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Fridge Brilliance

  • She didn't see the point of all the exercising shots at the beginning until she later realized they were being used as sources of organs. What better way to make sure the organs would be in good shape than to make sure everyone was supremely fit? The movie is still bad, but at that point she realized it was possible to salvage it. - theorc
  • This is possibly giving them too much credit but was it deliberate that one of the Darrens was in a movie about clones?
Fridge Horror
  • When we first saw a clone being prepped and frozen they were sedated first although there was still some physical reaction to the process. When we see Richard at the end he is frozen with a hole in his chest where his heart was and what appears to be tears running from his open eyes, was his heart removed and his body then quickly frozen while he was still awake?


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