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  • "In A Lonely Place", the main character's theme from Oldboy (2003), is atmospheric and appropriate and awesome. But there's more. In the movie, the main character Oh Dae-Su is imprisoned for fifteen years in a room where the only wall decoration is a rather horrifying picture of Jesus Man of Sorrows, complemented by the first line from Ella Wheeler Wilcox' poem Solitude: "Laugh and the world laughs with you / Weep and you weep alone." On the soundtrack, the song is preceded by Oh Dae-Su reading the line from the poem out loud in Korean. Now listen to the song with the poem next to it. Count the first line as read. Count the number of times the piano theme recurs. Not only does it fit the number of lines in the poem, it also breaks when the poem does, and rises and falls like the lines in the poem do. Yes. Oh Dae-Su's theme is Solitude set to music. Brilliant.

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