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Actress example:

  • Jeanette MacDonald was known as "The Lingerie Queen of the Talkies" in The Pre-Code Era, when she worked at Paramount. She regularly wore revealing costumes or was given story excuses to strip to her underwear; in her first film, The Love Parade (1929), she even took a bath onscreen. She once joked, "I’m sure people must say about me, on the screen, ‘Good gracious, is Jeanette MacDonald going to take off her clothes—again?'"
  • In the same era Betty Blythe was known for being happy to do nude scenes - "A director is the only man besides your husband who can tell you how much of your clothes to take off."
  • Dolly Parton and Elvira, Mistress of the Dark are essentially also the embodiments of this trope. Both women carefully built (figuratively and literally) their appearances to be appealing and are Ms. Fanservices in every film or TV appearance they have ever made, except for Steel Magnolias for Dolly. Dolly one ups it by playing Miley Cyrus's cleavage-baring, tight outfit wearing aunt on Hannah Montana. Elvira, meanwhile, did nude modeling under her real name, Cassandra Peterson, before adopting the Elvira character.
  • Sigourney Weaver
    • In Galaxy Quest she ends up suffering Clothing Damage. She hangs a lampshade on her role as Ms. Fanservice in the Galaxy Quest TV show. Galaxy Quest is a parody/satire of Star Trek so it is supposed to be a Take That! at the Ms. Fanservices that inevitably wind up on the series, presumably Uhura from Star Trek: The Original Series in particular.
      Gwen DeMarco: Well, at least you had a part, Alex. Okay, you had a character people loved. I mean, my TV Guide interview was six paragraphs about my BOOBS and how they fit into my suit. No-one bothered to ask me what I do on the show.
      Fred Kwan: You were... umm, wait...wait, I'll think of it...
      Gwen DeMarco: I repeated the computer, Fred.
    • This was based on an interview with Jeri Ryan where she actually got a series of questions on her breasts and how they fit into the suit Seven of Nine had.
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    • Ghostbusters (1984): She is over the top Ms. Fanservice in this film, especially after her character gets possessed by Zuul.
  • Jennifer Connelly:
    • Her early film called Career Opportunities had her bouncing around the whole film in a thin white tank top.
    • The Rocketeer: Back when she was younger and not Hollywood-skinny, she spent the latter half of the movie running around in a low-cut silk dress.
    • The Hot Spot includes a scene where Connelly and another actress sit around topless having a conversation for no particular reason.
    • She shows off a black bra and panties in Some Girls.
    • She's one of three beautiful sisters in Inventing the Abbotts. She's probably the hottest and she's definitely the most topless.
    • There was little other reason for the "noisy workers" scene in A Beautiful Mind but to feature her leaning out of the window while the classmates and her professor leered at her.
    • Her nude scenes might be the best thing about Mulholland Falls.
  • Helen Mirren has been noted for appearing nude in many of her films, from the '60s to the '10s.
    • She was naked in several scenes in her first film, Age of Consent, in which she played an artist's model.
    • Savage Messiah features a lengthy scene in which she walks around a large house wearing only a necklace and a pair of high heels.
    • She starred in Caligula, which upon its release gained instant notoriety for its explicit sex scenes, which actually do not feature her; however, she is naked in other scenes.
    • Mirren did a full-frontal nude scene in 2003 at the age of 58 in the TV film The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone. The same year she appeared naked again in Calendar Girls.
    • Averted to some degree in The Cook, the Thief, His Wife, and Her Lover. While Mirren is completely naked in many of her scenes, some of them are more Squick than anything else. For example, in one scene she and her lover are forced to ride nude in the back of a truck full of rotting meat, covered in slime.
    • Other films which feature her partially or fully nude include Caesar and Claretta, Hussy, Excalibur, Mrs. Reinhardt, Cal, Cause Celebre, Pascali's Island, Royal Deceit, and Love Ranch. A newspaper commented in 2003 that "it would constitute a greater scoop if Mirren actually kept her clothes on for the duration of a movie." Mirren herself has frequently lampshaded this tendency in real life. For example, in a 1995 interview, she joked, "Yes, in many movies I've taken off my clothes. Not in [The Madness of King George, in which she played Queen Charlotte]. I tried, but they wouldn't let me."
  • Cyd Charisse's legs in any number of MGM musicals.
  • Megan Fox. She has been in multiple films which pull in many male viewers who like to look at her. Chief among those films were the Transformers movies, which provided Fox her breakout roles. This trope is so well established that the promotional posters for Jennifer's Body have nothing but Fox on the poster with hardly any indication what the movie was about. Even when she's playing a man-killing demon, she's still hot.
  • Halle Berry, especially in Swordfish, with a completely gratuitous topless scene.
  • Scarlett Johansson:
    • Lost in Translation's opening is a close-up Panty Shot of her character sleeping, and then there's pretty much any time her character is alone in her room. The girl does not seem to like pants.
    • The Spirit has her don various costumes that would count as fetish costumes, including a Nazi one. "Silken Floss is the most beautiful woman in the world," indeed.
    • She spent the early part of her career enacting the sexual fantasies of various indie filmmakers, such as The Coen Brothers in The Man Who Wasn't There (2001) and Woody Allen in Vicky Cristina Barcelona.
    • She is stripping down to her red lingerie in He's Just Not That Into You. As David Letterman once put it: "I cannot thank you enough." There is also a shot of Scarlett wearing very clingy gympants before she goes for a swim.
    • Any film where she plays Black Widow in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
    • Under the Skin is well-remembered for the much-anticipated scenes in which Johansson gets naked onscreen for the first time (even though in the context of the film, her nude scenes aren't particularly erotic). There's also a scene at the beginning in which her character undresses another woman, but again, its appeal is kind of subjective given that the other woman appears to be dead or comatose.
    • The Major in Ghost in the Shell where she dons a Sensual Spandex that puts her body in full diplay.
  • Jessica Alba in most of her roles, including the aforementioned Machete.
  • Monica Bellucci in the vast majority of her roles. She's done quite a number of nude scenes, and most of her characters focus on her sexual allure somehow, like being The Vamp or a prostitute.
  • Maggie Gyllenhaal often fills this role for those who like their movies Darker and Edgier.
  • Lindsay Lohan
  • Jenny Agutter spent most of The '70s losing her clothes on film — see: Walkabout, Equus, Logan's Run, An American Werewolf in London — but Logan's Run is really the purest example. Whereas the others only had a scene or two, Jessica 6 spent all of Logan's Run in very skimpy clothing — when she was clothed at all. Sadly for fans of this, at the end of that decade she waved goodbye to Hollywood and hasn't fulfilled this trope since.
  • Milla Jovovich in The Fifth Element, the Resident Evil series, Ultraviolet, Stone, Return to the Blue Lagoon, and No Good Deed (2002).
  • Elisha Cuthbert in The Girl Next Door, House of Wax and Captivity.
  • Mary Elizabeth Winstead in Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (where she gets a scene in her underwear) and Make It Happen.
  • Joan Blondell did this often in her pre-code films Night Nurse & Blonde Crazy.
  • Nicole Kidman has a long and proud history of sharing her beauty with the world on screen from the '80s (Windrider, featuring her first nude scenes) to the '10s (Just Go With It).
  • Catherine Zeta-Jones was doing nude scenes as far back as her film debut in Sherezade when she was barely 20 years old, and her big claim to fame was losing her clothes to Antonio Banderas's sword in The Mask of Zorro.
  • Theda Bara is often referred to as the first Hollywood sex symbol. Sadly, her most well-known contemporary film, Cleopatra, is a lost film (with less than ten seconds known to exist). Most movie buffs know her as an early film example of The Vamp in A Fool There Was. Theda Bara didn't take the leap from "silent films" to "talkies" very well because her voice was very soft and refined. Her voice was not considered suitable for her looks or the roles she was known for.
  • Kari Wührer is known for showing skin in most movies she appeared in. Even when she didn't, such as Eight Legged Freaks (playing the aforementioned Scarlett Johansson's mom), she would still appear in tight tank tops. Subverted in Hellraiser: Deader, where it just becomes Fan Disservice.
  • Kate Winslet is pretty well-known for getting naked in numerous roles. Even the PG-13 Titanic (1997) features her topless.
  • Olivia Hussey became famous as Juliet in 1968, briefly appearing topless, while some of her later roles had this too, well into her 50s.

Movie specific example

  • Director Russ Meyer relies on this trope. Starting with only a few Ms. Fanservices in his earliest films, Russ later considered it ridiculous to only include 1 or 2 essentially Fanservice Extras per film. Over time nearly all of the main and supporting female characters in Russ' films were buxom, long-legged, hour-glass-figured amazons, starting with Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! and including such Cult Classics such as Vixen and Valley of the Supervixens. Somewhat sadly by his last film UP his films had somewhat degraded into surrealistic softcore porn and not his ultimate vision of this trope becoming common in mainstream films.
  • Jess from 4/20 Massacre who loses layers of shirts until she's left wearing just her sports bra.
  • After.Life: Christina Ricci spends a good portion of the film naked.
  • Brazilian movie A Mulher Invisível and its subsequent TV series have Amanda, an Imaginary Lover, played by one of the hottest Brazilian actresses Luana Piovani, who spends most of the film in underwear.
    Of course you aren't real! It's called "ideal woman" because it's something that can only exist in an idea!
  • American Hustle takes time to deconstruct this with Sydney. She's essentially an Innocence Lost character who decided to reinvent herself as 'Lady Edith Greensly', and the sexy clothing was part of the deal. She uses it explicitly to become The Vamp and partner to Irving's cons. So the Fanservice is just her way of covering up who she really is deep down - but she's also falling apart inside because of the facade - and she desires for a chance to be herself and settle down in a new life.
    "I created Edith because I needed her to survive. But I'm done with it now. I am so fucking done with her."
  • Anon: Amanda Seyfried as The Girl appears naked from the side multiple times, and also has a sex scene with Sal.
  • Naturally, being a parody of James Bond movies, the Austin Powers movies have their own share of very attractive ladies. Special mention goes to Felicity Shagwell in The Spy Who Shagged Me. The majority of her outfits are either skin-tight, or show off a lot of skin (Which, considering she's trying to seduce Austin from the get-go, makes perfect sense).
  • Lorelei in Freaks of Nature fits the usual horror archetype, being horny and wearing nighties through most of her appearences. Also after being turned into a vampire, she comments on how her breasts grew in size.
  • Luster the sorceress in the game-within-a-show of The Gamers: Dorkness Rising, at least when she's being played by a female actor, in contrast to the more ladylike fighter Daphne.
  • The Baroness and Scarlet from G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra.
    • G.I. Joe: Retaliation: Lady Jaye in a sexy dress, infiltrating a White House party. And before that, skimpy sport attire.
  • Quentin Tarantino's Death Proof:
    • The first group has very Ms-Fanservice-y outfits.
    • There are lingering shots of Julia's feet.
    • Butterfly's lap-dance.
    • Mary Elizabeth Winstead's character Lee is dressed as a cheerleader.
    • Rosario Dawson's Abby is not wearing a bra, Gainaxing.
    • Zoë Bell riding the hood of the car, with her shirt sliding up a bit
    • A lingering shot of Abby, Zoe, and Kim's asses (the latter two wearing painted on jeans), as they strut towards Stuntman Mike's wrecked car.
    • The opening shot is of Jungle Julia's ass.
  • Milla Jovovich as Nimue in Hellboy (2019) is sporting some serious Absolute Cleavage in her look. Justified since she is apparently trying to seduce Hellboy to her side.
  • Tara (the busty groupie that Nick hooks up with) and Zoe (the girl who "only does two at a time") in Hot Tub Time Machine. Both women have very small roles, yet both appear topless. One of the red band trailers for the film consisted solely of alternate topless footage of Tara bouncing up and down in the tub.
  • The Hour of the Pig: Sophie Dix as the maid Maria shows full nudity in her sex scene. Along with her is Amina Anabi to a lesser degree as Samira, who's topless a couple times, once in a sex scene too (though far less explicit).
  • Miranda Cosgrove in The Intruders spends a lot of her indoor scenes wearing a camisole and skimpy shorts; a bath towel scene, and dressing up to attend a pool party.
  • The James Bond girls. There are a few cases where this is downplayed:
    • For Your Eyes Only: Melina Havelock. Played by Carole Bouquet, she is an undeniably beautiful woman, but she is never seen in a skimpy swimsuit, dresses quite sensibly in general, and does not have sex with Bond until the final scene in the film.
    • GoldenEye: Natalya Simonova. Again, played by an undeniably attractive actress, but attired in office clothing for much of the film, and combat fatigues for the rest. There is exactly one scene of her in a bikini, but the camera does everything it can to focus on her face instead.
    • Quantum of Solace: Camille Montes, for similar reasons as the above. It's also probably for the best in this case, since the character is a victim of rape and portraying her as a sexpot would have been very awkward. Appropriately, Bond doesn't bed her.
  • John Carter has Lynn Collins wearing some very skimpy outfits as Dejah Thoris. She lampshades it when wearing a very strategically designed wedding dress, saying it's too vulgar for her tastes. She's pretty well covered compared with the original novels and comics.
  • Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle:
  • Kalique Abrasax in Jupiter Ascending is introduced taking a bath and and she comes out of it with a fully-naked rear shot. She also wears a couple of gorgeous dresses.
  • Jurassic World has Claire Dearing (played by Bryce Dallas Howard) effectively disrobing with an Action Dress Rip to a more "practical" attire for the island jungle midway through the film. Owen is briefly at a loss for words at this, and it takes a Death Glare from Claire to get his brain working again. She then discards her white business shirt for a very appealing light purple tank top around the end of the movie.
  • Several of the women of Harlem completely undress and dance on the city walls to distract the enemy in Kenau. This is a Dutch movie after all.
  • Ann Darrow wears a silk slip after she loses her dressing gown when she and Jack Driscoll escape King Kong cave in King Kong (2005).
  • Kingsman: The Secret Service:
    • Averted with Roxy, despite being young and beautiful. Not even the scene where she swims nor when she gets all dressed up to seduce another young and beautiful girl play up the sexy.
    • The viewer gets a view of Princess Tilde's backside in one of the closing scenes just before the Rescue Sex.
  • Kismet (1944): The Greek concubine Jamilla played by Creator/Marlene Dietrich who provides the movie's Signature Scene where she seductively dances in a jewelered bedlah.
  • The Remake of The Last House on the Left, where the bad girl barely wears anything in the last half, and actually strips off her t-shirt within seconds of being introduced. Also for the gorn crowd, the evil teens' abuse victims are killed while stripped down, as well as the bad girl, who is wearing only her panties as she fights with the heroes. And then she's grazed on both sides of the head and knocked against the bathroom wall, and left bleeding out in a sexually suggestive pose. For a thriller which doesn't focus on this aspect in dialogue, it sure relished the Male Gaze in the way it was shot.
  • Lifeforce: Some viewers were under the impression that it would be an actual science fiction movie as opposed to "Naked Vampire Chick from Outer Space played by an ultra gorgeous Mathilda May". It also featured Patrick Stewart, though, so it wasn't all bad.
  • For a film made during The Hays Code, there are instances in The More the Merrier where we see Jean Arthur's legs, and even a sexy negligee!
  • My Days Of Mercy: Both Lucy and Mercy. They appear in multiple sex scenes and also topless. It isn't necessary to the film at all, probably even distracting from the rest of the plot (especially as the clips of them surfaced on the Internet before it was even released).
  • The Mummy Trilogy and its spin-off/prequels The Scorpion King:
    • Evelyn doesn't start out as such, but becomes one over the course of the story due to Adrenaline Makeover. One flashback has her previous incarnation dressed in a golden bikini while sparring with her stepmother.
    • Anck-su-namun, who is dressed in golden body paint for starters. While her modern incarnation Meela Nais is comparatively more modest, she's still a Femme Fatale. This trope is completely averted in her mummified form, where she looks exactly as you'd expect as 3000-year old desiccated corpse would be like.
    • Cassandra (played by supermodel Kelly Hu) was also scantily-clad for the most part and in one memorable scene appeared completely naked with only her hair covering her breasts. For that matter, any of the featured love interests in the Scorpion King series count too.
  • The Mummy (2017): Princess Ahmanet, at least in her human form where she dresses in a graceful silk cloth and at one point appears completely naked. Her mummy form is slightly less attractive due to having double irises, but still qualifies as a Cute Monster Girl nonetheless.
  • Cerina Vincent as the naked foreign exchange student "Areola" in Not Another Teen Movie.
  • Mostly averted with Henley (who got her start as an assistant, where part of her job was presumably to invoke this trope). For most of Now You See Me, short skirts are her limit. Played straight in her introduction shot, which features her stripping into a glittery swimsuit for an escape act.
  • Sorina, the female character that gets prominently displayed the most in Pain and Gain.
  • Percy Jackson and the Olympians:
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
    • Penelope Cruz, especially in that one scene of her and Jack rolling about on the deck.
    • Also, the mermaid Syrena, who was pretty much half naked for all of her scenes. In fact, all of the mermaids really, until they attack.
  • Most of the Barden Bellas in Pitch Perfect get a chance to be this, particularly main character Beca, who is quite busty and wears lots of low-cut tops, and Lovable Sex Maniac Stacie, whose fashion choices emphasize both her boobs and her legs. There's also Alpha Bitch Aubrey in a yoga leotard, and even resident Big Beautiful Woman Amy gets in on the action when we see her in the pool, wearing a bikini and enjoying the attention of a much more traditionally-attractive guy.
  • Ulla in both film versions of The Producers was portrayed as a stereotypical Swedish woman: tall, lovely and with beautiful blonde hair. She was apparently hired for her looks to stand around looking pretty and dancing provocatively. In the remake, she's played by Uma Thurman and has some very funny lines and a personality, unlike in the original.
  • Both Jessie and Christina from Project Almanac. Christina spends the entire Lollapalooza montage running around in a bikini top, while Jessie spends one scene wearing nothing but a towel.
  • Angela Vidal from the [REC] franchise mostly wear form fitting tank tops, mostly ditching whatever shirt is wearing over her tank top in the first and fourth movie, it is however Fan Disservice in the second movie as she's completely bloody and disheveled due to her being possesed.
    • Also to her counterpart from the America remake Quarantine who wears an white tank top after removing her shirt.
  • In R.I.P.D. Roy's avatar is played by supermodel Marisa Miller, who has posed for both Victoria's Secret and the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.
  • In Raptor Ranch We're introduced to Abbi in her undies. Later, her misogynistic boss makes her wear a typical "Valley Girl" outfit consisting of a tied off blouse, daisy dukes, and red pumps. She's not amused, also she loses her jacket when a Dinosaur grabs her by her jacket, keeping her in cleavage baring tank top for the remainder of the movie.
  • RENT: Mimi. The stripper. Even though she's a complete wreck of an addict and dying of AIDS.
  • Repo! The Genetic Opera has a ridiculous amount of Ms-Fanservice-y stuff:
    • Amber Sweet. Amber is Rotti's daughter as opposed to an employee, but she's clearly a scalpel slut.
    • Many other characters: the henchgirls, the genterns, the scalpel sluts. They're justified in-universe as the GeneCo equivalent of the Pan Am stewardess: Rotti Largo knows very well that sex sells.
  • The lead female characters from the Resident Evil series.
  • Nicole Carrow from Rest Stop wears less clothing as the movie goes on, that by the end she just wears a bra.
  • Trash (played by Linnea Quigley) in The Return of the Living Dead: She strips in an early scene, then basically spends the entire film wearing only legwarmers. Becomes Fan Disservice once she becomes a naked zombie, though she doesn't look too different in that form. Writer/director Dan O'Bannon has said that when he saw more females in audiences than he expected, he wished he'd thought to show male characters naked, too, for the sake of equal opportunity Fanservice.
  • Blake Gaines' first scene in San Andreas has her in a bikini; later she's wearing an form-fitting tank top; and spends the last portion of the movie with her clothes soaking-wet. Not to mention the movie-length Gainaxing contest between her and her mom Emma Gaines (which is what happens when you cast Carla Gugino and Alexandra Daddario as mother and daughter).
  • Ashlynn Yennie, as pyschiatric halfway-house resident Emily in The Scribbler, is pretty much buck-naked the entire time she's on-screen. Her final appearance before dying has her wearing a dress.
  • Brie Larson in Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. To paraphrase a YouTube comment on a video of one of her scenes in the film, "Her (character's) name may be Envy but she invites to lust."
  • In The Shallows, Nancy spends the majority of the movie in a bikini.
  • The Shawshank Redemption: One warden's assessment: "What say you there, fuzzy britches?"
  • Silent Night has Maria, who starts in lingerie and then flees from the Killer Santa topless, and Tiffany, who spends the whole movie in a Sexy Santa Dress.
  • The 3 female characters from Slashers, Rebecca Galley who wears an midriff baring tank top, Brenda Thompson who spends portion of the movie in a black bra and Megan Lowry who ends up topless twice during the movie and ends up wearing Rebecca top after the latter is killed.
  • In Spiders the lead character Marci Eyre, wears less and less clothing as the movie goes on, she was first seen discarding her denim jacket, she then unbunttons her red overshirt and when she and her friend fall into a Giant Spider's web she's forced to get rid of her red shirt in order to get out, leaving her in just a white form fitting tank top which she continues to wear for the reminder of the film. She also gets her clothing soaking-wet for portion of the movie.
  • Same for the lead of the sequel Spiders II: Breeding Ground who around the end of the movie gets totally covered in steam, causing her to discard her black shirt and continue the rest of the movie in a grey tank top.
  • Wild Wild West: Salma Hayek's character sure does look good. It helps that she spends a good chunk of the film in little more than a corset. Hayek's character is a particularly gratuitous example, as she's basically extraneous to the film's plot.
  • Your Highness: Isabel strips down to her undergarments before bathing in the river as Fabious and Thadeous watch. She knows, but simply ignores them. Otherwise she also has on a bodice showing her cleavage.
  • XXX State Of The Union throws in two contrasting ones: the first is Lola Jackson, Darius' old flame who became an expensive car saleswoman (African-American and clad in a black suit); the second is Charlie Mayweather, who turns out to be The Dark Chick and part of the military conspiracy to overthrow the President (blonde, Caucasian, and initially clad in white until her allegiance becomes clear and she switches to black). Their outfits emphasized their cleavage in particular.
  • Jenny from Zombie Fight Club, who spends a portion of the movie with her shirt open with no undershirt underneath, just her bra, and later on in the movie she starts wearing a tighter costume.

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