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Fridge / Clash of the Titans (1981)

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Fridge Logic

  • During the 3 witches scene, one of the hags mentions Perseus' "Red Cloak". Up to this moment in the film, Perseus is not seen with a red cloak. Indeed, it is quite a bit later before we see the red cloak.
    • They can see the future.
  • The riddle Calibos assigns to Andromeda isn't arbitrary. The answer isn't just "a ring", it's specifically his ring. He'd wanted to marry her, and while the ancient Greeks didn't use them, educated Joppans could have heard of wedding rings from Egyptian merchants.
  • One might wonder why, when Calibos sneaked into Perseus's camp, he didn't just destroy Medusa's head instead of jabbing it to create the giant scorpions and then sticking around to attack with his whip. Without the head, Perseus would've been powerless to fight the Kraken. But getting rid of Perseus was just part of his plan: had he succeeded in killing them all, he may have intended to bring the head to Joppa himself, use it exactly the same way Perseus intended, and then demand Andromeda marry him as his due reward. She may have even been able to press Zeus to return him to human form for saving the princess and the city. It's even possible that Thetis had something of the sort in mind all along, when she imposed a thirty-day deadline instead of insisting Andromeda be sacrificed immediately: she was buying her son time to acquire the one weapon to which the Kraken was vulnerable.
    • That's an intriguing theory, but I don't think it holds water. Perseus was blessed with an indestructible sword, a flying horse, a Hephaestus-forged combat owl and the the Favor of Zeus and he still almost lost. I doubt Calibos, who constantly attacked Perseus from behind and was made to beg for his life like a bitch, would have the balls to face down the Kraken, especially on foot.


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