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  • When Kirk gave the 'full retard' speech, a lot of people complained about his blatant use of the word 'retard'. But that Kirk was Lincoln Osiris, who lived in 1969. A guy in 1969 wouldn't think anything of saying the word 'retard'. Kirk was simply talking like a guy who lives in 1969. He wasn't being insulting, he was in-character.
  • Les Grossman's name seems to just be a pun on the phrase "Gross Man" (i.e. a disgusting person), but there's an extra meaning in his name. As a Hollywood exec, he doesn't care about anything other than how well a film does at the box office, or its gross.
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  • Les Grossman asking the Key Grip to hit Damien seems random. But when you look into filming, one of the Key Grip's jobs is lifting heavy objects. So Grossman wanted the strongest guy to hit Cockburn.
  • Four-Leaf Tayback's inability to correctly identify a rifle by the sound it makes when it discharges is a dead giveaway that he is a fraud. Any soldier who has been in combat should be able to tell you exactly what kind of rifle made what kind of sound, because their life would depend on them knowing.
  • After Alpa accidentally outs himself as a closet gay to the others, Kirk tells him "Everyone's gay once in a while; this is Hollywood!" Considering Lazarus is known for his extreme Method Acting and one of his other roles brought up involve playing a homosexual monk in an Irish monastery, he would be best fit out of anybody in the group to tell Alpa such.


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