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Awesome / The Terminator

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  • The Tech Noir scene. The T-800 gets the drop on Sarah, and is about to shoot her through the head, when Kyle Reese pulls out a Sawed-Off Shotgun and blasts him to the floor. Then the T-800 pulls out an Uzi and starts shooting up the nightclub. He almost gets Sarah again when Kyle manages to reload the shotgun and blast him out the front window. He then kneels down next to Sarah and tells her "Come with me if you want to live." Best Establishing Character Moment ever.
  • The Car Chase afterward also counts. The T-800 jumps Out of the Inferno onto the hood of the car, punches through the windshield, and is about to kill Sarah when he's flung off by the sudden impact. He manages to catch up with them again after stealing a cop car, only for Kyle to outmaneuver him and send him crashing straight into a wall.
  • The Police Station Massacre is one long Moment of Awesome for the T-800. He tells the officer at the front desk "I'll be back," and, true to his word, drives a car through the front of the building. He then goes in Guns Akimbo with an assault rifle and a shotgun, gunning down every single cop in his way. That one scene demonstrates just how terrifyingly effective a killing machine the Terminator is.
    • Despite their slaughter, the cops deserve a mention for trying to take him down. It shows you just how dedicated they were.
  • The second Car Chase is remembered most for its satisfying conclusion, when Kyle shoves a pipe bomb up the exhaust pipe of a gas tanker and causes it to explode, supposedly taking the T-800 with it. Sarah also deserves props for managing to stay ahead of the truck on foot for about thirty seconds.
  • Kyle's Heroic Sacrifice definitely counts, when he pulls the same trick as he did with the tanker, only this time he shoves the pipe bomb directly into the T-800's chassis, blowing its legs off.
    • Even before then, with no guns or protection save for a metal rod, rather than save himself, he tells Sarah to run and challenges the T-800.
    Reese: Come on, motherfucker.
  • Sarah gets a Moment of Awesome of her own after that when, after barely managing to crawl ahead of the T-800, who is still trying to kill her, she manages to trap it in a hydraulic press and pushes the button after saying: "You're terminated, fucker."
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  • A bit earlier, the heavily injured Reese collapses, and Sarah pleads with him to get back up. When it doesn't work, she switches to barking orders at him like a general. This is the moment when she becomes the woman who could raise the savior of humanity.
  • You have to give cred to Ginger's boyfriend for fighting the T-800 in only his underwear. He never gives up, even though he's predictably getting thrown around the room like a ragdoll and is eventually killed.
    • The scene is way more awesome than the above makes it sound. Said boyfriend gets thrown through a glass patio door. Does he let that stop him? No. He gets back up and goes back in to fight the T-800, even jumping over the bed to get at it. He gets thrown into a mirror, he gets back up again and tackles the terminator like a football player, and takes it right off its feet. It's only when he's thrown hard enough to break a wooden dresser on impact that he doesn't immediately get back up again.


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