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Spaceballs The Fridge Brilliance

  • The alien singing "Hello my baby, hello my honey..." It's a song about a missed romantic opportunity. This is happening when Lonestar has just left Vespa to marry Prince Valium, and is wondering if he regrets the decision.
  • When looking over the Spaceballs movie to see where Lonestar escaped to, they never think to fast forward to the end of the movie to see if and/or how they would be defeated.
    • Except it's stated they can get the film before it's even finished, presumably they can't watch any further than they actually are.
    • Then you remember that the entire reason the bad guys are trying to steal the air from Druidia is because their own short-sightedness is what caused them to run out of air in the first place.
  • A minor one from the "Asshole" scene. When Dark Helmet gets frustrated and hollers "How many assholes do we got on this ship anyhow?", only one member of the bridge crew doesn't stand up. Other than being funny, this also makes sense because that man is a replacement crewman for that particular station; Dark Helmet zapped the original guy (who, ostensibly, would have been an Asshole) at the beginning of the film.
    • Except the guy who got his nuts crushed via Schwartz in the opening scene was named Sergeant Rico, not Sergeant Asshole.
    • Maybe his name was Rico Asshole?
      • This would make sense; if that many people share a last name, making a point to call them by their first name would make things easier when calling for one.
  • When the Spaceball shoots Princess Vespa's hair and she goes on her Roaring Rampage of Revenge, the Rewatch Bonus shows her hair smoldering and her not flinching. She has helmet hair!note 
  • Dark Helmet claims to be Lone Starr's "Father's brother's nephew's cousin's former roommates". That could be a lot of people, including Lone Starr himself.
  • When Lone Starr and Barf pick up Vespa, Barf remarks, "Funny, she doesn't look Druish." Later in the movie, when Helmet is extorting the air shield code from Roland, we learn that Vespa had a nose job, and her original nose was considerably more... Druish.

Spaceballs The Fridge Horror

  • In Spaceballs the point of Dark Helmet and the rest of the Spaceballs is to steal air from Planet Druidia and save Planet Spaceball. They fail. And the president was trying to keep the problem hush-hush. Did the innocent residents of Planet Spaceball figure it out and save themselves, or did they perish from slow asphyxiation?
    • Actually, the people of Planet Spaceball knew. In fact, the news was questioning the president about it during the "peri-air" scene. So the people of Planet Spaceball know and so does the news. Eventually the people are going to get tired of hearing "we have enough air" when they obviously don't. Seeing how the Spaceballs reacted at a ship going down, it's easy to guess that as many as possible are going to try to flee the planet. When escape ships run out or the president locks the planet down, the remaining people are probably going to kill each other over the remaining air. Then the survivors will start to suffocate. That is, unless the Spaceballs manage to steal all of another planet's air, which then opens a whole new can of Perri-Air.
  • The threat to reverse Vespa's nose-job may just seem like the kind of joke you'd see in a harmless comedy... except there's no indication that they were going to give her anesthesia. Imagine having your face mutilated with sharp instruments while you're fully conscious and unable to do anything about it. Worse, imagine having to watch your child go through that, as Vespa's father was threatened with.