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Predators and humans share a common evolutionary ancestor
They're just too similar physiologically, not to mention culturally in certain respects, for it to be a complete happenstance of convergent evolution. My guess is some early hominid was picked up by another alien race (maybe the Space Jockeys/Engineers?), received serious genetic modifications, and was then abandoned on some far-off backwater planet, where they slowly developed into Yautja.
  • Related: Maybe the Engineers of Prometheus created the Yautja using the same process we see them using at the beginning of that film. Admittedly it's extremely vague as to what exactly that was, but it seeded Earth for life that had some genetic similarity to them, so presumably it could lead to something like the Yautja with a few variations. Presumably the Engineers got sick of them in the same way they got sick of us, and sent some xenomorphs their way... no doubt to the Yautja's delight.

Demolition Man takes place in the same timeline as the Predator Movies
Demolition Man predicted that by 1996, crime would be so bad that LA would be reduced to a war zone. Predator 2, made in 1990, and taking place in 1997, also predicted a crime war so bad that parts of LA where reduced to a war zone. If they where indeed part of the same timeline, then the crime war in Predator 2's 1997 was merely a continuation of the crime war in Demolition Man's 1996.
  • The war zone in Predator 2 didn't look as worse as shown in Demolition Man.
    • Different part of L.A., where Simon Pheonix and John Spartan hadn't escalated the destruction (Spartan is the titular 'Demolition Man', after all) and in an area with Danny Glover's team running the police. After all, Danny Glover's police station must be pretty damn effective warriors if they're the ones targeted for a hunt by the Yuat'ja!

Predators don't come to Earth to hunt us for sport, but as a training exercise.
To train their soldiers, predators drop them on primitive planets filled with dangerous native creatures (with a limited set of equipment/supplies), then return after a set amount of time (a few days/weeks/months) to pick them up and see if they've survived. They actually do this all the time, but we don't notice because of their cloaking technology, and because most preds don't actually go after humans. The few that do (like the ones in Predator and Predator 2) are in the minority, and are considered insane by most of the others. Oh, and the ship full of preds at the end of Predator 2? His training exercise was just about to end, and they had come to pick him up.

The Predator homeworld is Pandora.
Predators breath a different atmosphere than that found on Earth - Pandora's atmosphere is very different. Many creatures on Pandora display bio-luminescence - as does Predator blood and the healing material used in Predator 2 (herbs from home perhaps?). Predator society seems to revolve around who can kill the biggest toughest thing - which could actually be a survival trait on a planet full of absurdly deadly wildlife. Predators are excellent climbers, utterly at home in the treetops - much like the Na'vi. Predators clearly have anti-gravity technology worked out - which you would expect when they're surrounded by unobtanium.
  • Definitely plausible. The helmets that they wear look as though they're made of unobtanium.
  • Earth's atmosphere is similar to Pandora's which would explain why the predators can go without their masks for some time.
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  • Their weaponry is certainly overkill for 6' bipeds.
  • Their tendrils could be hiding one of those Pandora 'mind meld' tentacles beneath them, who knows?
  • Jossed: Their homeworld is already shown in Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem. Unless you mean Pandora is their original homeworld, but that's also unlikely since there's no evidence that it was once inhabited by an advanced civilization as it's all natural jungle. But Pandora could be another hunting ground.

Predators is an adaptation of Team Fortress 2.
Each film has nine central characters, most of which correspond to and share multiple characteristics with each other.

Predators are so driven to keep their tech out of alien hands...
Because they fear that if a race like humans got ahold of their technology, that race would be able to reverse engineer it, or at least to create viable defense and counter strategies, robbing the Predators of their biggest advantage. The reasons that humans are almost as favored as prey as Xenomorphs are (according to expanded universe materials, the Predator term for "human" is "Pyode Amedah" - "Soft Meat", in contrast to the "Hard Meat", or "Kainde Amedah" of the Xenomorphs) is because of their intelligence and their ability to think, strategize, and, from an intellectual standpoint, meet the Predators on equal terms. Give humans access to Predator cloaking devices and energy weapons (or, perhaps worse, detectors that can penetrate cloaks and armor that can resist energy weapons), and that puts the two races on terms much too equal for Predator liking.
  • If Concrete Jungle is anything to consider, this is very much confirmed. One Predator's foolishness in dropping his tools led to an accelerated technological growth for the city, if not all of humanity.

Predators realize other races could steal their tech and overcome them because they did the same thing.
Predator technology wasn't originally developed by them, but was taken from another race (possibly the Space Jockeys/Pilots) and reverse engineered, catapulting them far ahead technologically while they were still in a rather primitive stage socially — roughly comparable to the Krogan from the Mass Effect universe, who are at one point described as wha would happen if one gave nuclear weapons to cavemen.

The regular predators and "berserker" predators are the male and female of the same species
I am not sure, however, which one is which. Some predator expanded universe has portreyed females as much larger and tougher, but those aren't really canon, and the flamboyant features on the Berserker predator could be seen as a masculine symbol in the same way as a Male Peacok's feathers, although that very speculative.
  • Would that mean the "Blood Feud" between the two is actually just a bizarre (and unusually violent) mating ritual?
    • That would put new context on the scene to the normal predator who was overpowered and tied to that pole.
    • Maybe the genders don't get along outside of mating season?
    • Its not unusual for the female of a the species to be larger and stronger than the male and with those mouths there would certainly be no need for any mammary glands.

Jerry Lambert, who dies in Predator 2, is a distant ancestor of Pvt Hudson.
They're both played by Bill Paxton, and the films are related.
  • I had this same idea. He is also related to Bill Paxton's characters in Weird Science, Terminator, Stripes, Commando, and possibly Near Dark. Linking all of the Universes.
  • He might also be related to Lambert from the original Alien. It's right there in his name.

Predators are a former vassal race of Ra, from Stargate.

Look at the TO&E (Table of Organization and Equipment) for a Predator: funky helmet, no body armor so to speak, one claw weapon, staves, and energy weapons...oh and taught humans to build pyramids. Now look at the TO&E of Ra's human guards: funky helmet, no body armor so to speak, one claw weapon but instead of extendable it's sharpened finger tips, staves, and energy weapons...oh, and their overlords builds Pyramids. The Predators were a former vassal race that either rebelled and won their freedom, or they were granted their freedom after generations of faithful service. Whichever, the Predators discovered humans, taught them to build pyramids and used them as incubators for Aliens for the hunt. Once the Predators were released from service one way or another Ra decided to use the humans as it's new vassal race.

Yautja technology is, in fact, Engineer technology.
If the technology of the Predators is so advanced, why is their society so primitive, almost like what we would expect in the Stone Age? Answer: because the Yautja used to be a stone-age society, until the Engineers visited their homeworld (after, presumably, seeding it with life) and tried to pose as gods. Except that the Yautja saw through the ruse and stole their technology (presumably killing them) instead of worshipping them. Gradually, the Yautja mastered that technology completely and even learned to replicate it, bypassing all the intermediate steps between the Stone Age and the Space Age. However, a side effect of this is that the Yautja never felt the urge to evolve on their own, because they already had all the toys they could wish for, so their society never evolved past the tribal stage.

A further guess could be that this is the reason why humans are one of the Predators' favorite preys: because they know that, if we ever put our hands on functional specimens of their technology, we would do exactly the same thing. In fact, the possibility of reverse-engineering it is the government's stated intent in Predator 2.

Yautja were a Slave Race to the Engineers then they revolted.
So why are the Engineers so keen to destroy Earth? Well they created the Yautja as a weapon/slave master/experiment/one off or somesuch. But their experiment has Gone Horribly Right and was wrecking their experiments. Up to hunting the xenomorphs! And they are just too hard to kill. The Engineers don't want humans to do the same.

Pope the obnoxious report from Predator 2 got fired.
Not because for his harassment to Harrigan, but for allowing himself to get punched by him. Pope works for a tabloid that does whatever they want and get away with it. Pope getting punched on-camera for everyone to see embarrassed them and ruined their reputation.

Predator is an allegory for the Vietnam War.
The Americans are sent into a jungle and find themselves up against an implacable, invisible enemy for which they have little to no answer. This is hammered home by two things: the fact that many of the group are Vietnam War veterans and the scene after Blain is killed where the squad empties their guns into the terrain with no lasting effect on the enemy.

Skull Island was created by Predators, possibly as a vacation site or a pleasant retirement colony
Says it all, really.

Mud doesn't cool down the body to hide the human's body temperature from Predator's tech. It's composition does.
The Mythbusters in one episode proven that mud is not able to mask human body heat for very long (certainly not as long as portrayed in the first film) by cooling the skin. Though the myth of it for years, was that it cooled the skin, it is actually the composition of the mud itself that masks the body's temperature from the Predator's heat tech. Due to the material that mud is, it tricks the technology into thinking that someone covered in mud is actually a part of the environment, not that the mud cools the body's temperature to make it undetectable. This is how humans can use the mud as camouflage: it's composition blocks the Predator's tech from reading the body heat.
  • Seconded by the fact that if their tech worked solely off body heat, they’d never see anything in their preferred hunting grounds because the air would be as hot, or hotter, than the humans.

Predators are primarily blood drinkers.
The shape of the jaw and mandibles are clearly for latching onto prey. They have a complete lack of any teeth other than two short rows of frontal incisors. In almost all film depictions their mouths don't appear to be able to entirely close and are very shallow, with only a small oval opening in the back for passing material. (Search for "predator roar" to see for yourself.) The whole design is perfect for a hemovore.
  • Alternatively, the mandibles might be for pushing scraps of torn flesh down their weird mouth holes. They might have a secondary mastication chamber back there for grinding food into more manageable bits before swallowing. They clearly can't swallow with their frontal mouths though.


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