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Fridge Brilliance

  • The intro of Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me, which makes Vanessa a fembot, is a satire on disposable Bond girls.
  • Goldmember, we see Nigel Powers telling Mini-Me that his junk looks like a baby's arm holding an apple. Later in the movie what does Austin and Mini-Me's shadows do behind the curtain?
  • "Margaret Thatcher naked on a cold day!" It wasn't just for superficial reasons that Austin would find her unsexy! He was a product of the Swinging Sixties which faced a large backlash from Thatcherism in the 80s. Thatcher stands for everything that Austin's generation was separating themselves from.
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  • Austin was a swinger because he could not be with his coworker, the married and now aged Mrs. Kensington.
  • Mini-Me is "a tripod." Mini-me is an exact clone of Dr. Evil, who is Austin's twin brother. Logically, that means that that also applies to Austin himself. Explains all of Austin's Mojo, doesn't it?
    • "Exact clone" is a bit of an exaggeration, he's supposed to be a failed clone, that's why he's so small in size and apparently incapable of talking. It's far easier to believe that such part of the body was the only one that retained its normal size. That being said, if that were the case, given the audible "thump" heard when he pulls his pants down in the third film, even for a human of normal size that would be an impressive "Mini-Me".
  • Nigel Powers befriending Mini-Me wasn't just a ploy to get someone to help him escape. Nigel knew that Dr. Evil, Mini-Me's creator and "father," was his son, making Mini-Me his grandson!
  • Every single line that Basil Exposition speaks in the first film, up until "Oh, and Austin — be careful," is exposition.
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  • Considering he's a lady's man, it makes sense Austin's chest hair is shaped like a penis.
  • When Scott suggests using the Time Machine to kill Austin while he's sitting on the toilet, Dr. Evil shoots down that idea. It seems like a typical moment between them. However, it's because he already tried that before when Patty O'Brien tried to kill Austin while he was on the toilet.
  • Dr. Evil tells Scott that he's "the Diet Coke of evil: just one calorie, not evil enough." Diet Coke has actually had zero calories for quite some time, but since Dr. Evil comes from the past, he doesn't know this.
  • Steven Spielberg filming an in-universe Austin Powers movie makes sense if you know that he originally wanted to film a James Bond movie before he was picked to direct Raiders of the Lost Ark.


Fridge Horror

  • Dr. Evil managed to get the President from 1969 to give him a $100 billion ransom. Earlier the president said that amount of money doesn't even exist. Exactly what did he have to do to get that amount?
    • It wasn't easy.
    • This is the government we're talking about. They could just print a billion $100 bills. Or they could bring the $1,000 or $10,000 bills back into circulation if that takes too long. Of course, printing more money than is currently in circulation will cause massive inflation and make the money worthless, but Dr. Evil would be stupid enough to try.

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