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Fridge / RoboCop (1987)

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Fridge Brilliance

  • The movie started off bad, then it got worse for Robocop, a law officer named Murphy.
  • Jones reveals that ED-209 was never really supposed to be a police bot. It's intended to be sold for military use. Its glaring design flaws, like its inability to climb stairs or detect when enemies disarm themselves, would be less pronounced on a battlefield.
  • Robocop is technically a cyborg rather than a robot, but acknowledging him as a cyborg would be admitting that he is human. OCP dehumanizes him by presenting him as a robot so that they can justify his status as their product and property. Along this line, he's only referred to as "Robocop" rather than "Murphy," his memory gets wiped, and his human face is obscured by a mask that needs to be unscrewed to remove.

Fridge Horror

  • During one of the Mediabreak blips at the beginning of the film, the anchors share an amusing anecdote about the President's first conference aboard the "orbiting peace platform" being cut short due to a power failure, leading to a few minutes of zero-gravity. Days later, the same weapons platform accidentally fires upon a populated area, conveniently where the two previous presidents lived. Whether these coincidences point to intentional sabotage against the current president, said president surreptitiously disposing of political opponents under cover of technical issues, or "just" massive systemic failures throughout a highly unstable Kill Sat, no one in the film's universe should feel safe with this Take That! to the real-life "Star Wars" program flying over their heads.