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Fridge / Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon

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Fridge Brilliance

  • In Behind the Mask, I always figured that the Villain Protagonist lost in the end, only to survive due to Diabolus ex Machina, making him a bona fide undead slasher. However, it was only later I realized Leslie probably rigged the apple press he was "killed" in, and with the fire-proof gel, he could survive the fire. Add that to his training in playing dead... Leslie Mancuso you Magnificent Bastard
    • In a deleted scene on the DVD, Leslie's old mentor goes through how he supposedly "died" several times, including drowning and decapitation and mentioning that he survived using tricks. Its a funny scene, but was probably deleted because it foreshadowed the Fridge Brilliance too much
    • He does put a lot of emphasis on the cider press without ever explaining what it's for.
      • If he did rig it, putting that much emphasis on it ahead of time was a way to make sure she tried to use it to finish him off, rather than some other method involving farm equipment.
  • The camera crew brushes off Leslie teaching them about his planned murder spree right up until the end. Then, when Leslie actually begins his killing spree, they suddenly panic and have a breakdown. Why? They didn't realize he was serious until that point. They thought it was all a ridiculous prank.
    • Or, they understood what he planned to do intellectually, but weren't prepared for it emotionally or morally. Once they actually watched him kill people right in front of them, they realized they couldn't be party to this.
  • Why did Eugene and Jaime agree to reveal so much of their history to the mockumentary crew? Because they know Leslie Vernon is going to murder the film crew.

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