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For The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, see here.

1982 Film

Fridge Brilliance

  • The scene where the Chamberlain tries to convince Jen and Kira to make peace makes a lot more sense in the original version where the Skeksis had their own language. He's not speaking in short phrases to sound like he's dumb, he's trying to speak in broken Gelfling. The novelisation was far more explicit about this.
  • When Kira was being bargained for the shard, Jen was more than willing to give it up for her freedom, since she was the last of their kind. Then Kira gets stabbed. It seemed at first he was merely honoring her last request "Heal the crystal." But he was actually remembered the reason he went after the shard in the first place, to stop the monsters that killed his family. Now that he has no family anymore, he's got nothing to lose. Of course Kira gets better as his reward.
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  • Although clearly dark-looking in every aesthetical sense, the Skeksis still draw power from the suns (and in fact the only magical ability of theirs seen onscreen in the original movie). A remnant of their angelic origins or reinforcement that they and the Mystics are the same?
  • When they make it to the castle, the Mystics use their chanting to force the Garthim protecting the entrance to step aside. Whether they see the Mystics as the same beings as the Skeksis or because the Skeksis made sure that they would never attack Mystics as a self-preservation tactic, it makes sense that the Garthim would obey.
  • As fleshed out in the series, the Trial By Stone makes sense for a people who are so obsessed with eternal life, to the point that a Skeksis coming to harm is outrageous to them. Attacking a passive proxy fulfills the Skeksis' brutish nature while still keeping them free from danger.
    • It's also literally re-enacting the destruction of the Dark Crystal, where they gain their true self.
  • The Expanded Universe states that the urSkeks we actually meet in the franchise were exiled form their world for trying to mess with their world's Crystal. What does every conflict in the series or movie either directly involve or ultimately result from? Either Urskeks or Skeksis messing with Thra's Crystal. Then when The Darkening happens, skekSo messes around with that, and continues to do so even after it begins rotting his face and fingers off. If you were to hand these guys a freaking nuke, and tell them exactly what it does, they'd probably still tell skektek or TekTih to poke around its insides. When these guys were banished and told to "Master their darker selves," the lesson they were meant to learn wasn't Ambition Is Evil or that The Hedonist is a bad character trait, it was that Curiosity Is a Crapshoot.

Fridge Horror

  • Those Landstriders they summon for transport, who later die fighting off the Garthim? Their cubs are left behind, presumably to fend for themselves.
  • What the Scientist does to those poor animals.
  • More of Fridge Sadness, since the Mystics and Skeksis are the same being, when you consider the posthumous Mystics probably died due to their counterpart Skeksis being killed off in petty schemes or battles with the Gelflings.
  • Due to the uRu Mystics and Skeksis Synchronization, what one feels, the other feels. So the Slavemaster getting his arm (probably forcibly) removed and the Scientist having his eye eaten by a peeper bug, and cutting off his arm and leg for the sake of an experiment, plus subesquent self-performed cybersurgery, was also experienced by their gentle, kindhearted counterparts.


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