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A 1995 Dramedy written by Don Roos, starring Whoopi Goldberg, Drew Barrymore, and Mary-Louise Parker. It was director Herbert Ross's last film before his death and featured an early role from Matthew McConaughey.

The film starts out with Jane (Goldberg), a lounge singer, answering an advertisement to drive from New York to California with Robin (Parker), a real-estate agent. They stop in Pittsburgh, and interrupt a fight between Holly (Barrymore) and her abusive boyfriend. Holly joins them on the trip (after some shenanigans involving her boyfriend's accidental death), and reveals she's eight weeks pregnant.

Then things get weird.


Provides Examples Of:

  • Can't Have Sex, Ever: Robin, due to being diagnosed with AIDS.
  • Chocolate Baby: Apparently, Holly wasn't exactly faithful to Nick.
    • Set up by this exchange early on:
    Holly: "To think it's possible I killed my baby's daddy!"
    Jane: "To think it's possible? You hit him on the head with a baseball bat; he's dead!"
    Holly: "No! I mean it's possible that Nick is the daddy."
  • Dude, She's a Lesbian: Holly reveals Jane's sexuality to Robin.
  • Incompatible Orientation: Jane spends most of the movie crushing on Robin, who is straight. She also spent some time before the film crushing on Holly. According to Holly, this is a recurring problem for Jane.
  • Road Trip Plot: The first act, before they settle down in Tucson due to Robin's hospitalization.


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