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Fridge / Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny

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Fridge Brilliance

  • The guitar that reflected Satan's attack is covered in symbols and iconography from practically every major system of faith.
  • The D's use of an Invisible Back Up Band isn't immediately apparent, but they're presumably using The Power of Rock by playing the greatest song in the world.
  • In the climax, the D are challenged to defeat Satan in a rock-off to save themselves. After winning the challenge, more or less, they try to reconstruct the greatest song in the world, but can't. This is a rough dramatization of the D's song "Tribute," in which the D are challenged by a demon to play the greatest song in the world at the risk of their souls, then can't remember the song they played.
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  • JB offers KG to serve as Satan's sex slave in Hell if they lose the rock-off. This saves JB himself from damnation as well as prevents Satan from wreaking havoc on Earth, since it would require Satan to return to Hell.
  • It makes perfect sense that Satan will live in "The city of fallen angels," as Dio puts it.
  • At the film's climax, the Devil was challenged to a rock off. Now one has to consider; who would judge this tournament? It would have to be God himself, since He is above all the contestants and would be (somewhat) impartial.
    • Another thing to consider; the challenge was a ROCK OFF. The Devil played metal, and then he tried to zap Tenacious D after they finished their portion. Of course God would send the Devil back to Hell after that!
      • Not that He wouldn't anyway, but at least this way the Devil doesn't hurt anyone first...

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