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Fridge Brilliance

  • During the knife scene, Juror #8 states "It's possible!" while Juror #4 retorts "Not very probable". Note their respective backgrounds as architect and stockbroker respectively: for a stockbroker, nothing is certain and he would go for scenarios with the likeliest chance of happening while for an architect, anything is possible and he has to weigh all possible avenues before continuing.
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  • Modern audiences are often confused about why most of the characters are protective of elder men in general and #9 in particular. Given the time the film takes place, #9 would have been born in the final decades of the 1800s, which means he would have lived through the first World War (and probably fought in it), the Great Depression, and then the second World War with all its deprivations: for having made it through all that, he deserves a certain respect.

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