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Fridge Brilliance

  • Notice that the Predator kills Hawkins first (the radio equipment technical expert), and Blain second. The Predator knew what it was doing. By eliminating Hawkins first, the Predator is wiping out the team's communications guy, essentially sabotaging them and leaving them stranded in the jungle. By eliminating Blain second, the Predator is getting rid of the biggest gun, literally and figuratively.
    • The Predator clearly respects (or fears?) Old Painless, because if you pay attention, Blain is essentially the only character killed from a distance.
    • That and the fact that he has a minigun on him, and so the Predator doesn't want to get anywhere close to him. While the other soldiers are killed at close range, Blain, on the other hand, is hit first with a stunning blow, and then with the killing blow that blows out his chest: both attacks are fired from a safe distance.
  • When the Predator is fatally injured and Dutch asks what the hell it is, it spits back the same phrase. The Predator is an intelligent creature and does not do anything without reason. It is essentially telling Dutch what it is in the only way that matters to the creature's culture: it's a warrior, same as him.
  • The Predator never makes any attempt to attack Anna. Dutch deduces that this is because she is the only one of them unarmed. While that is definitely a likely factor, another to consider is that the Predator is a professional hunter. It knows that killing females can damage a species' population.
  • Why does Billy throw away his rifle when doing his Delaying Action last stand? If he used a rifle, the Predator would use his own cannon and end the fight quickly. By using a knife, he limits the Predator to using a melee weapon. This allows him to delay the Predator and buy the others more time.

Fridge Horror

  • The Predator is on safari. It's the exact same thing we humans have done to animals for hundreds of years.
  • Anna's fate will likely be less than pleasant. The film treats going to the chopper as a happy ending, but this is happening in 80s Central America. She will likely go right back to being a prisoner, who will be squeezed by the local CIA proxies for every bit of information about the rebels. That's why Dillon brought her back in the first place.
    • We know from the sequel that Keyes and the OWLF got a hold of her for some time. Whether that's any better is up to the viewer.