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Fridge Brilliance:

  • Why the team consisted entirely of white, seemingly heterosexual, men who don't know each other: partially to hide identities (a bunch of white males dressed the same would make police descriptions difficult), and also to keep emotional involvement to a minimum. And even those efforts still failed, with the strong friendship (or more) between Mr. White and Mr. Orange
  • The opening diner scene famously foreshadows every character's role in the story.
    • Mr. Pink won't go with the rest of the group, for selfish reasons (though he claims to have a conscience but goes to great lengths to rationalize his actions, as he'll do after all hell breaks loose.)
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    • Mr. White speaks up for the waitresses, showing that he's the sentimental guy who will protect someone in need.
    • Mr. Blonde pretends to shoot Mr. White on Joe's sarcastic order.
    • Mr. Brown and Mr. Blue are heavily involved in the debate at first, but quickly drop out of the conversation; just as they "drop out" of the action when the heist goes horribly wrong.
    • Mr. Orange agrees with whoever is speaking; he says Pink convinced him and takes his dollar back, but puts it back when ordered to. And of course, he rats Pink out to Joe.
  • Mr. Brown and Mr. Blue barely get any screentime and die unceremoniously. They're also the only members who have cool colors for codenames; the four main thieves are all named after bright, warm colors (orange; pink, etc).
  • Why does Mr. Blonde hate alarms? Perhaps he had to serve those four years because of one.
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  • Out of the four main robbers (Mr. White, Mr. Orange, Mr. Blonde, and Mr. Pink), Mr. Pink is the only one whose real name and identity are never revealed (Mr. White - Larry Dimmick, Mr. Orange - Freddy Newandyke, Mr. Blonde - Victor Vega). He's also the only one out of them who operates professionally throughout the film, and as such, is the only one who makes out alive at the end of the film.

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