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  • I had this through the first half of the film. For one, I naturally wanted to bash David Schwimmer's character's head in. Furthermore, the movie was so OTT, rode itself to crazy conclusions and did the annoying thing of stating everything without subtlety. Especially the scene where they go over the plan and Simon Pegg acts as narrator grinds me. Then, after all the shit hits the fan and the revelation that Schwimmer's character spouts all that bullshit all the time because he will soon forget everything. and when Simon Pegg and Alice Eves' characters arerevealed to be con artists. Well, they were both kinda obvious, but you get double mind fucked when you near the climax.. As a self-respecting viewer you will feel the urge to kill during the first hour, but bear it and sheer fridge brilliance is revealed. —sibellius

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