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Heartwarming / Get Him to the Greek

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  • How about Naples insisting on calling Aldous "dad"?
  • The video tape scene. Jackie keeps insisting they should make a sex tape and Aldous says he doesn't want to, because he just wants to lie there and be sweet with her.
  • The fact that the first song of the concert at the end of the movie was the one that his father suggested he open the concert with.
  • When the concert finally begins. Aaron quits his job, sickened by Sergio's attempts to keep Aldous in despite Aldous having a broken arm. When Aaron is trying to convince Aldous to not go on, Aldous explains that he finally feels good because the people love him and it feels good to FEEL something, compared to how he was dulling everything in his life with drugs at the beginning of the film before he goes out to sing for the crowds. And Aaron going home to cuddle with Daphne, even after the difficulties they had thanks to Aarons road trip and Aldous's attempted threesome(it makes sense in context)is both forgiven and forgotten as he tells her to just be there with him. Beautiful.
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  • In the deleted scenes specifically the alternate ending, Aldous says that he still wants to be in Naples life as his friend despite the fact that he found out that Naples wasn't his son.

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