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Fridge / Hamlet 2

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  • At first glance, the play that Dana Marschz writes — which essentially takes Hamlet, puts it through a pop culture blender, gives the story a happier ending, and casts Dana himself as Jesus — looks no better than an excuse for Refuge in Audacity humor by showing a talentless hack mangling one of the greatest works of English literature (and offending Christians nationwide in the process). One of the more subtle threads throughout the movie, however, follows the torment Dana suffers due to a poor relationship with his estranged and unseen father. The major dramatic throughline of Hamlet (as any actor would know) involves father-son relationships and their potentially destructive consequences. As mentioned, Dana casts himself as Jesus Christ; regardless of your stance on Christianity, few figures in either history or mythology face the level of paternal definition over their lives as The Son of God. The play gave Dana one last chance to save his career; why wouldn't he go all the way by telling a tale more personal than anyone would ever realize (and resolve his own psychological issues to boot)?

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