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  • A common theory among people that saw this movie is that Selma is in some way retarded or autistic. Don't laugh, because there is definitively something odd about the way Bjork portrays her. She seems too innocent and her thought process seems rather...simple. Until it hit me. We all know she is an immigrant, from Czechoslovakia, but few people realize how important this is for her character. It is not just an excuse for having Bjork living in America, it is literally the key for understanding the character.
    • For one, she is a complete fish out of the water, and it shows. She definitely snuck out of the country, since those were the years of socialist dictatorships in Eastern Europe and she did it for Gene's operation.
    • Remember, she was raised in socialism (plus she seems somewhat uneducated) and this explains itself in her reaction when Gene gets the bike. Seriously, watch her when Gene talks about all the boys having bicycles: any American would see where this is coming from, Selma is completely perplexed at the idea she would have to give something to her son that isn't completely necessary.
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    • Her fascination with musicals and with America probably has to do with the heavy censorship in those countries to anything west-related, it is entirely possible she came to America fully expecting a musical movie.
      • And it may be stretching it but this COULD explain why she never accuses the cop for the deal with the money, it's not only that she was so pure as to die rather than breaking a promise, she was also afraid and distrustful of the country she was living in, as in in fact normal for immigrants that moved because they had no choice.

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