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Fridge Brilliance:

  • At first it seems like an exercise in unnecessary sadism to have the transforming Wikus shoot one of the Prawns during weapons testing - but when you consider that the Prawns' weapons only activate when operated by Prawns, it makes sense to want to check that there is no additional failsafe in place that prevents these weapons from being used against the Prawns, especially when the weapon is being wielded by somebody who isn't quite a Prawn (yet)...

Fridge Horror:

  • The aliens are apparently hermaphrodites. Wikus's metamorphosis into a Prawn is a horrific and bloody experience; so imagine what that part of the transformation must have been like - actually, just don't. Blech.
  • The black fluid essentially serves as the fuel source for the mothership's command module, now recall that Christopher and his son gathered the black fluid over 20 years and that the small drop we see them cultivate is the last bit they need to get the ship to fly them back home. Now recall that Wikus sprayed more than that on his face. Best case scenario, they have to drift to their home planet for the last leg of the journey. Worst case, the ship loses functionality in the depths of deep space...
  • Wikus comes across as a huge asshole for hitting Christopher with a shovel and trying to abandon him and go home. Until you look closely at the scene with Wikus' wife being interviewed in her bedroom. On the top left corner of the mirror is a sonogram. Wikus is so desperate to get home because his wife is pregnant and he wants to be there for his child.
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  • The District 9 shanty is a real placed called Chiawelo, a township in Johannesburg. People live there and they really are that poor.

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