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Nightmare Fuel / Reservoir Dogs

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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • Mr. Freaking Blonde. Every time he's onscreen, there's an undeniable sense of unease. Nobody disputes the claim that Mr. White makes that he's a complete psychopath, and even Mr. Pink rules him out as the rat specifically because he's just too damn nutty for the very idea he'd betray them to the police to be considered plausible.
    • According to Mr. White, as soon as things started to go downhill, he immediately began shooting random civilians, one of which was in her early twenties at best.
  • The infamous torture scene. The poor officer has already been tied down to a chair by a group of professional criminals who will not hesitate to resort to murder if need be, and now he's been left in the company of the most psychotic and unstable member of the group. Things start out bad enough when Mr. Blonde starts playing and dancing along to "Stuck in the Middle With You" to mess with him, but then he takes things further when he gets down to business and cuts the guy's ear off. And then, to put the cherry on top, he goes outside, grabs a can of gasoline, and then gets ready to light him on fire.
  • Mr. Brown's death. He gets shot in the head, and still tries to drive off to evade the cops, but suffered severe cognitive impairment and not being able to see, dying soon after.
  • The noises of pain that Mr. Orange makes during the opening credits. Even before you see that he's been shot, you know that things have gone pretty bad, pretty fast.

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