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Fridge Brilliance

  • Asami's stepfather had two wooden legs. Asami likes to cut off her boyfriends' feet. She gives a similar speech about the razor wire to Aoyama to the one she gave her stepfather. Possible conclusion: She desperately wants to be loved, but sees her stepfather in every man she meets.
  • For those of you familiar with Japanese Culture, Asami becomes even more terrifying. Japan is still a staunchly male-dominated society, in which women are expected to bow to the wishes of men. Asami vivisects this idea with razor wire while giggling like a schoolgirl.

Fridge Horror

  • Okay... the guy in the bag. How long has she been hanging onto him? How long did she plan on hanging onto Aoyama in a similar state? And what happened to Bag Man after she hooked up with Aoyama?
    • It's possible that the bag man is the record company executive who had been missing for the past 18 months.
    • He's the bar owner, made clear by his missing tongue, fingers, and ear, which were found at the bar along with his mutilated girlfriend's remains. He's been missing for a year, so that's how long Asami has had him at her place.
    • Also, now that she's dead, how's anyone going to find him (especially given that Aoyama came no closer to finding her address before the climax of the film)? The answer is: they're not. Of course, allowing him to die (even by starvation/thirst) could be Cruel to Be Kind.
    • But she is not necessarily dead; she talks to Aoyama after her fall down the stairs; this may have been an hallucination, or she may have broken her neck and been paralysed in the fall. Then again, she is alive in another reality (if one interprets the film as a dream), assuming the scene where Aoyama wakes up with Asami at the hotel is not a flashback or another hallucination.
  • When Aoyama visits the abandoned ballet studio where Asami danced as a child, he meets an old man in a wheelchair with prosthetic feet. In a hallucinogenic vision that Aoyama sees after he gets drugged, we discover that man was Asami's stepfather who tortured her and presumedly sexually abused her as a child. When she grows up, Asami beheads her stepfather with a piano wire, but this happened years before she met Aoyama. Therefore, the old man Aoyama met at the ballet studio must have been a ghost.
  • Asami, a woman who was auditioning to be Aoyama's wife and is happy about his declarations of love to her, goes to Aoyama's house and discovers a photo of his late wife. Enraged, she drugs his liquor. Aoyama collapses from the drug. Asami injects him with a paralytic agent that leaves his nerves alert, and tortures him with needles. She tells him that, just like everyone else in her life, he has failed to love only her. She cannot tolerate his feelings for anyone else, even his own son. She inserts needles into his eyes, giggling as she does so. She then cuts off his left foot with piano wire. Shigehiko returns home as Asami begins to cut off Aoyama's other foot, and they struggle. If what she said is true just how many other people in her life have failed to love only her and did she end up torturing and trying to kill them too.