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Fridge Brilliance

  • In Sands of Time whenever the Prince dies he'll quickly correct himself that that didn't happen, since he's narrating the story from after the fact so obviously he's still alive. This can make you wonder at his horrible story-telling skills, if he keeps misremembering his own past ending in his death, until you realize that this just shows how wielding the Dagger of time is screwing up his perception of the world. In his memory he really does plummet to his death/get caught in deathtraps/get hacked to death by sand creatures again and again only to be yanked back by the sands of time at the last second. If you're retelling a certain portion of your life which memories are more likely to leap vividly to the forefront of your mind as you're speaking, the time you died horribly, or the time you magically got to go through it again safely?
    • The Fridge Logic with that Fridge Brilliance is that the Prince only says this when the player gets a genuine game over—that is, dies without the sands necessary to rewind time. He also says it when the player dies without possessing any ability to rewind time (such as the introductory sequence). Come to think about it, the Prince must be the worst storyteller that ever lived: "Then there was this spike pit with giant saw blades, and I tried to wall-run across it, but I messed the timing and died, then I rewound time, but this time the saw blade nicked me and I fell to my death, and I rewound time again and I rolled instead of jumping and I died. Wait, no, that's not how it happened..."
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    • Everytime you enter a room in Sands Of Time you are treated to a short cut scene showing off the architecture, and/or the traps. This is the Prince Setting up the scene to the listener. Shortly thereafter, the listener says in shock "Oh my goodness, how could you have possibly made it through there? you should have died!" to which the Prince replies "No no no, that's not what happened." and that's the death you played.
      • This is even better when you remember that Farah didn't believe him. She thought he made up the story, so she may just have interrupted at points like that to mess with him.
    • The Sands of Time trilogy games have very different combat systems. The first one is very simplistic, the second one is rather complicated and brutal and the third is a somewhat toned down version of the previous one. This follows the Prince's life and growth throughout the trilogy. In Sands of Time, he's just gotten out of his first actual battle when the sands of time are unleashed and he has to fight for his life. In Warrior Within, he's spent several years fleeing an immortal being hell-bent on exterminating him from the timeline. The years have made him bitter, ruthless and desperate. There's no room for mistakes when you're trying to escape from time itself. And in The Two Thrones, the Prince has finished his quest. He saved himself and found a sort of love by beating all odds. He's content, he's calm and he's looking forward to the rest of his life, all the bitterness and resentment gone from him. Except not really.
      • This is even more brilliant since Forgotten Sands, set between Sands of Time and Warrior Within has a combat system improved from the former, yet more casual and not quite as stylized as in the latter. At first this seems like a step backwards, but then you realize it makes perfect sense in the context.
      • The funny thing is that aside from Warrior Within these weren't intentional, yet they work perfectly.
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  • The Dahaka and the Dark Prince's weakness to water makes sense when one considers that they're made of sand. Water sticks to sand and makes it heavier, preventing it from having form when there's too much. Each time they come into contact with water, they are literally being washed away.

Fridge Horror

  • In Warrior Within, it's pretty obvious that the enemies are all made of sand, and the game doesn't really shy away from it. However, when you consider that both Shahdee and Kaileena turned into sand when they died, it makes you start to wonder... are you the only true living thing on the island?
    • Except everyone on the island is living... well, in some twisted way. Unlike Sand creatures from Sands of Time, they actually have free will. Now how about the real horror - power source for Prince's medallion?

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