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  • Fridge Brilliance:
    • Cyrus knows the Nevada National Guard is coming to the airfield to arrest or kill the cons, so he explains to the others how they will ambush them using beer cans and lines drawn in the sand. One of the cons asks what the rock next to the killzone represents. "That's a rock." It's played for a quick laugh. But if you look at where the rock is placed in respect to the ambush, it is the spot where Marshall Larkin intervenes and rescues the surviving guardsmen.
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    • There is a scene in which an elderly couple is driving and stopped at a red light, and the man complains when a bird defecates on his windshield shortly after leaving the car wash, while his wife says it's good luck. The man starts cleaning it with a napkin and doesn't notice the light turn green. Just as he starts to drive, Pinball falls from the sky and crushes the front of the car. If he wasn't cleaning the windshield, he would have started moving right away, and therefore would have been crushed by Pinball's corpse. Turns out to have been good luck after all...
  • Fridge Logic
    • Did Larkin really expect Cyrus to tell him where the plane is headed just because he asked?
      Cyrus: "We're going to Disneyland."
      • Probably not, but he might've gotten something useful.
  • Fridge Horror:
    • Larkin's clearly states as Cyrus is introduced that he's thirty-nine years old and has spent twenty-five of them in American prisons despite having managed to escape twice. That means the best-case scenario for the last time he took a dump in private was when he was fourteen. No matter how bad his original crime was, prison has not lessened the threat he poses to society but increased it exponentially.

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