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Fridge Brilliance

  • When the T-800 visits the gun shop, his "home defense" excuse is actually true from a certain perspective — he's buying the guns so he can make sure his "home" (Skynet) is safe in the future.
  • It's a bit odd that In-Universe the T-800 would pick such a thick Austrian accent when he could easily try a more common American accent, isn't it? Not when you realise that most bystanders would likely think someone with so thick a foreign accent would be either a tourist or an immigrant, thus excusing some of his more glaring people problems.
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  • According to Reese, the reason why the Terminator was being systematic and going after Sarah Connors in general by following the phone book is because Skynet didn't have any information on John's mom. This makes sense when you consider that before computer systems became commonly used for data input and processing, most records were stored as hardcopies on paper. So unless those hardcopies were transcribed or scanned into a computer system, those records may have been lost due to the nuclear war breaking out and destroying them. This also explains why the Terminator used the phonebook, because it was being sent to a period of time where it could more than likely find readily available information on Sarah Connor (and anyone named as such).

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