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"When I think of Enron, I don't think of Ellen."
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She Hate Me is a 2004 comedy-drama film directed by Spike Lee.

John Henry "Jack" Armstrong (Anthony Mackie) is a Harvard graduate and a financially successful, upwardly mobile executive at a biotechnology firm. After a colleague commits suicide, Armstrong uncovers corrupt business practices and attempts to blow the whistle. He's promptly fired on false grounds of security fraud, and his assets are frozen. Things are looking bleak, when all of a sudden his ex-fiancée Fatima Goodrich (Kerry Washington), who came out as a lesbian and broke up with him four years ago, turns up at his door. She and her girlfriend Alex Guerrero (Dania Ramirez) offer him a proposition: they want babies, and they're willing to offer him $10,000 dollars to impregnate them both. After he reluctantly (oh, come on) agrees, Fatima brings him friends of hers, all of whom likewise want kids and are willing to pay him $10,000 to impregnate them. He acts as though it's hell (give us a break...). Meanwhile, he pushes for his whisteblowing to be taken seriously.


This film provides examples of:

  • All Lesbians Want Kids: Enforced beyond description.
  • A Man Is Always Eager
  • Butch Lesbian: One batch of Armstrong's customers consists of these.
  • Corrupt Corporate Executive
  • Girl-on-Girl Is Hot: Milked for all its worth to mixed results from the audience.
  • Lipstick Lesbian: Fatima, Alex and most of the others are this.
  • Love Triangle: A growing one between Armstrong, Fatima, and Alex; despite what the title would have us believe, it's actually more of a subplot than the actual story.
  • Nixon Mask: A guy wearing one appears in a dream sequence.
  • No Bisexuals: The film infamously refers to Fatima and Alex as "lesbians" even though they end up in a polyamorous relationship with Jack.
  • Polyamory: How the above Love Triangle gets resolved at the end of the film.
  • Take That!: What many Real Life lesbians took the whole film as.
    • Roger Ebert took an alternative interpretation and saw the entire film as a Take That! to every Plot Device used in the film. Or, as he admitted, he hoped it was and not that all the preposterous plot elements were supposed to be played straight.
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  • Title Drop: Armstrong reveals that he nicknamed Fatima "She Hate Me" after their breakup.
  • Unresolved Sexual Tension: Deconstructed. Armstrong is still bitter over Fatima breaking up with him years earlier, while Alex later fears that Fatima will eventually leave her to get back together with him. If things weren't complicated enough, Armstrong starts developing feelings of attraction toward Alex, who is strictly misandric from the start. It all gets resolved with the three of them forming a poly-amorous relationship and Alex finally (if somewhat reluctantly) returning Armstrong's romantic feelings.


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