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Fridge Brilliance:

  • You would think the bit in Riddick's mouth is there to keep him from biting people. Take a moment and you'll realize it's so he won't talk to anyone because his mouth's just as dangerous as the rest of him. He's dangerously charming, and the children especially seem interested.
  • Johns shoots morphine into his eyesocket, instead of putting it in his arm like one would expect. Combined with the implication that he stole the morphine from the ship's medical supplies, it becomes clear that he is doing this to avoid leaving visible needle marks on his skin.
  • At some point in Pitch Black, the creatures turn on each other and become cannibalistic. Well, considering they have to wait 22 years just to ''feed'...
    • Either that, or they're fighting over mates and have to wait 22 years to do something else that starts with "F".
  • The raptors don't come out during the Eclipse just to breed - they can do that underground just fine. They come out during the Eclipse because they can. It's then that they really have room to get killing and eating each other above ground, which thins out the weak and old, and results in all the skeletons. It's been going on for hundreds of thousands of years. And this 23-year cycle is what prevents any sun-based life from evolving.
  • Before they head to the skiff, Riddick warned about cuts because the Raptors now know about human blood. In a brief moment, Jack panics. At first, it looked like worry in general. However, upon second look, Jack is specifically worried because Jack's a girl and is bleeding.
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  • When Johns gets up after the crash, he's disorientated. It could simply be because of the crash and the fact he wasn't in a good secure way to avoid any damage (He was out of his cryo-sleep bed and simply holding onto some furniture) or he is having his drug relapse, or both. Has to be both because of how the medicine cabinet was missing/empty.
  • When Zeke dies, Shazza quickly runs towards his location and screams his name. Riddick was actually there all along, they look at eachother and during that, there's a brief shot of his "boneknife", which is devoid of blood. Either he really didn't kill him (which he of course didn't), or he was quick enough to clean his knife rather perfectly.
  • Edging into Fridge Horror: The cries of the creatures! The crooning calls sound non-threatening, but the creatures are anything but. The crooning are either the sound of their echo-location, or just the noise they make to each other. On the other hand, it could be both: for a creature that lives and hunts in darkness, why not evolve to sound non-threatening to lure disoriented prey to you because you sound safe?!

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