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There's no need for proper manners around here.
  • The amused punks teasing the T-800 in the beginning: "Nice night for a walk" "Wash day tomorrow, nothing clean, right?", before it turns into Mood Whiplash.
  • Kyle Reese holds someone up at gunpoint to find out what the date is.
    Reese: What. Day is it? The Date!
    Policeman: 12th, May, Thursday
    Reese (yelling): What year?!
    Policeman: Wha?
  • The T-800's Dialogue Tree options to respond to the landlord complaining about the smell, from which this exchange occurs:
    Landlord: Hey, buddy. You got a dead cat in there, or what?
    (the T-800 turns its head to face the door, its vision showing a dialogue tree with the following options for responses: "Yes/No"; "Or what?"; "Go away"; "Please come back later"; "Fuck you, asshole"; and "Fuck you"
    • Doubly so when you remember those were the Famous Last Words of one of the aforementioned punks (the one played by Bill Paxton). Indicating the Terminator learned that phrase shortly after arriving. . . and decided this was the appropriate moment to use it.
  • Sarah's friend Matt calls her thinking it's his girlfriend Ginger (who lives with Sarah) and has phone sex with her. Sarah decides to mess with him at first and then seriously asks who this is. Matt, clearly embarrassed politely asks for Ginger, to which Sarah obliges. Then when Ginger is on the phone he repeats the exact same following line in the exact same tone.
    Matt: First I'm gonna rip the buttons of your blouse one by one.
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  • Probably unintentional, but Ginger's '80s Hair in all its glory when primping with Sarah is hilarious.
  • After having a bad day at work, a rather mean kid puts ice cream down Sarah's apron. One of her co-workers rattles off a good line.
    "Look at it this way: in a hundred years, who's gonna care?"
  • Sarah bites Reese on the hand (which would become a Running Gag for every time Michael Biehn stars in a James Cameron movie). Reese says the following line very tersely.
    "Cyborgs don't feel pain. I do. Don't do that again."
  • More Hilarious in Hindsight than due to the movie itself, but the cops in the police station rationalize that the Terminator was just some "guy on PCP." Given that it's the standard excuse for vampire-related antics on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, you start to wonder if the Sunnydale PD got some transfers...
  • Silberman and Vukovich dickishly enjoy themselves a little too much during Reese's interrogation, but Silberman does produce several cracking lines: Skynet is attempting some sort of "retroactive abortion" and "why didn't you bring... ray guns"
    • Kyle's seriousness ends up adding to the humor at one point. When he tells Silberman that only living tissue can pass through the time machine, Silberman is puzzled and tries to inquire further. Kyle's rather defensive response?
    "I didn't build the fucking thing!"
  • The stoic, emotionless Terminator's attempt to use subterfuge by pretending to be a "friend" of Sarah at the police station is hilarious for how instantly the cop rebukes him. It comes across as an RPG speech check by a character with zero charisma points.
    T-800: (absolutely deadpan, in the trademark Ahnold accent) I'm a friend of Sarah Connor's I was told that she was here Could I see her please?
    • The fact that it even says please makes it even funnier. Skynet may be genocidal, but it knows how to program manners!
    • In a dark way, after it's clear the cop won't let the Terminator through, he carefully surveys the wood-and-glass construction separating the lobby from the rest of the police station. Obviously satisfied with its scan, the Terminator leans forward, delivers the immortal line, then follows through. . . with Car Fu to knock the barrier down and gain access to the police station.
    'T-800: (after slow, deliberate survey) I'll be back.
  • After being run over by a truck, the T-800 disposes of the driver when he worriedly goes to check on it and commandeers the vehicle. It then turns toward the passenger, its human disguise completely mangled by this point, and tells him to Get Out!. The passenger wastes little to no time in complying.
  • The gun store owner describing all his heavy weaponry as "ideal for home defense."
    • Also the Terminator's odd request for a "phased plasma rifle with a 40 watt range".
    • The gun store owner's bemused/annoyed reaction, presuming this gun-savvy customer is just messing with him and responding that he only sells what he has on display.
    "Hey, just what you see, pal!"
    • The shopkeeper seeing the T-800 trying to apply a Ballistic Discount and telling him he can't do that. The T-800 replies, "Wrong," before blowing him away. This was technically true, as the T-800 could shoot him.
  • The scene of The T-800 ripping its eye out becomes funny when after covering it with its shades, it adjusts its hair in the mirror before going out to try to kill Reese and Sarah once again.
  • The drunk complaining to the police that Reese stole his pants.
  • Meta example: The reason for the infamously poor stop motion animation of the Terminator's endoskeleton at the end? The visual effects team made it out of steel, not realising how heavy and difficult to operate this would make it. Oops.


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