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Fridge Logic

  • Why would Aldous's dad recommend he start his concert with the song Going Up when it's full of Take That! lyrics towards himself? It's pretty obvious that Aldous is ripping into him in the song, with lyrics like 'For the dad who didn't want me, can you hear my life go on?'
    • I always thought it was because his dad acknowledged he wasn't a very good father, and he knew a good tune when he heard it regardless of lyric content.

Fridge Brilliance

  • Whether or not it was meant to, the Kristen Bell cameo in Get Him to the Greek can be read as a slight justification for it's You Look Familiar casting of Jonah Hill as a different character than in Forgetting Sarah Marshall: Aldous Snow's reaction to seeing Sarah Marshall on TV is "Didn't I have sex with her once?": Since he seems to barely remember Sarah Marshall herself, it sort of would make sense that he wouldn't really remember anyone else he met over the course of that movie too well either. It doesn't explain why he'd end up being taken to his concert by someone who looked exactly like a waiter he once met in Hawaii, but it does explain why he might not notice this.
    • Well, I dunno. Aldous definitely goes "Yeah, I used to fuck her..."
      • I have the Fanon explanation it's his twin brother we've never heard of. :-)
  • Naples looks nothing like Jackie Q or Aldus.
  • Aaron Green's behavior makes more sense when you realize he is Aldous Snow's groupie throughout the movie and always wanted to party with his idol so he discards the professionalism Sergio Roma advised and just hangs out.

Fridge Horror

  • ''Bangers, Beans, and Mash just seems to be a Double Entendre-laced love ballad poking fun at how British Russel Brand Aldous Snow is, but a close listen to the progression of the lyrics gives the impression that the line "I feel so fucking dead" isn't exactly a metaphor.


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