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Trivia / Get Him to the Greek

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  • Completely Different Title: In France, the film is titled "American Trip" (still in English). One of the main reasons is that most French people understandably have no idea that the title refers to the Greek Theatre of Los Angeles. Another is a bizarre trend of re-titling movies with "Trip" in them that originated with the already Completely Different Title of The Hangover, "Very Bad Trip".
  • Playing Against Type: Played with. While this film is a straight up comedy, Jonah Hill was typecast previously as playing loudmouthed jerks like in Superbad and comic relief characters in other Judd Apatow films, this role as Aaron Green he plays a pleasant leading man who just wants to keep his job whereas Russell Brand is typecast as the funnyman literally playing the same character.
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  • Retcon: In this film its stated that Aldous and Jackie Q had been together for years, however in the previous movie Aldous was dating Sarah Marshall. This is rectified by saying that he and Jackie had an open relationship even though there was no mention of Sarah being a side girl.
  • Star-Making Role: Though he played Aldous Snow before, this role established Russell Brand as a leading man.


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