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Vanessa Kensington was a fembot sleeper agent who was unaware of her true nature.
Sometime before the bulk of the first film, the real Vanessa was replaced by a robotic duplicate who had been programmed with the memories and personality of the original. The sleeper fembot was unaware of her true nature, and she genuinely fell for Austin. It was only after the marriage that her assassination programming was triggered and overrode her Vanessa persona.

This explains how Vanessa can have a mother: there was once a real Vanessa. It also explains why she didn't take advantage of earlier opportunities to get rid of Austin.

Vanessa was replaced by a fembot immediately before the climax of International Man of Mystery.
She gets captured by Doctor Evil Alotta Fagina shortly before the climax. This is when the switch happens. The real Vanessa is still out there somewhere and will no doubt come bursting into the room at the end of the next Austin Powers movie and reveal the whole story to him and whoever his current Bond Austin Girl is.
  • Alternately, she was killed when she was replaced.

Both Vanessa and her mother were prototype fembots.
The theory that Vanessa was a human who was killed and replaced by a fembot seems just a bit too dark and depressing for the "Austin Powers" saga. It would mean that Mrs. Kensington has lost her daughter, and that Austin's lover has been murdered and he doesn't even notice or care. The truth must be something more tongue-in-cheek. On top of that, it's stated in the movie that "Vanessa was a fembot the whole time."

Mrs. Kensington was a fembot spy from Dr. Evil. Vanessa was an artificial daughter she had built for herself, just as Dr. Evil himself had Scott and Mini-Me made for him. The Fembot wasn't officially invented until the '90s, but Vanessa and her mother are prototypes. They were both sleeper agents, who only became aware of their true nature and mission when it was time to kill Austin, or report into Dr. Evil about their spy work now and then.

  • Though this does raise the question of why they're shown having a casual conversation which has no allusions to their true fembot selves.

Mini Me is the test tube baby that Scott was supposed to be
We know that Frau lied, and that Scott is the natural son of her and Doctor Evil. Maybe they DID use Doctor Evil's sperm to clone him...and Mini Me is the result. (There is no disputing that Mini Me is a clone of some sort!)

The Austin Powers series is FAR from done
The following movies will be made:

Doctor Yeah, Baby! (Dr. No)

From the 60s With Love (From Russia with Love)

Thunderballs (Thunderball)

You Only Shag Twice (You Only Live Twice)

On Her Majesty's Secret Cervix (On Her Majesty's Secret Service)

Live and Let Shag (Live and Let Die)

The Man With the Golden Member (The Man with the Golden Gun)

Sequels Are Forever (Diamonds Are Forever)

Moonrakish (Moonraker)

For Your AssArse Only (For Your Eyes Only)

A View to a Shag (A View to a Kill)

The Shagging Daylights (The Living Daylights)

Licence to Shag (Licence to Kill)

Tomorrow Never Shags (Tomorrow Never Dies)

All the Babes in the World are not Enough (The World Is Not Enough)

Shag Another Day (Die Another Day)

Casino RoYeah, Baby (Casino Royale (2006))

Quantum of Sol-Ass (Quantum of Solace)

Never Say Member Again (Never Say Never Again)

ShagFall (Skyfall)

Mospectre (Spectre)

No Time To Shag (No Time to Die)

There is a Judo-Christian God, and Austin Powers is his Prophet.
Inspired by an oft-forgotten "e" and the Rule of Cool.

Felicity Shagwell fell in love with Austin From Ten Minutes Ago.
This explains her absence in Goldmember and allows her to be more than just a Girl of the Week.

Felicity Shagwell settled down with the real Austin.
The Austin in Goldmember is Austin From Ten Minutes Ago.

The Austin from every movie onward will be a different paradox clone, and end up mated with his Bond Girl for life.
Thus subverting the whole point of the Bond Girl trope. When and if Vanessa returns, there's either going to be one of him free, or every one of him is going to be in a lot of trouble.

The first movie takes place over the course of a year.
The first one takes place in 1997, but at the beginning of the second movie, it's 1999. In the second movie, it says that Austin was frozen in November 1967 and was unfrozen thirty years later, so the movie could take place in November 1997 once he's unfrozen. It's possible that the mission to infiltrate Verticon ended sometime in late 1998, with time skips that aren't indicated or mentioned in the film. Vanessa holds a grudge against Austin for sleeping with Alotta Fagina for a period of months. Austin and Vanessa then get married then in early 1999.
  • But doesn't this all take place within the week (I think it was) that Dr. Evil gave the UN to pay him the 100 billion dollars?
  • Getting married immediately after completing one mission together does seem to be rushing things a bit, so we probably can assume they got married two years later.

Real Vanessa got swapped with fembot Vanessa in between the first two films.
Nobody's seen her since. Yeah, this is just an excuse for the real Vanessa to survive.

Number Two is actually Big Boss.

Dr. Evil is a chronic nail biter
He is always trying to remove a phantom nail, it's been gone since his dad left him but, he misses his dad so much he doesn't believe it's truly gone.
  • Alternate explanation; his mother was killed when he was just a baby and his adoptive parents didn;t provide the healthiset of upbringings, so the finger-sucking came from not being properly weaned off breastfeeding.

Fat Bastard ate Mr. Bigglesworth.
We know he has already eaten a baby and a delivery man, so eating his employer's beloved pet wouldn't be beneath him. It's likely that Fat Bastard himself doesn't even know he ate the cat; Mr. Bigglesworth jumped up onto the table to nibble at Fat Bastard's fried chicken, and wound up tumbling down the Scotsman's gullet along with everything else.

Mrs. Kensington was barren.
Vanessa really was a Fembot the entire time, as she was created and designed to be a prototype super soldier by the Ministry of Defense and with built-in weapon systems that were deactivated after testing for being too conspicuous. So they reprogrammed her to be a sleeper agent disguised as a female spy, but somehow, Dr. Evil successfully managed to upload her systems with a virus or reprogrammed her to be one of his assassin-droids, so she went berserk at the start of The Spy Who Shagged Me. The sleeper fembot was unaware of her true nature, and she genuinely fell for Austin. It was only after the marriage that her assassination programming was triggered and overrode her Vanessa persona.

The reason Goldmember lost his genitalia in "an unfortunate smelting accident" was because he was trying to have sex with molten gold.
  • ...You mean that's not the canon explanation?

Who else would sound good saying "How about no?", and in response to what?
Put your own suggestions in first-level bullet points.
  • Remilia Scarlet, in response to Sakuya's advances.
  • David Cameron with regard to any attempt from Nick Clegg to deliver on his manifesto promises…‏
    Nick Clegg: Mr. Cameron – c—can I abolish University tuition fees…‏ It’s kinda my thing…‏
    Cameron approaches Clegg from the far side of the Cabinet Room.
    David Cameron: HOW ‘BOUT NO!‼❕❗ Ya crazy Lib—Dem bastard!
  • Kanye West and Mike Myers in that Hurricane Katrina PSA:
Kanye: Yo Mike, can I hijack this thing for a well-meaning but awkwardly-articulated rant against George Bush that might hang an albatross around his critics necks?

In the next film Scott will try to destroy the Internet.
Because it would open up a ton of jokes about online activism being a force for "good" in the same way the Evils are a force for "evil." So, Scott is determined to deprive people of their ability to fight evil with memes.
  • Alternately, he will do this unless the leaders of the world pay him... one hundred billion bit coins.
    • Don't you mean one million billion gajillion shabbetyboo-shabbetybah ether?

The Austin Powers movies take place in the same universe as the Friday movies.
And after Next Friday, Deebo had the terrible misfortune of being locked up in the same prison that Dr. Evil would later be sent to.
  • Later, he was transferred to Arkham Asylum.

Austin and Dr.Evil subconsciously knew they were brothers
  • They sensed a familiarity with the other and came to an unconscious agreement that they wouldn't try to kill each other. Unknowningly, the Evil Plan-scheming-and-stopping was an elaborate game they played with each other, like Cops and Robbers. This is why Austin Powers goes to places because they have traps and why Dr. Evil never kills him when he has the chance; if they acted otherwise, the game would be over. Sometimes Dr.Evil steps over the line (like with killing Felicity) and so Austin has to send him to the penalty box (i.e. jail), but this is because the Belgiums raised him to be evil.
    • And of course Dr. Evil told Austin he should go back in time and save Felicity, which doesn't benefit him in the slightest.

Scott will succeed where his father failed and eventually kill Austin
  • In the first and second movies, Scott often points out how impractical his father's methods are when it comes to being a villain. It's clear he'd be a very effective villain, certainly more than his father if he were to put his mind to it. And the final scene of the third movie shows him fully embrace being a villain and swearing vengeance on Austin. Sooner or later, Scott will do what his father could not (or possibly would not do) and kill Austin Powers. Which will then lead to...

The sons of Austin Powers uniting
  • Austin of the present had a son with Foxy Cleopatra while Austin From Ten Minutes Ago had a son with Felicity. The two sons of Austin Powers will team up to avenge their father and put an end to Scott's schemes.

Mike Myers won't be the next Austin Powers
Just like the Bond actors, Austin will be played by a new actor with plenty of ambiguity over whether they're the same person or just using the same codename.

Some contenders:

Dr.Evil never really wanted to kill Austin and Take Over the World
While he obviously have means to do both, he decided to be Ineffectual Sympathetic Villain on purpose. Why? It's quite simple actually - while he have a lot of fun with planning another global domination scheme, or terrorizing World Leaders for fun an profit, the amount of paperwork after eventual conquest is both scary and boring hor him. This is why he needs to give Austin Powers chance to escape every time - Austin is essential for him having fun. He wants to be stoped, simply so he could begin again and have a chance to come up with another, evil plan. In another words, it was never about victory for him, simply because he knows that Victory Is Boring.

Dr.Evil is a professional supervillain
He is just doing his job.

Entire series is just some game played by two brothers
The world is so wacky simply because this game have as many James Bond themes crammed into it as possible.

We might see a spin-off themed around Foxxy
Given that Mike Myers has cited parenthood as a reason why he hasn’t made another film, is it possible we could see a spin-off of the series that doesn’t involve any of his characters (or Mini-Me, due to his actor being deceased)?

A Foxxy Cleopatra-themed spin-off would offer a chance to parody blaxploitation films in the same way Austin Powers parodied James Bond. The story could involve a now-older Foxxy (still played by Beyoncé) going back in time to the 70s in an attempt to stop her partner from being killed. She’d meet her younger self too, as well as Goldmember (but perhaps a different actor; he’d look a lot different before he lost his genitals and his skin started peeling off).