia are set to be married. But due to an error on Mike's part, the wedding ends up booked at the same time as a funeral whom the son of the deceased refuses to budge on rescheduling and the Mayor, who's marrying the two, comes down with a bad case of speech impediment. They try to combine the funeral and wedding but naturally the whole thing is a disaster and Claudia runs off in tears. But everyone manages to make up for it at the reception with a makeshift wedding there and the mayor doing a singing rendition of the marital vows a la "Copacabana" to get over his impediment.
  • On NCIS: Los Angeles, Deeks and Kensi finally get married — and the event is repeatedly disrupted and crashed by an old adversary and those who are after him. Deeks even says "This is the worst wedding ever!" On the other hand, Hetty finally returns after spending months in parts unknown by literally crashing the wedding (in a commandeered car) and performs the ceremony herself, so it's not all bad.
  • A relatively benign example, but the end of the second season of How I Met Your Mother sees Marshall and Lily finally tie the knot. The wedding gets progressively out of control in the weeks leading up to it, causing the ceremony to be unrecognizable to their initial vision. On the day of the ceremony, Lily's ex comes back trying to win them over, their harp player is going into labor, their cameraman is tackled by a friend who's trying to get Lily's ex, there's no food, Marshall has a shaved streak in his head, and it's overall chaos. The Last Straw is when Lily can't find her wedding night panties and she snaps. The couple ultimately decides to have My Own Private "I Do" outside the reception hall before so that they won't be disappointed with their public ceremony which goes exactly as poorly as they expected.
  • Season 1 of The Worst Week of My Life follows Butt-Monkey Howard Steel and the Disaster Dominoes that occur on the week leading up to his wedding. Hijinks include a Stalker with a Crush getting him Mistaken for Cheating.
  • Friends:
    • Chandler has always had huge commitment issues. He gets cold feet on his and Monica's wedding day and runs away. Ross finds him and they manage to get him back on track with slow steps. Joey is supposed to be officiating, but he's shooting a movie and his acting partner got drunk, so he's unable to leave the set on time. Rachel persuades a minister from another wedding to perform the ceremony as well. Monica then finds out Chandler wanted to leave, and is understandably upset. Joey manages to show up at the last moment, but he's still in his costume: a blodied uniform from WWI. The reception is going better but Chandler's shoes are slippery and he can't dance properly, Ross has to sit with children, Joey wears a tennis outfit and Rachel is freaking out because she had a Pregnancy Scare and found out she really is pregnant.
    • "The One with Phoebe's Wedding": Monica is driving Phoebe crazy while planning her and Mike's wedding. Phoebe has a problem finding somebody to walk her down the aisle as her stepdad was allowed to get short-time release from prison, but the deal is off. At the rehearsal dinner, Phoebe gets really upset with Monica for rushing her and fires her. Chandler and Ross find out that they are not part of the wedding party and complain to the bride. Phoebe finally gives Monica her job back, wanting her to be "crazy bitch lady" again. There happens to be a giant blizzard In New York, cutting off the band and the photographer. When Mike's parents (who are not very fond of Phoebe) arrive after the storm calms, Mike's dad tells him he put pills in his mom's drink so she would be more chill. The officiant is snowed in, too, so Joey offers to do it as he is still ordained from Monica and Chandler's wedding. In spite of everything, Phoebe is happy that she and Mike are finally getting married.
    • Played for Drama in "The One With Ross' Wedding". Ross's wedding with Emily was already strained due to vendors screwing up and the venue getting prematurely demolished. They resolve to make the ceremony work anyway but then Ross says "Rachel" during his vows, implying it was Rachel he still had feelings for. The wedding continued, but he and Emily got divorced almost immediately after, due to her feeling heartbroken and humiliated.
  • 1000 Ways to Die had two unfortunate occasions that, well, yeah:
    • The first had a wedding where the antics of an obnoxious wedding singer causes the groom to blow a fuse, charge the man in an attempt to stop him, only for the best man to try to calm him down, which leads to the groom pushing his friend down, knocking over the microphone stand and the singer and the latter getting the mic rammed down his throat, choking on it.
    • The second had a wedding where the bride's jealous ex-boyfriend tells her off at her reception as he strips down naked and finally walks off triumphantly...right into a glass wall that fatally cuts and punctures him. Worse, not only is the bride horrified by his actions, she's genuinely heartbroken over his death.
  • In Friday Night Dinner, Grandma Nellie Buller enjoys a very late-flowering romance with the volatile and temperamental Lou Morris, much to her family's concern. The Goodman Family have concerns about Lou's volatile temper and bullying streak, but reluctantly sponsor the wedding. This gets as far as a packed synagogue and the kantor making the wedding song - and then Nellie has a cardiac arrest just as she is about to step under the canopy. Once in the ambulance, she admits to distraught daughter Jackie that being romanced by "that arsehole" had got so far out of hand that she was stuck for a way of getting out of it, and faking a heart attack at her own wedding had been a desperate long shot.
  • One Tree Hill: Nathan and Haley's second wedding ends up riddled with disaster. Bridesmaids and best friends Brooke and Peyton have a falling out after the latter admits to kissing Lucas after being shot earlier in the season and still having feelings for him. Then troublemaking Rachel, angered at being spurned by Nathan's Uncle Cooper due to finding out her real age, lies that she's pregnant, steals the limo and causes him to crash it into a river, nearly drowning the both of them and Nathan (who dove in to save them).
  • Cheers: Carla used astrology to determine that Woody's wedding would be a disaster (she was right). Despite her belief that the wedding would go horribly wrong, she still believed that attending would be preferable to spending the night with her kids.
  • Monk:
    • In "Mr. Monk Goes to a Wedding", Natalie's brother Jonathan invites her to his wedding, but the photographer turns up dead in a mud bath, Randy (who had come along as a "buffer" between her and her estranged parents) ends up severely injured after being hit by a car, and the bride ultimately gets revealed as a Black Widow, almost ending with her escaping using her new husband as a hostage.
    • In "Mr. Monk is the Best Man", scary events interrupt Stottlemeyer and T.K.'s wedding preparations again and again, from someone breaking into Stottlemeyer's house to T.K. getting a threatening, untraceable phone call, to Stottlemeyer's car going up in flames during his bachelor party. Luckily, Monk eventually figures out who the mystery stalker is, and the wedding goes ahead as planned.
  • Murder, She Wrote: Predictably, Jessica can't even attend a wedding without coming across a murder. In fact, this plot occurs more than once:
    • "Something Borrowed, Someone Blue": The wedding of Jessica's nephew/adoptive son Grady and his girlfriend Donna goes off the rails when a maid turns up stabbed in the petunia bed, which quickly supercedes all the more prosaic problems (mostly caused by the in-laws) that occurred beforehand. Jessica rolls her eyes skyward in relief when the pastor finally tells Grady to kiss the bride.
    • "Shear Madness": Jessica's cousin Ann loses her groom shortly before the wedding when someone stabs him in the cellar. To make matters worse, this same thing has happened before, and the last time, her brother got accused of it, so she has to deal with the possibility of losing him too.
  • Star Trek has a very difficult time marrying off anyone.
    • The Star Trek: The Original Series episode "Balance Of Terror" has a wedding between Lt. Tomlinson and Ensign Martine interrupted by a Romulan incursion, and then Tomlinson is killed during the battle.
    • Then in "Amok Time", Spock has to go through with a childhood betrothal to T'Pring. T'Pring does not love Spock, and uses the ancient Rite of Challenge to either kill Spock (so that she could be with her lover Stonn) or have Spock win (in which case he would either reject her and she could be with Stonn, or go through with the marriage and she would still be with Stonn because of Spock's career keeping him off-world). Spock didn't really love her either, but the scheme almost resulted in him killing Kirk, who had been invited along as the best man, leaving him traumatized and devastated.
    • In both Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Lawaxana Troi is preparing for an Arranged Marriage that she wants no part of, but she admits she is going through with because she is afraid of being alone the rest of her life.
    • And then in Star Trek: Enterprise, T'Pol has to go through with an arranged marriage in order to restore her mother's position at the Vulcan Science Academy (T'Les had been forced into retirement because of T'Pol's actions while serving on Enterprise). T'Les can tell that Trip has feelings for T'Pol and urges him to tell her to call off the ceremony, but Trip refuses because he would rather give her up if she feels it would restore T'Les' standing.
    • Played With in Klingon mythology, in which Kahless and Lukara had just said their vows when they were attacked by Molor's forces. By human standards, this would ruin the ceremony — but for Klingons, this was the best wedding ever. It even got immortalized in modern Klingon weddings, in which the groomsmen launch a mock attack on the newly-married couple.
  • Fauda opens with an Israeli intelligence unit attempting to kill or apprehend a Palestinian guerrilla at his son's wedding. The guerrilla isn't there, but his son (the groom) attempts to attack the Israeli agents, leading to him and a number of other attendees being shot dead. His grieving bride goes on to bomb an Israeli cafe in revenge.
  • The Red Wedding on Game of Thrones. Robb Stark eloped with Talisa, even though he was supposed to marry one of the Hollywood Homely girls of House Frey for political reasons, which (understandably) upset Lord Frey. Things seemed to be okay again, however, when Lord Frey agreed to marry one of his daughters (his most beautiful one) off to Edmure Tully (a relative of Robb) instead. The bride and groom are sent off for the "bedding ceremony," but instead of being brought to one of the bedrooms to consummate their marriage, they were brought to the dungeons separately. The musicians, meanwhile, are revealed to be assassins, and they kill every member of House Stark at the wedding, beginning with the pregnant Talisa.
  • The Odd Couple (1970): In "Being Divorced Is Never Having to Say 'I Do'", Oscar's ex-wife Blanche invites him and Felix to her second wedding, which thrills Oscar because he wants to be free of the alimony. Blanche and Roger's wedding takes place in a small, intensely commercial chapel, with a maid of honor Blanche met when she bought her wedding dress. All this sets off warning bells to Felix, who objects.
  • The first season finale of Popular had the wedding day of Sam's Mom and Brooke's Dad winding up as this. In addition to all of the typical Season Finale events happening throughout the episode (including said wedding, a pregnancy and even a death), the ending has Brooke's mother, who walked out on her ex and her daughter years ago, objecting to the wedding, putting it on hold indefinitely.
  • On My Name Is Earl, Joy had her wedding to Darnell on Earl's birthday for no reason other than pettiness. Earl got drunk and stole the mic at the wedding, just as Joy was coming down the aisle. Since the wedding was in a public park, it kept getting interrupted by a nearby soccer game, and Earl drunkenly tried to punt the ball away, which ended up breaking Joy's nose. He then helps her plan a new wedding, but ends up having sex with her. He tries to confess at the rehearsal luncheon, and the wedding is almost called off.
    • In another episode, Ralph finds out that Earl slept with his (Ralph's) mom a few years back. He's extremely upset, and decides he's going to kill Earl for it...but then decides instead to force Earl into a Shotgun Wedding to his mom. Earl describes it less as a Shotgun Wedding and more as a "pistol pressed firmly to the temple" wedding.
    • Earl's first wedding wasn't a picnic either. He was dating a woman named Jessie, but was spotted by Joy (who had recently been kicked out of her parents' house for becoming pregnant out of wedlock.) Joy and her friends served him "upside down martinis," and when he was too drunk to know what was what, Joy drove them to Vegas and they got married. The next morning, Earl notices that she's pregnant; the night before, he just thought she had a bit of a belly.
    Earl: Some people might say that gettin' so drunk you end up marryin' a woman who's six months pregnant is a good reason to stop drinkin'. Personally, I think it's a good reason to keep drinkin'.
  • On Raising Hope, it's revealed that Jimmy ended up marrying Lucy Carlysle while she was in prison. The wedding itself wasn't too horrible as far as jailhouse weddings go (there was cake and everything!), but it was a Shotgun Wedding to a crazy serial killer. Later, when he tries to marry Sabrina (believing that Lucy was dead), this becomes a huge problem.
  • Modern Family: The fifth season finale finally had Cam and Mitch wed, but what can go wrong pretty much does: Firstly their tuxedos are the wrong ones and the dry cleaners close before the can get the correct ones (though they eventually managed to get the right ones) , their initial ordained minister, Sal, who likewise is pregnant, has her water break and the initial outdoor venue has to be moved as a forest fire starts up near their area. Their planner seems to manage to find a suitable replacement, but turns out it was already booked and the couple of that one was just running late. So they move it to Cam's and Mitchell's apartment but it's too cramped and can't fit all the guests, which Cam starts to wonder if it's a sign for them not to be married. Not to mention Cam's parents are fighting during all of this and on the verge of breaking up. Luckily Jay saves the day by getting his country club to host the wedding and he, along with Gloria, convince Cam's parents to give it another shot.
  • Happens twice in New Girl.
    • When Cece is getting married to Shivrang, Schmidt goes out of his way to delay the ceremony. He has Winston blow an airhorn to scare the horse Shivrang rides in on. Winston plays 'Cotton-Eye Joe' over the loudspeaker as Cece walks down the aisle. Schmidt releases a raccoon into the air ducts, and Jess and Nick go after it to stop it from landing on the bride and groom. Instead, their weight causes the ducts to break, and they fall directly on the mandap. Cece uses the disruption as an excuse to end the wedding, saying she's not ready to get married. Shivrang admits he isn't ready either, and the person he really desires is attending the wedding (played by Taylor Swift).
    • The ceremony for Jess's Dad and Ashley is delayed when Jess realises she doesn't have the rings, and she left them at her mother's house. This proves to be difficult as Jess's mother is tripping on acid with a group of friends. Nick must insert himself into the group to probe Jess's mother for the rings' whereabouts. Meanwhile, Jess stalls the wedding by singing a very elongated 'Ave Maria' (a la Christina Aguilera's cover of the national anthem), both in her usual voice and in a Cookie Monster impression. Schmidt grows impatient and instead sets the fire alarm.
    • Jess and Nick spend the night together before their wedding, despite the common superstition that it's bad luck. Jess's mother walks in on them in bed, and fears they have brought a curse on themselves. Jess is flippant at first, but soon after, slips in the bathroom and scratches her cornea on a dogs toy. She is forced to wear an eyepatch. Her mother discovers eviction notices in her mail, which Jess was unaware of. She begins to believe the curse might be real. Nick's book pitch is rejected, and he begins to believe in the curse as well. Jess's mother gives her marijuana to relax her, but she has to much and becomes noticeably high. To make matters worse, Aly goes into labor, and Russell admits he still loves Jess. Rather than continuing with the wedding at the venue, they all drive to the hospital. Schmidt has a rabbi visit the maternity ward, and Nick and Jess get married in the hospital.
  • Perfect Strangers:
    • Larry and Balki get arrested on the former's wedding day due to being mistaken for thieves and both Larry and Jennifer have a near breakdown and break up over it. Balki is able to convince them that despite the bad luck, not to let it ruin their love for one another. They agree and have the wedding at the police station (with Larry and Balki still behind bars during it and the latter ordaining it). Eventually the duo are cleared of the charges and set free to allow Larry and Jennifer to go off on their honeymoon.
    • Subverted for Balki's wedding, Larry loses a ceremonial necklace that Myposians use for their weddings. They manage to find it at the trash dump and get back to the church on time for the wedding, albeit very fifthly and smelling to high heaven. But otherwise Mary-Anne, Balki's fiancee, doesn't complain and the wedding goes off without a hitch.
  • Living Single: The episode "Do You Take This Man's Wallet?" had Regine be hired as a wedding coordinator for her former boyfriend, Darryl's, wedding. It's discovered that not only is the bride a Gold Digger, but she even walked in on her making out with the best man. When Regine confessed this to him at the wedding, she proceeded to claim she was jealous, throw the bouquet in her face and try to fight with her before being carried off by the aforementioned best man.
  • World's Dumbest... features several weddings that go off the rails. Participants pass out, cops show up to arrest somebody, fights break out, etc.
  • In the Arrowverse crossover event Crisis on Earth-X, Barry and Iris's wedding is crashed by machine gun-toting Nazis from an alternate Earth. After the heroes manage to fight them off, Mick, who has nodded off during the ceremony but greatly enjoys the subsequent fight, pronounces that it's the best wedding ever!
  • The Sopranos: Johnny is permitted to leave prison to attend his daughter's wedding, on the condition that he pays for a metal detection crew at the entrance of the church, and has a time limit at the reception. Tony, who is still recovering from his gunshot wound, has trouble taking off his shoes at the security check-in and collapses. Following the reception, the newlyweds leave to go on their honeymoon, but their vehicle is blocked off by the U.S Marshalls' cars. Johnny has to return immediately, as he was granted more time at the reception than permitted. They put John in handcuffs and escort him, much to everyone's shock. John's daughter is heartbroken as she is forced to watch him leave, and he bursts into tears. His wife Ginny, horrified and helpless, collapses.
  • Daredevil: In the series finale Wilson Fisk and Vanessa Marianna's wedding reception is interrupted by Daredevil and Bullseye who've both come to confront Fisk. The ensuing Mêlée à Trois completely trashes the Fisks' hotel room and leaves Bullseye with a broken spine. The evening ends with Wilson and Vanessa being arrested for their criminal dealings.

    Pro Wrestling 
  • Kane and Lita's 2004 wedding was called by fans and even Jim Ross the "Wedding from Hell". A pregnant Lita was forced to marry Kane and in protest to the nuptials, she spray-painted her white gown black (much to his anger), her "vows" expressed how much she hated him, rival Trish Stratus showed up as the "maid of honor" just to make fun of her predicament and fight with her and when her boyfriend Matt Hardy tried to save the day, he ended up being curb stomped by the Big Red Machine.
  • On WWE SmackDown in September 2007, Theodore Long was ready to marry Krystal Marshall when things went south fast. First Jillian Hall gave a terrible music performance (as always), then the Godfather showed up to tempt Teddy with a small army of Hoes. While Teddy resisted, most of the wedding guests left with the Hoes. Then Hornswoggle seized a chance to dive under Krystal's dress. To cap it off, before he could say "I do," the General Manager dropped from a (kayfabe) heart attack.

    Video Games 
    Web Animation 
  • In this one not only was the bride a complete bridezilla but there was a massive typhoon during the wedding forcing most of the guests to not show up.

    Web Comics 

  • Questionable Content: Marten's father (Henry) and mother (Veronica) are divorced, but Amicable Exes. As Harry is getting remarried (to Maurice), he and Veronica muse on how crazy their wedding was. Maurice is worried that their wedding will be boring compared to that, but Harry quickly clarifies that it wasn't crazy good, it was crazy bad.
    Henry: As long as we don't require three ambulances before the reception, I'm fine with boring.

    Web Videos 
  • In Sam & Mickey episode "The Wedding", Barbie misinterprets a wedding invite she receives as the wedding between her and her long-suffering boyfriend, Ken. On the big day, she arrives at the church in a wedding gown and is horrified to learn that it was the wedding of him and his girlfriend, Bratz doll Yasmin, which causes her to have a breakdown, viciously stab her while she's preparing to walk down the aisle and return to the ceremony in a bloodstained dress. Yasmin survives and Barbie is arrested at the hospital.

    Western Animation 
  • American Dad!: "Haylias" has Stan deciding that Hayley has no direction in her life and needs to settle down with a good man. He tries setting her up with a politician's clearly gay son. When she refuses, he uses a code phrase that forces her to obey his orders. However, a side effect of this is that Hayley wants to kill Stan. As a result, Hayley's wedding ends with her chasing down Stan, trying to kill him.
  • Bob's Burgers: In the season 8 finale "Something Old, Something New, Something Bob Caters For You", Bob is asked to cater the wedding of Farrah and Connor, a couple who met at Bob's restaurant. The ceremony is plagued with disasters, like a sudden burst of wind muffling the wedding vows and blowing away Farrah's childhood baby blanket (which was being used as a decoration), a plan to release a flock of butterflies leaving them with a box of dead bugs, and Bob accidentally smearing the wedding cake. Linda, who had been skeptical that the happy couple could make it work after only being together for three months, is actually touched by Connor and Farrah's struggles, and manages to give a heartwarming speech in support of them when it looks like Farrah can't take anymore.
  • The Simpsons:
    • In "I Married Marge", Homer and Marge had a Shotgun Wedding at a cheap chapel with a shady justice of the peace to marry them, were given $10 worth of gambling chips by him as they were married and according to her, the place itself had a lot of stains on the ceiling. In a later episode, "A Milhouse Divided", Homer then bought her an (implied to be a Carvel) Whale-shaped ice cream cake after the ceremony that read "To a Whale of a Wife". Her Morning Sickness was acting up, but Homer was too off in his own little world to notice or comfort her. And they spent their wedding night on Marge's mom's couch, being yelled at by Patty and Selma. This ultimately prompts Homer in the present time to to do a re-do where he files for a divorce without Marge's knowledge so he can give her a proper wedding, albeit rather impromptu and at their house, but at the least with their family and friends, a proper minister to oversee it and a decent reception.
    • Later on, Marge and Homer find out that their "do-over" wedding was not legally valid because Reverend Lovejoy was not legally able to perform the ceremony due to a technicality at the time. Homer decides to give Marge a real wedding. This results in Marge becoming a Bridezilla, and Homer being kidnapped a la Saw by Patty and Selma.
    • In "It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Marge", Otto proposes to his girlfriend Becky and Bart allows them to have the wedding at their house. First, Otto's estranged parents show up just to tell them how much they disapprove of everything he does. Then Homer partakes in both using a straw to suck up the wedding cake causing it to collapse and tongue gets stuck to a heart-shaped ice sculpture with the bride and groom's names on it, only for part of said tongue to be left on it after he pulls it off. Lastly (and worst of all) when Becky voices her concerns about not liking heavy metal music, Marge gives her some bad advice that culminates in him leaving her at the altar.
  • Six Teen: One episode has the group preparing to celebrate Wyatt's birthday at the mall due to all the ones he has at home being extremely lacklustre, only for them to spend hours being distracted by a video game and forget all about it. They then decide to crash a wedding shower and make it look like it is all for Wyatt, but fails when he decides to get up and do a speech. The six of them wind up getting kicked out by the pissed off couple and attendees for ruining the shower.
  • The Smurfs (1981) special "Smurfily Ever After" has the big wedding the Smurfs prepared for Cute Mute Laconia and her groom Woody ruined by Gargamel's presence via the Ghoulliope, which music mind-controls everybody present except for Laconia, who has Disability Immunity in that special due to her being a deaf-mute. She and Smurfette work together to stop Gargamel's music machine from cooking the Smurfs in a giant pot. Although the big wedding was ruined, Woody and Laconia do exchange vows before Papa Smurf in a much simpler ceremony near the end.
  • Tangled Ever After: Played for Laughs in an Imagine Spot of Maximus when Pascal and he end up losing the rings for Rapunzel and Eugene's wedding just moments before the two are set to walk down the aisle. With him thinking not only would the wedding be ruined but the kingdom would instantly collapse into anarchy if they don't get them back.
  • The Horrid Henry episode "Horrid Henry's Wedding", based on the short story from the Horrid Henry Tricks the Tooth Fairy book, revolves around Henry being the ring bearer of his cousins' wedding. As expected, he goes out of his way to ruin the day for her and everyone, by tearing the bride's dress, losing the rings, ruining all the pictures, eating the wedding cake early and finally making it crash right into Polly. Needless to say, he's banned from weddings from that point onwards.
  • Daria episode "I Don't" has the Morgandorffer family going to the wedding of their niece and cousin, Erin. The wedding starts off wrong with Daria wearing a poorly-tailored bridesmaid dress leading to a Running Gag of her being asked by she didn't get the same dress as the other bridesmaids and the surprise arrival of "unpopular" Aunt Amy, but things get worse from there. At the reception, Helen gets wasted and her hostilities with her older sister and their mother come to the surface, Erin accuses her mother and her boorish boyfriend of ruining the wedding by making the wedding about them, she then snaps at her son-in-law by calling him a neanderthal, setting off a family-wide argument and elsewhere, Quinn's escort and the reverend are engaged in a fistfight over her. This causes Daria and Amy to bail to a local restaurant, where they run into the groom, having also escaped.
  • Exaggerated on Ed, Edd n Eddy when the Kanker Sisters kidnap the Eds to participate in a joint wedding in an elaborate scheme involving a supposedly haunted house. Not only are they trapped in the house (and their genuine cries of horror are ignored by the other Cul-de-Sac kids due to fooling them earlier), but they end up somehow stripped out of their clothes on the "ride" for more tradition formal wear (which was painted on their vehicles theirselves), but also had pretend "rings" jammed onto their fingers (in the forms of a nut screw, a pull tab from a can of soda and an escutcheon plate from a broken door handle).
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic: "A Canterlot Wedding" has Twilight becoming suspicious of her brother's bride, Cadence, when the mare (who she had known during her fillyhood) acts unusually cold. However, everyone else ignores it as bridal jitters and Twilight overreacting. It turns out Twilight had it right the first time: the "bride" turns out to be the love-eating Changeling Queen, Chrysalis, who wants to use the wedding to infiltrate Equestria and keep the natives as living food sources. The real Cadence was cast into caverns down below the castle whom Twilight unwittingly finds. Though the two escape and expose Chrysalis, her plan still goes into motion and almost results in a Near-Villain Victory if Shining Armor and Cadence's power of love didn't overcome Chrysalis' power and blow her and her subjects out of the kingdom, finally allowing the wedding to go on as planned that evening.
  • Steven Universe: Ruby and Sapphire's wedding towards the end of season five. The actual ceremony goes off without a hitch, but it is immediately followed by the Diamonds arriving on Earth to destroy the Crystal Gems once and for all, alongside anything else that gets in their way. Needless to say, things go to hell fast.


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