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Fridge Brilliance

  • On a meta level, I just realized what this movie was. Think about it. The Wachowskis are massive anime fans. Ghost in the Shell was a major influence on The Matrix, while the elements of several cyberpunk series can be seen in the Na So Corpos scenes in Could Atlas. So now, they have a movie where an ordinary person for Earth who finds out that they are a crucial missing piece in interstellar politics, on which Earth barely registers as a blip. They must navigate through the interests of other parties while also working out their relationships with members of the opposite sex that want to both use them and protect them. Clearly, Jupiter Ascending is based loosely on Tenchi Muyo.
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  • Many viewers complain about the ending in which Jupiter goes back to cleaning toilets for a living, despite owning Earth. This makes sense when you realize that she could only live luxuriously by liquidating her assets, in other words killing the people of Earth. She's poor because she doesn't want to go through with the harvest.
  • Why does Caine forgive Stinger's betrayal so quickly? Because, apart from needing his help, Caine is a Lycantant who genetically needs a pack, on a level deeper than simply love and companionship. Of course he understands that Stinger would do anything to save his daughter.
Fridge Humor
  • Maximilian Jones suggests naming their daughter Jupiter, unwittingly implying that his very pregnant wife is carrying the largest planet in the solar system.
Fridge Horror
  • Stinger mentions that the Abrasax were responsible for the extinction of the dinosaurs, 65 million years ago, but only seeded the Earth 100,000 years ago. The only logical conclusion? This was merely the most recent seeding, Earth has been harvested 649 previous times. The Earth's population is currently expected to max out at 10 Billion people. Assuming all other things remain equal, past harvests have murdered 6,490,000,000,000 people. For perspective, the count for the human population usually starts at about 50,000 BC. Between then and now approximately 1/60th that many people have ever lived.
    • Some of the previously harvested may have left warning signs as to their fate.
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    • It is also mentioned that planets are harvested when they reach the point where they cannot naturally sustain any greater population. The implication being the population is doomed anyway, so it doesn't disrupt the greater universe any to pulp the lot of them. So (Earth) humanity is saved at the end of the film, only to die out with a whimper sometime in the near future.
  • In the end, Earth is saved and Jupiter is a Queen Incognito who gets to float-skate across the Chicago skyline, safe in the knowledge that no one can harvest Earth as long as it belongs to her and her family. Let's just hope that she, and her cousins, breed like rabbits and have loads of descendants, because the minute their family dies out Earth is SCREWED.
    • Her descendants could always donate eggs/sperm to reproduce even more effectively (so that even genes from fertile descendants that don't want to have children will be passed on)
  • Jupiter owns Earth, and is protecting Earth... but apparently isn't doing anything to protect anyone else in the universe.
    • This becomes Nightmare Fuel when you realize that the "family business" will probably keep going regardless of who is running it. The real kicker is that the Abrasax aren't the only ones making Recode, merely the largest.

Fridge Logic

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